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Two's Fun...Three's Better

Reply to Piper

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list March 8, 2001

Title: Two's Fun... Three's Better
Author: Piper_Evans
Rating: NC-17 - R
Dedication: To Jezzie. You're the best beta ever!
Classification: UC, Smut, Slash, Candy, Ground Zero, Peanut M&M. I'm sorry Dreamers but this fic will probably make you barf. And slightly anti-Liz.
Disclaimer: The all mighty Melinda, Jason and WB own 'em.
Time-line: Post Sexual Healing. No Tess!
Notes: I only want to be Majandra for one damn day!

        I'm in love with two men. I don't know how it happened or why it did, but it did. I fell completely utterly headover heels in love with two completely different guys.

        I mean I don't even know why I love Michael, he makes me so mad and he can hurt me more than anyone. But when I'm with him I just feel like I'm flying, you know? He makes me feel like an electric eel, the air is charged whenever I'm with him. And Max, Max is like the perfect guy. He's kind, gentle, sweet, caring, loving and romantic with a hint a of danger.

        And they both love me. Me, Maria 'sidekick' Deluca. Now I'm the star and someone else can be the sidekick.

        They love each other too. Hah! My world's fucked up beyond belief. I'm in love with two aliens who love me and each other. Oh, and did I mention that one of them is dating my best friend? 'Cos he is.

        It's driving me completely insane! I can only touch Michael in public and I have to watch Max make out with Liz when I know he's faking because he doesn't want to hurt her.

        Having him with his hand up my skirt one minute, then wrapped around Liz the next is excrutiating. Although Michael and I do have fun making him watch US together while he's with his precious Elizabeth.

        Don't make any mistake, I do feel bad about doing this to Liz, but who's kidding who? The only reason she even cares for him is because he saved her life. I felt something for him back in the fifth grade, when Michael and I used to hang out out together at the Evanses house.

        I remember what started it all.

        Michael and I had been in the Eraser Room making out when the bell rang. We both pretty much ignored it, after all, making out was much more appealing than going to class. Just as Michael's hands slid up my top, the door opened and in walked Max.

* * *

        We jumped apart.

        "Jesus Maxwell! What are you doing here?" asked Michael, standing slightly behind me to hide his,well, excitement.

        I licked my lips as I looked Max over. He looked good enough to eat. If it weren't for Michael's hand on my arm I would have jumped him then and there.

        He looked us over and I could feel Michael shiver as Max took in the bulge in his jeans. Michael and I had talked alot of things over, one thing that came up was the fact that we both wanted Max. I still can't believe we both openly admitted it, but hey, we have an unusual relationship.

        "I'm *here* to try and get you guys to keep quiet. If you have to skip class to come in here then at least be quiet. I don't want a teacher hauling your asses to the principal's office okay?" he told us leaning against the locked door. He was trying unsuccessfully not to stare at our exposed skin and rumpled clothes.

        I smiled at him as Michael curled his arms around my waist and played with the top button of my jeans.

        "Thanks, Max. I don't need my mom finding out exactly what it is I do with Michael." I grinned as Michael kissed his way along my shoulder and neck toward my mouth.

        Max stared open mouthed as Michael sucked and nibbled at my skin. I arched against him, moaning slightly. Max began looking uncomfortable and stared at the floor. I let my eyes travel over him freely, and smiled widely when I took in the growing bulge in his pants, which was starting to rival Michael's.

        He began edging toward the door.

        "I should probably go..." he mumbled. I reached out and caught ahold of his arm.

        "Only if you want too." I said pulling him toward me. Michael caught his hand as I leaned in to kiss him fully on the mouth, for the very first time.

        He kissed me back and it felt so different from Michael's kisses. Gentle, taking his time and exploring my mouth. His hands roamed over my body as mine tangled in his hair. I groaned when he jumped away. He looked warily at Michael.

        "Michael I am so sorry. I didn't me--" he was cut off by my Michael suddenly moving to stand in front of Max and pushing him up against the wall.

        "My turn." he kissed him deeply just like I did, and it made my insides quake to watch them kissing each other, running their hands over each other. Oh wow! It's such a turn on to see guys you love kiss like that.

        Max pushed Michael off him and looked nervously at both of us.

        "I, I gotta go." he said before turning tail and running.

        Michael and I looked at each other.

        "This is either the start of a beautful orgy...Or the end of a beautiful friendship." joked Michael.

        "Yeah." I replied absently staring after Max.

* * *

        I sat on Michael's lap in the Crashdown. We were supposed to be going to a movie with the gang. Well, everyone except Liz and Isabel because they had other plans. Liz had to work and the Princess had a party to go to. Alex was already sitting across from us and Kyle was just getting a soda from Agnes. Michael and I stared jealously as Max came in and made a bee-line straight for Liz.

        As they talked and laughed Michael's grip on my arm got harder. I squirmed uneasily.

        "Michael. Michael let go of my arm. It's okay. They belong together, you know that." I murmured into his ear, before kissing him.

        "I wish I didn't know it." he mumbled kissing me hard on the lips, a bruising kiss. I smiled into his mouth and pressed up against him.

        When we finally pulled back for air we saw Max staring at us, while Liz repeatedly called his name. He snapped out of it when I winked at him. I kissed Michael again, but when I realised exactly how turned on we both were, I turned to Alex and Kyle.

        "Um, guys? I think Michael and I are going to have to bail. I'm really sorry but I just remembered that I have to help him write a paper for English." I am such a bad liar, though that one is totally see-through considering that Michael and I have been total horn dogs lately.

        Kyle and Alex just laughed and said goodbye. I kissed both of them on the cheek and stood up. Michael grabbed my hand and pulled me over to where Max and Liz still stood talking. Max seemed really uncomfortable as I smiled brilliantly at him and Michael placed a hand on his shoulder.

        "Hey man, how's it going?" he asked leaning in closer to Max. He knew it wouldn't seem weird, after all Michael always did have an issue with personal space. Max edged away slightly.

        "Uh, it's okay." I leaned forward and pouted my lips.

        "Nothing, oh, unusual happening lately?" I asked bumping my hip against his.

        Liz laughed and winked at me.

        "Oh he's been good as gold." she joked. I smiled at her and kissed her on the cheek.

        "Later chica, Michael and I are heading to his apartment. Drop by later if you want. Just remember to knock." I winked at them, then dragged Michael off to the Jetta.

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