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The End of the Continuity, 8/10

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Added to the Roswell Slash Archive June 25, 2001

The End Of The Continuity
Chapter: 8
By: Nicole Anell
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: parody
Disclaimer: See part one.

**Max and Future Tess are sitting out in the middle of the desert, the hot sun reflecting nicely off the black leather they are now both sporting.**

MAX: What happens now, Tess?

FUTURE TESS: I don't know.

**Max is staring at her.**


MAX: I'm sorry, I'm just thinking still... we did go to New York during that time, right? When you were still mindwarping Alex?

FUTURE TESS: Oh for God's sake, Max, it's over. Leave it alone.

MAX: I'm just trying to make some sense of it, that's all. You faked every one of those fifty reels of Swedish slide shows he came back with? And why was he acting all cool for a while? And why the hell didn't Nasedo just translate the book for you?

FUTURE TESS: That's not important, it doesn't matter now.

MAX: It does matter! Motivation matters, Tess! Yours, mine, his!

FUTURE TESS: Can't you just say it was all "dramatic effect"?

**Max starts to have a brain embolism.**

FUTURE TESS: Not again. Look, how can I make it up to you?

MAX: Before you go, can we have sex?


MAX: I want to have my Observatory Sex.

FUTURE TESS: Oh, I really don't think we have the time for that. Oh! I could mindwarp you into thinking we had sex.

MAX: Can you do that?

FUTURE TESS: Sure I can. Remember when we first met and I gave you fantasies all the time about making out? It'll be like that.

MAX: Wow! You remember something that happened way back a year ago?

FUTURE TESS: It's a new world, Max.

MAX: Well, yeah, whatever. Less chatting and more mindwarp sex, we don't have all day.

**Future Tess scrunches up her face.**

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