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The Light Surrounds

Reply to Piper

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list August 16, 2001

Title : The Light Surrounds
Author: ~.*Piper~.*
Disclaimer: If they were mine continuity would exist, Liz would die and Tess and Ava and Maria would be best friends.

The Beginning


        A lithe figure stepped through the window and shook the girl awake. Blonde curls cascade over pale shoulders as the young woman looks into the eyes of her duplicate. A gasp escapes parted lips as the unsure blonde opens her eyes.

        The trashy, bruised and torn side of the mirror presses her lips against the pale forehead of the blonde.

        Don't do it, she mind whispers, wrapping her tired arms around her.

        I have to, comes the broken reply. They begin to move together, breathing, hearts beating, movements alike.

        They stand in the center of the room, features illuminated by moonlight. As one they breathe. And the blonde begins to speak.

        Look at us. On the outside, I am light, you are dark. To our families, to our lives. But on the inside... Her speech is cut by her other self.

        On the inside we are both light. That is not so true of our families, they mix and shape because of who they were and are. On Antar we were weak and alone and scared. Same as here. But not anymore. I am here with you. We belong side-by-side. You are my sister, my self. We are strength reborn, whispers the supposed dark, eyes wild in the moonlight.

        A sob catches in the soon-to-be betrayers throat.

        I am not light. Look at how I have broken things. They hate me. I will never be accepted and you will never be trusted. If I can get home, maybe then I will know love. I don't want to hurt them but they hurt me. Arms quickly circle her and breath is on her neck. Silver light reflects off the metal and bounces off the walls.

        Do not follow through with the deal. It will hurt us all. I know your heart. You care too much. Don't destroy everything you've become. We can stay here and be happy. Antar is fallen. We will save it and have hope. Do not betray them or yourself. We are meant to be bonded, Tessa. We will stand together, we will stand with them. Do not follow Nasedo's deal. Antar is the place we are weakest. Please, Tessa. Don't let me down like they did. She pressed her lips to Tessa's neck, and breathed in the clean scent of her other.

        Okay. I'll do as you wish. But we must stay together. Be mine. Please. They all have each other and I have no one. Tess draws Ava closer to hold each other tight.

        We are each others'. You are mine and I am yours. Our life begins here.

        As one they lie down together and fall asleep.

        And as one they breathe and dream.

        And as one they remain til morning.

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