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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list January 3, 2001

Author: Minnie
Rating: PG
Category: UC/Slash
Disclaimer: Nope, don't own 'em. No infringement intended.
Dedication: To all you UC Liz 'ship lovers out there
Distribution: Please ask.
Note: Liz POV

I hide in the shadows, with only the half-lit moon as my witness.

I wait for her. Wait for her come to me. To see me.

She emerges from the house, the light from behind him garishly cloaking her form. She throws a glance towards my path.

Does she see? Does she know I'm here?

Her eyes look past me.

No. She doesn't see me. Why should she? She never has.

I move past the cover of shadows to approach her.

She looks at me.

Words fail.

She is so beautiful.

My eyes rake through her face, lingering, longing.

Her eyes merely flick off mine, some kind of annoyance coating them.

"What are you doing here?"she asks.

"I -" I manage to squeak out. Then words desert me again.

"What?" she grates out.

"I wanted to see you," I reply lamely. In my head, the words come fast and furious. "I want you to see me. I want you look beyond him and SEE me."

But the words stall on my tongue. It was because of him. Him who bound us. Him who was between us.

We were on two sides of the same coin.

Get rid of the coin and there would only be us.

"Why?" she asked me.

"Because this was how it was meant to be. You and me. Not him. He holds you back. He doesn't let you be. I would. I'd let you be anything. My friend. My lover. My soulmate. Mine. Not his." my insides screamed.

My mouth doesn't move. I simply stare at her, trying to will my thoughts into her.

She looks at me pointedly, shrugs me off and moves away.

I curse myself silently for being a coward. For not telling her what rang through my head. For letting him win again.

"Wait!" I want to call out to her. But she is already gone.

"Tess ..." I whisper. And walk away, silent again.

The End

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