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Chalkboard Destiny 1: Getting Behind the Wheel

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Added to the Roswell Slash Archive September 9, 2002

Title : Getting Behind the Wheel
Author : Mel
Spoliers : Through 'The End of the World'
Summary : Isabel Evans decides to go for what she really wants, in the defiant face of her so-called destiny.  (Isabel/Liz, implied Isabel/Tess).  PS - Last half of Season 2 and Season 3 haven't happened yet.
Disclaimer : I own nothing, but too many Witches' Brew candles and a cat that acts like a monkey.  Roswell belongs to Melinda Metz, and anybody else associated with the books, the show, the WB and UPN...whatever, I'm just borrowing Isabel and Liz and getting them to be truthful about their feelings.  The probability of me giving them back is slim <grin>.  I OWN NOTHING.  I make no money at all right now.
Rating : NC-17 ( this is my first Roswell fic and also my first ever graphic sex scene...please be nice, i'm rather fragile)
Feedback : Always welcome.  Unless you're about to light me on fire, in which case I have my extinguisher handy.

       Isabel Evans buzzed down 285 South at a speed that would have made her parents as well as local law enforcement cringe. She kicked it up another notch switching gears while bearing down on the gas pedal with a lead foot. The wind was racing against her face with a cold sting and its fingers slid through her hair blowing it free and wild around her. Her hand absentmindedly turned up the glaring anger of the radio as her eyes kept watch on the road..or what she could see of it through the tears. She had no idea where she was going and she didn't much care. She just needed to get away from the pain.

       Isabel never cried. She was tough as nails and it wasn't just a facade. She really was cold as ice. But then again that was before. She was a different person now. There was a time when Isabel had to be the strong one, to try and lead Max and Michael. But that time was over because Max was the King and he was behind the wheel. Gradually after letting herself go and allowing herself to actually feel, Isabel was starting to soften up. She wished she was the old Isabel because at this moment the new Isabel was nothing more than a mess.

       Tess had gotten under her skin..slipped into her heart while she had her guard down. It was great to actually feel something for another person that was genuine and pure. They were connected in a way that was far beyond anything Isabel had ever dreamed of and she melted everytime she was around Tess. It was bliss, pure unadultered bliss. And then it ended. Tess had just dumped her muttering some shit about Max and destiny. How it was Isabel's own destiny to be with Michael. That they couldn't change the way things were meant to be. Tess had said something about Isabel being the only thing she would ever love in the world. That she was sorry. And then she had just walked away.

       I'm so sick of fucking destiny, Isabel thought as she continued bearing down on the gas. She wiped at her eyes, but it was no use. The tears kept up their assault, the lump in her throat dissolving and regenerating constantly. She gripped the wheel so tight her knuckles turned white and tried to dull the pain that was breaking down inside her. Max had to have everything. The power, the leadership, and now once again the girl. Yeah no one ever knew it, but before Max even knew who Liz was Isabel did. Isabel watched her from afar not wanting to get anyone involved in their little world...mainly because Max forbid it. And then he broke his own rules...and Isabel's heart. Liz should have been Isabel's great love, not Max's. She could still tell when they happened to be in the same room that when Liz looked at her there was fire in her eyes. She would catch Liz looking at her and she'd look away embarrassed at being caught. But she was with Max. And now he had taken Tess from her too. Isabel was beginning to wonder if she'd ever get her chance to be happy when it dawned on her that it was time for her to reclaim what should have been hers.

       Isabel choked back the last of her tears and a smirk slid across her face as she slammed on the breaks and pulled the wheel turning the jeep in the opposite direction. She went equally fast back to Roswell letting the cold air sting her eyes and dry her tears. Max and Liz had recently broken up. He wouldn't tell anyone why, but he didn't have to. In a few weeks it was all over school. Liz slept with Kyle. But that was just a rumor. Liz would never do that. Yeah right, Is. Just like Tess would never leave you for your brother. Didn't matter now. Isabel knew Tess was still in love with her and Max was her brother and as soon as Isabel got to the Crashdown both of them would end up hurting worse than she did at that moment.


       She slid the jeep into a spot out front. The lights inside the Crashdown were out. They were closed, but Liz was still there. Isabel checked her watch. It was a little after midnight. Had she really been out that long? Isabel walked up to the door not even really knowing what she was doing. She peered in and saw Liz sitting at the counter with a cup of coffee and a book. Isabel smiled and got a warm rush all over her body. She hesitated slightly deciding whether or not she could really do this and then knocked softly.

       Liz jumped almost spilling her coffee on herself and looked toward the door. There was someone there but she couldn't really see who. She got up off the stool wrapping the blanket around herself and shuffled over to the door. Pulling back the curtain, her eyes were filled with a certain tall blond alien. Isabel was standing with her hands in her pockets looking around the deserted streets. She turned back to the door and saw that Liz was looking at her. Isabel gave a small smile and wave. Liz smiled back and unlocked the door quickly pulling it open. She reached out and pulled Isabel inside.

       "Isabel, where have you been? Max called here all worried like two hours ago?" She asked after closing the door and turning back to Isabel.

       "Max called here looking for me?" Isabel asked running a hand through her long hair nervously.

