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The King and I

Reply to Merlin7

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list February 6, 2001

The King and I
Full SMUT/SLASH rating.
rated X <WEG>
I don't own the characters...they belong to Katims and the WB.
Rath and Max slash
May be archived anywhere
Oh...spoilers possible for all the eps

Rath watched and waited, knowing that the moment had to be right. And as he waited he chowed down on a pepperoni pizza, pilfered from the back of a pizza delivery truck. Roswell was a lame town and those who lived in it were far too trusting. But that was okay with Rath, made spooking the locals all the more amusing.

As he washed the last piece of pizza down with a cherry cola, Rath smiled. Exiting the UFO Center was the dweeb with the wanky red hair, Max's boss. Which meant that the place was officially closed and Max Evan's was the only one left inside. Max, the King. Rath's King. And he intended to show, his highness, who was boss.


Max was busy putting on a new display that Brody wanted up for the weekend crowd. A simple enough task, requiring very little concentration on his part so that he could allow his thoughts to wander to other things. As usual, Max's thoughts turned to Liz. He wondered what she was doing right now. Studying, probably. Then again, Max had overheard her and Maria talking about a *girls night* tonight, while taking his dinner break at the Crashdown. Max smiled to himself, picturing Liz and Maria curled up on Liz's bed, eating ice cream and talking boys. Max wanted to be one of the boy's Liz would talk about, but his smile faded. Thinking about Liz's bed reminded him of the fateful night he had caught Liz and Kyle in that bed. A part of Max would never believe that Liz and Kyle had made love. But a part of him couldn't explain what he had seen as anything other than what it appeared to be. And that thought made Max wince. Even two months later it still hurt.

Heaving a sigh, Max told himself it would be best to concentrate on his work and forget about Liz. They were becoming friends again, but it was a bittersweet consolation overall. But even as Max made the effort to push Liz from his thoughts, he sensed a presence. Whirling around, he faced an image from the not so distant past. "Rath.." Max whispered.

"At your service, ya highness," Rath drawled, sketching a condescending bow. "Miss me?"

"You..what..what are you doing here?" Max stuttered. "I thought.."

Rath knew what the kid thought. "I'm alive and well, Max," Rath purred as he moved forward to make a slow circle around the boy. Although Max shared the same face as Zan, he looked different. No piercings, no tattoos and no rasfatarian hair. Mr. Clean and neat, that was Max Evans. Da King. One thing Zan and Max did have in common was the bod. It was warm inside and Max had stripped down to a tank top so Rath could see that he was as buff and cut as Zan had been. Felt himself grow hard at the thought of popping Max's cherry ass.

Max turned even as Rath moved around him, wanting to keep Michael's dupe in sight. Didn't trust the guy as far as he could throw him, which was pretty far, as Tess had pointed out to him in NYC. "What are you doing here, Rath?" Max demanded. Suspicion made him tense for he knew Rath was up to something.

"I came here to get laid," Rath replied, figuring that honesty was the best policy, for once.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Max shot back, remembering how Liz had told him that Rath had kissed her at school before they had realized he was a Dupe.

Rath smiled and began stalking Max, liking the fear that he saw glimmer in the amber eyes as the boy backpedalled away from him. Unfortunately, for Max, he hit a wall and was trapped. Worked for Rath. "Ya never been with another guy before, have ya, Max?" Rath queried.

Max bit his lip as he tried not to let the sudden fear he was feeling show. Swallowed hard and looked Rath in the eye as he replied, "My sex life doesn't concern you."

"What sex life?" Rath countered, smirking. "I'm guessing that yo be a virgin, Max. Am I right?"

"Get out of here!" Max ordered, as he attempted to slide down the wall and away from Rath. Didn't work for the guy simply kept pace. Then, without warning, two hands planted themselves against the wall on either side of Max.

Rath leaned in close, letting his body press against the boy. Letting Max feel his erection. "I'm hot for ya, Max. Feel dat?"

Max slid his hands between them till he was able to press them against Rath's chest, then he pushed the Dupe away from him for all he was worth. Almost smiled as Rath stumbled back and almost fell. "Leave me alone!" Max hissed.

"Not a chance," Rath replied, as he made to stalk Max once more. "Can't fuck wid Zan no more, him being dead and all. But I can fuck wid you, Max. And I plan to get me some of that cherry ass, ya read me?"

"You've got a better chance of seeing God!" Max snarled, conveniently forgetting the fact that he didn't believe in God. What he said didn't matter, he just wanted Rath to get the hint and leave.

