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On the Run (a Roswell/Glory Days crossover)

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Added to the Roswell Slash Archive September 9, 2002

Title : On the Run (a Roswell/Glory Days crossover)
Author : Mel
Summary : Liz escapes Roswell and her tumultuous relationship with Max and finds comfort and a friendly ear on Glory Island. But her past just isn't willing to stay put. Liz Parker/Sam Dolan
Disclaimer : Liz Parker and Roswell are owned by Melinda Metz, blah blah...Sam Dolan and Glory Days is owned by the incredibly amazing and very good-looking genius that is Kevin Williamson *bows* other words, as much as I wish these characters were mine sadly there are not and never will be. I make no duquets at all right now...
Rating : R for suspense, some violence, some language, and some kissing
Spoilers : Roswell through "Chant Down Babylon", general Glory Days
Feedback : Bring it to
Author's Note : Ok, so it all made so much sense in my head and I think it still works...Basically if I didn't get it out I would have been plagued by visions of Liz Parker in Glory forever so here it is...I promise nothing...

       She was running, so fast she was sure the bottom of her bare feet were bleeding. Stray branches extended their arms and scraped against her skin like thin piercing blades. The moon hung low and red, signalling the arrival of danger. The girl turned her head to the side, still running, her dark hair flowing wildly around her face. Her attacker was nowhere in sight, but somehow she could still feel him there, chasing behind her.

       She wasn't paying attention and before she knew it, she felt something hard and ragged hit her right leg just above the ankle. Flying through the air, she collided with the ground hard, throwing her arms out to brace her fall. She banged her head on a large rock, and felt blood trickle down the side of her head. Confused and lightheaded she managed to roll over and raise up on her forearms, staring into the velvet darkness that surrounded her. It was silent, too quiet and her breathing was ragged and rushed.

       A twig snapped. She crawled backward frantically, the cold wet dirt slipping through her fingers. Footsteps and snapping branches filled the air in a heated rush and then it was silent once again. She breathed in deeply and felt tears running down her face. She willed herself to stay quiet and heard a crunching. The noise seemed to be coming from above her. She glanced up fearfully and stared directly into the eyes of her attacker. She uttered a resounding scream that pierced the air like a dagger. Seconds later he was on top of her and that would be the last thing she would ever feel.


       Liz Parker stepped off the ferry and onto the solid ground of Glory Island. It was colder than Roswell, Liz thought buttoning her jacket and hugging herself. There were greys and blues where Roswell would have reds and oranges. But it reflected her mood. She looked around, wondering how she ended up here. She needed a break, or that's what she kept telling herself...hoping no one would find her.

       She needed to get away from Max. Away from the alien drama that had consumed her life for the past three years. Liz had escaped from Roswell, from Max and her feelings for him...Or the feelings she had begun not having for him. Somehow she ended up in Glory, a place she knew nothing about and knew nothing about her. She was glad she had left everything behind so she could try and begin something new..something better..something more normal than her life in Roswell.

       After spending a few weeks at that all girls school in Vermont and having Max die and somehow come back to life, Liz was ready to let go of all the complications. As long as she was away from him, her powers were underlying and safe. And there was a side of herself, something deep inside that she kept hidden even from him. She had to bite her tongue when her roommate at school had asked her if she was a lesbian. Not that she really was anyway. There had been some heavy flirtation with Isabel, but the second she got married to Jesse that vanished. There was always something about that girl that Liz wanted to discover, but she never had the chance. Really, she never had the guts. Liz felt somehow that she had lost sight of herself and needed desperately to reclaim her mind, her thoughts, and figure out who she was and what she really wanted. She wanted the opportunity to be a normal teenager, one that could experiment and party and have friends that wouldn't be at risk for getting her killed.

       Liz felt a rumble in her stomach and quickly set off in search of someplace to eat.


       Sam Dolan pulled back her chestnut brown hair and got ready to start her shift at Hazel's. She fastened her apron and gave Hazel a quick kiss on the cheek before grabbing her order pad and pen and surveying the late afternoon clientel.

       "Hazel, is Zane coming by tonight?" Sam asked, referring to Hazel's son that had been her friend since they were four.

       "Are you working?" The older blonde woman asked, a smile playing on her mouth.

       "I think so," Sam replied, sarcastically.

       "Does Zane know you're working?" Hazel asked, still smiling.

       "Does Zane know where I am every waking hour?" Sam played back.

       "He'll be here," Hazel answered. "Now why don't you go give that girl a menu and earn your pay," she finished, motioning to a dark haired girl sitting by the window. Sam emerged from behind the counter, pen in hand and walked to the corner booth she had been instructed to.

       "How's it going?" Sam asked approaching the table. The dark haired girl was looking out the window, a far off look on her face.

       "Fine, thank you," Liz said, turning to look into deep brown eyes and a young, glowing face. "How about you?" She asked politely.

       "Good, thanks," Sam replied smiling, thankful that someone still had manners. "We don't get a lot of cordial customers. You must not be from around here."

       "Am I that obvious?" Liz asked, her dark eyes lighting up when she smiled.

       "Nah," Sam said waving her hand at Liz in a dismissive manner. "I've just been here way too long."

       "I know that feeling."

       "Where are you from?"

       "Roswell," Liz answered truthfully, silently chastising herself for being too revealing.

       "Home of the famous Area 51?" Sam asked playfully. "Aliens and government conspiracy and all that intrigue?" She suggested with a raise of her finely tweezed eyebrows. Liz thought she looked like a younger, smaller version of Isabel. It was kind of comforting in an odd way.

       "Yeah, although I wouldn't call it intriguing," Liz answered. "More of a sometimes boring and redundant way of life."

       "What brings you to Glory?"

       "Needed to get away, I guess," Liz answered, tucking her dark hair behind her ear.

       "Get away or run away?" Sam asked inquisitively.

       "Are you psychic?" Liz asked jokingly.

       "Yes," Sam answered. "In fact I can tell you what you're thinking right now."

       "Please, go on," Liz said leaning forward in her seat.

       "You're thinking 'I wish this girl would take my friggin' order and leave me alone already and stop prying into my very private life that is none of her business'," Sam said clicking the pen in her hand absentmindedly.

       "Don't quit your day job," Liz replied, smiling. Sam smiled back at her, feeling her face flush hot and not knowing why. "So what's good here?" Liz asked, breaking her out of her daze.

       "Um...I recommend the turkey club," Sam answered. "You really want to stay away from anything from the grill since it tends to be an absolute grease pit. I always reek of it when I leave here." I am such a dork , Sam thought to herself.