       "Not really. He called cuz he was upset. He said something happened and that you were supposed to be at Tess', but she didn't know where you were either." She paused looking Isabel over. The girl looked like she had been crying and her eyes were welling up again. "You look awful. Are you okay?" She put a comforting hand on Isabel's arm.

       "Yeah everything's fine," she answered turning away slightly blinking back tears.

       "Isabel, why are you here?" Liz asked in a whisper. Isabel turned towards her covering Liz's hand with one of her own drawing them closer together. As they got closer she could feel the heat rising off of Liz and the distant thunder of her heartbeat speeding up. They stood there staring at each other for an endless moment.

       "I'm not really sure. I guess I need to talk to someone. Actually I need to talk to you, Liz," Isabel said quietly searching Liz's face for something. She found what she was looking for, desire and intrigue. She noticed the blanket slipping from Liz's shoulders exposing her Powerpuff Girls pajama set. Isabel grabbed the blanket and pulled it back over her Liz's shoulders breaking the moment. Liz looked down slightly and then held the blanket closed with both hands.

       "Cute pajamas," Isabel commented with grin, taking her hands back.

       "Shut up," Liz replied laughing slightly. "It's not like I expected anyone to see me in them. I definitely didn't expect you to come here to look at my sleep wear."

       "I know. I'm sorry," Isabel said getting quiet. "Maybe I should go," she said turning.

       "Wait. You said you wanted to talk to me about something?" Liz half stated half asked. Isabel turned back to face her looking down shyly trying to find the right words to say. She ran an unsteady hand through her hair and exhaled.

       "I don't really know where to start," she said looking up past Liz towards the back of the restaurant. "It's been a really crazy night," she added looking directly into Liz's eyes.

       "Tell me about it," Liz requested holding Isabel's gaze. She had to fight the urge to look away knowing that soon Isabel's eyes would see directly inside her and burn their way into her soul. Reluctantly she turned and made her way back to the counter. She heard Isabel's boots clanging on the floor following her.

       "Can I get you something?" Liz asked as she made her way around the counter to the other side. She grabbed the coffee pot and refilled her mug.

       "Actually, coffee would be good," Isabel answered reaching the stools. She shook off her leather jacket and draped it across the stool next to her. For once she was glad she was wearing a sweater and not a tank top. The night was beginning to get a chill in the air...or maybe it was just her mood. It was a plain black turtleneck sweater. Tess had given it to her for Christmas. She played with the cuffs nervously while Liz poured her coffee. She even added Tobasco without Isabel's having to ask. Perfect.

       "Isabel, what's going on? Max was really worried about you," Liz said returning to her stool, sipping her coffee and pulling the blanket around her. She made a face as she swallowed. "Coffee's kinda not all that warm," she explained.

       "Here, I got it," Isabel offered as she placed her hand above Liz cup and it began to simmer.

       "Thanks." Isabel nodded and turned back to her own cup. She took a swallow before she spoke.

       "You're well aware of all this destiny crap," she began.

       "Oh yeah," Liz agreed.

       "Well some stuff was going on and it was kind of all interfering with our plan or whatever. And tonight it just all blew up and I'm just so goddamn sick of having to live my life by someone or something else's blueprint. I'm sick of giving up everything I love just because it's what some book says I'm supposed to do," Isabel said with anger and hurt in her voice. The tears were getting ready to fall but she blinked them away before Liz could really see. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't be raising my voice at you," she continued quietly. "You and I have a lot more in common than I ever thought we could. We both got screwed over by destiny."

       "I wouldn't exactly say I got screwed over," Liz said after a few moments of contemplation.

       "You can't tell me you're happy about not being able to be with Max."

       "Not happy, no. But being apart from him and seeing how things went on here while I was gone put things into a little better perspective for me. Max and I aren't meant to be together. That's just the way it is and either I push something that's never fully going to happen...or I spare us both the pain and walk away," Liz finished fidgiting with her coffee mug.

       "How badly does it hurt?" Isabel asked softly glancing over at Liz.

       "At first it was awful. Now it's not so bad. He's doing what he has to do, leading and all. I wouldn't have been able to live with myself knowing I was standing in the way of that. He's just not the one, you know."

       "You truly are amazing, Liz Parker," Isabel said reaching over to grab her hand. "Really," she emphasized. Liz's hands were warm and slightly damp with sweat. Was she nervous for some reason?

       "Thank you," she said graciuosly looking down. "Although I still haven't figured out how destiny fits in with your stuff. Didn't you and Alex break up months ago?"

       "Alex and I never got started," Isabel said taking her hand back. "This isn't about Alex."

       "What is this about Isabel?" Liz asked turning towards her concerned.

       "Well...see..." Isabel stammered. Lie or tell the truth, Is?

       "Isabel, you can talk to me," Liz reasured her and that was all it took.

       "Well, brace yourself for this one," she said pausing. "Tess just broke up with me." Isabel watched Liz's face for a reaction. It took her a few minutes to gauge some sort of distinct emotion. Liz looked down, but not before Isabel saw what looked like relief wash over her face. Isabel took a sip of her coffee and tried to calm herself down, but the mere thought of what had happened earlier in the night made her chest tight. She shuddered at the image of Tess' sweet mouth uttering the words that tore her apart and ran her hands through her hair bringing them back to cover her face. Liz must have noticed because she was immediately leaning next to Isabel with a comforting hand on her shoulder.