Rath smirked. "And what God would that be, Max?" he purred. "There's lots of em floatin around, I could get lucky. Ya gotta be careful whatcha say." As he spoke, Rath stalked Max again till the boy was cornered.

Max glared at Rath when he realized he had no where to go. "This isn't going to happen, Rath," he said with quiet force.

"Sure it is, Max," Rath drawled. "Cause ya's da deal. I can fuck you...or I can go fuck Liz. She's a bit scrawny...but she'll do in a pinch."

"Touch Liz and I will kill you!" Max hissed, fire burning in his amber eyes. More than anything he wanted to punch Rath but he knew it would solve nothing and the action might really push the Dupe into going after Liz.

Rath shrugged, but found himself turned on by Max's fire. The boy was passionate deep inside. Just like Zan had been. Once Max learned to let loose, he would be one hell of a fuck. "You let me touch you, Max...and you don't got to worry bout me touching Liz. Deal?"

Max shook his head. "Why are you doing this?"

"Toldja. I wanna get laid," Rath repeated with a sigh.

"Why me? To mess with me?" Max prompted. Not that he wanted Rath to go off and mess with some unsuspecting girl. But neither did he want this kind of attention. Didn't make sense.

Rath laughed. "Yo..Max..get wid da program. I want you for da same reason I wanted Zan. You is hot and you is da King. Oh...and I'm a horny bastard. It's dat simple."

Max scrubbed at his eyes with one hand, wishing he could find a way to use his powers to make Rath disappear. "You leave Liz alone," Max repeated.

"No problem," Rath whispered. "Drop yo pants and let me at that cherry ass and I won't give Lizzie girl da time a day."

"I don't believe you," Max countered, his eyes flashing with anger and fear.

Rath made his move. Crowded Max into the corner, buried his fingers in dark, silky, hair and kissed him. Hard and deep. Felt Max stiffen then almost gag as Rath pushed his tongue into the boy's mouth. Then he felt Max try to push him away. "You...or Liz," Rath whispered against Max's sweet lips. "You decide...King."

Max swallowed the bile in his throat, realizing in that moment that Rath meant what he said. "Me," he whispered, then he found himself silenced again as Rath's mouth devoured his. Then a tongue was in his mouth again, tasting him, almost gagging him. Then Max felt Rath's hands moving over him, caressing his chest and he started when he realized his shirt was gone. Rath had used his powers. Max made a noise, wanting to speak.

"What?" Rath asked as he broke the kiss. Smiled to see that Max's lips were bruised from his.

"You're going too fast," Max panted, trying to catch his breath. Was surprised Rath had left him any.

Rath chuckled. "You're stalling, Maxie," he countered, eyes lowering to study the sculpted chest. "Nice," he purred, then he bent his head to suckle a flat nipple and felt Max twitch.

Max pressed at Rath's shoulders, reluctant to touch the Dupe's freaky hair, but had no choice if he wanted to pull Rath's head up. "You're right," Max conceded. "I am stalling. I don't want this."

"Don't knock it till you try it, Maxie," Rath replied. "Zan didn't want it the first time either..but I convinced him..and it was good. Real good. You'll see."

"You do know you're a pig..right?" Max taunted. He couldn't resist.

Rath wasn't the least bit offended. "Oink," he whispered, then he waved his hand over Max's lower half and jeans and briefs, along with socks and sneakers, vanished. The boy was naked before Rath and he let his eyes roam at will. "Sweet," Rath whispered, even as his hands copped a feel of Max's taut ass.

Max couldn't respond, his vocal chords were paralyzed with embarrassment. He wanted to run but there was no where to go. Then Rath was turning away from him, looking around, and Max was relieved.

"Air mattress," Rath stated, gazing at the corner. "What's it for?" Hadn't expected to find something like that here but it would make a cozy enough bed.

"Brody...Brody sometimes spends the night here," Max replied, managing to reutilize his vocal chords. Then he gasped as he felt himself lifted into Rath's strong arms. Was carried across the room and laid out on the mattress. Max bit his lip as he watched Rath's clothes vanish so that the Dupe was naked as well. Too much like Michael, was Max's guess and he closed his eyes. He didn't want to imagine Michael naked, much less see him that way. But the image was now burned in his brain.

Rath was amused. "Not so tight as you and Zan," he conceded. "But I like my junk food. And it looks good on me." Rath was nothing if not a bit vain. "Big boy," he purred as he moved over Max, sliding between the long legs. Then he reached out to take Max's cock in one hand, fingers curling over the thickness that was still soft. Only took a few strokes to get him hard though. Virgins were easy.

