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Kiss My Tiara

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Sent to the Roswell Slash Archive December 2, 2002

Title: Kiss My Tiara
Author: Nina
Pairing: L/T
Spoiler: Panacea
Author's Note: Based on an idea by Pixiedude - and a result of listening to PJ Harvey's "This Is Love" quite too often. Thanks to Jodi and Luv for (beta-)reading.

        "[A disciplined atmosphere] this is exactly what I want right now. I guess the other girls feel like this is some kind of prison, but I'm actually grateful to have some boundaries clearly laid out for me. With a little discipline..." (Liz Parker, Panacea)

        Looking out of the window, Liz Parker yawned in her hand. It was pouring and the poplar's boughs on the schoolyard bended in the cold wind. What would the weather in Roswell be like? Probably the thermometer reading would be 80 and the sun would burn unbearably from the blue sky. Watching the water, that was collected in puddles on the uneven asphalt, Liz sighed. There was no doubt, this was Vermont, not New Mexico. A few days ago Winnaman Academy welcomed her. First boarding school was just a threat her father wouldn't shrink from taking action, but after the latest developments she finally wished for it herself. She needed distance from Max. He called her every night. Though it hurt her too, she hadn't answered one of his calls yet. On the notice board above her desk she collected more than twenty little yellow notes in Eileen's scribbled handwriting. The messages were always similar: "6:21 PM: Max asks to be called back" , "8:34 PM: Max wants to let you know, he loves you.", "11:00 PM: Max wishes sweet dreams." Max... again and again... he sneaked silently into her thoughts. It seemed impossible to escape from him. Especially when classes were as boring as this one and didn't provide any distraction at all. Her English teacher's voice made her sleepy. Like Estragon and Vladimir waited for Godot, Liz waited for the bell to ring. Maybe she should talk to Max tonight? Again her thoughts glided away from Beckett's drama to Max. Under the school desk her right hand moved instinctively up between her thighs. The soft touch made Liz moan a little, then she closed her eyes.


        "Miss Parker! Are you not able to answer my question? Or do you just not want to?"

        As monotonous Miss Frost had spoken before, as biting and icy her voice sounded now. Liz jerked startled.

        "I... I... didn't listen," she had to admit meekly.

        She felt the shame and how her blood flushed into her cheeks. Disapproving the teacher raised one eyebrow. With compressed lips she scribbled something on a green piece of paper.

        "Detention! Three hours, this afternoon. And now go and see the headmistress!" Miss Frost teared the paper off the pad and gave it to Liz. Unbelieving she stared at it.

        "Now, Parker! Get a move on!" The tone of the teacher's voice went from cold to dangerous. Startled Liz got up from her seat and filed hastily under the embarrassing silence her classmates kept. Why did that happen during her first week at boarding school? Nervously Liz knocked on the headmistress's door. But there was no answer. She waited a little while and knocked again... louder this time.

        "Come in!"

        Liz pressed down the handle, opened the door, entered and closed it silently. The headmistress sat behind her desk. Stooped she searched for something in the drawer. Nervously Liz shifted her weight from one foot to the other. Should she wait, until the headmistress addressed her? Or should she start the conversation? She decided to wait a little longer and looked around. On the walls there were certificates and trophies the school's hockey team had won over the past decade. The room smelled pleasantly like jasmine. Liz soaked in the air and decided to make the first step.

        "M'am - I... I'm sorry! I... I was inattentive - it... ," Liz stuttered incoherently. (Great, what a great introduction!), she thought cursing herself.

        "... and it wasn't your fault, was it - Lizzie?"

        By that sarcastic tone in her voice, Liz knew who she was confronted with before the woman even sat straight in her arm-chair, finally getting up.


        Unbelieving Liz stared at the girl. Her blonde hair combed straight, her curvy body pressed in a black leather costume.

        "Sure. Who did you expect, Liz?" A mocking smile danced around the corner of her mouth.

        Liz wanted to answer that she had expected everyone but Tess - but her index finger softly brushed against her lips and told her to be silent. Tenderly Tess touched her cheek and put a strand or her silky brown hair behind Liz's ear.

        "So you dreamt of Max - during class?!"

        Liz swallowed hard, then nodded silently. Clouds that spoke of care and worry lay like a shadow over Tess's crystal blue eyes.

        "What happened to little innocent Liz Parker? Has Max taken you to the observatory?"

        Again, Liz wanted to reply, but Tess's cold stare and her compressed lips made her answer the question by nodding 'yes'. Tess sighed deeply. Slowly she walked around the table and stopped right behind Liz.

