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Posted to the Roswell Slash mailing list January 3, 2001

Author: Minnie
Rating: PG-13
Category: Slash, but not really. Liz/Courtney.
Dedication: To Ivy English and Kate ... because they love Courtney.
Distribution: Please ask.
Title: Water
Note: Liz POV

Water. It holds the mysteries of life. And of death.

The clear liquid rains from the shower head to mold to my form, my being.

Then down it goes, forming a puddle at my feet before disappearing.

What is it I feel when this substance caresses my body? Is it life? Resurgence?


Did she feel it too? Feel the hum, the throb, the surge?


She lay in it, almost drowning in its gentle arms, sucking its essence to the marrow.

Yet still it was not enough.

For her, it signaled death. The coming of death. Of darkness.

Can water be dark?

Can this colorless substance, a substance known to be the bringer of life, also be the darkness?

I raise my hand, hold up it to form a cup and see water slice through it, past it, beneath it.

Was this what she saw too?

Was this why she was so resigned?

Knowing that she could never hold on to water, never hold to life?


But she was not me.

I choose life. I choose to see water as life. As light. As the infinite mystery, the infinite possibility.

When water disappears from my grasp, I know it will return. I know its cycle, its neverending path.

I close my eyes and wish she saw it too.

When I open them, all I see is her. Her staring at me, a cynical smirk on her face.

Fool, she seems to tell me.

Water is not life. It's not a mystery, nor is it neverending.

It is merely a means to an end. My end. My darkness.

I smile sadly and reach out to her.

But she is past my grasp. She is past any grasp.

Then it hits me.

She is who is the infinite mystery, the infinite cycle. The light and the dark. Life and death.

She has become the water.

"Courtney," I sigh.

And she smiles.

The End


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