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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list January 16, 2002

Title: Bestfriends
Author: Nikki
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell and if I did, Jason Behr's contract would say that he has to perform multiple sexual acts on my for three hours every day...  Also, I don't own Sarah Michelle Gellar or Ryan Phillippe although I wish I owned both. Nor do I own Cruel Intentions or the characters that they portray in the movie.
Category: It is AU. Definitely slash of F/F with a hint of M/M
Couple: Maria and Liz
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: None
Summery: Maria and Liz have been best friends since birth, but behind their friendship, there's a different sort of relationship that they've been hiding.

        Maria and I were inseparable from the beginning. It was only natural something would blossom between us over the years. It all started when we were born. They mixed us up at the hospital. I was given to Amy De Luca and Maria was given to Jeff and Nancy Parker. Of course, the small amount of hair that we had on our heads was a dead give away. Maria's was strawberry blonde and mine was like black. Ever since then, Amy and my parents would do everything together. Almost everything anyway.

        When we were little, we'd sleep over at eachother's houses. Whenever I stayed at Maria's, we'd go 'exploring' through Amy's things till we found something interesting and that had captured our attention. One time Maria and I found a 'Karma Sutra' book and ever since then Amy became better at hiding her personal things. Of course, as we got older, it was easier to find these personal things of hers.

        When we reached about the age of 12, Maria had started to develop. She had inherited her mother's genes and me; I unfortunately had as well. This meant that I wasn't developing at all. This one night that Maria had slept over, we had been playing around in the park. When it had started to pour down with rain, we had been running through the slosh that was formally known as grass when Maria slipped and fell in the mud. I slowly walked back through the mud to help her up but as I started to pull her up, I fell, landing splat on my face in the mud. After sliding our way out of the mud, we quickly got to the footpath and started to run back to my house.

        When my dad had opened the door to let us in, he just started laughing. We were such a site Maria and I, with mud running down our fronts and all down our faces, our hair and clothes soaking wet. Mum had run to the door when she had heard Dad laughing and the second she saw us, I thought she was going to have a stroke or something. She told us to wait right there and that she was going to get us a towel and that her and Dad were going to carry us to the bathtub.

        Once we were naked and in the bathtub, my dad had left just before mum had helped us undress, mum decided to leave us 'almost teens' as she called us, alone. As we sat in the bathtub giggling and gossiping, I noticed that Maria had indeed started to grow. "Do they hurt?" I had innocently asked as I rested my chin in the palm of my hand.

        "Nope. Mum said that she's going to buy me my first bra soon." Maria had said off-handedly. To her it didn't seem like a big deal, but to me, it was the biggest thing since sliced bread. Obviously I didn't tell her this because I knew that she would tell me I was being silly cause they were just boobs. But they were a big deal to me.

        After our 13th birthday, Maria had received her first bra and me, still on the elastic crop tops. By fourteen, I had started to wear a bra and Maria and I would go shopping on Saturday's at the mall and look through the racks at all the different colours and designs they had. A lot of the time we got the same bra and panties, just in different colours. Hers in green to match her eyes and mine in blue, my favourite colour. Also by this stage we'd both started to grow unwanted hair, down there.

        In 7th grade, we had camp. On the last day, Maria and I both got our period. We'd both learnt about them and knew what to do but when we came out of the bathrooms and just looked at eachother, the both of us knew we'd both gotten our period. After we'd spoken to our favourite female teacher, she'd taken us away from all the other kids and we sat around in the camp office being retold about pads and tampons for the next hour-and-a-half. The worst part was that by the time we'd gone back to our group, the next activity on the list was swimming. We had to sit that activity out.

        By the time we had arrived home, our mothers had been informed and they were rushing us home as fast as they could to make sure 'their little baby girls' were ok. We were more than fine. We'd become women.

        By 14 we'd started to notice boys. And girls. I'd never said anything to Maria about me noticing other girls, and she'd never said anything to me either. When we would go to eachother's houses we'd talk about the guys that we liked and what it would be like to kiss them, but we'd never discussed girls. Until Maria suggested the unthinkable.

        We'd never kissed boys before so if the opportunity would arise, we'd have been first-timers. Not all 8th graders were first-timers though. Isabel Evans and Tess Harding along with Pam Troy and Vicky Delaney had been known to be kissing boys all the time.

        "Maybe we should like, practice?" Maria had suggested.

        "On who?" I asked confused.

        "Eachother?" Maria suggested with a shrug of her shoulders.

        "Ok. What do we do?" I had jumped at the chance. I'd thought about kissing Maria and now we were finally going to do it. I couldn't wait.

