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Establishing Dominance

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list August 28, 2002

Title: Establishing Dominance
Author: Perfidious
Fandom: Roswell
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Max/Michael
Warnings: angst, slash, NCS (RAPE), some violence and mild bondage, and Max being an ass.
Spoilers: General for Tess' arrival in Roswell.
Archive: and 'Chamber of the Burning Angels'. If anybody else wants it, ask first.
Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell. This fic is purely for entertainment purposes and I am not making any money from it etc, etc.
Authors notes: I'm from Sweden so if the spelling and grammar is bad, you know why. This is my debut as a fanfiction writer so the quality of this fic is questionable...

        Michael stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel, drying himself of. Wrapping the towel around his hips he opened the door to the bathroom and stepped out into his bedroom. He walked over to the closet; opening it he scanned his clothes. After some consideration he chose a plain white t-shirt and a pair of black, baggy jeans. Grabbing the clothes he turned around and almost dropped them in surprise. Sitting on the bed was Max.

        "Maxwell. You scared me." Michael said to the other young man, laying his clothes down next to his friend on the bed.

        "Sorry." Max replied.

        "So, what brings you here?" Michael asked, turning to his dresser and picking out a new pair of socks and a pair of clean underwear. Max shifted on the bed, keeping his eyes on Michael.

        "I needed to talk to you."

        "So talk."

        "We have a problem Michael."

        "What do you mean?" Michael looked over at Max, laying the garments he acquired from the dresser on the bed with his shirt and his pants.

        "You're supposed to be my second in command, yet we can't agree on anything. You refuse to obey orders and always do what you see fit. You're constantly working against me Michael. You, me, Isabel and Tess, we need to be a team if we ever want to find out the whole truth abut us and keep us safe from our enemies. But that can never happen as long as you keep this up." While Max talked, Michael had pulled on his underwear and his pants, discarding the wet towel on the floor, and now he turned to Max, staring at him.

        "What the hell is that supposed to mean? Are you saying that everything is my fault now?"

        "What I'm saying, Michael, is that you are to stubborn for your own good and eventually it will get us all killed."

        "I'm to stubborn?! You're the one who refused to have anything to do with Tess from the beginning. And what about Liz? I have always been willing to let go of Maria, for her own sake and ours. What about you? Liz is more important to you that any of us, you would scarify us all without a second thought if it would save her, so don't you dare accuse me of risking our safety!" Michael was fuming. How dare Max accuse him of anything? The fact that he himself had been suspicious towards Tess when she first came to Roswell didn't register in his current state.

        "That's not true." Max retorted heatedly, sanding up in front of his friend.

        "The hell it isn't!" Before Michael knew what was happening, Max hit him. Hard. The blow sent Michael sprawling on the floor. Max stood staring down at Michael, not believing what he had done, as Michael got up from the floor, rubbing his chin. When he was on his feet again, Michael looked over at Max who was still standing in front of him, a strange expression on his face. Then he hit back.

        Before they knew it both of them were rolling around on the floor, pummelling at each other mercilessly, fighting for control over the other. Neither of them gave a thought to using their alien powers, this fight would be settled with their own strength or not at all.

        Max soon realized that this wasn't getting them anywhere. Both he and Michael were equals when it came to bodily strength, one of them would gain the upper hand only to lose it to the other moments later. If nothing was done they would continue to fight until one of them gave up voluntarily, and that was not about to happen. Max was determined to win this fight, but he knew that Michael would not give up. Michael didn't have much as it was, but one thing he did have was pride, and Max knew that. Michael's pride would not let him lose. But Max had to win. This was not just a simple fight to settle an argument. This was a fight for dominance. Michael had been opposing him for far too long, it was time for Max to show the other young man who the leader really was. He had to win.

        Max continued to fight his best friend for a good ten minutes before he saw an opening. He prayed that he would not mess it up, as this was the only chance he'd get. Deftly avoiding a punch to his face, Max laid all the strength he could muster behind a blow to Michael's temple. The punch really wasn't all that hard since Max was lying under Michael, making his fist come in at an odd angle. But still, it was enough to stun Michael and to knock him off of Max.

        Max did not waste a second. Before Michael had a chance to recover from the blow, Max was on top of him, pinning Michael's hands above his head. As soon as Michael realised which position he was in he began to struggle, Max barely managing to hold the squirming body beneath him in place. Max was quickly loosing his temper.

        "Stop it," he hissed between clenched teeth, trying hard not to lose his grip on Michael's arms. Michael, noticing the other man's strain, only wriggled more.

        "Damnit Michael! Stop!" The harsh sound of a hard slap sounded in the room.