       "Isabel, what happened?" She asked quietly. Isabel choked back a sob and snickered.

       "Max," she answered wiping at her eyes. "Max is her destiny," she said turning to Liz. "And that makes me less important."

       "Or maybe it just means that there's someone else out there for you."

       "Do you really believe that? I mean that there's someone else out there for you...other than Max?" Isabel asked hesitantly.

       "I do," Liz said reaching out and wiping the tears from Isabel's face before resting a hand on her cheek softly. "I believe everything happens for a reason. Tess was sent here to make Max and I realize that we're not really supposed to be together." She paused drawing herself closer to Isabel. "And maybe that's what she's trying to tell you...that you aren't meant to be together either."

       "Maybe," Isabel said her voice shaky. She braced a hand on the counter, the other covering Liz's hand where it rested against her skin. "Then who am I supposed to be with?"

       "Maybe your destiny is to be with Michael," Liz said her hand shifting slightly.

       "Maybe," Isabel replied. "But I don't believe in destiny. I'd rather follow my heart."

       "What's gotten into you?" Liz asked smiling. "You're different somehow. More..."

       "Human. I tried so hard not to be, but there's something inside me that won't quit," Isabel offered. "Liz, there's something that I need to tell you." Isabel got up and the motion caused the blanket to once again slide off Liz's shoulders. They both scrambled to catch it, breaking contact slightly. Isabel once again pulled it back into place, but this time didn't remove her hands.

       "It's okay," Liz said. "It was getting kind of warm in here anyway." She smiled up at Isabel shyly.

       "Yeah," Isabel smiled and laughed nervously.

       "So what did you want to tell me?" Liz asked as Isabel shifted closer, their bodies only a breath away. Isabel opened her mouth to speak, but the loud ring of the phone interrupted them. Liz slipped away grudgingly and picked up.

       "Hello? Oh hey Max," she said into the phone glancing at Isabel who got a solemn look on her face at the mention of his name. She then waved her hands mouthing the words "I'm not here". "No she's not here Max. I'm sure she's fine though. Maybe she just needed to blow off some steam or something. Yeah, sure. No problem. Yeah I'll see you tomorrow. Uh huh. Night." She hung up and turned back to Isabel.

       "I guess I should go," Isabel said picking up her jacket.

       "Does he know?"

       "Know what?" Isabel asked confused.

       "About you and Tess."

       "Not unless she told him."

       "Does anyone know?"

       "Just you," Isabel replied slipping her arms into her jacket and adjusting her hair.

       "Thank you for trusting me," Liz said softly.

       "Thank you for being here," Isabel shrugged. She turned to go, but Liz's voice stopped her.

       "Isabel..." Her voice trailed off as she walked slowly to the other girl who turned back to look at her.


       Liz closed the remaining distance between them slowly but surely dropping the blanket and wrapping her arms around the taller girls waist. She rested her head on Isabel's chest and could hear her heart beating...rapidly. Definitely human. Her own heart sped up when Isabel tucked her head under her chin and brought her arms around Liz's shoulders pulling her close.

       "Everything will be okay," she whispered into Isabel's sweater.

       "Promise?" Isabel asked, her voice quivering. Liz merely nodded not trusting her own voice, still shocked at what was happening...and slightly not shocked which shocked her more. After a few seconds Isabel tensed and pulled away slightly. Liz stepped back folding her arms over her chest.

       "I should go. Max is probably ready to call Valenti," Isabel said half smiling wiping her face dry.

       "Yeah. I guess I'll see you tomorrow."

       "Yeah. Tomorrow then," Isabel said nodding still almost breathless. She waved slightly then turned and left.

       Isabel stepped outside and welcomed the cold air that surrounded her. She was almost sweating from the time she just spent with Liz. She slid into the jeep and pulled her hair into a pony tail before seeing the lights dim in the Crashdown. She checked the clock. It was after one am.


       She was still trying to piece together what had just happened as she drove home...the destination holding little more than Max's interrogation. She had almost just kissed Max's ex. And she was having fuzzy feelings for her too. Isabel had intended on paying Max and Tess back by merely seducing Liz and throwing it in their faces, but something about the dark haired girl made Isabel think twice. Isabel was beginning to fall for Liz and saw what Max must have seen. She couldn't blame him for trying so hard to hold onto Liz. Isabel realized she would have done the same thing...and given a chance she just might have that opportunity. By the time she pulled into the driveway, she was too exhausted to think about it anymore. It was just and intense situation that lead to confusion. Right.

       Isabel reached the door and scrambled for her house key just as the door opened from the inside. Max stood there cast in shadow with one of his hands casually hanging on the back pocket of his jeans. Isabel rolled her eyes and pushed past him.

       "Where have you been, Isabel?" He asked closing the door.

       "None of your business, Max," she replied reaching the stairs.

       "Mom was worried about you. She almost called the police."

       "Whatever. I'm tired." Isabel edged up the stairs.

       "I thought you said you were going out with Tess," Max said not letting up.

       "I did."

       "That's impossible Isabel. Tess stopped by a few hours ago." Great. Breaking up with me wasn't enough. She had to come over and mind trick my brother on the same night. Wonder what hot and steamy visions she made him see this time.

       "What for?"