       "You smell pretty good to me," Liz said leaning forward to take a sniff. Sam smiled and laughed nervously. What the hell are you doing, Parker?

       "So, turkey club it is," Liz ordered. "And a chocolate shake if you have them."

       "Coming right up," Sam said, scribbling down the order on her notepad. "I'm Sam, by the way," she said extending her hand.

       "Liz," she replied, taking Sam's hand in her own and feeling how soft and warm it was. And how perfectly manicured the girl's fingernails were.

       "Order up, Sam," Hazel called from behind the counter at the young girl. Sam blushed, released Liz's hand and bowed her head slightly before retreating in the direction of the counter.

       About fifteen minutes later, Sam brought Liz her food and a refill on her chocolate shake. Sam noticed Zane enter the diner and look at her with a smile before making his way to his mother behind the counter.

       "Just let me know if you need anything," Sam told Liz.

       "Thanks," Liz replied, happy to have something that looked extrememly edible in front of her that wasn't named after a campy alien classic. Sam was walking away when Liz's voice stopped her.

       "Sam," she began, the teenager turning around and focusing her big eyes on Liz.

       "Yeah?" Sam said expectantly.

       "I was just wondering if you know of anyplace I might be able to get a room."

       "How long are you planning on staying?" Sam asked, interested...hoping Liz would be there for a while and not understanding why.

       "I'm not sure," Liz answered, wondering herself when or if she would ever return to Roswell.

       "Well, the Anchor Inn is okay. If you just go right and down the street when you leave here, you can't miss it," Sam instructed. "There's a huge wooden anchor hanging from the entrance. It's kinda seedy, but it's probably the only place with any vacancy. This being a certifiable tourist trap," Sam finished babbling. "But I bet you're used to that."

       "Sounds great, thanks," Liz said sincerely, watching Sam retreat behind the counter as a tall dark haired boy that somehow reminded her of Alex snuck up behind Sam and startled her.

       "Who's the hottie, Sam?" Zane asked, his black hair perfectly spiked, silver ball chain hugging his neck tightly. He looked in Liz's direction and smiled widely.

       "Knock it off, Zane," Sam said lightly hitting him on the chest. "She's a tourist."

       "Looked like the two of you were talking about something deep and meaningful," he said observing.

       "She's nice," Sam answered. And cute...and why am I thinking girls are cute? Sam shook her head for a second.

       "Zane," Hazel growled from the other end of the counter. "I just got off the phone with Rudy and he said he caught you urinating in the public fountain again. Get over here now," she commanded.

       "Oh shit," Zane whined before leaving Sam's side. Sam just laughed at Zane being Zane and went back to work, cleaning off tables and taking orders.

       "Can I get you anything else?" She asked clearing off Liz's empty plate and glass.

       "No," Liz said sweetly. "Thanks."

       "Listen, if you need someone to show you around town, I get out of here at nine and my Mom's way too insane to notice whether or not I'm home," Sam offered, hoping Liz would take her up on the offer. She was glad when Liz did.

       "That's really nice of you," Liz answered. "Want me to just meet you here?"

       "Yeah, that'd be cool," Sam said smiling. "Good luck getting settled in. And welcome to Glory," she said seconds before turning and walking away. "I'll see you later," she called over her shoulder.

       Liz threw some money on the table to pay the bill and made sure to leave an extra big tip for the kindness she had just recieved.


       "What do you have for me, Ellie?"

       Sheriff Rudy Dunlop, with his boyish Opie Taylor looks, had just arrived at the scene of the crime. He looked down at the body of the recently deceased girl and then back up into the face of the town coroner, Ellie Sparks. Ellie pushed her bright blonde hair out of her face with a hand gloved in latex and pushed up from her crouching position near the body.

       "Unidentified female, late twenties maybe. Dark hair, dark in shock, I might add," she said, addressing the young lawman.

       "Cause of death?" He asked, scratching his head after removing his large, non-aesthetically pleasing sheriff's hat.

       "At first glance, I'd say blunt force trauma to the head," Ellie answered pointing to the dead girls' head. "Either she fell and hit it on that rock," Ellie said pointing a few feet away, "or someone smashed her head onto it."

       Rudy nodded and went to examine the blood covered rock.

       "But how did she get way over there?" He asked.

       "I'm not sure," Ellie said. "And there's something else," she added with a confused look.


       Ellie knelt down by the body and slowly raised the girl's shirt up over her midsection. It revealed what looked to be the outline of a silver handprint and it was glowing slightly. Rudy stared at it in awe and knelt down himself to inspect the marking.

       "What is it? Paint?" He asked, turning to the blonde coroner.

       "Won't know until I get her back to the office and do a full exam," Ellie replied.

       "Okay, well call me as soon as you know something. I'll try and find out who she is and who might have wanted to see her dead," Rudy replied, tipping his hat. As he was walking back to the squad car, he bumped into a certain nosy reporter.

       "Mike, what are you doing here? This is a crime scene," Rudy said overemphatically.

       "Exactly, Rudy. I'm here to help you investigate," Mike replied, his dark hair and dark eyes matching his dark jacket. "And maybe catch a story."

       "Stay out of this, Mike. I'm the sheriff, remember?!" Rudy stated, frustrated.

       "Well, if it isn't Mike Dolan famous writer and town disappointment," Ellie said coming up behind Rudy taking her gloves off with a snap. She was followed by two paramedics wheeling out a bodybag.

       "Whaddya got?" Mike asked, unrelenting. Ellie pushed past him and rolled her eyes.

       "Come with me. I'll fill you in," Rudy instructed with a weary sigh. He knew it was useless to fight with his old friend.


       Liz showed up at Hazel's a few minutes before nine. She had gotten a room at the Anchor Inn, like Sam had suggested. It smelled faintly of must and lemon scented lysol, but you get what you pay for, right? And the water in the shower was hot...for the first half of her shower, at least. Liz had changed into loose jeans, a heavy sweater, and her leather jacket. She was prepared for the cold even though it was a far cry from the hot sun of Roswell. She was applying her second coat of lip gloss when she spotted Sam leaving the counter and coming towards her followed by the cute boy from earlier. Sam smiled and rolled her eyes apologetically at Liz as she felt Zane on her heels.

       "Hey, you look great," Sam greeted Liz and then turned to her left. "This is Zane. Zane, this is Liz," she said making introductions.

       "Nice to meet you," Liz said to Zane with a smile. He reminded her so much of Alex, it was scary.

       "Yes it is," Zane replied with a stupid grin, taking Liz's hand and valiantly bringing it to his lips in a sweet kiss. He raised his eyebrows and smirked before letting go.

