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Two's Fun...Three's Better, Part Four

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list July 26, 2001

Title: Two's Fun... Three's Better
Author: Piper_Evans
Rating: NC-17 - R
Dedication: To Jezzie. You're the best beta ever!
Classification: UC, Smut, Slash, Candy, Ground Zero, Peanut M&M. I'm sorry Dreamers but this fic will probably make you barf. And slightly anti-Liz.
Disclaimer: The all mighty Melinda, Jason and WB own 'em.
Time-line: Post Sexual Healing. No Tess!
Notes: I only want to be Majandra for one damn day!

        15 minutes later we heard the unmistakable sound of Michael swearing as he tried to unlock the door. I giggled and decided to tease him a bit.

        Max's arms slid further up my top and I gently rubbed his back and shoulders as Michael finally opened the door and walked in.

        He stood there gaping at us for awhile before pulling me out of Max's arms, kissing me possesively. He wrapped his arms around me and pushed me up against the wall as we kissed.

        He kissed my neck. "Mine." he growled. "Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine." he punctuated each word with a kiss.

        Max grabbed Michael's shoulder and spun him around, moving in to kiss me himself.

        "Ours." he corrected Michael.

        Michael pulled Max off me and kissed him harshly, grinding their hips together. I leaned against the wall and parted my lips, staring at them hungrily.

        They were beautiful, my lovers sent from the stars, straight to my arms. There was no way I'd give this up for Liz. No way in Hell.

        A knock on the door interupted our make-out session. We all froze, then scrambled around straightening out clothes and fixing our selves.

        The knock sounded again and we heard a voice speak.

        "Max? You still in there? It's me, Liz. It's time for Biology, you've already missed two classes I was worried." she said softly. A cursed under my breath as Max looked at each of us then opened the door.

        She smiled up at Max and went to kiss him before she noticed me and Michael. Max pulled away from her and stood beside Michael.

        "Um, hey Maria. I thought that just Max and Michael were in here..." she trailed off and bit her lip nervously.

        Michael grabbed my hand and laid his free hand on Max's back.

        "We were trying to work some stuff out Liz. You know, I was trying to get them to talk about their feelings. About how everything can't just be physical." I choked back a laugh at the look on my boys faces.

        "Oh. Well our you guys coming to Biology?" she asked, staring at Max. My eyes widened as I noticed a smudge of lipstick on Max's ear, and the stubble rash on his neck. Shit! Let's hope Liz just focuses on his amazing eyes.

        "Um. We just have to finish up here Liz. We'll be there on time, I promise." I answered. I wanted to give the guys another kiss, and make sure they looked presentable.

        "Okay then, I'll see you in class. Bye Max." Finally she left.

        I turned to Max and wiped my lipstick from his face and neck, as he waved a hand over the red scratches marking his face.

        Michael and I kissed him goodbye, and he hurried off to catch Liz.

        Michael turned to me." I don't like you being alone with him. You're my girlfriend." he said tightly. I stroked his cheek.

        "Jealous much? So I can only be with Max if you're there too? That hardly seems fair. Besides if I'm your girlfriend and you're my boyfriend then what does that make him?" Michael didn't answer he just took my hand and dragged me to class.

* * *

        I sat next to Alex in Biology, and couldn't resist sneaking looks at Max. Liz kept staring at him, you know a why - aren't - you - trying - to - ravage - me look.

        He grinned at me when I caught his eye and Liz shot me a questioning look.

        Really though, I shouldn't be so obvious but I'm just so excited and, okay, horny.

        I forced myself not to look at Max for the rest of the class, and spent the day avoiding the whole gang, except for Michael, who I spent fifth period with.

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