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Sticky Situation

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list June 24, 2002

TITLE: Sticky Situation
NOTES/SUMMARY: A little fun with Max and Kyle. Max wants Kyle's help to save the world, Kyle can't refuse.
DISCLAIMER: Everything belongs to Katims and Metz, et al. I own nothing.
FEEDBACK: All welcome, please tell me what you all think.
DEDICATION/ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: To all Kyle/Max fans out there!

        "I need your help"

        That was what he said as he appeared at my door. Max Evans. Max Evans? He knocked, I opened and there he was, alien boy from another planet at my doorstep.

        "Huh?" came right of my mouth, missing my brain completely. I just stood there looking at Evans as if for the first time. Eyes wide, mouth open still wondering if I was really asleep.

        "I need your help Kyle" he said with an expression only Max could have - almost expressionless but a hint of the weight of the world. It was one of his 'hug me' looks and the pull of it to do just that was nearly overwhelming. There must be some alien powers about that because I never want to hug.

        "You need my help?" I questioned, still in disbelieve.

        "Yeah" he shrugged, "It's about Liz."

        Oh, Liz, that makes sense I guess.

        "I need her to stop loving me."

        Whoa, déjà vu. He needs to stop her loving him?

        "I guess you want me to pretend to sleep with you, right?" I joked. Max looked at me curiously, not that pretended to sleep with Liz stopped them the last time.

        "No." He looked around and then said "Can I come in?"

        "Yeah... sure." I stepped aside so he can slip in. I have absolutely no idea what I could do. I also felt a little embarrass at what I said, did I really say what I said out loud? Max sat at the end of the couch and I took up resident on the other end. He was still looking at me. I think he's expecting me to say something.

        "So..." I started trying to get him to say what he's thinking but all he did was look at me. I really started to feel red from the constant stare he's giving me. It kind of feels like he's undressing me. "... what do you want me to do?"

        "Come over here."

        "Okay..." I stood up and walked to his end of the couch "What..."

        He interrupted me by sitting up suddenly, grabbed my waist and pushed me down on top of him. I was breathing on his face and his breath was on mine. I could feel all those muscles underneath that thin layer of cotton. I also felt that Max was rock hard.

        "Evans. What the..."

        "The world depends on this, unzip me quick" Max interrupted, seems to be doing that a lot lately.

        "What? No!" I started getting up feeling a bit light headed. Did he just say what I thought he said? Max grabbed me by the waist and pushed me down onto him again.

        "Do you want the world to end? You're the only one who can save it."

        "Why me and why can't you get one of the girls? I thought you need help with Liz?"

        "Liz can wait and it has to be human person. You're the only one I could trust to do this. Quickly unzip me before the world end."

        It was only until later I realize that he never gave me an explanation. I was so intent on saving the world I didn't even need one.

        "Fine." I said.

        I put one of my hands between us just below are waist. I can feel Max's hardness underneath his jeans and every time I accidentally pressed against it with a finger a little moan escape Max.

        "You sure this is a good idea?" I was suddenly a bit worried because I have no idea what I am doing.

        "Yeah, there's something inside me that needs to be released. Only you can do it Kyle."

        "Okay." I reached his zipper and pulled it down slowly. I felt the heat being released as I opened up his jeans. It feels like a furnace in there. It was starting to turn me on too and I was beginning to get hard.

        "You know Kyle. Under different circumstances I would probably ask you to use your teeth."

        That was a joke, it had to be joke. Max would never ask me to use my teeth to unzip him.

        "I saved the world. That was just it right?"

        "Reach inside."

        "What? Reach inside?"

        We were both burning up cause it feels so much hotter now than it was minutes ago.

        "Reach inside and grab me." He closed his eyes and laid his head back on the couch. "Hurry, the world will end soon."

        "Grr, Why did it have to me again?"

        I reach inside Max's jeans. He was really hard and hot and as I grabbed Max's hard shaft he moaned so loudly I'm sure the neighbors heard us. Man, he is big!

        "That's it, gently squeeze it and pull it a little now and again."

        "Max, you sure this is what I should do to save the world because it feels like I'm giving you a hand job at the moment."

        "Your doing great Kyle." he moaned again ignoring me, "Now take it out."

        I took him out of the confines of his pants. Man, Max is huge! I continue to massage his massive member in my hand - both my hands. I was fixated; no living human would have something this enormous. I wonder if Max used his alien powers.

        "Evans, did you use some alien magic surgery on yourself."

        Max smiled between moans.

        "You like it?"

        I stopped. Huh, what kind of question was that? No!

        "Don't stop..."

        Oh right, I grabbed his cock again. The head on his thing was amazing and I started playing around the base of his head with one of my finger. Just round and round.

        "Oh yeah baby. That feels so good."

        Baby? What? Why am I doing this again? Oh right, to save the world, weird way to save the world. Max was gasping and moaning so loudly I really couldn't help being hard myself as he buckles in my hand. I wouldn't mind feeling myself to relieve some pressure but I think I'm suppose to keep massaging Max with both my hands.

        "Kyle, why don't you use your mouth too?" Max muttered between gasps of air and moans that I only just barely heard it.

        Max wants me to use my mouth on his cock? He's joking right. Though it is kind of tempting, curious to what it feels like in my mouth. I can deal with that, I'm just saving the world. I gave Max's cock an experimental lick on the base right up to the tip. Max was trying to stifle his moans and gasps through that. That was interesting, and fun. I like making Max lose his control and his cool like that. He tasted like...

        Unfortunately, I didn't get to finished that thought. Max abruptly screamed through clenched teeth and his back arched to force his hips into my hand. All hell went loose. I don't know how long that orgasm lasted, 5 minutes, maybe more maybe less but at the end I was drenched and dripping with Max's sperm. I didn't feel like moving because I felt real sticky. Strangely enough, Max was clean and everything else in the room seems to be clean. Even the ceiling was untouched although I am sure Max's ejaculation went all the way to the stars.

        Max loosen himself out of my grip and tucked himself back in. He looked like he did when he came in except without the weight of the world.

        "That was one great job Kyle!" He smiled at me.

        I stood up really slowly still feeling all the stickiness all over my face and dripping down from my hair.

        "Did I save the world?" I grumbled feeling more sticky than ever.

        "Excellent job Kyle." He looked at me and he placed his hands on my neck, which by the way was really sticky, and planted his lips on mine. We kissed and I was in heaven. Max's was a great kisser which I didn't really believe. He probably used some alien powers or something.

        "Tell you a secret" he whispered into my ear "You're the first person to see my, err, equipment. That makes you my first and hopefully my last if you are willing."

        I'm willing for what? He looked at me and smiled again. He had a great smile, should do it more often and it looks great on him.

        "What about Liz?" I asked. I wondered what just happened.

        Max started to leave. "Yeah, thanks for helping me with that. I'll just break up with her. Tell her dad he should take her to that private school in Vermont or something."

        He stopped at the door, looked back at me and gave me a bigger smile than before if that was possible. I couldn't think at all so I just stared.

        "Let's go have lunch tomorrow Kyle. I'd like to get to know you better and probably return the favor for what you did for the world." He winked and left my house. I wondered what just happened.

        "What just happened?" I said to the empty room and the closing door. I was still sticky and dripping. Man I need a shower.

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