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Fugitive, Part One

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list April 14, 2001

TITLE: Fugitive (1/?)
AUTHOR: Mood Indigo
FANDOM: Buffy, Angel & Roswell
PARING: Faith/Tess, Buffy/Liz, Cordelia/Isabel
SUMMARY: After Faith's released she runs from California and ends up in Roswell. Buffy goes after her to ask for a favour.
DISCLAIMERS: The characters are the property of Joss Whedon, 20th Century Fox, Mutant Enemy, Sandollar, and Kuzui Productions. The Roswellians are Katims' and Metz'. Not mine. Yet the plot is.
SPOILERS: Anything about Faith being in jail and Glory showing up. Nothing specific for Roswell.
WARNINGS: Sexual/Romantic relationship between young females. Depiction of scenes of sexual nature and harsh language.
NOTES: This is crossover but it's mainly focused on BTVS and Angel at the beginning. Try and be patient 'cause Roswellians will come soon.
FEEDBACK: Hell yeah!


Los Angeles

        Faith walked out of the building, aprehension clear on her face. Detective Lockley waited for her out of a car. She could only find it ironic since she was the same person who had put her in jail... Seems like she's stuck with me for a while

        She was free again and this time, she intended to make it work.

        The blonde detective watched the young girl hesitantly walk towards her. It amazed her how much those months in jail had changed her disposition, her whole body language. With bitter crudeness she remembered Faith was simply a girl, not a mass murderer as she had used to think of her, just a girl. What could have pushed her so far? Whose fault?

        Faith got into the car silently and refused to meet Kate's gaze during the whole trip to Angel's. When they arrived, Faith looked at the main entrance and sighed audibly. Hope Dead Boy's alone Then, thanking Kate for the ride, picked her belongings up and went out of the car.

        "Here goes nothing..." she told herself as she reached the door.


        To say Cordelia didn't expect Faith was an understatement. She nearly fainted when she lifted her head to find a coy Faith standing in front of her. God! I hate Slayers! No, correction, I hate this Slayer! Without noticing it she distanced herself from the younger brunette, completely missing the hurt in Faith's eyes, who did notice. Faith, dropping her bag, grinned lopsidedly and raised her hands to show them to the stressed seer.

        "Not gonna hurt ya C. Just wanna see the Big Guy 'kay..." Faith said in what she believed was an assuring voice. Cordelia continued staring at her blankly, nearly fused with the wall behind her. The slayer would have laughed at her expression if things were different, but this time she was trying to change her ways. She tried to approach her and Cordelia squealed, causing Wesley and Angel to come running with crossbows and blades in their hands. "Whoa there, I already told her I'm not gonna try and hurt her..." Faith stated smiling before focusing in the patterns she was drawing on the floor with her combat boots.

        "Faith..." Angel said, already welcomig her. He lowered his blade. Wesley still pointed his weapons to her chest. "Wesley, lower it...Now! It's ok." Angel instructed him. Cordelia watched in horror as he did so and hastily made an exit dragging the former Watcher along. Faith and Angel barely heard her barreling Wesley and Gunn with her fears.

        "Look I know I shouldn't have come but..." Faith started before Angel interrupted her.

        "Don't mind them, they still remember your last visit..." it made her cringe. She did too. "You're always welcome here, you know that."

        "Am I? I'd say both your employees don't agree with you there." She replied. He only gave her a sad smile and waved her to come with him. Taking her belongings, she followed him. On their way she felt three pairs of eyes trained on her. Who's the new gal here...? Nevermind.

* * *

        "You can stay here if you want. There's plenty of room." Angel offered Faith as soon as they were in private.

        "I don't think C, Wes or that other guy would like that."

        "They'll have to get used then." His tone made her smile. Was he getting overprotective of her? Like a big brother? It was weird yet comforting.

        "Nah. That won't be necessary. I'm skipping town tonight." She told him shrugging her shoulders and looking anywhere but into his eyes.

        "Tonight?" He asked somewhat worried about the news. "Where to? Sunnydale?" Faith detected a tinge of fear in his words And he has reasons to...

        "No," she replied with a long 'o', "B wouldn't probably like that. 'Sides nothing's left for me there..." Angel nodded his understanding.

        "Where then?" Faith shrugged again to indicate her uncertainty. Even as she tried to hide her feelings, he noticed her sadness.

        "Dunno, anywhere but here. Las Vegas maybe, Boston, Mexico, New York... I really don't care." Again he nodded trying to process the new information.

        "You'll be back?" Faith turned her back to him, this conversation was starting to get the best out of her.

        "Don't think so. Told ya, nothing here for me. Gotta find my way somewhere else." She hoped she'd felt as sure as she sounded but deep in her heart she knew better. Buffy and her still had issues but she wasn't ready to face the other slayer yet.

        "Will you let me know when you get there?" Angel asked and she turned to face him. She saw real concern in his face.