       "She needed to talk to me. That's not important," Max said quietly. "Why won't you talk to me, Is? You're my sister and I care about you a lot. I just want to help if I can."

       "Whatever, Max. You know I've heard the 'oh Isabel you're my sister and love you so much' speech enough. I've had a really horrible night and I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't make it ten times worse by barrading me with your stupid fucking questions. I was out and that's all you need to know," Isabel said angrily as she stormed upstairs not looking back. Tess had come over and obviously not told Max what had happened between them. She could have asked Max what Tess had said, but she already had a pretty good idea. It was probably some crap about how they needed to surrender to destiny because it was inevitable. Isabel vowed never to be destiny's bitch and hurried into bed.


       Liz Parker sat in chemistry class, but the last thing on her mind was scientific knowledge...although chemical reactions were swirling inside her head. Of course they involved Isabel and that was something that Liz was trying desperately to not to think about. She couldn't figure out what was going on with her, but at the same time the time she spent with Isabel just felt so right. A part of her couldn't wait to see Isabel again and the other part was just plain scared. It didn't work out with Max. Why would it work out with another of the destined four? It wouldn't...but Liz couldn't help but feel like it might be a chance worth taking. She dropped her pencil on the lab table and sighed. What's going on with you, Parker?

       "What's going on with you Parker?" Maria asked stopping in front of Liz.

       "What?" Liz asked confused.

       "Bell rang like two minutes ago," Maria replied bluntly. "Gonna sit here all day and daydream or would you care to walk me to my locker so I can bitch about where the hell Michael is?"

       "Sure," Liz said getting up and grabbing her backpack.

       "So where's Max anyway?" Maria asked linking arms with Liz as the floated into the hallway.

       "Couldn't tell you. Now that I think of it, Tess wasn't in class either."

       "And I saw Isabel walk past the door halfway through class," Maria confirmed.

       "Something must be up," Liz said putting two and two together.

       "But what?" Maria asked. "And why aren't we there?" Liz shrugged looking around for any signs of the aliens and coming up empty handed. She hoped the rest of the day would pass quickly so she could concentrate on work and not think so much. If the rest of the day swam with thoughts of a tall blond haired girl, it was sure to pass slowly. Never the less, Liz was starting to smile at the thought of Isabel. Scary, she thought turning back to Maria's Michael filled rant.


       "Where the hell is Isabel?" Michael asked rashly pulling up a seat in the eraser room. As if on cue, Isabel burst through the door and shut it quietly as three pairs of eyes focused on her.

       "Just got your note. What's up this time?" She asked flatly. Her eyes floated over to the corner where Max and Tess were sitting too close for comfort. Her head was resting on his shoulder, her feet dangling off the table. Isabel looked at Tess with fire in her eyes. Tess looked away, hurt and embarrassed...but she didn't move her head. And Max didn't move either.

       "Where the hell were you last night?" Michael asked.

       "What's it to you?" She shot back at him.

       "We needed to call a meeting after Tess came by," Max replied. "We couldn't find you."

       "Is it really that important?" Isabel asked folding her arms over her chest.

       "Isabel, why are you pulling away from us? We're your family," Tess said sadly.

       "You'd do well to shut your fucking mouth," Isabel growled.

       "Isabel, what the hell is going on with you?," Max asked getting up and advancing on her.

       "Why don't you ask your new girlfriend," Isabel stated roughly looking at Tess who was on the verge of tears.

       "So then you already know what we're here for," Max stated. "I knew you wouldn't be happy about it."

       "I don't like it much either, Is," Michael said coldly. "But what choice do we have?"

       "No fucking way," Isabel said quietly realizing what was going on.

       "We all agreed that it's time to start acting like we're supposed to. If we want to survive and find our way home, this may be the only way," Max said motioning to Tess and Michael.

       "What about Maria? And Liz?" Isabel asked soundly.

       "Maria I can take or leave," Michael replied. "I vowed never to form attachments and I'm not going to let that stand in the way of who we really are. We're not human. We never will be." Isabel couldn;'t believe her ears. She looked to Max to make some sense.

       "Tess is my destiny, Is," he said returning to her and putting his arm around her. "Liz isn't one of us. I should never have gotten involved with her in the first place. With everything that's happened, I know I never will again. It's time for me to lead like I was supposed to."

       "This is so not really happening," Isabel said under her breath running her hands through her hair.

       "I went to see Max last night and we talked everything through," Tess added quietly.

       "We can't deny this. With all we've been through, it's starting to make more and more sense," Max agreed. "We can't keep fighting who we were or are..what we were sent here to do."

       "Bullshit. You two have been fighting it for months now. Ever since you saved Liz Parker's life...and all of a sudden you come up with this crap," Isabel said angrily. "Did you give them some apocalyptic flashes or something," she said turning to Tess.

       "Listen, Nasedo was sent here to bring us together and give us direction. He taught me well and now it's time that I follow his lead," Tess retorted icily. "I just want us to get back to the place where we belong and it's not here. This is not home, Isabel."

       "Not for you maybe. But it's been home to us for sixteen years," Isabel said getting closer to Tess so that they were almost at a standoff. "I'm not just gonna haul off and leave. I have friends here...and what about Mom and Dad, huh Max?"

       "Is, this is hard for me too."