       "Ugh. Zane, enough," Sam said, irritated. "You got your intro, now scram," she said pushing him away.

       "Where are you two headed? Need a manly chaperone to protect you?" Zane asked as Sam directed Liz out of the diner, a hand lightly touching the dark girl's lower back.

       "Don't you have some more fountains to piss in?" Sam called over her shoulder with a sarcastic smile and a wink.

       "Zane," Hazel yelled, finally making him retreat.

       "Call me later, Sam," He shouted after them before returning to his mother.

       Once they were outside, Sam breathed in the fresh seaside air and exhaled dramatically. She looked at Liz who had her hands stuffed in her pockets and couldn't help but notice a sadness in the girl's eyes.

       "I am so sorry about that," Sam apologized. "Zane's pretty much a dork, but I've known him since forever."

       "Boyfriend?" Liz asked.

       "God no!" Sam replied. "But I have seen him naked."

       "Yeah?" Liz asked, a shocked look on her face.

       "Uh huh. When we were little we used to take baths together," Sam replied with a smile. "Even back then he'd like lean across the tub and try and kiss me."

       "Yeah, you can tell he's got a thing," Liz stated.

       "I made the awful mistake of kissing him a couple months ago when he saved my life. Now I'll never be able to live it down."

       "A guy saved my life once," Liz remarked, remembering the Crashdown and Max's hands giving her life again. "It turned into a big mess," she added kicking at a rock with her sneaker.

       "Is he what you're running away from?" Sam asked softly, glancing at Liz sideways. Liz was silent, not knowing what to say, only that she wanted to tell Sam all about it for some reason and not knowing why. "I'm sorry. I don't mean to pry," Sam said quickly.

       "No, it's okay," Liz replied with an apologetic smile. "If I end up hanging around, I'm sure I'll tell you about it. Anyway, your friend Zane reminds me of a guy I used to know."

       "Boyfriend?" Sam asked, mirroring Liz's question from minutes earlier.

       "Good friend," Liz answered and paused. "He died."

       "Sorry," Sam breathed quietly, beginning to think she couldn't say anything right.

       "It was a while ago," Liz said. "I guess you could say I'm running away from everything, even myself," she said looking into Sam's big eyes and feeling comfort there.

       "I know what you mean," Sam said staring back at her. "I felt like that when my Dad died. Everything just sort of fell apart. My brother wrote this stupid book like chronicalling our lives for the whole world to see. Kinda tore the family apart. But he's back now and everything's working itself out." Sam paused, laughed a little. "There's a point here, I swear," she said nervously. "Give it time, Liz. Eventually, everything will fall into place."

       "You know, I barely know you. But I believe you." And Liz really did believe her. There was a connection she was starting to feel, and easiness that came from Sam and made her feel like she could talk to her. Maybe coming to Glory was the best thing she could have done...maybe now she could sort things out, have an unbiased ear to unload on.

       They wandered around town for a few hours, the darkness enclosing around them as the night got older. Liz told Sam what it was like in Roswell. She told her about Alex and Maria and their friendship but was sure to stay off the topic of a certain group of aliens. Sam talked about her family a little and about Zane and their incessant bond. They became fast friends, still a little awkward. But getting to know each other fast. As they were approaching the docks, the breeze extending its cold fingers, Liz leaned into Sam for a minute and made exaggerated breathing noises.

       "What are you doing?" Sam asked, dumbfounded, coming to a halt at the wooden fence enclosing the pier.

       "You promised me you'd reek of greasy cheeseburgers and all I can smell is vanilla and strawberries," Liz joked, shivering slightly still not used to the cold Glory weather.

       "Cold?" Sam asked.

       "A little," Liz admitted. "It's a little warmer in Roswell. You know being close to the equator and all."

       "Here," Sam said daring to put an arm around Liz and drawing her close. "They say body heat is the best thing," she added, liking how Liz felt pressed against her body and trying to ignore it.

       "Thanks," Liz said, staring out at the water.

       "Anyway, I called my brother to bring me a change of clothes," Sam said changing the subject. "Hence, I do not smell," she finished and glanced at Liz and their intimate position. She looked around to see if anybody was there, sensing someone.

       "You feel it too, don't you?" Liz asked, turning her head to look at Sam who was only inches away.

       "Huh?" Sam asked, staring into dark eyes. She was trying not to be nervous, trying not to be scared of what she thought she might be feeling for this person she had just met...who was a female no less and Sam was finding quite attractive. Still Liz sensed shock and nervousness in Sam's eyes.

       "There's someone here," Liz answered, feeling Sam's body tense and then release. "Someone's watching us. Just stay still and maybe they'll go away," Liz stated and was rewarded with a nod from the slightly younger girl who's full lips were pressed tightly together, the blood seeming to drain from her face. The two girls stood there, in a slight embrace, staring at each other for what felt like an endless moment before a voice startled them.

       "Sam, it's almost midnight," Mike said approaching his sister from behind. The two girls jumped slightly, breaking contact. Sam caught her breath and slapped him.

       "Asshole. I thought I told you to quit sneaking up," she said.

       "What are you doing out here on your own?" He asked. "It's not safe."

       "It's never safe," Sam replied, agitated. "Besides I'm not alone. I'm showing Liz around Glory." Liz waved from behind Sam.

       "Sorry, nice to meet you," Mike said cordially to his sister's new friend. "Still, tonight is even less safe than normal. A girl was murdered earlier."

       "Again?" Sam asked.

       "Yeah, but it's weird this time. She had some sort of silver handprint burned into her stomach," he replied, exhaling into the cold air.

       Liz felt the air go out of her. Suddenly there wasn't enough oxygen on the planet to sustain her. She clutched at her stomach, absentmindedly remembering the mark Max had left on her. She stepped back, hesitantly, trying not to believe what Mike was telling them. She had a momentary feeling that someone had followed her here, was trying to make her remember that she'd never be able to escape Roswell or the people that it held.

       "Liz, are you okay?" Sam asked, turning and placing a hand on her forearm.

       "Yeah," Liz breathed nervously. "It's late and you probably have school tomorrow. So, I should let you go. Thanks for tonight," she said glancing up into Sam's worried face for a second. "It was nice to meet you, Mike," she added before turning and walking way at a swift pace.

       "She okay?" Mike asked, looking at the retreating girl skeptically.

       "I hope so," Sam replied, worried that she might never see the dark beauty again.

       "Come on. I'll take you home. Then I'm going to stop by Ellie's and see if she's found out anything," Mike said putting an arm around his sister's shoulders.