        "Well, I guess we have to be sitting a little closer." She said. I shuffled up close to her. "And then I guess we lean our faces close together and then close our eyes and then kiss." Maria finished.

        We both leant our faces close together and then closed our eyes and leant all the way in. Our first kiss wasn't good at all. We improved with practice though. By the time we were fifteen we were practicing with our tongues down eachother's throats. Neither of us had let it go any further than a kiss. After the first time that we kissed using tongues, we'd felt a little awkward afterwards. But we had talked about it and everything seemed to be ok.

        "So that was a kiss with a tongue." Maria had stated after we pulled away.

        "Yep." I replied licking my lips not realising that Maria was watching my tongue wet my lips.

        "I think we need to practice more." Maria said as she was still watching me. I was oblivious to her staring though so I just nodded my head.

        On our sixteenth birthday, we made a date to go shopping at the mall. We stumbled across the new Victoria's Secret Store. We had stopped, looked at eachother and then silently agreed to venture inside. We indulged ourselves by buying our first g-strings and matching lace bras. Before we had bought them, we went into the change rooms to try our selections on. I showed her my royal blue thong and matching bra and she showed me her emerald green thong and matching bra. I did mention that we usually bought the same set but in different colours. I guess old habits die hard.

        I do remember the first thing that crossed my mind when she had stepped out of that change room. 'If I were a guy, I'd be fucking her right now against that wall.' Something like that anyway. After the thought had crossed my mind, another had followed. 'Screw being a guy, think of all the things you could to her now.' Or something like that.

        Anyway, besides noticing eachother's bodies, we noticed other guy's bodies. One Maxwell Evans and one Michael Geurin were both at the top of that list. Maria was hot for Michael as I was for Max. For some unknown reason though, we never shared our crushes with eachother. I felt like I was silently cheating on Maria if I thought about anyone else that way. I think that's what she felt too cause she sure as hell didn't mention anything about Michael to me.

        11th grade rolled around and our hormones were going crazy. Not that they hadn't been before, it just seemed that they were on a rampage that year. It was the year when things between us escalated to an all- time high. We reached the next level in our relationship. I remember it almost like it was yesterday.

        Maria was coming over that night to sleep over. We were supposed to study then watch a couple of videos and then go gossip in my room over ice cream. My parents had gone to Alberquerque in an attempt to invest in new deep fryers. At least that was their cover story.

        Once Maria had arrived she dumped her stuff in my room and then we'd set about finishing our homework at the kitchen table. I finished mine in half-an-hour. It took Maria an hour. After she'd finished I'd already set up the couch with a blanket and two pillows on either end. I'd popped in the movie that I knew Maria would want to watch first. She came in with hot popcorn and a tray with drinks on it. Years of waitressing had definitely paid off.

        We settled on the couch under the blanket after turning off the lights and pressing play on the VCR. We sat through the previews, cause let's face it, they're the best part.

        "What are we watching?" Maria asked putting some popcorn in her mouth.

        "You'll see." I answered with a smile. I took some popcorn and started to eat it. I knew that this was Maria's favourite movie. In fact, it was mine too. Sarah Michelle Gellar was absolutely gorgeous in it. Even if she was a coke addicted whore in the movie. I was thinking about all the possibilities the movie had when Maria interrupted my train of thought with what was a pass at me disguised as an innocent question.

        "Can I lay up that end with you? I'm cold and the angle's better up there." Maria had asked. Her voice didn't have any sort of tone in it, she didn't seem to be hesitating over what she was saying and it looked to be an innocent question.

        "Sure. I'll move over and you can lie in front of me." I suggested while shuffling back so that I was on my left side, my back against the back of the couch facing the TV.

        She got out from under the covers and moved up to my end. She got under the covers and shuffled back until her back was flushed up against my front. I tried not to moan, so I bit my lip. Hard. It was then that I realised that in fact I had nowhere to put my arm. I couldn't put it in front of me because Maria was taking up that area and I couldn't put it on my side cause it just kept slipping.

        I finally put it under the blanket and rested my forearm on Maria's side. I didn't hear on objections so I didn't bother to move it. At about that moment the movie started and The Verve's 'Bitter Sweet Symphony' played as Ryan Phillippe drove a Jaguar Roadster down the freeway.

        "Oh I love this movie." Maria stated with a smile.

        "I know. That's why I put it in first." I replied already knowing that she loved the movie.

        "Thanks." She said softly. I just smiled.