       "Is it? Because you seem all too okay with all of this?"

       "And when did you become all touchy feely with everyone?" Michael raised his voice. "Not a year ago, you wanted nothing more than to get your real Mother..our real families. You were the one that was against us getting close to anyone."

       "Things change, Michael. I just followed your and Max's example." She paused. "I do have feelings you know. My God, you just decided all of this without even asking me what I thought."

       "You were nowhere to be found," Michael shouted. Isabel didn't even glance his way. She just stared Tess in the eyes throwing daggers with her gaze. Tess met her eyes for a moment and turned away back into Max's arms.

       "I can't believe you'd just give all this up in a second and for what?" Isabel asked.

       "We don't belong here. We're different, Is. You know that," Max said soothingly.

       "You had a chance to get us home when you went to the Summit. Why didn't you agree then?" Isabel asked.

       "I didn't want to give them the granolith...and I wasn't ready."

       "And you're ready now?" Isabel paused trying to calm herself. "I don't understand why, Max. Everything was going okay around here."

       "Isabel, we just destroyed an entire race of people that came her to destroy us. That's not exactly okay," Max stated. "The longer we stay here the more likely we are to get innocent people killed. It's not safe."

       "Maybe I'm not ready. Did you ever stop to think how this might affect me?" Isabel asked tears welling up.

       "We did, Is. We thought you'd be the first one to agree," Tess said. Isabel had to ball her fists to keep from crossing the room and laying her out. The bell rang for the start of next class.

       "Listen we can talk about this later," Max said. "But maybe you should think about what it really is that's keeping you tied here...and if it's worth the sacrifice. We're your family, Is and as long as we're together we'll deal with whatever happens." He put a hand on her arm, a peaceful gesture. Isabel shrugged him off.

       "We done, then?" She asked coldly. Max nodded. Michael got up pissed off as usual. Isabel caught Tess' eyes for a second before Tess looked down biting her lip and crossing her arms. She then turned and left pretty much banking on the fact that she wouldn't be completing the school day.


       Later that night, Isabel lay on her bed staring at the ceiling faintly hearing Max's Counting Crows cd playing on repeat through the walls. She had come to a conclusion : she was being rash and somewhat evil. Max had no idea about her and Tess. But at the same time, Isabel knew that she wouldn't be able to go back "home" knowing that Max and Tess were going to be together forever. And she wasn't ready to leave the life that was all she knew.

       And then there was the whole big Velandra deal. If she really had done those things, what's to say she wouldn't mess up again? Betraying your entire family isn't something you want to repeat...or go through the first time even. Bottom line : Isabel was scared. She was scared to leave her comfy life. Scared of what was to come. And most of all scared of the past. And she wasn't ready to put aside the forces she thought were drawing her and Liz Parker together. Something was happening and maybe it was just human feeling, but so what. It was something Isabel was feeling so far down inside, she couldn't reach it to make it go away. She didn't want it to go away. When would she get a chance to be happy ? Still, attacking Max and Michael wasn't going to help her much. And a part of her really did want to go back to where they came from. But they had all formed too many earthly attachments to cut their ties so quickly. There were consequences and sacrifices now. Isabel needed time to think. She rolled over closing her eyes, wishing that somehow things would end up allright when she heard a knock at the door.

       "Yeah," she said sitting up. Max peeked his head in not completely entering the room. "Hey Max," she said quietly.

       "Hey," he replied standing there not moving.

       "Come in, Max." He did as told and shut the door behind him.

       "Listen, Isabel. I don't want to fight with you."

       "I know. Me either."

       "We should have come to you before deciding anything," he continued leaning against the door.

       "It's not your fault, Max. I guess I should have been here. But all this stuff was just so crazy.." She trailed off trying to figure out what to say.

       "Isabel, you can talk to me."

       "I know. It's just's sort of difficult Max."

       "I'm not going to push you Is. But something is going on with you and I just want to help," he said crossing the room to sit next to her. "If it helps any I've decided that going back to our planet or whatever isn't the best thing to do right now."


       "Michael and I talked and there's so much that we still don't know about what happened or what is happening up there. We want to find out what we're walking into beforehand," Max said putting a hand on Isabel's arm. "Is, I'm sorry about earlier."

       "Me too, Max. I'm just not ready to leave everything behind. We've spent our whole lives here and as much as we've fought being human there are parts of us that just are," Isabel said.

       "I know," Max nodded. "But there will come a time when we'll have to go, Is. And we need to be ready for that moment." He moved and put his arm around her and she let him. "Now do you want to talk about what happened last night?" Isabel stiffened. Should she tell Max or not? He was her brother, but Tess belonged to him or whatever. In the end, it could just end up messing everything up more. Then where would they be?

       "It's not important," she decided answering him. She paused. "So you and Tess are like a thing now?"

       "I guess. I'm not really sure," Max said laughing quietly. "We've been spending some time together since Liz and I called it quits. She's not a bad person, Is."

       "I know that." Boy you have no idea how much I know that. She's not a bad kisser either, but you probably already know that.

       "I'm not saying you and Michael should go out and get married...but maybe you should spend some time together and feel it out."

       "I don't know, Max," Isabel replied uncomfortable all of a sudden. "But good for you and Tess," she added. They sat quietly for a few moments before she spoke again. "Do you still miss Liz?"