       Ellie was in the autopsy room, which was located in her cabin and about five feet from her kitchen. She was finishing up her examination of the young girl's body they had found earlier that day. She stared at the girl dumbfounded and heard the front door creak open.

       "Ellie, it's just me," Mike shouted, entering the coroner's house.

       "Hey," she greeted him, pulling down her glasses.

       "Hey," he replied, smiling. "Got anything?" He asked.

       "Handprint definitely wasn't paint," she answered. "And now it's gone."


       "Bizarre, I know. But you know what else? She didn't die from a blow to the head. It's like her insides were completely melted."

       "Did Rudy get an ID yet?" Mike asked, producing a notepad and pen.

       "Emily Fisher, 28. Moved here from Roswell, New Mexico two months ago. Boyfriend says she was working on some sort of book about alien conspiracy or something," Ellie replied, covering the body and turning the overhead light off.

       "Roswell?" That's odd, he thought. Wasn't Sam's new friend from Roswell?. "Any leads on the boyfriend?"

       "Rudy says his alibi checks out, but he's still a little strange." Her pager went off at that moment, startling them both. She checked it while Mike looked at her expectantly. Her face dropped.

       "What is it?"

       "It's Rudy. There's been another murder."


       "Stephanie Daniels, age 26. Moved here recently from..."

       "Let me guess. Roswell?" Mike said interrupting Rudy.

       "How'd you know?" Rudy asked, closing his notebook.

       "Lucky guess."

       "She was a reporter for the Roswell Times. Moved here to work on a book about alien and government conspiracy and you'll never guess with who," Rudy said, filling Mike and Ellie in.

       "Emily Fisher," Ellie stated, crouching down near the body of Stephanie Daniels. They were remarkably similar in looks and height. "Make sure we get a picture of this," Ellie said pointing to the handprint on the girl's stomach.

       "What are our leads?" Mike asked.

       "Well, Fisher's boyfriend seems to check out but he's strange," Rudy answered. "We should check and see if he might have been a little more involved with this girl than his girlfriend might have known about. Other than that, we might want to see if anyone from Roswell has recently come to visit our fine island."

       "Right," Mike said, his mind drifting to the young girl he had met earlier that evening. And how she bore a resemblance to both dead girls.


       Sam spent all day in school thinking about Liz and what had spooked the girl so much. Then Sam remembered that not everybody lived in a town where murder was as common as the sun rising. She decided to stop by Liz's hotel and see if the girl was still there...was still willing to talk to her. She was beginning to have feelings for Liz, in a way that she wasn't used to. And she wondered if maybe that's why she was so awkward around guys, that maybe it's because she just wasn't interested. Regardless of the motives or implications, the feelings were real and Sam hoped she would be able to feel them out, or at least begin to understand them. And that all depended on whether or not Liz would even talk to her.

       "Guess who?" A voice said as two hands were clamped over Sam's eyes from behind.

       "Um...Russell Crowe?" Sam teased.

       "What?!?" Zane said pulling his hands back. "I'm insulted. That guy's such a jackass," he added adjusting his backpack and falling into step alongside Sam.

       "What's up, Zane?" Sam asked, distracted.

       "I was worried. You didn't call last night," Zane answered.

       "Yeah , I got home pretty late."

       "Apparently there are some freaky deaky murders going on or something," He replied. "I heard Rudy talking to my Mom this morning. Two girls so far, both from know the alien place. I always wanted to go there one day," Zane finished smiling. Sam stopped in her tracks, mind racing in a hundred different directions at once. "So, is Liz seeing anyone?" He asked trying to be nonchalant, but coming across a little eager.

       "What? Give it a rest, Zane," Sam replied, irritated. "I gotta go," Sam said quickly and set off to make sure Liz was okay.

       Liz was up pretty much all night trying to figure out why trouble always seemed to follow her. There was possibly an alien in Glory and he was possibly trying to kill her. Why else would all this happen at the same time she arrived in the not-so-quiet seaside town? She had come here trying to get away from her past and ended up being slapped in the face by it. Why did Max have to save her that day in the Crashdown and make her life such a dramatic mess? Liz had her head in her hands, sitting on the edge of her really uncomfortable bed when there was a knock on the door. She slowly got up, and cautiously approached the locked door.

       "Liz, it's Sam. Are you in there?" A frantic voice said through the door. Liz opened the lock with the sound of metal sliding against metal and pulled back the door. Two seconds later, Sam was hugging her, arms tight around her shoulders. Liz was frozen for a moment, surprised but slowly returned the hug wrapping her arms around the younger girl's waist. They stood there for a moment, both feeling a little awkward and a little not awkward. They were both kinda liking their current positions.

       "Thank God, you're okay," Sam said, finally pulling back and looking at Liz's tired, drawn face. "You look awful."

       "I'm fine," Liz replied with a smile. "What's going on?" She asked, tucking a stray hand of light brown hair behind Sam's ear and letting her hand linger for a moment.

       "It's just this town," Sam replied. "Bad things tend to happen on a regular basis..and another girl was murdered last night and Zane heard they were both from Roswell and so I thought it might have been you and I was scared," Sam babbled only stopped by Liz's finger on her lips.

       "I'm okay," she said quietly.

       "But you could be in danger," Sam replied, still feeling Liz's finger even after it was gone. Liz turned away and sighed. "What is it?" Sam asked.

       "There's a lot you don't know about me, Sam," Liz replied, not turning around.

       "But I want to," Sam said, stepping forward and placing a hand on Liz's shoulder. "There's something happening here and I know you're feeling it too." Liz tensed under her hand, but Sam kept it there regardless.

       "It's not safe being with me," Liz said, her voice unsteady.

       "I don't understand," Sam replied. Liz turned around then, Sam's hand falling away.

       "For the last two years my life has been a freak show. I got involved in something.." She trailed off, trying to find the right words to explain herself to Sam without telling her the whole story.

       "What?" Sam asked, her eyes soft. She reached out and took one of Liz's hands in her own. It was cold and slightly shaking. Liz looked down, averting her eyes.

       "The more you know, the more you're in danger," Liz replied. "And I don't want..."

       She was cut off as warm lips met her own in a startling kiss. It broke off quickly, both girls searching each other's eyes for an explanation...for a hint of hesitation or uncertainty...for a sign of wanting to stop what was happening. And both girls came up empty handed.