        "Yeah." She simply said before hugging him and letting him hug her back. They stayed like that for several minutes until she broke the embrace, wiping her tears from her cheeks.

        "Damn it!" He smirked. Faith just hated crying in from of him. It had turned like a pre-requisite whenever they met.

        "Take care." Angel slipping a pair of fifties into her jeans' pocket.

        "I will..." And with that she retrieved her things and left the place silently.

        I'll miss you Faith. We all will... Angel silently stated when she departed.


        "You sure Giles, isn't there any other way to defeat Glory?" Buffy asked hopefully. She did wanted to end up winning this fight but the price of this victory was too high for her to pay.

        "I told you Buffy, there's no other. We've tried spells but they're ineffective. It's the only way..." Giles said in somber tones, she hadn't agreed and she already disliked the idea.

        "What about you guys... Wills, Tara?" She tried with her beaten puppy eyes.

        "I don't like it either Buffy but we haven't found a suitable spell so..." Willow informed her almost apologetic.

        "T-The only way you'd defeat her is becoming a goddess yourself but..." Tara paused when she noticed she had everyone's attention and blusihng profusely she continued, " need all your powers with you." She finished and lowered her gaze until she felt Willow touching her shoulder.

        "But she does have all her powers! Why can't you perform the spell?" Xander questioned still not following them.

        "No she doesn't. She died remember. " Anya started telling him.

        "And I brought her back..." Xander shot back as indicating it was stupid for Anya to mention that at the moment.

        "Shut up and let me continue," Anya said glaring at him. He clamped his mouth shut. "She died and another girl was called right?" she asked rethorically, he nodded. "But when she resucited she still was a slayer..." Again he nodded. "Then this girl died and Faith was called..."

        "Oh, I get it!" his face illuminated when he figured what they all had been talking about. "Since Buffy is still alive her powers weren't passed completely so she needs of another slayer for the spell to work..." When Anya smiled to him he congratulated himself for understanding.

        "Yeah, that's it." Giles confirmed. The utter happiness Xander was experimenting was suddenly replaced by shock.

        "Faith?" He asked in fear.

        "Yeah. Faith." Buffy replied tiredly.

* * *

Somewhere between California and Nevada

        Once again Faith found herself walking on the highway. After refusing the blatant advances of the last driver, she was kicked out of the trailer without further consideration. Good thing I travel light she chuckled to herself. Her whole lugagge consisted in the clothes she was wearing, a wooden cross, half a package of Marlboro lights, and some of the money Angel had given her. She even stopped trying to get someone to pick her up, at the moment she preferred walking. Yet the sun was merrily shining on the sky.

        As cars passed by she wondered about Angel and Buffy. Had he told her I'm out? If he did, will she come after me? Is that good or bad? Finally someone did stop and offered to give her a ride to Las Vegas. Since she had nowhere to go or be it seemed like a good idea at the moment. Las Vegas...? Oh yeah!

* * *


        "But Faith's in jail..." Xander interjected after Buffy confirmed his suspicions.

        "We'll find a way." Buffy assured.

        "Uhm, Buffy..." Giles cleared his throat indicating her it wasn't wise to discuss about that particular topic still.

        "What? She'll be back in there one way or the other... I'll call Angel perhaps he could help." Buffy glared at the Ex-Watcher exasperatedly.

        "Yeah, that's a good idea. He's got connections there and maybe there's a chance they'd let her temporarily out or something..." Willow said already thinking of alternative ways to solve their current problem. "I'll write Delia about it." She finished, putting her 'resolve' face on for effect.

        "Why am I not surprised?" Xander mumbled to himself even everyone in the room glared at him.


        "Angel Investigations. We help the hopeless..." Cordelia boredly answered at the phone.

        "Cordelia, I need to talk to Angel." Buffy immediately jumped into business. She had no time for civilities.

        "Hello to you too. I'm fine by the way..." Cordelia sarcastically stated after identifying the voice's owner, causing Buffy to growl in frustation. She had already read Willow's message and knew why Buffy was calling but it didn't mean she had to like being commanded around by the slayer. "I'll get him. He's in the basement." Buffy heard Cordelia yelling after Angel and some other sounds before Angel answered.

        "Buffy?" Angel questioned concerned. "Is there any problem?"

        "Angel, I need a favour... It's about Faith."

        "Faith?" He found strange that Buffy was talking about the younger slayer.

        Cordelia tried to catch for gossip but failed. So 'this' is about psycho slayer slut?

        "What about her?" Angel continued when he managed to avoid Cordelia's prying eyes and ears.

        "I can't explain right at the moment but I need her help. Can you get her out of jail ASAP?" Buffy frantically told him, hoping his answer would be positive.

        "Buffy, she's not in jail anymore..." His words took her by surprise and all of the sudden she was kneeling next to the phone.