        Max had changed his position on top of Michael, grabbing both of the struggling man's arms in one hand and slapping Michael hard in the face with the other.

        Michael stopped moving, surprised, staring up into the face of his best friend. He was getting a bad feeling about all of this and he definitely did not like the look Max was giving him. Michael stared into Max's eyes, the feeling of unease growing by the moment.

        "Let me go." Michael said, none of the nervousness he was feeling showing in his voice.




        Max could feel the heat radiating from Michael's body; could feel the rise and fall of Michael's chest as he breathed deeply. Max raised his free hand, caressing the red mark his slap had left on Michael's cheek, feeling the almost feverish heat of his friend's skin. Suddenly it dawned on him. It was so simple. The perfect way of making Michael submissive to him. Michael really was attractive. It's not like he hadn't noticed it before, he just never had a reason to care, that's all. Max felt excitement building inside him as he gazed at the young man below him. If he was honest with himself he had to admit that he had felt an attraction towards Michael for a long time and finally he got to do something about it.

        "Max, what are you doing?" this time Michael couldn't hide his apprehension.

        "Establishing dominance," was the answer he got. Then Max bent down and kissed him.

        For a moment all thought ceased leaving only sensations in its wake. Max's lips were soft as they coaxed Michael's mouth open, gaining entrance for his tongue. Michael found himself gripping Max's shoulders for dear life when the kiss grew deeper, more intense, without any memory of Max letting go of his arms or even of himself moving. Michael knew that he should not be letting this happen but for the life of him he couldn't remember why. It felt so right, like this was exactly where he was supposed to be, but a small voice in the back of his head was screaming at him, telling him to get away now before it was too late. He did not heed it's warning.

        Suddenly Michael's thoughts were clear again and he came tumbling back to reality as he felt Max's hands on the fly of his jeans. No The first threads of panic surged through Michael as realisation of what Max had planed hit him.


        Max was high on the feeling of dominance. It was the most powerful sensation he had ever experienced. His thoughts were jumbled and the lack of oxygen was making him dizzy, but he couldn't let go of the hot mouth beneath him. He didn't want to. But soon it wasn't enough anymore. Max wanted to dominate Michael completely. That was the danger of having power over another person. It made you greedy, but Max didn't consider this fact, he knew what he wanted and he would take it no matter what. His greed made him reckless. That's why Michael managed to dislodge him

        Pushing hard on Max's shoulders, Michael got his friend of balance and managed to shove Max off of him. Before Max could react, Michael was on his feet and quickly made his way to the other side of the room, where he then stood, not letting his eyes leave Max for a second.

        Max rolled over onto his stomach lazily, returning Michael's look evenly.

        "What are you playing at, Max?" Michael finally asked after a moment of silence, "What is it you are trying to do here?"

        Max observed his friend's face idly for a few moments, and then rose from the floor. "I already told you, Michael, I'm establishing dominance."

        "And what the hell is that suppose to mean?" Michael was quickly loosing his temper. Max was so calm about all this. Too calm.

        Max just smiled. "It means that you are going to submit to me, Michael, one way or the other." With those words, Max stalked towards Michael, his entire body radiating confidence.

        Michael felt trapped; he had nowhere to run, no way out. Max's behaviour was not only bizarre, but it was starting to frighten Michael. He didn't want to hurt Max, but the only way to win was to defeat his friend, and Max would not give up.

        "Damn you!" As Max closed in on him, Michael sought a way out, for all the world looking like a trapped animal. Acting quickly he jumped up on the bed, in a attempting to get away from the slowly approaching Max, and to reach the door at the other side of the room, but he wasn't fast enough.

        Michael felt his legs being grabbed from behind, and he fell, face down, onto the bed. He tried in vain to struggle against the body that was pressing down on his back, but deep inside he knew; Max had the upper hand now.

        Carefully making sure that Michael could not escape again; Max reached down between their bodies with one hand and opened his belt, slowly pulling out the dark brown leather from the belt loops. Then he forced Michael to put his hands together behind his back, and using the belt, Max tied his friend's hands together, rendering him almost helpless against Max.

        Climbing off of Michael's back, Max rolled his captive over onto his back, seeing his friends look of discomfort at the awkward position of his arms. "I'm sorry Michael, but you brought this on yourself. If you had just listened..." Max shook his head, looking down into Michael's eyes. "But it's too late now." Bending down, he pressed a gentle kiss to Michel's lips. Meeting no resistance, Max pressed on, gently coaxing Michael's mouth open.