Max caught his breath and bit back a moan as Rath worked his cock. Didn't want to respond, but his body told his mind to go to hell. And, when warm lips closed over the tip, Max's body jerked. It felt unreal. He closed his eyes as Rath suckled him and he did moan when long fingers kneaded his balls. Didn't take long for Max to cum.

"Perfect," Rath purred as he studied the seed that was dripping off his hands. Then he locked eyes with Max and ordered, "On your belly."

"Why?" Max countered, feeling his stomach muscle knot with sudden fear. But he let Rath turn him, remembering Liz. Flinched as a big hand patted his ass, then he gasped as a long finger pressed inside him. It didn't exactly hurt, for the finger was lubricated, but it felt odd and Max wanted it out.

Rath slapped Max's ass cheek and hissed, "Easy or the deal's off. I'm trying to open you up so it won't hurt so much when I pop you're cherry, Maxie."

Max bit his lip and tried to block out Rath's words. Didn't want to think about the fact that he was about to be fucked in the ass. Wanted it to be a dream. But then another finger was inside him and Max gasped as a fingernail scraped along the wall of his passage and a shudder of pure pleasure jolted through him.

"Like, Maxie," Rath purred. "Zan liked it too. I'm gonna make you feel real good."

"Bastard!" Max hissed, then he sighed in relief as the fingers slid out of him. But the relief was shortlived for a moment later Max felt the tip of Rath's cock pressing against his puckered opening and he prepared himself for the pain.

Rath felt Max stiffen as he entered him. Shit but the boy was tight. Had to go slow and ease his way in even though he had greased his cock with Max's own seed. But then he was in an inch and the ring of muscle clamped around him. Rath leaned over Max to nuzzle the boy's neck, hands stroking the strong shoulders so Max would relax. Then he felt the ring of muscle ease and give way and he was in another inch. Kept pressing forward till he was all the way in, then he went still.

Max wriggled for the pressure was now unbearable. "Do it already!" he hissed at Rath.

"In a minute," Rath replied, for he had every intention of taking his sweet time and driving Max wild. Wanted the boy's passionate nature to come out. To explode. "You are sweet," Rath whispered as he moved just a bit and Max's tight channel seemed to hug his cock. A perfect fit, just like Zan. Yet all the sweeter for Max was a true virgin and it was gonna be fun tapping in to his wild side. Rath had made Zan lose all control during sex and he was going to do the same to Max. "Feel how good we fit together, Max," Rath breathed in the boy's ear.

"Fuck you!" Max hissed, and was shocked at himself for cursing. He never said that word. Not even when he was tempted too.

Rath laughed out loud. "When I'm done with my guest, Max. Feel free to try and fuck me. If you can."

Max shifted beneath Rath's weight, bucking his hips a bit. Wanting Rath to move. Wanting to get this over with. "I guess you're all talk and no action, Rath!" Max taunted.

"I'll show you action," Rath snarled, taking the bait. He slid an arm underneath Max, using brute strength to pull the boy up so Max was sitting in his lap. Rath almost sighed with pleasure as his cock inched even deeper inside the boy. Felt Max wriggling, wanting him out, and it made Rath grow harder. Hands gripping Max's slender waist, Rath pushed the boy up as he pulled back, then he pressed Max down as he thrust up, starting a rythmn between them. And with every thrust up Rath angled himself so that the tip of his cock brushed over Max's gland. Heard Max gasp and felt the taut body quiver with pleasure. But then all thoughts of breaking Max fled for Rath had only one desire. One need. He had to cum. So he moved harder and faster till he was almost there. Then he stopped. Shoving Max off him, Rath laid the boy out on his back and was quickly between the long legs. Pressed muscled thighs back and entered Max again, thrusting in hard and deep. Was a bit surprised when long legs wrapped around his waist but realized it was the boy's attempt to regain some control. But Rath gripped slender hips to angle Max and let his cock slide over the hot spot time and again. And when Rath came he heard Max cry out as well. Body spent, Rath slumped over Max. Was still in the boy and looked into amber eyes that blazed with fury.

Max wanted to lash out at Rath with his power. To blast the smirk off the Dupe's face. Saw Rath's eyes go to his groin and knew that his cock was hard and throbbing. Aching. Max needed release.

"Ask me nice and I'll suck you off," Rath offered.

"Never!" Max spat.

Rath shrugged. "Okay...let me fuck you again now, and meet me here again tomorrow night and I'll suck you off. Deal?"

Max glared at Rath for a long moment, then he whispered, "Deal."

"You da King, Max," Rath breathed. Then he bent his head and took the tip of Max's cock into his mouth. This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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