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Just A Thought

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Added to the Roswell Slash Archive November 3, 2000

Title: Just a Thought
Author: Miri
Disclaimer: I don't own a thing.
Summary: Michael gets more than he bargained for at Max's.
Category: Slash Stories
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: To Courtney, the absolute best person I know!

Max heard the window latch give as someone pulled it open. He didn't even snatch up the bat that he kept next to his bed, he knew who it was before he saw the face. Michael stood over his bed, wearing a pair of dark blue jeans, and a dark blue shirt. The expression on Michael's face made Max shiver. He looked absolutely breathtaking.

If only Michael knew the kinds of thoughts I have been having about him, Max thought, he would freak. Max had been having these very explicit daydreams about Michael for the past few weeks. Max didn't know why he was getting them, all he knew was that having Michael come through his window tonight was like a dream come true.

Michael said nothing as he came around to Max's bed and sat down next to him. He took Max's hand with his own, and brought it up to his lips. Those full, smooth lips. Max groaned as Michael slipped Max's index finger into his mouth. Max opened his mouth to speak, but Michael brought his finger up to Max's mouth, and gestured for him to stay silent.

Michael dropped Max's hand, and slipped his arms around Max. With one swift movement, Michael lifted Max's shirt over his head, and dropped it on the floor. He ran his fingers over Max's smooth chest, up over those perfect abs, until he reached Max's nipples. Michael brought his mouth down to Max's, while keeping his fingers on his chest.

Max opened his mouth to let Michael's tongue find his own. They kissed fervently for what seemed like hours. Michael lifted his own T-shirt over his head, breaking the mouth contact for only a second. Still kissing, Michael moved his hands down to the elastic of Max's boxers. He slowly pulled them down. Max moved his hips to help Michael take the shorts off. Michael stared appreciatively at Max's huge erection. He was bigger than Michael could have ever imagined.

Max couldn't wait any longer. He reached for the buckle on Michael's jeans, and nearly ripped it open. Max tugged the jeans down, and it was his turn to gaze admirably at Michael's large penis. Max could tell Michael was as ready as he was, and he took Michael's cock into his hands. He ran his hand down the length, savoring the feel of the hard, slick appendage.

Michael straddled Max, and the two started their kissing frenzy again. Each could feel the other's penis rubbing against them. Michael and Max moved in tune to each other, feeding off one another. The sexual urgency was at it's height in Max's room. Michael took his mouth from Max's and smiled when he heard Max groan at the loss.

Michael ran his tongue down Max's chest, until he reached his destination. Max jumped a little when Michael took him into his mouth. He had never felt anything like this before. Michael teased Max a little with his tongue, and then finally concentrated on pleasing Max.

Michael laved his tongue around Max's erection, he especially liked the salty taste at the tip. It didn't take long for Max to come, and when he did, he grabbed his pillow and covered his face to keep from crying out. Michael drank in the juices pouring from Max.

When Michael had removed his mouth from Max's penis, Max pulled him back up to his face. They kissed again, and Max enjoyed the taste of himself on Michael's mouth. Max slid his right hand down to Michael's own erection, and took his time stroking it up and down. They remained locked in each other's embrace, until finally, Max had brought Michael to climax.

Michael leaned in for just one more kiss. The he reached for his jeans, and slid them on. Max watched as Michael slipped his T-shirt over his head. Michael moved to the window, turned around, and shot Max a smile. Then he parted the curtain's, and stepped out. Max watched him go, a small smile playing on his lips. It would be their secret, an amazing secret that brought best friend's even closer. That was Max's last thought, as he drifted off to sleep.

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