        As he felt Max's lips in his, Michael closed his eyes. He could fight, protest, and deny all he wanted, but this felt so right. His will to struggle slowly decreased at every movement of Max's lips, and soon he was kissing back, for the second time today he was letting his guard down. The hand on the fly of his jeans did not startle him this time, but he did pull back, ending the kiss, and look up into the face of his friend.

        "Please Max, don't," his voice took on a pleading tone as he willed Max to let him go.

        "I'm sorry Michael," he said for a second time, "but you've left me no choice. I have to do this, I need to do this."

        Not willing to submit to what Max had planned, Michael began to struggle again, trying to twist out of his captor's grip, but Max simply sat down on Michael's thighs, effectively stopping his movements.

        "Just stop it! I don't want to hurt you, Michael, but sometimes you are just too stubborn for your own good." With those words, he stood up and removed Michael's pants. He could feel his excitement grow as he looked down on his friend's now completely naked body.

        "You are so beautiful, Michael, has anyone ever told you that." When he got no response from the prone body on the bed, he looked up at Michael's face.

        Michael was staring at him, a strange expression on his face.

        "If you are going to do something, just do it. Don't think, even for one second, that you can try to romance me just so that you can feel less guilty when this is all over."

        A sudden rush of anger came over Max at those words, and he slapped Michael hard in the face. How dare Michael act like this was none of his fault? Angrily he tore the drawer of the bedside table open, knowing that he would find what he was looking for in there. Glancing over into the drawer he saw a pack of condoms and a tube of lubrication. Ignoring the condoms he took out he tube and closed the drawer again.

        Without saying another word, Max pulled down the zipper of his pants and let them slide down his legs and onto the floor. Despite all that had happened, he was still aroused, the fighting had only pushed him to a higher level of excitement. Forcefully, he grabbed Michael's knees and spread them apart, selling himself between hid friends spread thighs.

        Ignoring the glare Michael was giving him, Max popped open the cap of the tube and squeezed some of the slippery, cool substance onto his fingers, and without any warning, pushed two of those fingers inside Michael.

        Gasping from the pain of the sudden entrance, Michael but his lip, and squeezed his eyes shut, so that Max wouldn't see the tears in Michael's eyes. It hurt so bad, he had never thought it would hurt this much, and when Max started slowly thrusting with his fingers; Michael couldn't keep a hiss of pain from escaping his lips. Then he felt a warm hand on his stomach, slowly stroking up and down, as if trying to calm a frightened animal. Michael didn't understand any of this. One minute Max was angry and hurting him, the next he was trying to make everything all right.

        "Shh, it'll feel better soon."

        Michael felt relief flooding him as he felt the fingers within him being withdrawn, but the relief soon turned to fear as he felt something far bigger and harder pressing against his entrance.

        "No, Max, don't. Please don't."

        "Just relax, Michael, it'll feel so much better, just relax." With that, Max bent down and kissed Michael deeply, and thrust his whole length inside Michael at the same time. He swallowed Michael's scream of pain in the kiss, and as he started thrusting slowly, he let go of his friend's lips to lick away the tears that had escaped Michael's tightly closed eyes. This feeling of power was indescribable; he drank it in, savouring it. He rose higher and higher on a wave of pleasure and power, and finally his world exploded in blinding white, and he fell down, panting, on the immobile body beneath him.

        Michael's world was not white, nor was it power or pleasure. It was red, and fire, and pain. He felt like he was being ripped in two, like his insides were being shredded. And finally, defeat and an odd sense of taking his place, as he felt Max release his essence deep inside of Michael.

* * *

        When Max finally came to, Michael was shivering uncontrollably, and Max climbed off of him, only to see what damage he had done. Michael's thighs were streaked with blood and semen, and his body burning up with fever. At last, the seriousness of what he had done dawned on him.

        Oh my God...

        "Michael?" he had raped his best friend, "Michael? Can you hear me?!"

        "Wha...?" Michael's voice sounded slurred and distant, propelling Max into action. He took Michael into his arms, removing the belt that held his arms together. Then, cradling his best friend in his arms, he called upon his powers and slowly started to heal the damage he had done. He could feel Michael's pain now, could feel what he had done to the young man in his arms. Max just closed his eyes and hugged Michael closer. It could have been hours later, or mere moments, when Max let go of Michael, his physical wounds healed. Carefully he pulled the covers up over the sleeping body. He could still se lines of pain marring that beautiful face, but that was a pain Max could do nothing about, even though he knew that he was the one responsible of putting them there.

        "I am so sorry, Michael." But at this point, sorry just didn't cut it.

        Slowly Max rose from the bed, pulling his pants on, not even bothering with cleaning himself up beforehand. Then he sat down on the edge on the bed, watching Michael sleep.

        Michael would want to talk to him when he woke up.

        The End

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