        At about the part where Sebastian's hands go wandering down over Katherine's breasts, Maria shifted and threw her right leg over mine. She was wearing a mini skirt too so I could only imagine what that would look like under the blanket. I moved my arm to see if I would be able to feel if her skirt had ridden up or not. My forearm was now resting on her waist and I could feel the bits of bunched up material on the side of my arm. I smiled.

        As the movie played, I didn't really pay much attention to it. About ten minutes later her hand reached under the blanket. It grabbed mine and moved it down to rest on my knee. Her hand travelled back up to scratch her thigh. I tried very hard to control my breathing at that point. I was extremely turned on and I was trying to hide it.

        As my hand was now resting on the smooth skin of her knee, I tried very hard not to move it up to her thigh, but for some reason it just seemed to drift up there. My hand was now resting near the top of her thigh. In an effort to let my fingers graze against her soft skin, I started to play with my fingernails by flicking them. A couple of times my thumb or my finger would brush against her skin and I tried to fight against the urge not to let my fingers start to draw lazy circles on her inner thigh. All along though, I had been fighting a losing battle. My fingers had betrayed me and started to trace lazy designs on her thigh. Either she hadn't noticed or she wanted me to continue, because she didn't say anything and she didn't stop me.

        My hand slowly crawled up the inside of her thigh to the juncture of her legs. I knew that if I straightened my index finger, I'd come into contact with her panties. I didn't dare try though. That plan to not try flew out the window the very second Maria shifted again, this time widening her legs. I glanced up at the screen and noticed that the scene where Katherine gives Sebastian a hand-job was starting up. Now that Maria was in a very 'open' position I chanced a movement of my finger.

        Commando. No panties. Nothing. That's what she was wearing under that mini-skirt. When I had decided to reach up with my finger to test out what was up there, I hadn't anticipated the fact that she might not have been wearing underneath. But as I think about it now, it's such a Maria thing to do.

        When I reached my finger up to feel under her skirt, my finger came into contact with her wet curls. Yes indeed she was wet. She was as turned on by the movie as I was. I closed my eyes as I tried to get my heart rate back to normal before she could feel my heart thumping rapidly in my chest against her back. I let my finger stay there and after a few minutes I moved my finger experimentally. More curls, but they felt damper. That meant that I was getting closer. I slowly shifted my hand up a little higher so that I had more room for my finger, soon to be fingers, roam.

        My middle finger met my index finger at her damp curls. I moved them down a little and that's when I started to notice that Maria's breathing had escalated. As I started to move my fingers a little lower, Maria shifted yet again, spreading her legs a little wider. Her left leg was now hanging off the couch and she was lying on her back, face turned towards the TV. I took this as an invitation to keep 'exploring'. My middle finger reached a little lower and that's when I felt her.

        What I mean by 'felt her' is that I actually felt her. She was extremely wet and extremely warm. She gasped of course and I knew that she wanted this. My finger moved experimentally again. This time it came into contact with her entry. I just wanted to slowly push my finger up inside her, but before I was to do that, I wanted to explore a little more. I had practiced the art of self love for a few years prior to this, so I was familiar with what was down there but I still needed to feel around for myself. Hell, it could've been the first and the last time this was to happen. I wanted, no needed to remember everything about her.

        Before I could start my exploration she interrupted me with her sweet voice.

        "Liz? I have to tell you something." She said. As soon as the words had left her mouth I started to panic. What if she didn't want me doing this to her and it was a test to see if she was going to keep being my best friend. Thoughts like that kept running through my mind.

        "What is it?" I replied dreading the worst. 'She hates me. She hates me. She hates me.' This had become my new mantra.

        "Don't interrupt me ok? I just need to get this out." She said before she paused to take a deep breath. 'Oh Shit. Oh Shit. Oh Shit. Oh Shit.' My mantra changed. I waited while holding my breath for what she was going to say.

        "Ok. I've been having these fantasies, sexual fantasies. About this person, a girl. I'm kind of confused about it but all I can think about it how much I want to kiss her, touch her, be around her. But what's got me so confused is that, I'm also attracted to this guy. This guy that doesn't know I'm alive. I don't know what to do. And the girl you see, she's uh, she's my best friend." Maria finished looking up at me.

        If I hadn't of had my hand in between her legs at that moment, I would have jumped off the couch and done a little happy dance. Instead of saying anything I moved my mouth over hers. My eyes drifted closed as my lips neared hers. I slowly sucked on her lower lip than switched and sucked on her top lip. Soon my tongue ventured to taste her. It brushed against her lips and she opened her mouth in silent invitation. I pushed my tongue inside her mouth and we set a rhythm for our kiss. Her hand came up and pulled at my shirt to pull me on top of her. I knew that we were going to go further than we had ever gone before and I knew that I didn't want to do it on the couch while Cruel Intentions played in the background.

