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And Everything Changes, Part One

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list December 12, 2000

Title: And Everything Changes (1/?)
Author: Northlight
Summary: So far, fluff. If I write more, an actual plot may emerge.
Pairing: slash, M/I
Rating: Around a mild PG13.
Distribution: If you already have any of my other fics, go right ahead. If not, ask -- I always say yes. Also at
Disclaimer: WB and 20thC Fox.
Date: March 26, 2000

Maria was magic when she sang. A delicate figure in the glare of the lights, her hair glimmering like spun gold. When she sang, her very essence seemed to tear free of the limits of her, flesh and bone, expanding upon a wave of sound until the entire room was hers.

Her chin propped upon her opened palm, Isabel watched as the other girl looped her hands around the microphone, her body gently swaying back and forth. Isabel avidly followed the flow of Maria's body as the smaller girl moved, effortlessly directed by the music moving around her. Her voice whispered across the room, an intimate call to each of her listeners in a room packed with Roswell's rowdy youth. Isabel heard someone hoot from the back of the room and she smiled into her glass as she saw Maria direct an exaggerated wink in her admirer's direction.

"They're really good, aren't?" Liz enthused over her wild clapping as Maria's song wound to a finish. The Whits waved at the applauding crowd cheerily, their heads bobbing in acknowledgment of their supporters one after another. Isabel watched them until Maria disappeared backstage.

Michael was scowling at his hands, collapsed out upon the scarred table top. "Whatever," he muttered sourly. Isabel wanted to cross the space between them, to whip her hand across his familiar, sullen face. How _dare_ bring his anger, his never ending string of unsolvable issues here, a dark cloud of denied emotion cloaked around his slumped figure. At the same time, his carefully constructed guise of disinterest made things... safer. As long as Michael told himself, and all the rest of them, that he didn't care about Maria's life, things could remain as they were. She could pretend not to know, not to see what he denied, then her own emotions could be addressed without a wave of guilt.

"Be nice, Michael," Isabel chided as her eyes left his face, searching through the crowd for Maria's approaching figure. A smile claimed Isabel's lips even as she felt Michael stiffen beside her. With a low growl, he pushed back from the table, darting into the crowd, renewing the physical distance between them that Maria was rapidly eating away at.

Grinning wildly, Liz rose from her chair, hugging Maria then Alex in turn. "That was great, guys!"

"So you've told us every time we've played here," Alex answered, looking at Isabel uncertainly out of the corner of his eye. "But I'm loving those words," he continued.

"Then I plan to keep on telling you so," Liz laughed. "I just don't know how you two do it, I get so nervous when you hit the stage, and I'm safely out of the room's sights!" She dropped back into her chair, tucking a strand of dark hair behind her ear.

Maria shrugged lightly. "You just focus your attention on somebody, and pretend you're singing just for them." Isabel smiled behind her hand, remembering the times when Maria had done just that. More than the nights that she performed, Isabel loved listening to Maria's voice as she puttered around at home. Her voice was warm and comfortable then, easily winding between them.

Alex cast a quick glance in Isabel's direction once more.

"Although I'd love to stay and bask in the affection of my adoring fans," Maria began glibly, "I have to be home soon. I'm supposed to catch an important call for mom while she's out of town -- wouldn't want to upset the clients by making them talk to the answering machine!" She rolled her eyes heavenward in a silent commentary recognizable to all of them: '_moms_!'

Liz nodded. "So, we'll talk tomorrow then." Maria nodded her head in confirmation before the crowd swelled around her as she broke away towards the door.

Alex pulled out a vacant chair, his arms folding over it's back. "Looks like I'll have to handle the basking myself, then," he grinned. "So, Isabel, awfully stringy with the praise tonight..."

"Hmm?" Isabel murmured. "Sorry, Alex, Liz, but I need to be getting home, too. You know how it is... with all the midterms I've been studying for over the past couple of weeks, I swear, I haven't gotten a good night's sleep in ages!" She steeled herself against Alex's visible disappointment, and slipped out of her chair.