        "So - Did you enjoy it as much as I did?" Tess whispered in a seductive voice, her lips brushing Liz's ear, while her fingers unbuttoned Liz's blouse. Softly Tess's fingertip stroked over Liz's collarbone - then further down between her breasts. A muffled moan escaped Liz's throat, as Tess's little white hand cupped her right breast and squeezed it.

        "Sure you did..." Tess smiled knowingly, circling again with her tip Liz's hard, slightly red nipple. Suddenly Tess pushed her fingernail deep inside Liz's flesh. The pain brought tears in Liz's eyes and made her whimper silently.

        "You know, what I think?" Tess asked softly, taking the pressure form her finger and caressing Liz again. Slowly Liz shook her head no.

        "For your... let's call it - inattentiveness ... you need to be taught a little... lesson. Don't you think, Liz?"

        Liz bit her lip, when she saw the ruler, that, suddenly as it seemed, materialized in Tess's hand. She nodded silently, which made Tess smile, obliviously playing with the ruler.

        "I'm happy, we agreed..."

        Carefully her hand ran under Liz's pleated skirt, pushed it up and pulled her cotton panties down to her white knee-length socks.

        "School uniforms are so sexy!" Tess murmured and made Liz chuckle girlishly. In raptures Tess stroked her beautifully tanned skin. The colour reminded her of white coffee.. Liz probably had spent her whole summer at the lake. Tess on the other hand was like a porcelain doll, white and fragile, with rosy cheeks, bright blue eyes and unruly golden locks. They complemented one another. Tess sighed deeply as her fingers stroked Liz's inner thigh.

        Finally she pulled herself away and the ruler whistled down. The blow hit Liz unexpectedly. Staggering towards the desk, a flat scream escaped from her lips. She leaned on the table to hold herself out more stable to the next blow. But Tess put her off again, teasing her with caresses, that made Liz moan delighted. Then, all of a sudden, the ruler burned seven red weals in her soft fervent flesh. Tess paused for a moment, licking her middle and index finger, then she went over the hot welts. Although it didn't cool Liz down, Tess's salvia seemed to procure some sort of relief.

        Tess felt the heat. Sweat pearled from her forehead, soaked her stringent and smoothy brushed hair wet. Single strands rolled up to locks. Thrilled she watched the ardent pattern on Liz's arse, as she hit her again. The intervals between blows got shorter. Liz's moans grew louder. She clung intently to the table because she was afraid that her knees would give way. Working towards the climax, the trashing made Tess breathe hard. The rhythmical moves chafed Liz's nipples on her blouse's fabric. Watching Liz's glutinous and glittering arousal stick to her well shaped inner thighs, Tess felt the heat burning between her own. One more blow and Liz screamed her name, Tess knew it was enough.

        Wearily, she sank down in her chair, her arm hanging feebly over its armrest. With a hollow sound the ruler fell to the floor. Still clinging to the table, Liz turned around. She thought she couldn't hold herself upright. Panting, she gasped for air. Slowly her breath recovered. Tess looked at her, her stare empty.

        "He's not good for us, is he?" She asked defeated.

        Liz smiled sadly. "No, he isn't."

        Still shaking she felt her way to Tess and sat down on her right thigh. Tenderly Liz stroked the sweat covered strands from Tess's face. Kissing salty tears from her burning cheeks, before her tongue delved into the other girl's hot mouth.

        (Febrile, 113.) Liz thought, when her hand gilded down under the black leather skirt, pushed away the silk of her panties and her middle finger slowly entered Tess. Their moans and sighs faded away under intimate kisses they shared.

        "Can we... repeat that?" Liz carefully detached from their embrace. Her deep brown eyes flung wide open, she chewed nervously on her lower lip, tasting nothing but Tess. With the palm of her little white hand Tess caressed Liz's glowing cheek.

        "Sure, whenever you like, Liz." Tess smiled softly.


        Miss Frost woke her up after the second bell had ended class already. No detention.. this time. Max had called her again. Liz had talked to him, not very long though. Hesitating and insecure she didn't know what to say. It was late at night now, she lay in her bed, Maria at her side, who visited her unexpectedly. Giggling, she chatted about New York; How she gave the producer a piece of her mind when they thought they could made her sing trivial songs. Then she began chatting about Max. Maybe she thought that Liz wanted to talk about him, but Liz didn't listen. Her head felt dizzy, her tongue tasted sweet like cotton candy. She couldn't come up with a clear thought. Perhaps that was due to the dope she smoked together with Eileen? Silently she watched Maria and wished her blonde hair were more fair and curly, her lips thinner and less red. She wished the hand that stroked down her brunette hair were smaller and whiter. She wished Maria were Tess.

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