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Two's Fun...Three's Better, Part Two

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list July 26, 2001

Title: Two's Fun... Three's Better
Author: Piper_Evans
Rating: NC-17 - R
Dedication: To Jezzie. You're the best beta ever!
Classification: UC, Smut, Slash, Candy, Ground Zero, Peanut M&M. I'm sorry Dreamers but this fic will probably make you barf. And slightly anti-Liz.
Disclaimer: The all mighty Melinda, Jason and WB own 'em.
Time-line: Post Sexual Healing. No Tess!
Notes: I only want to be Majandra for one damn day!

        Michael and I were making out on the couch when I heard a knock on the door. Michael started to hoist himself off me but I stopped him.

        "Don't. If it's important they'll come back." I whispered, bringing his head down for another kiss.

        We both jumped up when we heard the unmistakeable sound of the door being unlocked.

        "Isabel?" Michael called. The figure moved into the light.

        "Max." I breathed.

        "We need to talk."

* * *

        I sat up quickly and smiled at him.

        "Sure we can talk, what's up?" I asked, purposely ingnoring our half-dressed state. My shirt was almost completely unbuttoned and my skirt had been pulled up so it barely covered the tops of my thighs. Michael was shirtless and his jeans were on the floor somewhere, which left him in a pair of boxers.

        Max sat nervously in the armchair across from the sofa and stared at the ground. "Could you guys like, cover up or somethin'?" he mumbled. I laughed a little.

        "Oh sorry 'bout that! We were um, just hanging out." Michael and I quickly threw our clothes on.

        "What happened today?" he asked quietly,looking into our faces.

        "Nothing, we kissed. And so did you guys." I looked at Michael. Hel-lo! Denial much?

        "And I must say Max, Lizzie's a lucky gal, you can definitely kiss." I smiled a little. Now you may be thinking I am being very forward or whatever but trust me, when it comes to guys I like, forward is my middle name.

        Max blushed at that but pressed ahead.

        "Why?" he asked.

        "Why what? Why did I kiss you? Why does anyone kiss anyone? I kissed you because I care about you, because I like you. I would like to be more than friends. I didn't say or do anything before now, because of you and Liz, but today I just couldn't stop myself. And I'm sorry if you were upset by that." I sat back onto the couch into Michael's arms. Max's face had become completely unreadable. I hate it when he does that.

        "Michael? Why did you, uh?" He stammered nervously, like he used to around Liz. Michael smirked.

        "Same reason as Maria, you know plus the jealous and horny factor." I thumped him on the arm and cried out his name, laughing.

        Max sat back and stared at the wall behind us.

        "Oh. Oh. Oh my god." he repeated. I looked at him curiously.

        "What? What's wrong?" I asked leaning forward and placing a hand on his arm.

        "What's wrong? What's wrong? Two of my best friends, my family practically, just told me they, you know, liked me! Not to mention the fact that I'm dating Liz." he cried.

        "You're not Maria, don't freak!" Michael joked.

        "Hey! Ignore him, Max. Look we just told you we dig you that's all. It's not like we're gonna try and get in your pants or anything." I reassured him. His dark eyes locked onto mine.

        "What if I want you to?" he asked hoarsely. I sat back and let out the breath I was holding.

        "Whoo boy." I muttered as Michael tightened his grip around me.

        "What do you mean 'what if I want you to' and who was that to?" asked Michael tightly.

        Max looked at us seriously.

        "Both of you. And I meant that I 'dig' you too." Max admitted.

* * *

        "Oh. Wow! What about...what about Liz." I stammered. I so didn't want to bring her up but I had to know.

        "I love her and she is my soulmate, but I feel like she's more of a friend soulmate than a lover soulmate, but she thinks loves me and I don't want to hurt her. But I can't deny the fact that kissing you guys today meant more than anything Liz and I have ever done." he told us.

        I couldn't take it anymore. I leaned forward very slowly and kissed him gently on the mouth.

        His soft lips brushed up against mine sweetly and as I leaned back he reached out to Michael.

        I watched, mesmerized as they met, in a slow deep kiss.

        They kissed for a long time, exploring each other before I gently pulled them apart. I sat on Michael's lap and pulled Max onto the couch with us, kissing him and touching him. We just stayed for a few minutes lying together on the couch, caught up in our thoughts before a knock on the door caught our attention.

        "Hey um, Michael? Is anyone home?" called Liz, her voice muffled through the door. Max jumped up and began fixing his clothes.

        "Shit! Liz! What the hell did I just do? I cheated on my girlfriend." he cried softly. Michael and I quickly straightened our clothes and I headed to the door to let Liz in.

        "Hey Lizzie!" I said as I swung open the door. She looked up surprised then tried to look behind me into the apartment. I held the door tightly, so she couldn't see inside.

        "Um, is Max here? 'Cos, his Mom said that he was heading over here." asked Liz looked strangely at me. Oh God, no matter how much I care about him, can I really steal my best friends boyfriend?

        "Um, no, sorry Lizziebeth he isn't here, it's just you know *me* and *Michael*. *Alone*." I told her stressing the words. She looked kinda upset for a minute then it seemed to dawn on her what I was trying to say.

        "Oh! Sorry, if you guys see Max tell him my parents are out for the whole night so he can, you know, come over." she told me. I glared daggers at her as she left. Damn bitch trying to get him in the sack.

        Wait, isn't that what *I'm* trying to do? Ah, who cares? I have two gorgeous horny guys in there!

* * *

        I stepped back into the apartment to find my two boys kissing each other hungrily. Max had obviously gotten over his upset about betraying Liz. Good. I slid in behind Max and kissed my way along his neck and jawline, breaking his kiss with Michael, to replace it with one of my own.

        Michael and I both wanted to play with our new toy, but a glance at the clock told me it wasn't going to happen tonight.

        "Shit! It's almost 11. My mom will kill me if I break curfew one more time. I gotta go." I blurted out.

        "Oh God yeah. Sorry Michael but I have to leave too. I don't want Izzy getting worried." Michael nodded his head and kissed both of us goodbye.

        Max stopped halfway through the door.

        "We should talk tomorrow." We nodded in agreement and he left.

        Once again I turned to Michael and kissed him softly on the cheek.

        "That was surreal." he said huskily. I shivered at his low tones and nodded.

        "Bye Michael. I love you." I told him. He hadn't replied once when I told him I loved him.

        "Bye Maria. I l- I'll see you tommorow." he replied sending me on my way.

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