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True Destiny, Part Two

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list November 10, 2003

Title: True Destiny Part 2
Author/E-Mail: MME (
Archive: Yes
Pairing: Kyle/Max
Rating: PG-13
DISCLAIMER: Everything belongs to Katims and Metz, et al. I own nothing.
Feedback: All welcome.
Notes: On the outskirts of Los Angeles.

      "Home sweet home" Michael cried as he threw his only bag across the room onto the bed. The group gathered in one of the many rooms they have rented for the next couple of weeks.

      "Guys... do you smell that?" Isabel asked. Her face cringed as she covered her nose with her fingers.

      "Eeeww... I think I smell it too." Maria added and waved her hand over her nose to drive the pungent smell away.

      "What? What smell?" as Michael sniffed trying to fathom the mysterious seemingly imaginative smell. He looked round to check out the place. The walls were dark with stains, wallpaper falling off in places and cracks in the walls. The curtains, or what was left of them, were in tattered but it didn't matter as the windows let in only minimal lighting anyway. The windows seemed to be covered in filth ever since they were first installed.

      "So... it's not the best of places, but it isn't that bad. At least we have a roof over our head and a bed."

      Michael proceeded to fall onto the bed with arms and legs spread out.

      "See, nothings falling apart."

      "...yet." Maria chirped in.

      "It'll have to do." Max called out from behind them. They turned around and saw Max, Liz and Kyle coming into the room.

      They watch as Max walked into the room looking around, hand in hand with Liz, like a King and Queen of the old ages. "We don't have much choice at the moment. This will have to do until we find ourselves a proper place in the city. Until then, let's try to get back into... ", Max looked at each of them, and shrugged, "you know, life in general."

      "You know where we should start Maxwell?" Michael asked. Each of them looked at Max with Liz held tightly in his arms.

      Kyle felt a slight pang of jealousy deep down in the pit of his stomach and an ache in his heart. At that moment he couldn't see a couple so much more perfect for each other than Max and Liz, and he silently hope that one day that is what he will have.

      "I... I don't really know." Max answered honestly, "Follow your heart I guess but keep it low profile at least for the next few weeks until we can get settled. We know they'll still be looking for us."


      Everyone started unpacking an hour later in their respective rooms. As usual, they were paired up except for Kyle and Isabel. Isabel did not want to have Kyle sharing a room with her, not because she didn't like Kyle, but she would like the privacy she always had. Luckily, for her, the motel they were staying in hardly had anyone.

      Max walked into the room he was staying in with Liz, carrying to cups of water. He saw Liz in the corner of the room unpacking some everyday essentials in the small cupboard they had. She looked up as he walked in and he handed her one of the cups.

      "Here you go", Max said, "How's the unpacking?"

      Liz looked up but instead of answer she asked, "Do you remember that time when I started developing these powers, I couldn't be near you at all?"

      Max nodded.

      "I remember, it's was one of my worst days of my life. You were in so much pain, and I didn't want you to go through that, not then, not ever."

      "But it stopped now" Liz said, half as a statement, half as a question, "especially since our marriage, the pain I had is now just... gone."

      Her eyes sparkled with a green light, and one of their wedding pictures in a frame floated onto the bedside cabinet. As it landed, residue energy flashed green inside the frame. It was one of Liz's favourite photos from the wedding. Even though their marriage was rushed, this photo glimpse into a world which showed what their proper wedding could have been. Max turned from looking at the photo back towards Liz.

      "That's a good thing right? That's what we wanted."

      "Yes. I think." Liz face looked a little puzzled. "But something's changed. And I'm not sure if that is a good or not."

      Max pulled Liz into a hug and hugged her fiercely.

      "It's a good thing. I'm sure of it." Max replied to her suspicion.

      But Liz is right Max thought. Something has changed between Liz and him and it's been at the back of Max's mind for a while now, although he isn't sure what it is. Maybe it's just a marriage thing, maybe it's normal. Yeah, it's normal, it's got to be.


      "What are you doing?" Michael cried out in between coughing fits.

      "What am I doing? I am purifying the air!" she said as she walked around the room spraying her perfume in vast quantity.

      Michael walked over to Maria and clasped his hands around hers to stop her from doing anymore `purifying'.

      "Stopped, you're making it worse!" Michael said.

      Maria just looked at him incredulously.

      "What?" Maria said as she started to get angry again that day.

      "Can't you see I'm dying here? Maybe I just more sensitive to smell with this alien nose of mine."

      Maria rolled her eyes. She went and sat next to Michael on the bed.

      "Are you okay now?"

      "Yeah, a little." He's coughing subsided as she rubbed his back.

      Michael couldn't believe Maria was still here. She is in all essence still human. Yeah, so is Kyle and Liz, but they've been changing. It would be too dangerous for them to have stayed, but Maria? She could have stayed in Roswell, with her family. They hadn't really talked since they left Roswell, with all the running and hiding together with the rest of the group, they didn't have much private time to themselves. Now, things is a lot more stable, at least for a little while.

      "Maria? What are you doing here?"

      Maria looked surprised and smiled. "To look after you, you dummy!"

      "Maria," Michael said in all seriousness, "I'm serious. I mean why are you with us on this stupid, whatever it is? You could have stayed in Roswell. You would be a lot better off there and you are with me. You would have a normal life."

      "I can't believe your asking this? You know why I'm here." She brushed a strand of hair from his head. "I love you."

      She continued, "Besides, what would I do in Roswell? I would have lost all my friends over night."

      "But you'd still be with your family. You'd probably live a lot longer too."

      "After all we've been through? I'm surprise I'm still alive. My family is here now, with you. Nothing else matters."

      Maria pulled Michael in for a kiss. A kiss so deep, it conveyed more than their love to one another. Michael felt happy that Maria is willing to sacrifice so much for him, but at the same time, it is too much. He feels guilty, that the future Maria could have had is taken away from her, because of him.


      Isabel sat crying in the showers - tears pouring down in a torrential rain, mixing bitterness and salt with the pure streams of clear water from the showers. She cried hard and deep, letting the feelings that have been bottled up inside her flow freely like blood.

      She feels the loss of her life, the loss of her family, and the loss of her marriage pressed down onto her heart, squashing it with a heaviness of an anvil, bleeding her inside. Everything she has strived, everything she did to have a normal life, just taken away, by these scared incomprehensible frail humans!

      Her anger momentarily flared, and the steamed up mirror shattered. A few tiles that were left on the walls also cracked. But Isabel was oblivious to the outside world and she fell back into despair and depression.


      `If I just closed my eyes I could almost imagine I was back at home.' Kyle thought as he laid on the bed, eyes towards the ceiling, and hands behind his head.

      `Doesn't seem like much has changed', he said out loud.

      He slept naked except for his boxer's as he laid on the bed. He hadn't bothered to unpack, but what he had was left open on the floor. He closed his eyes, and he started drifting in and out of sleep. Bright red sparks crackled around Kyle's body, darting around his torso, between his legs and through his hair. Everything in the room floated, including Kyle himself as he slept on. The contents of the room danced around like the sparks surrounding Kyle's body, in their own mystical undefined pattern.

      Kyle dreamt on, unaware that the room kept rearranging itself and his belongings throughout the whole night.

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