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True Destiny Chapter 1

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list September 23, 2003

Title: True Destiny Chapter 1
Author/E-Mail: MME (
Archive: Yes
Pairing: Kyle/Max
Rating: PG-13
DISCLAIMER: Everything belongs to Katims and Metz, et al. I own nothing.
Feedback: All welcome.
Notes: Not much of a chapter 1, it's quite short. I hope it makes sense though since this scene had to happen in my mind. Also, I don't live in the USA so my geography in that department is a bit limited. Please tell me if you think certain things are out of place. BTW, my prologue rating should be PG13, sorry.

      The low sun flickered in and out through the branches of the passing trees on the roadside. Shaft of sunlight pierced its way into the shadows momentarily distracting Kyle from his driving. The road ahead is long and forever, unyielding into the unreachable horizon. The early morning glow bathed the world in pure light of blue, such as someone would see it when underwater. Kyle had been driving most of the night, away from Roswell, away from home.

      The others were sleeping beside and around him. In the back seat slept Maria, Michael and Isabel. Michael sat in the middle with his hands around Maria, snuggled together like a basket full of kittens. Isabel had also borrowed Michael's shoulders to rest upon, whilst Michael rested his head on hers.

      Max and Liz sat up front with Kyle, both fast asleep. To the world outside, the ex, the girl and the husband would be an unusual trio to be seen seating so close to each other. Kyle had wanted some music, some kind of radio station but he knew it would awaken his friends. He didn't mind. It wasn't a problem and he wasn't tired just bored. There was nothing around, nothing to see, nothing to do except drive. The roads are amazingly straight and he hasn't seen a car since late last night everything seemed so quiet and peaceful saved the constant drone of the van's engine. He thought it was the first thing he wanted peace and quiet that is but not now, not when he's driving.

      He looked at the rear view mirror and felt a very slight pang of envy. Everyone snuggled up against each other, in each other's own comfort. Kyle didn't know who he could huddle beside, except maybe Liz, but he didn't think Max would appreciate that. Isabel, being the only other person without the other half, could snuggle up to anyone. There is her brother Max, her past-life lover Michael, or even with any of the other girls as girls do. Him, being a guy could never do that very easily.

      So why is he with these people? Why is he here? Kyle doesn't know, he guessed he's scared of his powers, of the FBI, or even of the other aliens. He tried to keep his distance and keep away from all this but in the end it always seems to catch up with him as if it were meant to be. According to Buddha, everything has a meaning and everything happens for a reason. So in a way, destiny. Besides he couldn't leave his friends, not now.

      He shifted a little in his seat, he was starting to get a little uncomfortable driving for so long and sitting in one position could do that to you. He looked towards his immediate sleeping companions and...

      "Fuck sake Max!" Kyle cried out as he nearly felt like having a heart attack. Max was awake it seems, and he had been looking at Kyle intently. Kyle was startled by the unexpected hazel eyes looking straight back at him.

      "Sssshhh...!" Max hushed as he placed a finger on his lips. "Your gonna wake up the others!" The people in the back shuffled a little but no one woke up. Liz still was fast asleep and hadn't moved as she lay in the curve of Max's neck.

      "What the fuck were you doing?" Kyle said as loudly as he could without waking anyone up.

      "What did I do?" Max said back, and equally as loud as he could.

      "You were staring at me. Why were you staring at me?"

      "I was just checking to see if you were okay. You've been driving all night."


      That ended the conversation and they both sat there in silence. Kyle was a bit annoyed but he didn't really know why. A few minutes later Max broke it.

      "So? Are you okay?"

      "What? Huh? Oh, yeah. I'm fine. "

      "You shouldn't be driving too long, I'll take over from you."

      "I'm good for a few more hours, maybe until our next stop and we can have breakfast."

      "Yeah, sure."

      Kyle saw that Max held Liz a bit tighter in his arms. He couldn't help it but he felt a slight pang of jealousy, seems like he's been doing that quite a bit lately. He noticed that there was a slight change in behaviour between Max and Liz since they got married. Yeah, they are a married couple now but somehow it seems... different. He wasn't the only one who noticed, he was sure.

      "So Max, how are things between you are Liz? She seems quieter than usual, since your marriage."

      "So you noticed?"

      "We all have Max. There isn't anything wrong is there?"

      "I... I don't know. I asked Liz so many times but she always said that there isn't anything wrong. I have to believe her but she's been spacing out a lot and it's getting worse. Kyle, if you know anything you'd tell me right?"

      Er... no, but under the circumstances, maybe. Kyle is still not that happy that Max and Liz actually hooked up in the end but that was none of his business. He looked at Max and found incredibly sad eyes that could make any heart break and he couldn't answer any other way except to agree.

      "Yeah, Max. You'd be the first I tell."

      Strange really, Kyle always knew Max is handsome, but under the intense stare of those eyes, the charisma and good looks seem to intensify. Maybe its some kind of alien magic or something, he's going to have to try it out some time.

      Then again, he knew that all of the guys sitting in the van (including himself he thought smugly) are the best-looking, and all the girls are the prettiest around. If he wasn't living in it, he would have thought he was in some kind of teen-horror science fiction flick.

      They travelled in silence and slowly as the sun rose towards noon, the van became more alive as each of them work up one by one. They stopped at the next place they found and while eating breakfast, decided on a course of action. They have been driving away from Roswell with no destination the further and quicker, the better.

      They didn't have a purpose but they know they needed to start over somewhere, a place where they could get lost in. A place big enough, that anything could happen, and no-one would even bat an eyelid or two. The City of Angels Los Angeles.

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