       Liz leaned forward, tugging at the loopholes of Sam's jeans, bringing her closer. They were eye to eye. Sam's hands rested on Liz's upper arms, gripping at her sweater. Liz kissed Sam this time, sure and steady. Passion was building with every second, Sam's lips opening in an invitation. And Liz took it, slowly tracing her tongue along the other girl's bottom lip before slipping it into her mouth. Their tongues slid against one another slowly, both girls feeling out the new territory.

       This was something Liz wanted. She was happy to be doing it, doing something that was hers alone. She wasn't worried about what Max would think or do or what danger she would be in now that she was getting involved with Sam. It was a nice change, uncomplicated. She was doing what she wanted to do for once and not putting everyone else before her own feelings and happiness. But there was also the thought that she could be putting Sam in harm's way if her ghosts from Roswell were to catch up with them.

       What seemed like a lifetime later, they pulled apart still touching.

       "What are we doing?" Liz asked, breathless. She looked into deep brown eyes, seeing curiosity and fire in them.

       "I don't know," Sam said shaking her head. "I've never...I mean..."

       "I know. Me either," Liz replied, resting her hands on Sam's slender hips. They stood there smiling and looking at each other, interrupted when Liz yawned, previous nights activities finally taking their toll. "Sorry," she whispered. "Didn't get a lot of sleep last night."

       "You should lay down," Sam suggested, leading Liz over to the bed. "Mind if I stay?" Sam asked.

       "Sure," Liz replied. "If you want to."

       "I do," Sam answered. She kicked off her sneakers and scooted onto the bed, sitting against the headboard. She made a face when she realized she would never get comfortable.

       "Not really comfy," Liz said, catching her look. She was taking her own shoes off, sitting on the edge of the bed.

       "You need rest more than me, anyway," Sam answered with a smile. "Therefore I will allow you to use my body as a pillow. But only because your situation of sleeplessness warrants it," she added, grinning nervously.

       "If you say so," Liz replied, returning the smile. She slowly climbed up the bed and laid her body flush up against Sam's, draping and arm across the girl's it was the most natural thing in the world to do. Sam tucked Liz's head under her chin and lightly kissed her hair. She held Liz tightly as she drifted into a restless sleep.


       "Where were you last night, Ted?" Rudy interrogated the slender man sitting across from him in the examination room of the station.

       "Watching tv," the man answered, fear in his voice. He nervously played with his glasses and smoothed back his greasy hair.

       "I'll bet you were alone, right?" Rudy asked skeptically. Ted nodded. "Did Emily know you were having an affair with Stephanie?" Rudy asked, raising his voice.

       "What?!?" Ted asked, surprised. "I was not."

       "That's funny because we pulled your cell phone records. There were numerous calls to Stephanie Daniels' house in the past months since you moved here," Rudy said throwing down a stack of papers on the table.

       "Em was always at Steph's working on their research," Ted answered fidgeting in his seat.

       "Yeah, but you also called her last night. Turns out about half hour before she died," Rudy finished glaring at the suspect.

       "I was upset. Emily just died and I don't really know anyone else here."

       "Did you kill Stephanie because she knew too much?" Rudy accused.

       "What?! No! I didn't kill anybody. I loved Emily," Ted shouted, raising in his seat. There was a knock on the door.

       "Stay here," Rudy instructed before leaving the room.

       Mike Dolan was waiting for him in the hallway.

       "Mike, what? I'm interrogating a suspect," Rudy said annoyed.

       "You might want to look at this," Mike said extending a folder with Liz Parker's picture in Rudy's direction. Rudy flipped through it quickly and then reentered the interrogation room.

       "Can I go now?" Ted asked, tears in his eyes.

       "For now. But don't even think about leaving the island," Rudy said, watching Ted gather up his things and run out of the station. He turned to Mike. "So who's the girl?"


       Liz Parker bolted upright, ripping herself from sleep. She was sweating and her breathing was ragged. Her dreams had been plagued by Max's face and a shapeless unknown terror that was stalking Glory Island. She couldn't help but think that someone was here looking for her...looking to silence her and all that she had come to know in the past two years. She kept seeing Max's face over and over, a disappointment drawn across it. Like he knew she really didn't love him, but he was staying all the same. Liz looked down at her right hand and saw that there was electricity threatening to jump from was Max who triggered her powers, after all. Then there was a hand on her back.

       "Liz?" Sam asked, gently rubbing her new friend's back. Worry flashed over Sam's face as she shifted closer. "Who's Max?" She asked quietly.

       "What?" Liz asked, turning to face the other girl. Sam was looking down, away from her.

       "It's probably none of my business," Sam said, picking at something random on the bedspread. "It's just that you kept saying his name in your sleep is all."

       "God, Sam, I am so sorry," Liz apologized, placing her hand on Sam's leg. "I guess I just thought that if I got far enough away from Roswell, somehow I could forget everything." Liz paused. "I guess I owe you an explanation."

       "No, Liz," Sam said looking up into Liz's dark eyes. "You don't owe me anything."

       "Okay, well then I want to explain," Liz replied, a smile playing on her lips. She crossed her legs and took both of Sam's hands in her own, surprised that her powers had gone dormant once again. She exhaled loudly and started. "Max was the guy who saved me," she began and didn't stop until the last two years of her life had been exposed. Of course, she had left out everything about the alien and government parts and the convenience store hold up. So it read just a like a bad relationship gone worse.

       "So here I am. I have no idea what I'm doing here, how long I'm staying, or why I'm dragging you into this," Liz finished, feeling Sam rub circles on her hands with her thumbs.

       "So he really got another girl pregnant?" Sam asked. Liz nodded in response. "It sounds pretty awful," Sam said softly.

       "It wasn't great," Liz replied. "But it wasn't always bad. And I was a willing participant."

       "Why did you stay with him so long?" Sam asked, not sure if she wanted to hear the answer.

       "I don't really know. At first, I think it was because I felt like I owed him something," Liz answered, eyes far off and thinking. "And then as time went by, I was just caught up more and more in what was happening and I couldn't get out of it. I mean, we broke up a couple times, but something always brought me back."

       "What made you leave this time?" Sam asked, wondering if she was about to lose this intriguing new development in her life. Like maybe Liz was just going to leave her and go back home.

       "I've had enough, Sam. I want to live a normal life and make my own decisions. I want to be able to go to college and have a career," she paused getting ready for her next desire. "And fall in love and not be tied into something destructive," Liz finished. Sam's eyes softened a little.

       "Is that what we're doing? Falling in love?" Sam asked, nervously.

       "I don't know," Liz answered truthfully. "It's different from anything I've ever felt before. I guess we'll just have to see."

       "So you're not going to leave? Go back to him?" Sam asked, hopeful.