        I slowly broke the kiss off and moved my hand from where it rested again on her thigh. I moved over the top of her and stood up on the ground. I reached my hand down for her to take. She took my hand in hers and I helped her get off the couch. I turned off the VCR and lead her into my room. Once there I let go of her hand and turned to lock the door. The street lights and the moon shone through my window so there was enough light to see.

        As I turned around from the door I saw Maria standing nervously by the side of the bed. I walked up to her and gently placed my hand on her arm.

        "Maria. We don't have to do anything that you don't want to." I reassured her. She looked at me and nodded. My hand moved from her arm to the hem of her shirt. My other hand rested on the other side. I started to slowly pull the tanktop up and over Maria's head. She hadn't objected yet, that was a good sign. Another good thing was that Maria wasn't wearing anything under her top either. As I went to pull my top over my head she stopped me.

        "Wait." She said placing her hands over mine to stop me. "Let me. Please." She said. I dropped my hands and she reached for the hem of my top and started to slowly pull it up. After my top lied on the floor of my bedroom forgotten, I reached for my pants and undid them. I pulled them down my legs along with my panties. I stepped out of them and kicked them aside. I was now standing naked in front of my best friend, soon to be lover.

        She reached behind her and unzipped her skirt. She pushed it down over her hips and then let the stiff material slide down her body and hit the ground. She stepped out of it and kicked it aside. Now we were just staring at eachother.

        I stepped forward towards her after a few more minutes of silent staring. I lowered my lips to her shoulder and started to kiss her there. Her skin was so soft. I brushed my tongue across her skin and tasted her. She tasted so sweet. Her head rolled back as I moved my lips to her collarbone. My tongue lashed out when I reached the hollow of her neck.

        "Liz..." Came her moaned reply.

        "Let's move to the bed Maria." I whispered in her ear as my hands went up and around her waist to pull her down on the bed.

        Once we were on the bed, we shuffled up so that we were lying near the pillows. We'd started to kiss as I moved over the top of her. She spread her legs and I layed between them. One of her hands was running through my hair down my back as her other hand was gently stroking my cheek. My hands were roaming her legs, feeling up her thighs and around her waist.

        I moved my lips from hers and started to move them down her throat and as I reached her breasts I attacked them with my mouth. I nibbled on her nipples, licked around her breasts and then sucked on the side of one her breasts, marking her as mine.

        All the time she moaned my name holding my face to her chest. After my assault on her breasts I started to move lower over her stomach. My tongue probed her navel and her back arched. I started to move lower again. Now I was at the juncture of her legs. I could smell her arousal and it turned me on even more. I glanced up and the site of her will be etched in my mind for all eternity.

        Her head was thrown back, her mouth agape, eyes closed. Her fists at her side clenching my bedspread, holding on. Her chest was rising rapidly as she didn't bother to try and control her breathing. I looked back down at her curls and slowly spread her legs. When they were far enough apart I parted her outer lips and was met with a stronger scent of her arousal. It was intoxicating and I loved it. My finger reached out and I touched her clit gently.

        "Oh God..." She breathed out as she gripped the sheets tighter.

        I smiled. I applied some pressure on her clit and it elicited a moan from her. I then slid my finger down to her opening. She was so wet. I circled around her opening and then slowly slid my finger up inside her.

        "Oh Jesus Christ!" She practically yelled.

        I slimed again before asking, "Maria, how many do you usually put up here?" I knew that she masturbated occasionally. I'd caught her about three times before. Two times were at my house and once at hers.

        "Three." She breathed out.

        As I was sliding my index finger in and out of her I slowly slid in my middle finger and started to slide them in. After a bit more of my sliding fingers, I added the third finger. Maria had already lost her voice. She couldn't think or speak coherently. I started to quicken the pace and soon my sliding was thrusting.

        My other hand came up and started to finger her clit. I was driving Maria closer to the edge with every stroke and thrust. When I felt her vaginal muscles squeeze my fingers I knew she was extremely close and just to tease her, I stopped.

        "Don't even think about it." She breathed out in a low tone.

        "I'm getting tired." I stated as I slowly started to slip my fingers out of her.

        "Oh you so better fucking finish the job!" She threatened.

        I laughed and rammed my fingers back inside of her. This caused her to scream in ecstasy. I flicked my finger across her clit faster and faster and thrust harder and faster. Her muscles clenched around my fingers again and I knew she was almost there.