        "Wha- why, when?" Buffy tried when she heard the news. He meant she's not in jail anymore as in she escaped from there, or she's not in jail anymore as in she died there, or perhaps as in she's released...? Her mind eagerly supplied.

        "She was released a week ago and immediately left town..." Oh, then that's it... For a moment she felt good knowing she hadn't escaped or passed away, but it soon faded.

        "Dammit! Do you know where she is?" She already knew the answer but decided to have hopeful thoughts for the first time.


        "Any idea?" It bothered her how much she sounded like a toddler fighting over a lollipop.

        "No." Long pause. "She said she'd call me when she'd be settled."

        When she'd be settled? What the hell is that supposed to mean...?! "We have no time. I need to find her... Dawn's in danger!" Buffy was nearing an emotional rupture, this was SO NOT RIGHT...

        "I can try but..." Angel lamely intended to calm her down.

        "I'm going there." Resolve Buffy popped in.


        "Meet you later." And then she hung, leaving him listening to the dial tone. Then he turned to find Cordelia staring intently at him.

        "So?" she asked unable to stop herself. He shook his head and left her there pouting at his silence.

* * *

        Walking back into Giles' living room her worried expression was rapidly noticed by its occupants.

        "Well?" Willow asked tentaively.

        "Faith's gone." She delivered still digesting the news.

        "Gone? What you mean gone? Is she dead, did she escape?" Xander histerically asked, unknowingly posing the same questions she silently had moments ago.

        "She was released and skipped town. Angel ignores where she went to." Her words were met with mute shock, even Anya seemed affected by this.


Roswell. Two weeks later.

        "Sometimes I wonder how things would have been if Tess never showed up. I mean, we all know Max and you are meant to be together but he won't try a thing because you told him not to, and because he tries to love her when we all know that's not possible...!" Motormouth girl said to her best friend.

        "Maria, I told you I don't want to talk about it. Max and I aren't supposed to be together. He can date whoever he wants, even her. Besides, Tess and I had reached an understanding..." Liz replied as she helped her friend clear the table.

        "But Liz, it's not fair. She's an obstacle between you and..."

        "No Maria. I AM the obstacle. It's their fate to be together. They're the same species. It's the right thing to do..." She explained to Maria once again.

        "Well it sucks! I don't give a damn about species... You two are good together. You were the perfect couple until that Tess bitch came here... I wish she'd left, it would make things easier."

        "Whatever... Now hurry up or I'll tell dad you've lazying around..." Liz replied with a sad smile and a sigh. She felt bad for not being able to tell her the truth. Tess should never leave Roswell or the whole planet would die.

        "You wouldn't, would you?" Maria, half fearing, half wondering, asked her.

        "Don't be so sure." And with that Liz took a pair of menus and walked to the new costumers. "Good Morning, my name is Liz and I'm your waitress. Can I get you something to drink...?"

        Maria observed her from distance shaking her head. Damn you Tess!

* * *

        "Hey punk, leave the chick alone..."

        "Who the fuck are you?" Michael hissed to the interrupting dark-haired girl.

        "Someone you don't want to mess with," came the icy reply. He observed her for a few seconds before loosening his grip on Tess' arm, just to fully turn to the other girl. The petite blonde immediately took advantage and got away from him.

        Rising to his full height he intended to scare her off but she just laughed in his face.

        "Not gonna work jerk. Now where was I...? Oh yeah, you like man-handling huh? Try and man-handle me then..." Faith delivered at him in an intoxicating, dangerous drawl. She had no idea why she put up for this girl but she guessed a part of her refused to let go that 'protecting people and all' crap.

        Two girls came rushing to the boy's side and stopped him from snapping at her. He intently stared at Faith before his features turned into something between fear and repulsion.

        "I guess it would be better if you leave," the petite brunette waitress told her. Faith turned her attention to this girl, a little smile gracing her features. Just like B, 'cept for the hair and eyes. B!!! For Chrissakes I see her anywhere I go... That's so fucking pathetic.!

        "Yeah, I think you're right..." a slight pause to read the girl's tag, "LIZ..." And with that she turned on her heels and left the Crashdown. Her appetite already gone. "I'm not that hungry anyway" Wish I could say the same about the other H... she silently completed.

        When she was heading out of town the small blonde she had defended in the café caught up with her. She didn't talk, just walked next to her. It got her quite uncomfortable and was beginning to consider a violent way to get rid of the girl.

        "You shouldn't be talking to a stranger..." The brunette commented.

        The blonde seemed to ignore what the other girl had just said.

        "It could be solved." Long pause. "I never got to know your name."

        "Neither did I get yours," was the only response she obtained.


        "Then again TESS, you shouldn't be talking to me. I'm a stranger." Faith hated the way she sounded like stupid Scoobs.

        "If you tell me your name it will certainly change." The blonde girl stated smiling. A pair of unbelievingly dark eyes observed her for long moments before passing from surprise to indifference.

        "Call me whatever you like. It doesn't matter. I'm not staying long."


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