       "There's something definitely developing between us. I'm not sure what exactly it is, but I want to find out," Liz answered. "So I'm not going to runaway from you, if that's what you're asking. I like you, Sam. And I'm interested," Liz said raising up on her knees, pulling Sam with her.

       "I can't promise you anything," Liz said, taking Sam's face in her hands gently. "Everything's so crazy right now..."

       "I know. I don't really know what I'm feeling," Sam admitted. "But this, being with you, feels good...right." Sam closed her eyes, feeling Liz's touch and wanting to remember it forever. And then she felt Liz kissing her and everything else fell away.


       "Where the hell have you been?" Mike yelled when Sam returned home. It was close to ten and she looked flustered.

       "What?" She asked, surprised by her brother's tone.

       "It's late."

       "Yeah, and you're not my Mother, Mike," she shot back at him angrily.

       "Were you with that girl?" He asked accusingly.

       "That's none of your business," Sam replied, heading for the stairs.

       "There's something you might want to know about her, Sam," Mike said. Sam stopped dead in her tracks. He picked a file up off the coffee table and recited. "Elizabeth Parker, age 18. Born and raised in Roswell, waitresses at the Crashdown Cafe."

       "Yeah I know all that, Mike."

       "Did you know she has a record?" He asked, raising his voice.

       "What?" Sam asked, confused.

       "Armed robbery, less than a year ago...with a guy named Max Evans," Mike stated, advancing on his sister. "That kid has a record so long it wouldn't even fit in one file. Did she tell you that too, Sam?" He asked with sympathetic eyes.

       "So what?" Sam replied with anger in her voice. Had Liz been lying to her? "What does that prove? That she's had some trouble in her past?"

       "Jesus, Sam. Two girls from Roswell are dead and they both bare a striking resemblance to your friend. And the murders just happened to start the same time she shows up in Glory," Mike said, trying to knock some sense in his sister. "I don't think it's safe for you to be around her. Rudy's on his way over to her hotel now."

       "For what?" Sam asked, feeling her blood boiling.

       "To question her."

       "What?!? You guys think she's the one killing those girls?"

       "You have to admit, it's quite a coincidence her being here." Mike said sarcastically.

       "And maybe she's just trying to start over," Sam shouted, feeling herself getting more angry every second. Liz couldn't be a murderer, could she?

       "Sam, what's gotten into you?"

       "You think you can just breeze back into town and everything's going to be great. You stick your nose in where it doesn't belong and you try and act like the big brother you should've been five years ago. Well, I'm sorry if I just don't give a shit anymore. You're too late, Mike," Sam said and hurried upstairs to her room.

       "Sam," Mike called after her, but was answered by the slamming of her door.


       "Miss Parker, what brings you to Glory?" Rudy asked, now sitting across from Liz in her hotel room.

       "I needed a vacation," she answered flatly. She'd been questioned by the authorities too many times to be nervous. Actually, she was kind of irritated.

       "And why come here?"

       "I read some book about this place. Figured there'd be so much going on I could just blend into the background," Liz said, seeing Rudy's face go pale. "Apparently the town sheriff is a total homo, but you can't believe everything you read can you?"

       "I've read some interesting things in your file," Rudy countered. "Made some pretty bad choices in your life, haven't you Elizabeth?"

       "If you're referring to the time my boyfriend and I held up a convenience store with unloaded weapons and stole absolutely nothing, then yes I guess I have," Liz replied, staring straight into the young sheriff's eyes. Rudy looked confused for a moment and then returned to his interrogation.

       "Listen, I've got two dead girls in the past day or so and both of them are from Roswell," he said. "It's just a little too weird for me that you arrived the same time they started turning up dead."

       "I don't know what to tell you Sheriff Dunlop. But if you call Jim Valenti at the Roswell Sheriff's department, I'm sure he can vouche for me and the fact that other than that one unfortunate incident, I'm a model citizen," Liz said, trying to end the conversation.

       "Don't plan on leaving Glory until this is all sorted out," Rudy said, getting up. "And keep your door locked. If you're not the one responsible for the murders, you just might be the next target," he added, letting himself out.

       "Thanks," Liz said closing the door behind him. She leaned her head against the closed door and sighed. Here comes her past to bite her in the ass again. Not only was she in danger of having the life sucked out of her, but she was also a suspect in a double murder investigation. For a moment, Liz thought she might have been better taking a vacation anywhere else and then the phone rang.

       "Hello?" She said picking it up.

       "Hi, it's Sam," a voice said on the other end. The girl sounded like she was crying.

       "Sam, what is it?" Liz asked, anxious.

       "Listen, Mike like pulled your file from somewhere," she began.

       "Your brother is the one who gave Sheriff Dunlop my file?" Liz asked.

       "Liz, I'm sorry. Mike is such a nosy prick sometimes. So Rudy's already been there?"

       "Yeah, he just left," Liz replied. "Did Mike tell you what was in my file?" Liz asked, getting ready to explain some more.

       "Yeah, he did. But Liz I don't care about that."

       "You don't?"

       "You came here for a new beginning, right? Well I know what it's like to need that and as far as I'm concerned whatever you've done in the past has no relevance to the future...unless you give it the power to," Sam replied.

       "Your brother thinks I killed those girls," Liz stated.

       "But you didn't," Sam replied, more of a question than a statement.

       "No, but I think whoever did might be after me next," Liz said, truthfully.

       "I'm coming over there," Sam said and then the line went dead.

       "Sam, no," Liz responded to a dial tone. She slammed the phone down and grabbed her jacket, heading out into the cold, dangerous darkness of Glory, hoping she could save Sam from whatever was lurking out there.


       Sam climbed out her bedroom window quietly and minutes later, her feet hit the ground. She steadied herself on the tree she had just used as a ladder and took off in the direction of Liz's hotel.

       She was cutting through a dense expanse of woods in hopes to cut down the time it would normally take her to get to the Anchor Inn when she saw something dark run across the path a few yards ahead of her. She stopped suddenly, scared. Her breath came fast and uneven as she scanned the darkness around her. Maybe she hadn't seen anything at all. Maybe she was just scaring herself. She smiled at the thought of being such a baby and took a step forward. Immediately, her face dropped as she sensed someone standing directly behind her. She was frozen...until a twig snapped inches behind her and she took off running.

