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Strange Occurrence: A Kingdom in Ruins

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Added to the Roswell Slash Archive October 28, 2003

Series: Strange Occurrence Series
Author : Mel M/Misty
Archive: please ASK if you want to archive it.
Pairing: Isabel/Mary Cherry, Maria/Sam, Brooke/Nicole
Rating: R/NC-17
Disclaimers: I'm not privileged enough to own any of the shows I'm using or borrowing from or any of the characters in those shows, I'm just a thriving artist kidnapping the characters for my own bidding and twistedness but of course you can blame Paul for this whole escapade.
Comments: Angst warning & I really need feedback! What's new? This is dedicated to my buddy David ::huggle:: Enjoy!

      The dunes were endless as they trudged through the solemn wasteland. This once beautiful land had become nothing more than a mournful plane of nothingness. In the distance they spied the ancient temple of Amaterasu, their Goddess of fire and life. Max looked down at the children. This was part of their being and their history. In their faces he could envision the protectors of his people smiling upon them, beaming joy to the weary through these children's eyes. "You see that?" he asked dryly, eager to enter the temple and drink of its many fountains, for his throat was raw, his skin red with burns from the sun, his eyes dry and his stomach swelling with hunger.

      Aeryn swallowed, cleansing her throat of its ails yet replacing the bone dry flesh with searing warmth. "Mmm hmm," she sounded, too weary to speak.

      "That is the temple of Amaterasu, our Goddess of fire and life," Max explained, knowing they would be able to rest soon.

      Hope smiled. She could feel a beautiful aura pulsating from the temple. With a giddy smile she ran toward the sacred place.

      "Iz, I'm worried."

      "I know Cher but we just have to wait. I trust Max."

      "So do I. It's everyone else I don't trust."

      Isabel held Mary Cherry closer, sighing worriedly. "He'll keep them safe baby. They'll be back before we know it."

      "I hope so."

      In the next room. . .

      "I can't take this anymore! Get out and don't come back!"

      "But. . ."

      "OUT!" Brooke sobbed.

      Nicole turned away. "I won't leave."

      "Then I will," Brooke sniffled, brushing past Nicole as she left.

      Nic held back tears as she closed the door. Sitting on the bed she stared into space, lost and unsure of what had just happened. Brooke was gone, just like that. She was gone and now Nicole Julian had what she started out with. Nothing. Numbly grabbing her car keys and wallet, she too left this gloomy room. She had to get away from here.


      As they approached the temple big gorgon looking creatures rushed to stop them. "Halt, by orders of the King. You may not pass. These are private grounds only the King and his men may enter," the general commanded.

      "I am the true King. Move out of my way," Max ordered.

      "Is that so? Tell it to King Xamoq. Get them," the general commanded, unleashing his troops on the small group.

      Aeryn and Hope huddled together behind David and Max. Max tried to use his powers but for some reason they didn't work. David nodded to Max, taking control of the situation. Scanning his enemies he counted about ten. Living with these creatures, he knew the only way to kill them was to dismantle them. A light breeze blew his hair out of his face as he unsheathed Anathros, Sword of Earth. Holding the blade with one hand he took a battle stance with the swords handles in the calm position.

      The general narrowed his eyes. He knew that man. David. He was a renegade. Helping those who needed it, killing those who stood to oppose his cause. He'd been in and out of jail due to his bravery and opposition of the current King. He'd never killed an innocent even if their opinion was in favor of Xamoq. He and his sword were inseparable. It was as if they shared a soul. He sent three of his men forward and watched silently.

      David laughed. Only three? He moved with the speed of light, his blade slicing through the hard demon exteriors with grace. In mere seconds the remains of the three warriors lay scattered about, their butcher standing boredly in front of the others. He hadn't even broken a sweat and he seemed very eager for the others to attack.

      The general sent forth the others but David had beat him to the punch. He'd already taken out five more and the other two were being torn to bits. Finishing up, David wiped away one solitary bead of sweat. "Is that all you've got? And how did you win the war again?" he mocked with a chuckle.

      The general was already gone. There was no way in hell he was going to die today. He had to inform the King of what had happened.

      David shook his head. "Coward," he mumbled, sheathing Anathros. He looked at the others who stared at him in awe. "Come on. We must hurry. Xamoq will send more."

