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The Boy Who Could

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list January 10, 2002

Author: Nehal
Title: The Boy Who Could
Rating: PG
Ship: Slash.
Summary: The story of the boy who could and ultimately did escape the clutches of one possessive alien. *evil laughter*
Notes: Slash is homoerotica, although the ratings may vary.

        I can fight this.

        I will get through it. It's only one night. I spend this one alone and it's through, I'll finally have him out of my system. I won't feel this overwhelming urge to rip his shirt off whenever we meet, and I'll be able to think clearly again. One more night and its all through. I can fight this. I can-

        Damn he's looking at me again. This is so not good. Why can't he keep those sexy intense brown honey eyes away from me? Why does he always have to lick his lips and wipe his salty sweet forehead with the back of his left hand? I know why. Its his- our- the sign. He wants me, now, but I'm strong. I don't need to go into the break room. I don't even need to lock the door from the inside and I certainly don't need to untuck my shirt, or unbutton the top button of my pants to find some relief-

        Damn it, I can fight this!

        Maria's watching me, as I clear a table. She's been suspicious of me for a while, she even asked me once why I gave up precious overtime at the auto shop to help out here and I gave her some bullshit about Mr Parker asking me to help out in Liz's absence. It wasn't the truth, but it managed to get her off my back for a while. But that was weeks ago, and now that Liz is back she wants to know why I stick around, why I stare at Michael every chance I get, why me and her ex lock ourselves inside the break room almost every other day-

        It'll be okay soon though because I can fight this. If I go without jumping his bones today then we can return to normal. He'll start seeing Maria again and I- I won't feel guilty about dating. It'll all be okay after today. Now, if only he'd stop staring at me.

        It all started as a way to release some tension. Michael and Maria had just broken up, and she wanted some space but he didn't and of course, as always, I was free- for him to practise a little sexual experimentation. It was only supposed to be a little fun before Michael and Maria got back together again but for some reason it became more- much more. But I can cope. I can. I just need to go one day without touching his coarse hands; one day without feeling his slightly salty but incredibly warm lips against mine; one day without trembling, as his hot breath tickles against my skin. Just one day. I can do it.

        "Hey, Valenti!"

        He calls me from the break room. Arms crossed, legs slightly apart and bent a little at the knee. He looks comfortable, relaxed, his eyes calm as he stares at me. His eyes feel hot against my skin, and I instinctively drop a glass. It shatters across the pale grey linoleum and I shudder. One day alone. I repeat it over and over again in my mind. One day alone and I'll fight this. I look up and meet his hot liquid eyes. I imagine kissing his closed eyelids, and tracing my tongue across his brow, I-

        I need to get away from him.

        I run.

        I can fight this. I know I can. I just need some space.

        One day alone.

        I think I can handle it.


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