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The First Kiss

Reply to Piper Posted to the Roswell Slash list September 29, 2000

Title:The First Kiss
Author: Piper_Evans aka ~.*Piper*.~
Rating: PG-13 I guess.
Archive: If you want it please ask
Classification:UC, Slash, Candy, Blonde Attitude.
Disclaimer: The all mighty Melinda, Jason and WB own 'em.
Notes: I only want to be Majandra for one damn day!


In the begining I didn't like her. I thought she was ditzy, flaky and a risk to our safety. But then, something changed. It was like something in me shifted and I became aware of her on another level.

A...sexual level.

It freaked me out at first. I'd started to learn more about her, realise that she wasn't as flaky as she seemed. She was a smart, beautiful, strong and most of all loyal person. But being attracted to her?

That came to be unexpectedly and unbidden. I didn't want to feel for her. I defintely didn't want to be aroused by her.

But I am, and I've dealt with it. Sure it hurt when she and Michael got together, but I knew she would be good for him. I still have feelings for him too, so it just got me even more ruffled when I saw them together.

But I still can't figure out how this happened. One minute I'm holding her because of a nightmare she had, the next we're kissing madly and her hand is sliding up my top. If her mom hadn't walked in on us, I don't even want to think about what we could have done. Wait, yeah I do. I can't stop replaying exactly how her skin felt under me, how her lips felt as they brushed against mine, and how her mouth tasted.

I'm terrified of what will happen when I see her again. Her mother hadn't realised what was going on, just told us to get some sleep. I said I wasn't feeling well and left pretty quickly. I have no idea what she thought or felt about what happened.

I wanted her to want me. I had flashes when I kissed her, I knew she was open to me, but we were friends, of course she was open to me.

She slipped her arms around me willingly but it wasn't right. I took advantage of her.

Maria. Beautiful girl.


When I first found out about her, it never really occured to me that the airhead, fasion bitch, Ice Princess persona she ooozed at school, was anything other than the real Isabel.

But then we started getting glimpses of the real Isabel. The scared, unsure alien side, along with the happy, well adjusted, smart human side.

She was beautiful. Our friendship grew, though she seemed to act strange when Michael and I got together. I took no notice. He was as amazing to me as her and I loved him.

We hung out alot, with and without Michael. Sometimes we'd simply sit and do our homework together, or we'd try and teach each other stuff. I'd try to convert her to my aromotherapy and she'd try to make me a fasion slave.

We laughed and joked. I never thought twice about changing in front of her, not realising what her looks meant.

And then...tonight.

I'd had another nightmare about my father, standing on a stage shouting abuse at me. I woke up crying, and found myself clinging to Isabel. We'd fallen asleep while watching movies.

She held me while I cried, and after while I relaxed and just concentrated on having her arms around me, comforting me. We looked at each other for a long time, studying each other.

And then she leaned in to kiss me. It was amazing. She tasted so different, it was softer and sweeter than being with Michael. Slower, exploring. I breathed in deep as the flashes began. My hands roamed over her as the images flew through my head.

And then my mom walked in.

We jumped apart before she noticed anything, and she told us to turn the lights out if Izzy was gonna stay the night.

I deflated a little when she lied about not feeling well, and practically ran home.

I curled up and thought about her kisses, leaving a trail of fire in my mind.

Isabel. Beautiful girl.


I love my daughter. I truly do. I regret having her so young but I'd never once wished I'd given her up, like my parents wanted.

I was furious when I found her in bed with that boy Michael. I believed her when she said nothing happened, but you can't help worrying and thinking, I lied to my parents at her age, what's stopping her? And the next day when we had to go get him at the police station, I was even more worried aout her.

But you can't begin to realise how shocked I was when I walked into her room to find her kissing that Isabel girl.

One minute, she's swooning over Michael, and sneaking around. The next she's kissing one of her best friends on her bed.

I knew from Maria that Isabel and Michael were very close, almost brother and sister, but I had seen the longing looks Isabel gave Michael and Maria when they were together.

And I had of course seen her looking at my daughter when she thought no one noticed.

But I had never expected this. To walk in and find them there, hands roaming, mouths meeting.

I pretended I hadn't seen anything, knowing it would embarrass them far too much. Isabel blushed a deep red and ran from the room, saying she had to be home, she didn't feel well, she was sorry.

I saw the sad look in my baby's eyes when Isabel left, and I sighed. If she made my baby happy, then I would let them be.

She needs some happiness in her life.

Maria. My baby girl.


I think this is Hell. I was watching Maria from the street. I saw her and Isabel talking and laughing and watching movies. My lover and my sister, had become best friends.

But then they fell asleep. I walked closer, watching them sleep. Two blond heads laying close together, smiling in their sleep. I saw Maria stir, and felt it as her nightmare become worse. She shook and I walked closer to the window and moved to open the window.

I stopped as Isabel woke, and reached for Maria. She calmed her down, and held as her dream faded.

But I watched as their motions become less comforting and more...sensual.

I whimpered and slammed a fist into the tree outside Maria's wall, as I saw them touch their lips together.

I stood, unable to look away as their hands roamed, and as Isabel reached to slip her hand under Maria's top, I gasped.

Even I had never dared to touch her there, and I waited for the eventual hand to swat her away.

But it didn't come.

Instead, they were disturbed by the door being flung open, and a voice I once feared, breaking their silence.

Amy stoood, the light from the hall outlining her features. I watched as Isabel paled and reddened and ran from the house. I saw her climb into the Jeep and speed away.

I watched sliently as Maria looked disappointed, and lay back, thinking.

And when I finally lay back to go to sleep I saw...






~The End~

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