       Her attacker was only steps behind her and Sam willed herself to keep going or it would be all over for her. She kept her head down, trying to minimize scratches from the surrounding brush that kept slapping against her body with a vengeance. Sam could almost see the clearing and lights of the path ahead of her when a branch flung back and caught her square on her forehead. She stumbled and hadn't caught her balance when she tried to move forward. The worn bottom of her sneaker slid on a large rock and send her down to the dirt covered ground with a thud. She raised up her hands and scrambled to get back to her feet, feeling something warm and wet slip down her nose. The gash on her head was bleeding and it was making it hard for her to focus. She tried on last time to get her legs under her, but collapsed when she felt a strong hand enclose around her ankle.


       Once Liz stepped outside her hotel room and onto the concrete, she realized that she had no idea where Sam lived. She momentarily thought of calling Rudy, but considering all the run ins she's had with the law in the past it wasn't such a good idea. It's funny that Liz wasn't concerned or afraid for herself or what could happen to her out in the open. She'd been in danger for so long it was almost a comfort, like something she could count on. What crossed her mind with more seriousness and worry was the fact that an innocent girl was out in the surrounding darkness and if she got hurt it would be all Liz's fault.

       She turned the corner into the main square of Glory and luckily spotted Zane locking up Hazel's Diner. She ran over to him, out of breath by the time she finally reached him. Liz bent at the waist and put her hands on her knees trying to get some oxygen back into her lungs.

       "Liz, hey," he said turning to look at her. "What's..."

       "Where does Sam live?" Liz asked urgently, cutting him off. She grabbed him by the upper arms and shook him almost frantically.

       "Huh?" Zane asked confused.

       "Zane!," Liz shouted, gripping him harder. "Sam's in trouble. We have to go find her," Liz said still slightly breathless.

       "This way," he replied, face set in concern and worry. He grabbed Liz's hand and they took off in the direction of Sam's house.


       "Rudy, Sam's not in her room," Mike said into the cordless phone as he surveyed the empty bedroom and open window.

       "Shit," Rudy said into his cell phone, making his way out into the street towards the Bronco.

       "Shit, what Rudy?" Mike asked.

       "The guy I had on the Parker girl's room said she took off a little while ago," Rudy replied starting the engine. "He lost her about five minutes ago," Rudy finished and was met with a click on the other end of the phone.

       Mike bolted down the stairs and out the front door with a slam. He dropped the phone somewhere on the lawn before he took off running in the direction of the Anchor Inn. His feet were hitting the pavement hard, his cheeks red with exertion and worry. A few minutes later he heard a scream coming from the woods near the center of town.


       "Did you hear that?" Zane asked, halting suddenly. Liz nodded. "It came from over there," he said pointing to a dark patch of wooded area about fifty feet to their right. He turned to Liz, but she was already breaking for the woods. He followed her as fast as his long legs would take him.

       Liz broke through the trees and into the depths of the dark woods with one thing on her mind. She was going to find Sam and put an end to whatever was out there praying on residents of her former town. She felt her hands get warm, sparks threatening to erupt at any moment. So much for her powers going away. Liz heard another muffled sound coming from somewhere close to her and took a few more heated steps in its direction.

       She stepped on a stray branch and it snapped loudly, causing the figure ahead of her to stand up straight and look in her direction. Liz rushed forward coming closer seeing a tall, wiry man in his late twenties. He had greasy hair that shone in the moonlight and he nervously pushed his glasses up his nose. Obscured by a low growth of bush, Liz was able to see someone's legs sticking out, close to the man in front of her.

       Sam sat up groggy, putting a hand to her head and pulling it away covered in blood. She moaned as she tried to raise up on her legs, but they wouldn't hold her yet. She looked to her left and saw Liz outlined in the moonlight and thought she might be dreaming. Then she saw her attacker starting to advance on her, something long and sharp in his right hand.

       "Sam, no," Liz screamed raising her left hand. The electricity broke free of her control and shot out ahead of her. It hit a large tree branch and with a loud zap-like sound, the bolt of lightning snapped the brach clear off the tree. Ted looked up, dropping the syringe in his hand and raised his arms in defense as the fallen branch landed on top of him. It sent him to the ground and held him there until it appeared that he was passed out.

       Liz shook her hand out, stopping the flow of energy and ran to Sam's side. She knelt down beside the young girl who was looking up in shock. Liz helped her into a sitting position and looked into her smooth, pure face which was now marked in blood.

       "Oh God, you're hurt," Liz said examining Sam's head wound. She pulled her hands back when Sam flinched at her touch, the wound obviously still tender. "Sorry," Liz whispered, fully aware that she wasn't just talking about causing the girl pain but also putting her in danger to begin with.

       "What for?" Sam asked, trying to eek out a smile. "Looks like you saved my life," she continued, looking into Liz's dark eyes that were starting to water. "And you know what that means."

       Sam raised up as far as she could, gripping at Liz's sides to hold her. Liz met her halfway in a sweet kiss, holding onto Sam and helping her to stabilize her position. Zane flew into the clearing just in time to see his best friend locking lips with another girl. His mouth flew open in shock and his eyes went wide. He couldn't bring himself to look away as the two girls embraced tenderly.

       "Sam," Mike called pushing past Zane and into the woods. He saw Liz touching his sister and immediately thought Sam was in danger. "Leave her alone," he said advancing on the couple.

       "Mike, back off," Rudy said, gun raised in both hands as he too arrived on the scene. "Miss Parker, please step away from the girl and don't make any sudden movements," he continued, walking towards them.

       Liz got up and helped Sam to her feet, steadying her with an arm around her waist. Mike moved forward still thinking Sam was in danger and tripped over the body that lay on the ground near his feet.

       "What the..." Rudy said, rushing to help Mike up.

       "I think that would be your killer," Sam said pointing to the heap of man under the tree branch. She leaned on Liz and they began to walk away.

       "Mike, check this out," Rudy said kneeling down and picking up the syringe.

       "What do you think it is?" Mike asked, brushing himself off. He noticed a small container that was as thin as a pen laying near the unconscious man's outstretched hand. He bent down and picked it up.

       "I don't know. We'll have to wait for Ellie. What you got there?" Rudy asked standing.

       "Glow in the dark body paint," Mike answered. "I guess we know what the handprint was made with," he finished. Rudy nodded. Mike looked at his sister walking away, protected by Liz's arms and felt a pang of guilt and sadness. Ted began to stir and Rudy quickly cuffed him.

       "That was so hot," Zane said as Sam and Liz approached him slowly.

       "Shut up Zane and help me out here," Sam replied with a scowl and allowed him to put an arm around her and help her to safety.


       "Cause of death?" Rudy asked Ellie a few hours later at the station. They were all sitting around the table in the interrogation room. All being Mike, Sam, Zane, Liz, and the other two. Liz, Sam, and Zane had to give their reports of the evening and what they saw. Ellie had cleaned up Sam's head wound. Liz was holding her hand protectively and Zane was staring at them like he had never seen two girls sitting together before.