      Max nodded numbly and lead the two girls to the temple entrance. Aeryn glanced at Hope and they both smiled. Placing their hands on the door, it began to glow. As seconds passed the glowing door shattered. Aeryn led the way in and as they all drew further into the temple another door slammed shut behind them, ensuring nobody would follow them. They all approached the water fountain and drank hurriedly. Food was laid out on a stone table with ail and glasses. The temple was happy to see them.




      "I'm worried about Brooke."

      "Why? What's wrong? Is she ok?" Sam panicked.

      "No, she's not ok. I heard her badgering Nicole earlier. Bonita, she dumped her," Maria sighed deeply.

      "She dumped Satan? When did this happen? Why?"

      "Earlier while you were out getting a few groceries. I heard Brooke yelling at Nic. I didn't catch what she was yelling but it wasn't pretty. She started crying and screaming for Nicole to leave and never come back. I heard Nic say she wouldn't leave and Brooke stormed outta here like a bat outta hell. We need to do something."

      "What can we do? We can't force her to tell Mike she's a lesbian."

      "I know but we can't sit around while she slowly kills one of our friends."

      "We should talk to Isabel and Mary Cherry."

      "Good idea."


      Walking further into the temple they found several rooms but none bore the gauntlet. Slowly easing into one of the smaller room they found a trap door and followed the path it hid. They found themselves in a room filled with stone statues. Then they saw a gigantic stone door with their native symbol engraved upon it. Approaching it they slowed down.

      "Did you hear that?" David whispered.

      "What?" Max questioned.

      "Crackling. . ." David muttered quietly.

      "Behind you!" Aeryn warned as the stone titan came to life.

      The titan grinned as the other statues became real as well. David turned around slowly. The titan threw David into a wall as his allies closed in on the other three. Max threw one back, glad his powers worked here. Aeryn and Hope attacked the smaller creatures as Max fought two medium sized monsters.

      David stood up, wiping a spot of blood from his mouth. His eyes narrowed as her unsheathed Anathros once more, the handles now in the "don't come near me" position. The titan dared, drawing closer to the warrior. David leapt at his opponent, tearing a hole the size of Texas in the titan's stomach. Slicing the gigantic aggressor's knees, he backed away. The titan fell to his knees, giving David the chance he needed. As the other destroyed the other statues he beheaded the giant. Dust flew everywhere and the ghouls were gone.

      They approached the door, examining it with their eyes. Aeryn and Hope once again disposed of the door and they entered the well lit room. Max stepped up to the alter which bore the gauntlet and a shimmer of colors flickered around him. He grasped the shiny glove and slipped it onto his hand. The whole temple lit up as the power of their planet consumed their true King.

      They exited the temple, prepared for quite a battle.

      "Take my hand," Max instructed. Both girls did so and they began to float along with him. "It's time to take our kingdom back."

      David smiled. "I'll meet you there. I have to tell the others of your return and send backup in case you need it."

      Max nodded a farewell and headed for the King's castle.


      "Dad, I'm gay."

      Mike glared at his daughter. "Are you pulling my chain?" he asked seriously.


      "Honey, I love you. I think it's wrong but I can't tell you who to love and I won't. I don't approve but that's something I'll have to deal with. It's not your problem. I'll love you no matter what."

      "Thank you daddy," Brooke whispered in relief as she hugged her father. Now she had to find Nic and apologize. This is what had made her so crazy and she hoped she hadn't lost Nic because of it.


      Arriving at the castle a guard stopped them. "Who goes there?"

      Max threw him into the other guard, knocking them both out. He pushed the doors open with ease. Looking back he saw the battle had already begun. The Angels of the Night were destroying the demon warriors below and now it was their leaders turn to pay for his misdeeds. Letting the girls in first, he watched their surroundings cautiously.

      They slowly made their way to the King's chambers and burst through the doors. Xamoq stood, no guards around him. All of his men were on the battlefield so it was him against Max. "So you are the boy who claims to be the King?" he chuckled. "Kinda sickly and pathetic, aren't you?" he mocked.

      "I am the King. Things aren't always as they appear," Max replied coldly.

      "Is that so? Give me your best shot," Xamoq laughed.

      Max smirks wickedly. Raising his hand he incinerated the cocky demon. "Yes, it is so," he snickered.


      "OMG, Buffy! Look!"

      "Isn't that one of the girls from the mansion? I thinks she's. . ." the slayer knelt beside the girl and checked her pulse. "She's alive, barely. We need to get her to the hospital fast. So much for a vacation. Will, you and the others go back to the hotel. Me and Faith can take her to the hospital. It'll be quicker."

