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Be Bold, Be Bold, But Not Too Bold, Part Two

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Posted to the allslash mailing list October 11, 2001

Title: But Not Too Bold
Author: Mongibello
Fandom: Forsaken
Pairing: Sean/Nick, really pre-slash
Ratings: PG-13 for language
Archive: List archives and anybody else that might want it. Roswell Slash Archive is welcome to it as well.
Feedback: I'm depressed because the first part didn't much feedback, (total of 1). Send anything, please, even if you don't like it. Send it on over to
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: Sean and Nick kiss, fight, and make-up. Not necessarily in that order.
Note: This is the continuation of Be Bold. Be Bold. It got a little longer than I thought it would so I split this last section up. Therefore, Be Bold is 1/3 for anyone who might consider archiving it. Please with the feedback, huh? I know I'm pathetic. More love to Lucy. Her Forsaken fic was my inspiration and re-reading it gave me the juice to continue with this story, which I loved writing. Again, no beta, but I actually looked for one this time, so I gave myself points for effort.

        I was still sitting in that chair when he emerged from the bathroom in a soap perfumed fog. He was dressed only his boxers, drying his hair with a towel. It was an interesting situation. Really, how do you stare at someone that close to you and not let them know you're staring. Apparently with Nick you can't.

        "What? I got all the grime off right?" He covered his bare chest with the towel and I noticed with something like relief that he was wearing the ring.

        "You're thinner." I tore my eyes away and began a serious contemplation of my hands.

        "Never tell by the way I eat. Ooh, Vikki gave us pie. What'd you do with that?" He sat down on the edge of the bed and yawned widely.

        "Its in the car. I'll get it." I was having trouble getting my voice to work in anything but a monotone. I grabbed my jacket and rooted around in the pocket for the keys.

        "Thanks, my man." He said around another yawn.

        I couldn't get my hands to work when I got outside. My legs soon followed and I had to lean against the car to keep from falling down. It all hit me at once.

        I'd had this hopeless fantasy that when I found him he'd still be strong. On the nights when not even 'Lucy' could get me to sleep I'd even started thinking that maybe by the time I found him, he would've accomplished what he'd come for. That he would have his cure already and all those fucking bloodsuckers would be one less thing in the way of a future I still couldn't bring myself to consider. I'd never thought any further than finding him and now that I had... now that I had I didn't know what came next. He was weak, weaker than I'd been at my worst. Granted he was nowhere near as bad as Megan had been, but how far off could that be?

        It took close to a half an hour to finally get my body moving again. I retrieved the pie from the back seat and went inside. He hadn't come looking for me and now I knew why.

        He'd fallen asleep on top of the covers with the towel still clutched in his hands. I managed to sit before the paralysis struck again. Even as tired and sick as he looked. Even as thin as he'd gotten, and I couldn't believe I hadn't noticed before. He was still beautiful. He was beautiful and fragile and in that moment I finally knew what came next. And I guess some part of me must have known all along, why else would I have bought that stupid ring. I was going to protect this boy with my life. We were going to find that fucking vampire and fry his ass. And I didn't care what happened after that. As long as Nick was still alive it didn't matter what happened after that.

        With purpose comes the ability to move again and I did, as close to Nick as I could get without actually sitting on top of him. I reached out tentatively and pushed a lock of his hair out of his face. It was something I'd started doing in the hospital and I'd been waiting for three months to do it again. I immediately regretted telling him to get a hair cut.

        When Nick didn't move I swept the rest of his hair back from his forehead. The room was reasonably cool, but the sweat was pouring off of him. I used my shirt to wipe some of it away and when he still didn't move I got bolder. I leaned over before I could think and brushed my lips softly against his. Not a kiss really, just touching.

        I knew I was pressing my luck so I moved away from the bed and towards the air conditioner to see if it could be turned lower.

        "If that's what you came for, you might as well go right now." His voice was tense. Better than angry at least.

        "It didn't mean anything. I'm sorry. Go back to sleep." I couldn't look at him so I kept fiddling with the air conditioner. I thought if I acted casual he'd just go back to sleep and we could forget the whole thing.

        "Look at me, Sean."

        Nope, definitely not going to do that. The air conditioner was down as low as it could go, but I kept messing with it anyway. This whole thing was the A/Cs fault anyway, if it had just worked the way it was supposed to Nick wouldn't have been so sweaty and I wouldn't have...yeah, I couldn't even make myself believe that.

        "Sean." His voice was closer so I knew he must have left the bed. "What are you doing here?"

        I could feel heat hitting my back and knew if I turned around we'd be nose to nose.

        "I'm fixing the air conditioner, Nick. What are you doing?" When in doubt go for humor. Except it didn't sound very funny.

        "I'm serious, Sean. If you tracked me down just to jump my bones you're wasting your time." Now he sounded mad.

        I turned around to face him finally. He was still in the barely dressed state in which he'd fallen asleep. His anger had given him a strength I thought he'd all but lost and was managing to make him look fairly menacing as a bonus.

        "It was a mistake. I'm sorry. It won't happen again." I almost succeeded in keeping the hurt out of my voice.

        He turned and walked a few paces towards the bed.

        "Is this what all that ring shit was about? If I'd known that's what you wanted I never would have gotten in the damn car!" He started working on the ring around his finger, giving a grunt of frustration when it refused to budge.

        "I said I was sorry. What the fuck is wrong with you? It didn't mean anything." Well, the last part was a lie, but it really wasn't a good time to start examining my feelings.

        "Yeah, right. You probably give all your buds jewelry as a sign of affection." His finger was starting to turn red, but still the ring wouldn't move. "Fuckin' fairy."

        A herd of angels flew through the room. Nick stopped twisting the ring and just stared down at it. I just stared at him. After a minute or two I started breathing again and grabbed my jacket off the chair.

        "Sean, wait-"

        I slammed the door on the sound of his footsteps thudding towards me and took off for the bar across the street.

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