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Facing the Music

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list August 8, 2003

TITLE: Facing the Music (Crazy Series Part 3)
PAIRING: Max/Michael
DISCLAIMER: Everything belongs to Katims and Metz, et al. I own nothing.
FEEDBACK: All welcome, please tell me what you all think.
NOTES/SUMMARY: I had actually wanted some close closure on my previous two fic on Max and Michael 'One Crazy Moment', and 'Explanation on Realisation'. Unfortunately, it seemed to be bloated out into something else and I expect a sequel to this. The reason being is that there are a lot of questions unanswered in this story. I can tell you its about 6 months from the last fiction, give or take. Also, only Max and Michael are left. What does that mean? Read the series to find out...

      "Go!" Max cried, "I'll hold them back."

      Both Michael and Max had their back to a wall in some alleyway of Los Angeles. Energy blasts of some sort shot past them in a light of sapphire blue just around the corner.

      "What? You kidding me?" Michael cried back. "I'm not leaving you here."

      Max peaked around the corner but quickly retreated back into the alleyway. More energy blasts shot pass, one hitting the corner ripping chunks and dusts of the mortar and bricks that made up the wall.

      "They're getting closer. You have to go NOW! Otherwise we'll both die and..."

      "No way." Michael interrupted "I am not leaving you here alone to die!"

      Max felt a rush of anger towards Michael, coupled with the adrenaline he had earlier from all the running, he grabbed a handful of Michael's shirt and pushed him against the wall.

      "Fuck you Michael. We both have a better chance of surviving if we don't need to watch out for each other."

      He let go of Michael's shirt and look him in the eye. Both of them were tired, and it showed. Smudges of dirt and blackened tar covered both of them and their hair are in disarray.

      "Please Michael."

      Michael had no argument left and the fight flowed out of him with Max previous request.

      "Fine! But promise me you won't do anything stupid. You need to survive."

      "I promise. I'll find you."

      Michael started to move but decided he needed to do one last thing before he left his friend to his fate. He didn't know if he will ever have the chance again so he moved in and kissed Max on the lips. It was a simple chaste kiss, but it means more than most kisses in the world.

      "I have a feeling that wasn't our first kiss." Max said sadly.

      Michael smiled but he had no time to answer. He had already heard their enemies just around the corner and in seconds they will be on top of them.

      "I'll be across town in our warehouse. You know the one."

      Michael ran into the alleyway. He turned his head back and saw Max raised his energy shield to face the music as he ran out of the alleyway into the streets. Michael just kept running and along the way he felt tears falling. He didn't even know he was crying but he does know that a huge part of him have left leaving a gaping whole in his heart. It hurts, and the further he ran, the more it hurts.

      Michael arrived at his destination the next day. He didn't run all the way, but most of it. He had half hoped that Max would be here before he did, but there was no one. He was alone. He didn't know how long to wait, but he would wait as long as it was necessary. This was his music to face.

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