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True Destiny Prologue

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list July 30, 2003

TITLE: True Destiny Prologue
DISCLAIMER: Everything belongs to Katims and Metz, et al. I own nothing.

FEEDBACK: All welcome, please tell me what you all think.
NOTES/SUMMARY: This series is inspired from many of the great and brilliant fictions already out there such as the 'Butterfly Dreams' series by Alerion and the 'Viral Apocalypse' series by Alex Smith. This is primarily a story about Kyle and Max and it will be a series. So if you haven't heard from me for a while bombard me with email and riot or something.
It contains (hopefully) a plot and some science fiction and although its so much easier for me to write random fluff between these two (like my previous fic 'Sticky Situation') I like to write a story. I'm not sure I like the title. This series begins at the end of series 3 since it makes sense to start a new beginning from an ending. I hope there are still enough Kyle and Max fans out there to read this. Although I have usually written Max/Michael fiction, I actually always love the Max/Kyle relationship even better. They are meant to be together.

      I raised my hand into the air and pointed it at a stone 10 meters away. I wasn't sure exactly what I was doing but recently I've been getting some kind of energy build up no, not that kind of build-up. Although, I admit I really haven't had sex in awhile. You just can't really 'do it' when there are other people sleeping around you.

      I focus on the stone and rapidly Red sparks started jumping about - between my fingers and over my palm dancing in a pattern of their own. I was taken aback with surprise and I lost my concentration on the stone in front of me. I mean, I knew I was going to develop these weird alien-hybrid powers but it's still something when it actually happens. The ground and everything else exploded except for the stone I was aiming at. I raised my hand to protect my face as dust and sand flew everywhere.

      "Good aim."

      It was Max. It had to be Max didn't it? Max stood behind me and probably been watching the whole thing.

      "Yeah, my worse nightmare comes true."

      "Don't worry; I'll help you control your powers. Don't want you to accidentally blow anyone up. Least of all me.", Max said with a hint of a grin on his face.

      "Wouldn't I like to", I said sarcastically, "but knowing my luck, I'll probably blow myself up instead."

      All of a sudden Max looked at me all too seriously and slightly embarrassed. He grabbed my arm and said, "I'm really sorry. You know... for getting you into this mess."

      He never seem to get that no-one blames him. He apologises like everything five seconds or something. I shrugged his hand off.

      "Nyeh, it was my choice, my decision. You know Max, no one blames you for what happened."

      "I do" Max said sadly as he walked away. I watched his back for a few seconds before I shouted towards him.

      "Max, What am I?"

      Max turned around looking at my quizzingly.


      "Well, I'm obviously not an alien", I lift my hand up and started examining it, "but not exactly human."


      I looked at Max and grinned.

      "I think I'm started to get use to this. I actually thought it was cool."

      Max looked confused for a second before he burst out laughing. I laughed along with him and you know what? It felt good. There were hardly any happy moments since we left Roswell so any laughter we got, we took. He put his arms around me and started to drag me towards the direction of where the others were.

      "Come on. We better get back before Liz and the others start to worry."

      "Already?" I moaned, "but I wanna blow up that rock."

      "If we wait for you we'd never leave..."

      I punched him playfully on the arm. He feigned hurt. Life was good, well, under the circumstance. I may have lost my school friends, and I may have lost my family. But I guess in a way I have found a new set of friends and family. Two packages in one you might say.


      Some distance away Michael and Isabel sat together near the van that took them all the way from home. Both were staring off into the distance and both had different thoughts about the future.

      "You miss him don't you?" Michael cut into the silence.

      "Who?" Isabel asked surprised as her train of thought was interrupted, "Jesse?"

      Michael nod. Isabel smiled and looked into the distance again and enclosed Michael's hand in hers.

      "Yeah I do. How could I not, he is my husband after all. I just can't believe the time we spent together were so short."

      She looked back at Michael and he saw the saddest eyes he ever saw staring at him. So he hugged her, putting his arms around her into a comforting embrace. Isabel closed her eyes as she leaned into Michael, resting her head on his shoulder. A single tear spills out beneath her eyelids like a pure crystal from heaven.

      "I miss my parents. I miss my life. I miss Alex. I hate this Michael! All I ever wanted was to have a normal life but..."

      Michael grabbed Isabel by the shoulders and held her at a distance, looking straight into her eyes.

      "We can still have a normal life. We just have to find a place to start over again."

      "Until when Michael? Until the next time they..."

      Michael hushed her with a finger to her lips.

      "There will be no next time. This is the last time we run, I promise you."

      Isabel believed him although deep down she knows that it won't be the last time they ran. She wrapped her arms around Michael and huddles up against him. They sat there in each other's arms, in silent, until the others came back.


      Liz was worried as she sat in a shade beneath some trees. She finally got married to Max and although in her hearts she felt joy that goes beyond the borders of the galaxy, she was worried. Deep inside her, a dark intuition grew with each day and she knows it isn't good. She doesn't want to believe it, she wants to ignore it but the feeling is a constant force against her heart. She is starting to get the hang of her powers but she still doesn't know what she can and what she can't do. She once read that 'great responsibility comes with great power'.

      "Your doing it again..." a voice pierce her clouded thoughts.

      She saw that it was Maria who is sitting besides her.

      "You doing your whole brooding thing again." Maria stated as she waved her hand in the air. "You've been doing it since you got married. Married life already a bore huh?" Maria teased.

      Liz couldn't help but smile. Maria likes making jokes of things unless it comes to her off and on ex-boyfriend Micheal.

      "No its not that..." Liz claimed.

      "So give, what's with the 'I'm too cool to be talking to anyone' look?"

      Liz stared of into the distance as if she were pulled back into her deep thoughts. Seconds elapse and Liz stayed silent. Just as Maria thought she should repeat the question, Liz started speaking.

      "It's a feeling I've been having. It feels like something bad is going to happen. Something really bad, I just don't know what it is."

      Maria stared at Liz. She would have usually told Liz she is having some kind of marriage drama of some sort but not anymore, not after all that had happened.

      "Liz." Maria grabbed Liz's hand and held it in her own. "Usually, I'd say something normal, but now that you have all these alien powers and things I don't know what to say. I don't even know if you can really tell the future."

      "That is what scares me the most." Liz replied almost in a trace like state.

      They looked at each other and hugged. They hugged in silent as they find comfort in each other as best friends do. It was several minutes before Maria broke the silence.

      "I'm starting to feel left out in the group. Maybe I should just get myself killed or something, or better yet, I should just suicide! That way Max can bring me back from the dead and I'll have all these cool powers."

      Liz looked shocked at Maria. "Maria! You have to be joking cause..."

      Maria couldn't control her giggles as she interrupted Liz, "Of course I'm kidding. You didn't think I'd actually do something like that did you?"

      Liz put on her serious face. "I guess not. It's not something you joke about you know. Besides, it takes about a year before something actually happens. You still need Michael to protect you until then."

      "I think he needs protecting from me."

      Both girls burst out laughing and started giggling in hysteric again, feeling like they did before their destiny lead them into the whole alien fiasco. It would be the last time they giggled so carefree for a very long time.

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