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A Boy Like You

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Posted to the allslash mailing list September 29, 2001

Title: A Boy Like You
Author: Mongibello
Date: Sept. 29, 2001
Fandom: Forsaken
Pairing: Sean/Nick, really pre-slash
Ratings: PG-13 for language
Archive: List archives and anybody else that might want it. I would be extremely honored.
Feedback: Oh, that would be divine. Send it on over to
Disclaimer: Ya know, I'm not sure who they belong too, but God bless them. All I know is they aren't mine and no one will ever make money off of this.
Summary: Sean looks in on his traveling companions.
Note: My first Forsaken fic. First fic I've written in over a year actually and my first fiction in the present tense. Not beta read, because I'm just not that patient, so feel free to e-mail me about grammar mistakes and what not. I'm a little out of practice so its really just a dribble.

        Megan no longer reminds Sean of his sister. The imagined resemblance hadn't really lasted long. Just that moment when he first laid eyes on her, just that quick look before she disappeared. But it had been intense enough to keep his need to protect her alive for the whole of their journey.

        Something in her eyes when he'd first seen Megan was uncannily like the look in his sister's eyes in the first few days after their mother's death. She may have been the one to keep her life together in the long run, but Sean had been strong for the both of them those first days on their own. His sister had fallen apart and Sean's few memories of that time are of his sister crying out in the middle of the night. She would scream and Sean would hold her until she calmed down. Not unlike the way he'd held Megan the night she bit him. He can't help but smile thinking things might have been easier if he'd just kept his sister snowed with morphine.

        The illusion is gone now and Megan is just a girl again. Prettier than most he's known, stronger too. And, he thinks, interested. He just can't seem to get interested back.

        Megan twitches in her sleep and Sean prays she won't start screaming. It would be at least the second time since they got to the hospital. The virus might be gone but the images are not, this he knows from personal experience. He also knows if she does scream he's letting a nurse take care of it. The effort it would take to get out of his chair alone makes it so not worth it. But she only sighs and turns over in her sleep and Sean's relief is mostly for himself.

        Sean maneuvers the wheelchair the best he can back towards his own little corner, resisting the urge to stop just a few beds away. But he stops, as he knew he would and pulls back the curtain to watch Nick sleep. It occurs to Sean that this hospital is the only place he has seen this happen. He pulls closer to the bed and does an almost unconscious check of Nick's body, as though the hunter could have somehow lost a limb since the last time Sean checked in on him.

        Sean was forced into therapy after his mother's death. Five years of bi-weekly trips to a shrink taught him that he sometimes has inappropriate feelings of guilt. He's trying his best to put his constant vigilance towards his friends' wellbeing down to this. Trying to label his guilt inappropriate, but it isn't easy.

        Because part of Sean said yes when Kit informed him that he would be his next day driver. Part of him had been more than happy. At least he would live and maybe it wouldn't be so bad, maybe he'd even get another chance to kill the bastard. When Kit made his follow up threat that relief vanished.

        "If you fuck with me, I'll kill your little blonde friend."

        And all he could think of was Nick.

        'You couldn't really call Nick a blonde,' he'd thought-rather ridiculously, 'light brown at best.'

        It hadn't occurred to him until he was dragging Nick outside and saw Megan in all her blonde glory running after them that Kit had meant her. Sean couldn't say for sure if he would have done what he did if he'd known who Kit was really talking about.

        So all in all, Sean does not feel his guilt is inappropriate.

        Sean wheels himself as close to Nick's bedside as he can get and peers down at the other man's face. He's alarmed to find that Nick still seems to have a fever. The hunter's hair is still slicked with sweat. But Sean is sure it'll get better. It must have something to do with how long he's been infected. If the pills take longer to work the closer to turning perhaps the cure works in the same way. That has to be it.

        At least he's sleeping.

        There's Sean has been wanting to say to Nick almost since the moment they met. The thought, just a phrase really, has been turning over in his head through it all.

        'I've never met anyone like you before.'

        At first it had been tinged with annoyance, then later with begrudging respect and finally with something very near awe. Sean can't pinpoint exactly when the tone in his head changed either.

        "I've never met anyone like you before."

        Sean is startled to hear his own voice. He never meant to say that out loud. That's the sort of thing people say in movies. It's the sort of thing guys say when they're trying to get in a girl's pants, runner up only to the most popular line of all time, 'I love you.' He never imagined he'd ever be able to say that cliche to anyone with a straight face, let alone to another guy. And mean it.

        Sean has to get back to his bed, has to get to sleep or he's going to start thinking more things he's not ready to deal with just yet. But before he goes he can't help smoothing Nick's hair away from his brow, letting his fingers linger just a little longer than necessary.

        And then the morning comes...even with tears threatening to spill Sean can read the words clearly and that last line sounds like an invitation.

        'Maybe I'll see you again sometime.'

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