        Her hips had started to move with my fingers. She met every thrust head on. She started to move faster and I met her pace. She was extremely close and I knew that I couldn't stop now. I wanted to watch her orgasm. I wanted to watch her face as pleasure ripped through her body. I wanted to hear her scream out till her voice became hoarse.

        And I did. It was so beautiful, her muscles clenching spasmodically around my fingers, her cries of ecstasy, her arched back, more of her juices flowing out of her. After her body layed limp on my bed, her body covered in a thin sheen of sweat, I slid my fingers out and brought them to my face. I met her eyes before my tongue poked out and tasted one of my fingers.

        "Oh God." She moaned as she turned her head away from me not being able to have the strength to go for round two.

        I climbed up her body and layed next to her. I stroked her hair away from her face and stared into her eyes. I was so distracted by her eyes looking into mine that I didn't notice that she had moved her hand that was laying between us, in between my legs. The second I felt it, was a second too late, she had already inserted to fingers inside me and was thrusting them up.

        "Maria... Jesus Christ." I moaned.

        "How many?" She asked still pumping away.

        "Three." I answered knowing full well what she was asking.

        I felt a third finger enter me and I couldn't stop my body from thrusting against her hand. I don't think she minded one bit though. I rolled onto my back and she rolled over the top of me, her right hand still inside me. Her mouth was near my ear and I could hear her rapid breathing.

        "Will you cum for me?" Maria whispered. I could only nod.

        "Will you scream?"

        I nod.

        "Will we do this every other night?"

        My eyes met hers and I said the only thing that I could. "God yes." She just laughed.

        Her thumb moved up to my clit and started to rub against it. I closed my eyes as my head went back and my fists clenched the sheets. Her thumb rubbed faster as her fingers thrust faster. I was reaching my peak and my hips were grinding against her hand. As I was almost there, I heard her whisper in my ear.

        "God you're beautiful." She said.

        And then I came. I moaned and screamed and my body shook with the orgasm. After my body calmed down I turned to look at her. Her hand was resting on my right breast, her chin resting on the back of her hand. I smiled down at her.

        "So who's my competition?" I asked laughing.

        She just smiled. "Michael Geurin." She said.

        "He's ok, but his friend Max. Now I need to get me some of that." I stated with a nod.

        And that I did. In fact, Maria got Michael and I got Max. Of course, things didn't stop between Maria and I. We tried to stop. Believe me, we did. But one thing would lead to another and we'd end up naked in bed, tasting eachother, teasing eachother, bringing eachother to orgasm.

        Michael and Max know about us. It wasn't our fault. They caught us one night in Maria's bed going at it. They knocked on the window and we let them in. We were shitting our pants standing there waiting to hear that they were going to dump us. Boy were we wrong.

        "You two can go back to what you were doing. We'll just watch." Michael had stated as he sat down in Maria's desk chair. Max just leaned against the wall.

        "Huh?" Maria and I both said at the same time.

        "It isn't like we hadn't noticed. Liz, you brought Maria to orgasm in the movies last Thursday. That was a bit hard to miss." Max said with a smile.

        I blushed of course. I hadn't meant to finger her in the movie theatre. She just grabbed my hand and stuck it up her skirt. I just took things from there.

        "So you're not mad at us?" Maria asked disbelieving.

        "Nope. But we'd like to watch." Michael said as he motioned towards the bed.

        "Right. Maybe not tonight ok?" I had said. I had to have some time to come to grips with the fact that Max knew that I was fucking my best friend on the side and that he wanted to watch us now.

        "No, it's ok. We'll go ahead." Maria said pulling me away by my arm.

        She had a plan. We went through with it and it seemed to work out well. The two of them were so turned on that they were jacking off right there in Maria's room. After we had finished we just watched them touch themselves. Maria and I just smiled at eachother as we went for it again. We'd had at least four orgasms each that night.

        After they found out, the sex was great. I was fucking Max and fucking Maria on the side. Saturday nights were always when the guys were there to watch. Only after about three months of watching Maria and I play with eachother did they start to join us. Of course, I never had Michael's cock inside me, only Max's and Maria never had Max's cock inside her. It was like an unwritten rule. But that doesn't mean that I never had other parts of Michael inside me.

        Our sex life was great. But it got better. Others had joined our little group and believe it or not, Isabel Evans, Tess Harding, Alex Whitman and Kyle Valenti were the others to join our little group of closet nymphos. We figured by the time we got married that we'd all stop. Nup, Max and I are married, I'm still fucking him every chance I get and Maria, but now I have Isabel and Tess too. But that's just a whole other story.

        The End

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