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Isabel Wants Out

by Morphea

Posted to the Roswell Slash list September 16,2000

Title: Isabel Wants Out
Author: Morphea
Subject: Isabel can't take it anymore. Fast, slashy, vain, dark, & violent fillerbunny. R.
Disclaimer: I said dark and violent, right? Don't want to give it away, but still, consider yourself warned. Jaime Katims owns Roswell; no copyright infringement intended. Feedback's way cool. Distribution and archiving are fine by me if and only if no changes are made to this fic and the header is kept attached.

I want a girl who understand me.

I want a girl who understands my mind.

I want a girl who understand just what to do to me so my alien mind can't survive her, point blank.

She'd understand it's not a metaphor.

She'd be so fucking in love that she'd do it.

It'd be a gift, her pleasure: Isabel, please, I'm honored. Truly. I love you. Whatever you want. Please...

Everyone would find out later, and they'd ache.

They'd hate to admit how beautiful it was. They couldn't help it; I would look so beautiful, dead. She'd make sure it's beautiful. She'd be beautiful, too, and ruined. Not as beautiful and ruined as me, but beautiful and ruined, still.

I want her so bad. I just want out.

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