       "Zane, you're drooling," Sam said glaring at him. Liz laughed softly when Sam leaned over and rested her head on her shoulder.

       "Poison, pretty much," Ellie replied to Rudy. "A small puncture wound behind the left ear on both victims that I missed on first examination."

"You're slipping up, Ellie," Mike teased eliciting a scowl from the blonde woman.

       "Anyway, there was a cyanide cocktail in that syringe you found. It was laced with some other stuff, but basically once it hits the system it's instant liquification," Ellie explained. "And the body paint matches the samples we took from the girls also."

       "Motive?" Mike asked.

       "Ted says he was sick of playing second fiddle to his girlfriend's alien conspiracies and decided to make her the star of one," Rudy answered. "And once he started, he says it made him feel important so he just couldn't stop."

       "Sick bastard," Ellie commented.

       "Listen, I think we all owe you an apology," Rudy said looking at Liz.

       "No, it's okay," Liz replied. "You were just doing your job, Rudy. I've been around the law a lot and trust me when I say you do good work."

       "Thanks," Rudy said, dimples showing when he smiled. "I talked to Sheriff Valenti. Says you're a great kid and they can't wait to have you home."

       Liz looked down, tightening her grip on Sam's hand when she felt the girl start to tense.

       "Speaking of home," Mike began, "It's about time I got Sam back to the house."

       They all got up and started walking towards the exit. Liz finally let go of Sam's hand as they reached the cool, early morning air. Mike placed a hand on Liz's shoulder.

       "I'm sorry I doubted you," he apologized.

       "We all have things in our past we'll never escape," she replied and he responded with a knowing glance before heading to the squad car. Rudy and Ellie followed him and Zane stopped in front of Liz and Sam who were just looking at each other. Sam kicked him in the shin.

       "Ow," he exclaimed. "What was that for?" he asked as he bent down to soothe his wounded area.

       "Beat it, Zane," Sam replied still looking only at Liz who was smiling.

       "C'mon, Sam. When am I ever going to get to see this again in my life without having to pay for it?" He whined. Liz laughed and Sam turned her eyes to glare at her good friend.

       "Goodbye Zane," she said through clenched teeth, eyes penetrating his. He stomped off like a two year old that didn't get dessert. Sam turned back to look at Liz.

       "So..." she began, not knowing what to say.

       "Yeah," Liz replied, nervous.

       "Are you gonna stick around?" Sam asked, hoping Liz would say yes but secretly knowing she wouldn't.

       "Actually, if it's one thing being here has taught me it's that I can't run away from my past," Liz said, reaching forward and taking Sam's hand in her own. "I need to go back to Roswell and face my demons."

       "I understand," Sam replied, squeezing Liz's hand. "So..."

       "So..maybe you can come visit Roswell some time," Liz suggested, starting to draw Sam closer to her.

       "Why would I want to do that?" Sam teased.

       "I hear there's this girl there that totally has a thing for you," Liz replied and then Sam was in her arms. They held each other tightly, neither girl really wanting to let go.

       "I'm really going to miss you," Sam said, turning her head to whisper in Liz's ear.

       "Hey it's not like this is it for us," Liz replied, pulling back to look Sam in the face. "If I can keep my ass out of trouble, I should graduate this year. And Seattle has some really good schools," she finished running a hand along Sam's cheek.

       "So does this mean we're attempting the very painful and rarely successful long distance relationship?" Sam asked.

       "I hope so," Liz replied. "Unless you're planning on hooking up with Zane."

       "I won't even dignify that with an answer," Sam said, rolling her eyes. And then they were kissing, innocently and sweetly. It was like something Liz had never felt before, warm and passionate. It made her stomach turn in delight.

       "Mike, I didn't know your sister was..."

       "Shut up, Rudy," Mike replied, looking at his sister kissing another girl with fire and contentment. Ellie just smiled.


       Liz Parker had her bags packed, her jacket closed tight, and was waiting for the Glory Ferry to arrive and take her back to the mainland...and back to her life. Although it was different now. It was somehow brighter. She didn't have to be tied up in all the alien drama of her former boyfriend. If she really wanted to, she could start living her life like a normal teenager...something she couldn't do before. She had been forced to grow up too fast and she had decided that she would at least attempt to regain some of her innocence and wonder. And she was finally doing what she wanted to do. Christ, she was dating a girl and having quite a lot of fun doing it. Liz had sort of made a new family here in Glory and it taught her that Roswell wasn't the only place on Earth where she did or didn't fit in.

       "Guess who?" she heard a voice say as someone covered her eyes from behind.

       "Um...Shane West?" Liz guessed, smiling.

       "Close," Zane replied, backing away. "Now see, Sam, that's what I'm talking about," he added turning to his friend who was standing next to him. "Shane West is cool...and the ladies dig him."

       "What are you guys doing here?" Liz asked, surprised.

       "Zane wanted to say goodbye," Sam replied, a smile playing at the corners of her mouth.

       "That's sweet," Liz said stepping forward and pulling the tall boy into a warm hug. She kissed him on the cheek before relinquishing their contact alltogether.

       "And I wanted to give you this," Sam said snaking a hand around Liz's neck and pulling her in for a heated kiss. Zane turned away this time in respect. Liz pulled Sam to her tightly, as they ferociously went at it right there in public. The sound of the Ferry's horn finally broke their silent moment and they backed away from each other slowly, not losing eye contact.

       "Okay, I'll call you when I get home," Liz said, slinging her back over her shoulder. "Bye, Zane," Liz said, slightly embarrassed turning to him. Sam smiled and winked at Liz, her fingers playing along her lips remembering what they had felt like moments before pressed against Liz's. Zane waved and smirked and turned to Sam as they watched Liz board the ferry.

       "So does this mean you're going to start listening to the Indigo Girls and shave your head?" he asked with a smile, knowing full well he was about to get smacked.

       "Only if it'll piss you off," Sam replied and backhanded him on the shoulder. Her face grew solemn for a moment watching her new love pull away from the dock. Zane put an arm around his best friend and pulled her to him.

       "We've got Spring Break coming up soon, ya know," he said, trying to make Sam feel better. "And I've always wanted to go to New Mexico." He smiled and felt something inside him light up when Sam smiled back at him.

       Liz turned around for a moment and waved at Sam before disappearing into a crowd of people headed for Washington State. She was eager to go home and tie up loose ends...and start working on her new beginnings.

completed 4/10/02

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