       "Everyday," Max replied solemnly. "But it's over. And it's time to move on. We're friends like we should be." He got up and moved towards the door.

       "If you want to talk, you know where I am," he said turning back to her.

       "I know. Thanks," Isabel replied with a small smile. Max left and shut the door.


       The Crashdown was fairly dead. But then again it was after eight on a Thursday. Tomorrow the weekend rush would begin. Maria and Michael had been in some fierce argument earlier about secret meetings...which Michael promptly denied of course. Liz chose to stay out of it until Maria stormed out. She immediately gave Michael her best 'I'm too exhausted to go after her face' and he took the hint and followed her out. Neither of them came back.

       Liz refilled the coffee mug of their last lonely customer, smiled and retreated behind the counter. She tried to restore feeling to her feet, but it was no use. She settled for refilling the sugar containers. After a few minutes she decided to be bold and call the one person she had been thinking about all day. For some reason she couldn't get a certain Czechoslovakian out of her head. She picked up and dialed a number that was all too familiar to her. Isabel picked up on the second ring.


       "Isabel...hi," Liz suddenly got nervous. "It's Liz."

       "Funny, I knew that," Isabel said teasing a smile spreading across her face. Liz laughed quietly. "Hold on a sec and I'll get Max for you."

       "Actually, I called to talk to you," Liz said quickly. Suddenly the smile on Isabel's face got bigger.


       "Yeah." Liz paused. "Is that okay?"

       "Absolutely." A short silence played over the phone.

       "So how are you doing?" Liz asked. "You were pretty shaken up last night."

       "I think the word you're looking for is mess," Isabel replied. "Earlier it was pretty bad, but about two minutes ago the day got a lot more promising," she confessed. Liz grinned on the other end of the line.

       "Glad I could help," Liz said. "Actually I was thinking maybe you'd want to come over again..maybe hang out some"

       "Sure," Isabel agreed. "Tonight?"

       "If you're not busy."

       "Not at all."

       "Great. We're closing in a little while. You could just come in after...or you could meet me on the roof if you want. I'll just grab some blankets or something," Liz suggested once again nervous.

       "That would be great," Isabel replied sitting up barely able to contain herself. Tess who?

       "Do you mind using the ladder?"

       "As long as I don't break a nail everything'll be copacetic," she flirted.

       "Okay, so I'm gonna go clean up and I guess I'll see you soon."

       "Yeah. See you soon Liz."

       "K. Bye."

       "Bye." Isabel put down the phone and ran to her closet. She only had about an hour or so to decide what to wear. The day was looking up.

       Liz Parker put down her end of the phone and silently asked herself what exactly she was doing. However, she couldn't keep from smiling. She started cleaning up. Tonight was starting to get interesting.


       Isabel stood in front of the mirror fixing her pony tail and nodded at the stylish practicality of her outfit. The roof was going to be a bit chilly even in New Mexico. Layers...that was the key. Red tank top complete with cleavage. Black shirt only buttoned a few times at the bottom. Jeans and black leather boots...easiest pair of shoes Isabel had to use for climbing. She took a deep breath, grabbed her black leather jacket and opened the door. She stopped short just before bumping into the person waiting on the other side.

       "Tess," she breathed almost silently. "What are you doing here?"

       "Your Mom let me up," Tess replied fidgeting with her hands.

       "Max's room is two doors down," Isabel said standing her ground.

       "I came here to talk to you," she said slipping past the taller girl into the room.

       "Good for you, Tess really...but in case you hadn't noticed I'm on my way out," Isabel turned to leave. Tess grabbed her arm keeping her from moving.

       "Isabel, please," she pleaded. Isabel would have been fine if she didn't turn around...but she did. The look on Tess' face drew her back into the room shutting the door behind her.

       "Fine. Talk," Isabel said after Tess pulled her hand away.

       "I don't want things to be so messed up between us-"

       "What did you expect Tess, really?? You dumped me for my brother," Isabel cut her off harshly.

       "Isabel, I'm sorry," Tess said in earnest.

       "Whatever. You're sorry. I'm sorry I ever got involved with you," Isabel said raising her voice. "I love you, Tess. Can't you see that?"

       "I love you too Isabel. You know that," Tess said moving closer to the taller girl.

       "No you don't. You were right about one thing. You're not human...not one bit. You have no idea what it means to feel otherwise you wouldn't have done this to me," Isabel said practically screaming.

       "Isabel, keep your voice down or-"

       "Or what? Max might hear what his beloved queen has been doing?" She paused. "Sooner or later, he's going to find out. Now if you'll excuse me..."

       "Can't we just go back to being friends? I need you, Is," Tess pleaded.

       "I can't do this right now," Isabel said quietly before turning her back on Tess and walking out the door.


       Liz was lighting candle when she heard a clanging rhythm coming up the ladder. She stood up straight, smoothed out her sweater, and tucked her dark hair behind her ears just as she saw a blond ponytail bobbing its way up to the roof in front of her. Isabel smiled as she reached the top and glanced at Liz. Her pulse involuntarily sped up, but came to a screeching halt as she fell into Liz's telescope which was positioned way too close to the ladder. She sent it carreening to the floor and followed its lead.