      "Ok," Willow replied hesitantly, leading the others back to Xander's car.

      Buffy and Faith carried the girl into the ER and set her down in a chair. Buffy approached the desk, frantically panting, "she needs help now."

      "Please take a seat and a number."

      Faith stood, annoyed. "She needs help now or she's gonna die. I think she's on somthin."

      The nurse quickly grabbed a doctor and whispered something to him. He walked over to the girl, taking her pulse. "Are you her friends?"

      "No, we found her like that on the side of the road," Buffy answered.

      The Doctor knew this girl. His eyes widened. "Nurse, call Mrs. Julian now. She's getting worse," he shouted. Four nurses and another doctor joined him and they rushed Nicole in.


      Max sat on the thrown with a smile. David approached and bowed. "Our forces have been reassembled and all captives have been freed sire."

      "Good. And the girls?"

      "They're resting comfortably in their rooms sire."

      "Good. You may go now. Make sure you tuck Hope in. She gets kind of scared."

      David smiled. "I will." He bowed and left.

      Max sighed. They'd been there for over a week but on Earth it was only one day. 'What am I gonna do?' he thought.


      "Will she be alright?"

      The doctor sighed and cleaned his glasses much like Giles always does. "It's hard to tell. Nicole is in a coma. We have her stabilized but we don't know what kind of damage the methamphetamine has brought about. We won't know if she had brain damage or any other injuries until the tests come back."

      "Thank you doctor," Sam whispered. Nic's mom hadn't shown up since she was out of town but Sam and the others had. Sam walked back to the others.

      "Anything?" Maria whispered.

      Sam swallowed hard. "She's. . .in a coma. They're waiting for test results to see if she's injured."

      Isabel looked at Buffy and Faith. "Thank you. You didn't have to but you did. We owe you."

      "Nah, you don't owe us anything. This is what we do. Glad we could help," Faith replied, holding Buffy close.

      "I don't mean to be nosey but do you know what could have made her do something so stupid?" Buffy whispered.

      "Brooke," Mary Cherry and Isabel chorused.

      "Her ex. Brooke dumped her," Maria explained.

      Buffy's eyes narrowed. "I think I should have a talk with this Brooke gal."

      The REAL Happy Ending

      "Brooke McQueen?"

      Brooke turned to face the other blonde. "Yes?"

      "We need to talk."



      "What about her? Is she alright?"

      "She's in a coma."


      "She overdosed on meth. They don't know what kinds of injuries she has yet but it's not good. She didn't take you leaving her very well and I'm here to tell you something you might not wanna hear. Nicole loves you and you have to make a decision. Leave now and never turn back or try to pick up the pieces and salvage what relationship you still have left. It's your choice."

      Brooke was in shock. Nicole could have died and it would have been her fault. Staring at the blonde she whispered, "Who are you and why are you here?"

      "My name's Buffy. Your friends are at the hospital with Nic. My friends and I found her on the side of the road and took her to the ER. I volunteered to have a chat with you. Look, I'm not here to lay a guilt trip on you but you need to decide what you're gonna do. You can come with me to the hospital or you can turn your back. You choose."



      "Yes your majesty?"

      "I want you to take Aeryn and Hope back to their mothers. I need a little time to myself."

      "When shall we leave?"

      "Today. Bring them in so I may inform them of what's going on."

      David waved to the guards who then led the two girls into the King's chambers. "Uncle Max," they chorused, giving him a big hug. They'd been really busy training with David and the others that they didn't see Max much.

      Max smiled. "Hi."

      Both girls backed away slightly. They knew that tone. "What is it?" Aeryn asked.

      Max sighed. He loved having them here but he couldn't keep them there forever. He knew their mothers must be worried sick so he did what he had to do. "Hope, Aeryn, I'm sending you back to Earth today."

      "But. . ."

      "Aeryn, no buts. You both need to go back. You need to be with your mothers. Play time is over. David will accompany you. I. . .I'll see you when I can."

      Hope hugged Max tightly, tears trickling down her face. "Come back soon."

      "I'll try," he whispered.

      Wiping her tears away, Hope met David at the door. Aeryn glanced at Max. He'd been their father figure for as long as she could remember and she did look up to him but there was something about this whole thing that made her wonder what his plan was. She, like her mother, knew Max was very clever and he wouldn't be sending them home if he didn't have a plan. She grinned and gave him a hug, whispering, "you better have a good plan."

