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The End of the Continuity, 3/10

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Added to the Roswell Slash Archive June 25, 2001

The End Of The Continuity
Chapter: 3
By: Nicole Anell
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: parody
Disclaimer: See part one.

**Inside, Future Tess is looking wistfully at her weird prom book where she ranted like a Fan Forum poster about Britney Spears and how she hearts Max forever - don't ask why its in Max's house, just work with me here.**

MAX: I'm sorry, but I need you to explain it some more. What was up with Las Cruces and that shack with the bomb in it?

FUTURE TESS: You know I can't tell you, Max. You only need to know what we're trying to prevent. See, I found another Destiny Book - only this one was called "Future Roswell Storylines by Jason Katims" I realized it's the key to everything! If something bad is coming in the future, we can prevent it by altering the storyline, so the chain of events is disrupted. We just have to stop one thing that happened... you and I had sex.

MAX: I'm sorry, what?

FUTURE TESS: It's true.

MAX: No, I'm not familiar with that lingo. What do you mean "had sex"?

FUTURE TESS: You know, we did it, we screwed, we fu-

MAX: Huh?


MAX: Ohhhhh. OH! Are you talking about spending the night together?

FUTURE TESS: Oy. Fine, I guess so.

MAX: So we made love.

FUTURE TESS: Yes, okay, Max. That's what we did. We made love.

MAX: Wow. Things advanced.


MAX: Something came up between us.

FUTURE TESS: Yes. And ew.

MAX: We made the beast with-


MAX: Sorry, I'm just clarifying! "Had sex" - who talks like that? Hey, what was it like?

FUTURE TESS: Hot and alien. And the point of culmination lasted an hour.

MAX: (*sadly*) Tess... if this works, I'll never have that point of culmination.

FUTURE TESS: No, you won't.

MAX: (*thinks it over*) And why are we doing this again?

FUTURE TESS: Because! The fate of the world-

MAX: Rests. In my hands. Yeah. I know. I saw the promo.

FUTURE TESS: Well, you could be a little more enthusiastic about it.

MAX: (*sighs*) Alright, what do we have to do?

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