       "Oh my God, I'm so sorry," Liz said apoligetically as she helped Isabel back to her feet. "I totally forgot that was over there."

       "Well it's a good thing I wasn't trying to impress you because that was real suave," Isabel replied putting the telescope back into place and brushing herself off. Liz got her first real look at the girl in front of her and found it hard to speak.

       "You..uh...look great," she stammered bringing a smile to Isabel's face.

       "Thanks," Isabel said nervously. "You too...but no cute pjs tonight?" She added raising and eyebrow.

       "Well, it's not time for bed yet. And it's a little too cold out here for pjs anyway."

       "I'd say it has potential for warming up," Isabel said slyly looking around at the candles and blankets. Both girls stood in a long moment of awkward silence before Liz dared to speak.

       "Wanna sit down?" She asked.

       "Oh..yeah sure." Isabel sat on the wall dangling her feet while Liz fell into her usual chair.

       "It's so nice up here," Isabel commented looking up at the sky.

       "Yeah when I come up here I sort of just feel in tune with the world. Like there's this whole big universe out there. Usually I just come up here to clear my head. Something about this open space that makes me feel less trapped. You ever feel that way? Trapped?"

       "All the time," Isabel answered looking at the girl across from her. They stared at each other for seconds that could have been hours. Liz looked away first and spoke.

       "So was today any better than last night? You guys were all missing from class today."

       "Yeah that.." Isabel paused not knowing whether or not to continue. "Liz, I want to thank you for last night. You really did help me a lot...being here. But I guess I should tell you what's going on."

       "Okay," Liz said almost in a whisper watching as Isabel slid off the ledge and came closer to her.

       "Max and Tess are together sorta," she confessed. Liz closed her eyes and looked down. "I mean, they're trying to find a connection or whatever...stupid destiny," she finished frustrated sitting down next to Liz. "I'm sorry."

       "No, it's okay," Liz replied after a few moments raising her eyes to look at the girl next to her. "I knew sooner or later it was going to happen. It's time to move on anyway, right?" She added with a small smile.

       "Right," Isabel agreed laughing nervously. Liz shivered rubbing her arms. Isabel couldn't help but notice. Liz smiled at the tall girl sheepishly.

       "It's a little colder than I expected," she said shyly.

       "Here," Isabel said moving closer and putting her arms around Liz. "They say body heat is the best source of warmth." Liz leaned into her closing her eyes and just enjoying the feeling of being held. She could faintly smell leather and the sweetness of whatever perfume Isabel had sprayed on before she had arrived. Isabel stiffened a bit as Liz drew herself closer, but couldn't help but reach up and run her hands through the dark hair that had found itself flowing over the arm of her jacket. Neither girl spoke for a long while, each listening to the steady breathing of the other. Liz's hands snaked their way around Isabel's waist causing a slight intake of breath at the sudden movement. Liz pulled back quickly.

       "Sorry," she said softly watching as Isabel frowned at the sudden loss of contact.

       "Don't be," Isabel said her hands running down the length of Liz's arms stopping to grip her forearms lightly. Liz drew herself closer to Isabel once again tilting her head back so she could look in her eyes. She saw what she felt reflected in the deep brown eyes of the girl in front of her -- desire and curiosity and a hidden wanting that had been laying in wait for too long. The space between them got less and less as they inched closer to each other. "I'm not," Isabel added as her lips descended on the one's that Liz offered to her more than willingly. The moment their lips touched each girl knew that there was something so right about what they were doing.

       Isabel got the flashes first. She had never had them with Alex...with anyone. It was so surreal she could hardly believe what was happening. It started with a few with Liz as a little girl on the playground smiling, but quickly leaped to more recent thoughts. Running away from Max and the pod chamber crying. Isabel could feel the pain that Liz felt. Then a sudden rush of images brought on a warm feeling. Isabel at her locker talking to Michael. Isabel at the Crashdown nursing fries and a chocolate shake. Liz taking Isabel's hand to dreamwalk Max and the fear and wonder that it carried with it. There was a long rush of images of Isabel flying through Liz's head. Isabel moaned slightly not used to such a sudden overload of emotion, but didn't pull away. Liz's head was filled with thoughts of her.

As their lips tangled chaste and unsure at first, Liz reached one hand up gripping the collar of Isabel's jacket. The other snaked its way around Isabel's neck drawing her closer, willing the kiss to deepen. Isabel granted the request by opening her mouth and advancing her tongue on Liz's which reciprocated slowly at first. As the rhythm of their hearts beat faster the kiss they shared became white hot, threatening to burn out of control. In a moment of passionate abandon, Isabel grabbed the smaller girl at the hips and drew her onto her lap. Liz breathed heavily as they broke apart for a split second and knelt straddling Isabel's legs with her own. She ran her hands down each side of Isabel's face looking down into her eyes pleading with her to open up completely. Isabel's hands slid up Liz's back gripping her sweater in desperation as she drew the girl into her completely, planting a series of hot, wet kisses from her neck to her collarbone. Liz relaxed Isabel's embrace before lifting her head to once again capture her lips in a kiss so deep it spoke volumes. Isabel dropped her walls, not able to keep herself shut off from Liz any longer. She was afraid of such raw trust, but something inside her was willing her to let go. Liz Parker was going to see it all.

