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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list March 12, 2003

Title: Taste (1/1)
Author: Michelle K. (
Archive: List archives. Anyone else, ask.
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: through 'Departure'
Category: Isabel/Tess
Summary: Isabel reflects.
Disclaimer:Not mine. Don't sue.

        You're a killer. Nothing but a killer.

        You're nothing.

        I keep repeating those words in my head. Trying to remember them. Trying to convince myself that they're true.

        Trying to make myself hate you.

        It works surprisingly well most of the time. What you did...

        It's unforgivable. I should hate you. I don't fully, but I should.

        I will, one day. I will one day, because I'm not like you. I wouldn't betray them.

        I can't.

        I won't.

        I'm not Vilandra. Maybe you are. Maybe our destinies were switched. Or maybe parts of us were mixed together, clouding what we really are; making us both part traitor, part innocent, all fucked up.

        That's funny, isn't it? In a sick way, in a way that doesn't make me laugh. In a way that keeps me up at night, wondering. Wondering if I fell in love with you because we're alike.

        That can't be it. It can't be.

        You're a killer. Nothing but a killer.

        You're nothing.

        But I still remember you. I still remember the way you said my name. The way you touched me, gentle hands running up my thighs. The way you kissed me, so hard and passionate. The way you tasted like salt and honey, so heavy on my tongue. The way...

        God. I can't think of you this way. I can't *need* you. I don't want you.

        You're nothing. You're a killer.

        And I loved you so much. More than anything. But not now.

        Never again.

        You're nothing.

        I hate you; I have to.

        But I'll always remember how you taste.


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