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Two's Fun...Three's Better, Part Three

Reply to Piper

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list July 26, 2001

Title: Two's Fun... Three's Better
Author: Piper_Evans
Rating: NC-17 - R
Dedication: To Jezzie. You're the best beta ever!
Classification: UC, Smut, Slash, Candy, Ground Zero, Peanut M&M. I'm sorry Dreamers but this fic will probably make you barf. And slightly anti-Liz.
Disclaimer: The all mighty Melinda, Jason and WB own 'em.
Time-line: Post Sexual Healing. No Tess!
Notes: I only want to be Majandra for one damn day!

        I tapped my hands on the steering wheel and thought about what had happened.

        Were Michael and I crazy? And what about Max? Is this some freaky dream or am I really screwing around with my best friends guy? Does one make-out session even count as screwing around?

        I glanced left and right as I sped through an intersection, passing the Crashdown.

        Oops did I forget to give Max Lizzie's message?

        Too bad.

        When did I turn into such a bitch? When I first saw Max and Michael kiss, I decided. And who wouldn't? Wow!

        Why can't Michael just spit out the words I long to hear? I'm pretty sure he does love me, but he just can't seem to say it. I understand how hard it is for him but I thought we'd worked past that.

        Huh. Max seems to be the only one, other than me, he feels close to. He loves Isabel and she constantly mothers him but they never really feel the need to talk about things. Too closed off.

        God, what is wrong with me? I spent the night screwing around with my boyfriend and his best friend, knowing it would kill my best friend. What am I doing?

        I pulled into my driveway and snuck upstairs, careful not to disturb my mother.

        I must be crazy. Yeah crazy about the two of them.


* * *

        I sauntered into homeroom, shaking on the inside. I had homeroom with Liz, Isabel and Max. There was no way I could make it. I already wanted to drag Max off to the Eraser Room, cave woman style. ACK!

        I headed for my usual place, behind Max, across from Isabel, who sat behind Liz. I touched off Max's hand as I passed him and he smiled up at me. Isabel was busy talking to a fashion slave and Liz wasn't in yet.

        He turned around to talk to me as soon as I sat down. I lay my hand on the table so it was gently touching his and we started a mindless conversation about homework, concentrating on the feel of each others hands.

        He looked up quickly as Liz walked into the room and yanked his hand away from mine. I frowned, looking down at the desk. He didn't have to be so harsh.

        Liz leaned over and kissed him, giving him a view of her chest. Ugh! The way she fawns over him makes me sick.

        Damnit! I liked him first, I hung around with him first!

        I loved him first.

        I spent the rest of the period alternating between shooting quick glances at Max and glaring at Liz as she fawned over him. I gently rubbed my foot up against his under our desks and saw him stiffen before leaning back toward me. Glancing around to make sure no one was watching I trailed my fingers over his back, tracing his muscles under his shirt.

        He shivered and I laughed, low in my throat before pulling away. That'll teach him not to ignore me.

        He ripped a piece of paper from his notebook, and slipped the note back into my hands.

        Maria, Tease! Be careful. I don't want to upset Liz. Max

        Max, Whatever:P Look you gotta meet me and Michael in the Eraser Room straight after this class. Tell Liz you and Michael need to have a 'talk'. I'll wait for you outside. Maria

        He smiled and nodded when he read the note and I spent the rest if the period doodling in my copy.

M&M&M= <3
Maria Evans
Maria Guerin
Maria Deluca-Guerin
Maria Deluca-Evans
Maria Evans-Guerin
Maria Guerin-Evans
Maria Deluca-Evans-Guerin

        I am in way too deep.

* * *

        I stood at the door to class, as everyone left waiting for Max to finish ditching Liz. He was trying to tell her he'd see her later, but she wanted to come see Michael too. I shook my head and turned as Max walked toward me. I smiled reasurringly at Liz and linked arms with her boyfriend as we headed for the Eraser Room.

        We ignored the curious stares from gossips, who knew I belonged to the overprotective rebel and Max to the science queen.

        Michael wasn't there when we showed up and I wilted a little. Max wrapped his arms around me and I captured his lips with mine.

        We wrapped ourselves around each other and began a heavy duty make out session.

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