The Jetta was still waiting in the parking lot when Isabel broke free of the club's masses and gratefully fell out into the night. The passenger side door was unlocked, and Isabel slid inside. She caught Maria's hand against the seat between them, her thumb rubbing softly against the other girl's sensitive flesh.

"You need to get home?" Maria asked.

Isabel shrugged. "Not for a few hours yet."

"Exactly what I hoped to hear." The car's motor sputtered as Maria peeled out of the parking lot.

They made the short trip in silence, each woman contentedly listening to the sound of the other's steady breathing. Maria broke the comfortable silence only when the motor shuddered to a stop in her driveway. The green figurine hanging from her key-chain danced through the air as Maria tugged the keys free of the ignition. She looked at Isabel and smiled mischievously. "Race you to the door!" Maria called out.

Isabel hurried to unlock herself from the safety belt, watching as Maria dashed up the short walkway leading to her doorstep. It still amazed her that Maria could move so quickly in her flashy, and none-too practical shoes. Despite the shoes, Maria had already slipped into her house by the time Isabel sprinted up to the door. The other girl hadn't closed it all the way, so Isabel merely nudged it open. Once inside, she swung in shut, locking it with a casual twitch of graceful fingers.

The living room was dark, but Isabel's eyes, sharper than most human's, easily found Maria. The other girl had kicked off her shoes, and padded towards Isabel on stocking clad feet. She slammed into her, thin arms winding around Isabel's neck. Thrown off balance, the two young women tumbled to the hardwood floor with a slight squeal.

Maria lay on Isabel, her elbows propped up on either side of the other blonde's head. "I remember the days when you used to romance me with clean sheets and fluffed pillows," Isabel commented wryly as Maria scattered kisses across her face.

"Haven't you heard? Love doesn't require any embellishments," Maria giggled.

"Maybe not, but it certainly does make my back happier." She wiggled beneath Maria, reaching up to cup the other girl's face. She pulled her down for a quick kiss. "You sure you want to risk missing that oh so important phone call?" Isabel asked with an arched eyebrow.

"You have something against my story?" Maria huffed.

Isabel shook her head. "Oh, no, my dear. It was an absolute masterpiece. Stunning. Flawless."

"Like I said, looks _and_ brains. I'll bet you thank God... or whatever you aliens do, that you found me, don't you?"

"Nightly," Isabel said seriously. Her thumb ran along Maria's full lower lip, making the other girl shiver.

"Couch?" Maria suggested breathlessly.

"Couch," Isabel affirmed.

They shuffled to the couch together, their slow steps falling to a halt every few seconds as they paused for another kiss. They tumbled to the couch blindly, nearly rolling off the edge of the cushion on which they had landed. Hands and feet flailed, each young woman trying to find purchase.

Maria jumped, nearly falling to the floor again as Isabel nipped at her throat. Maria's head rolled back, allowing Isabel more access, her eyes fluttering shut. "We have to tell the others, you know."

Isabel nodded, long hair tickling at the skin exposed by the buttons slipping loose beneath the gentle nudging of her powers. "I know. Soon," she replied. It was what they said every time, an empty genuflection in the direction of what was right. Neither wanted to have to reveal to their friends what they shared. Doing so would mean dealing with Michael and Alex, with concerns about what their relationship would mean to the alien trio... it would mean laying themselves out for the inspection and judgment of their friends.

Some people fell in love easily. Max had adored Liz before he had ever known her. Alex adored Isabel, hovering at the edges of something that could transform itself into love, based only on the knowledge that there was something softer inside of her than she revealed to the world. Love had never come easily for Isabel. Too much to hide, too much at risk... her life and her heart. She didn't want to place her relationship in the open, where it could be prodded at, put under such pressure that she feared that they would crack. There was safety in secrets. Had not her entire life been lived by those words?

With silent agreement, they let thoughts of 'later' fall away.

"God, I love you Isabel," Maria sighed. She didn't trip over the words as she had the first time she spoke them. "Scales, glitter and all."

~end, part 1~

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