      Max grinned and nodded. Watching Aeryn join her sister and David he swallowed hard. As they walked out of his chambers he motioned for the guard to come to him. "Where's the Kingdom library?"


      Brooke sat beside Nicole's bed, clutching her lover's hand. "Oh God Nic, I'm so sorry. I love you baby. I'll always love you no matter what. Things just got so twisted and screwed up. I didn't mean. . .I never wanted this to happen," she sobbed, kissing the girls hand. "We're all worried about you. Even Sam. She really likes you ya know. If you can hear me, please, please come back to us. If not for me, then for the girls."

      Meanwhile. . .

      "Girls! You're home! OMG, are you ok? Where's Max? Is everything alright?" Isabel said hurriedly. Her and Mary Cherry had stopped at home to pick up a few things before returning to the hospital when the girls had come in.

      David smiled. "King Maxwell is in perfect health. He asked me to return these two home and make sure everyone was alright."

      Mary Cherry's smile faded. "Nicole's in the hospital in a coma."

      Hope's eyes got large and began to water. "I-is she gonna be ok?" her crackling weak little voice asked.

      Mary Cherry pulled her daughter close. "We don't know sweetie."

      David bowed his head. "I must be going now. The King will want to know this immediately."

      With that David left as the others headed to the hospital.


      "Your majesty. . ." David looked around. The room was empty. He approached a guard, "where is everyone?"

      "The King is holding a mandatory meeting in the Council Chamber."

      David nodded and ran there as fast as he could. Walking in one of the guards led him to a huge stage where Max and all of the major General stood. Max welcomed him and waited for everyone to be seated. "Max," David whispered, taking the King aside.

      "Is everyone alright?" Max whispered.

      David bowed his head. "Nicole is in the hospital in a coma."

      Max frowned. This wasn't good. Looking up he saw everyone was ready and led David back to the stage and began to speak. "Welcome everyone. I have brought you here tonight because the dawn of a new era awaits. What I mean by this is that I will no longer be your King."

      The whole crowd gasped.

      "But I will be appointing the best man for this job. He is the best and he will not fail you. David, please come here."

      The crowd cheered. If anyone deserved the crown it was him.

      "David, you came to me asking for help and I gave you that but you have helped me more than I could ever repay so I give you this," Max announced, handing David the crown. "You all may wonder how I plan to turn power over to David but that is simple. I feel I'm not as worthy as David to be King and this gauntlet follows my heart, my emotions and I feel the honor of being King belongs to David," he continued, taking David's hand.

      The gauntlet shimmered brightly, blinding all onlookers. When the light dimmed the glove was on David's hand. The transfer of power was complete. "David, you will be a great King. You have proven your allegiance and this is your reward. I must return to Earth for a good friend of mine is in trouble and my family awaits my return but you will all be in my memories forever. Take care of this place for some day I may return. Not as your King but as a friend, an ally."

      The crowd went wild, cheering for their new King and wishing Max a safe journey.


      Hope walked in, ignoring Brooke who was still clutching Nicole's hand. Taking the comatose girls hand, Hope closed her eyes. Opening them she kissed Nicole's forehead. "We're back Aunt Nic," she whispered, touching her aunt's face with her free hand. "I won't leave you. Not til you come back to us. We need you Aunt Nic, I need you," she whispered, tears spilling onto her cheeks.

      "It there room for one more?"

      They all looked toward the door. "Max!" Isabel cried, hugging him tightly.

      "Hi Iz."

      "Are you back for good?"

      "Yes. Our planet is in good hands." Looking at Nicole he spoke to Hope and Brooke, "May I?"

      They both moved out of the way.

      "Iz, the door please."

      Isabel closed the door as Aeryn shut the blinds.

      Max held his hands over Nic and they began to glow. The color began to return to the girl as Max backed away.

      "Where the. . ." Nic mumbled, sitting up. Seeing everyone there she bowed her head. "I'm sorry."

      They all looked at her with raised brows.

      "I'm sorry I worried all of you. I didn't mean to."

      The others rushed in, giving Nicole a big group hug.

      "We're just glad you're back Satan," Sam whispered, holding back tears.

      Nicole looked at Brooke and smiled. "Can I have a minute alone with Brooke?"

      The others nodded and left.

      Moments later. . .

      Nicole walked out of her room, hand in hand with Brooke.

      "So?" Maria asked.

      "Everything's resolved," Brooke beamed happily.

      Sam smiled. "Let's go home."

      ~<>~ The End ~<>~

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