       A moment later Liz was confronted with the mystery that was Isabel Evans and it was floating through her head. The flashes were just like they were with Max. The solar system...stars...galaxies. The crash. She even saw Isabel being hatched from her pod and slowly find her way over to Max...drawn to him in some way. But something was different than they were with Max...Liz could feel Isabel's emotions as the scenes played. She didn't have that with Max. Was her connection with Isabel somehow stronger? More emotional and less just about sex? The flashes came faster and with more intensity as Isabel opened her soul and poured it into Liz's body. They broke away both trying desperately to find their breath. Liz clung tighter to Isabel as the flashes became more recent. Isabel as she ran her hands over Tess' body. Liz waitressing at the Crashdown, giggling and smiling with Maria. Liz on the roof with her telescope. Isabel in the doorway of Michael's apartment looking at her feeling unadultered jealousy as Liz walked over to Max's waiting arms. And the feeling of desire and contentment as Isabel watched Liz through the window at the Crashdown the night before. Liz pulled back holding Isabel's face between her hands.

       "You've been thinking of me," she said not able to believe what she just saw. Isabel closed her eyes and let her head drop slightly. Liz promptly hooked a finger under her chin and drew her eyes back to her. "Isabel, look at me." Isabel opened her eyes and the beauty of the girl in front of her almost made her want to cry. "What are you afraid of?"

       Isabel drew Liz's hand from her cheek and rested it over her heart. Liz extended her fingers and brushed against the soft skin above Isabel's tanktop. Isabel's heart was thudding so fast it threatened to burst. The hand that covered Liz's was trembling.

       "This," Isabel said her voice just as shaky as the rest of her. Liz took Isabel's free hand and placed it over her own heart which was beating just as fast.

       "I've been thinking of you too," she whispered, smiling. "You don't have to be afraid, Isabel. I won't hurt you." Liz's eyes grew dark with desire as she slowly stood taking Isabel's hands and drawing her closer to her bedroom window.

       Once they ducked inside, Isabel once again driven by her desire wrapped her arms around Liz's waist and pulled her close. She ducked down and drew Liz's lips to her own in a sweet exchange of feelings. Liz ran her hands under Isabel's jacket to her shoulders pulling it off and letting it drop to the floor. They back pedaled to the bed, not breaking their contact or the sweet kisses that they shared.

       "We shouldn't do this," Liz mumbled against Isabel's lips. "I mean I've never done this before," Liz admitted.

       "It's okay. I won't hurt you either. I promise," Isabel replied running her tongue along Liz's lower lip before plunging it inside her mouth eliciting a slight whimper from deep in Liz's throat. Liz pulled Isabel down on top of her as the back of her legs connected with the side of her mattress.

       Getting to her knees and looking down on Liz, Isabel started to slowly unbutton her shirt. After a few seconds, she realized her fingers just weren't working. Liz half sat up stilling Isabel's hands with her own.

       "Let me," she said her voice thick with wanting. Liz unbuttoned the rest of Isabel's shirt and ran her hands over the soft cotton of tank top covering Isabel's stomach. Liz got to her knees and removed Isabel's shirt for her placing a soft kiss on the tall girl's pulse point. Isabel responded by tugging at the bottom of Liz's sweater and dragging it over her head in a quick, fluid motion. She looked at Liz kneeling in front of her in nothing but her black lace bra and smiled to herself. Liz had planned on someone seeing it tonight. She ran her hands through Liz's tousled hair and kissed her passionately. Liz did the same reaching back and pulling Isabel's hair free from the elastic that held it. She drew herself back to look at the sight of Isabel as her hair cascaded around her shoulders and Liz's breath caught in her throat.

       Isabel pushed Liz back onto the bed slowly laying the length on top of her and kissing her quickly on the mouth before trailing kisses down her throat and trailing her tongue between the small girls breasts. Isabel looked up at Liz as she closed her eyes and arched into Isabel's touch. Liz reached around and unclasped her bra, her eyes never leaving Isabel's. She tossed the garment onto the floor as Isabel ran her hands over Liz's newly exposed breasts eliciting a groan from the dark haired girl. She leaned down taking one of Liz's taut nipples in her mouth gently rolling her tongue around it before giving the other one the same attention.

       Minutes later, Isabel dragged her tongue down Liz's stomach pausing to dip it into her bellybutton causing Liz to thrust the lower part of her body upward. The fire between her legs was growing out of control and she needed to feel Isabel against her in the worst way. Isabel could feel Liz's need as well as her own and proceeded further down her body. Her teeth caught on the button of Liz's pants and she teased pulling at it for a second before hearing Liz's voice.

       "Please..." She begged in a whisper. Isabel obliged by replacing her teeth with her hands and quickly removing Liz's pants and socks leaving the girl in her panties. She then quickly removed her own clothes tossing them onto the floor. Isabel stopped to look down on Liz seductively as she reached around her own back and removed her own breasts from their lacy confine. She too had been planning on someone seeing her tonight. Liz's whole body clouded over with desire as Isabel removed her own panties and then layed her hands on Liz's thighs trailing up until she had removed Liz's underwear also.

       "You are so beautiful," Isabel breathed looking down at Liz so exposed and vulnerable before her. Liz raised up slightly as Isabel descended and they met each other half way sharing the most open passionate kiss yet. It was then that the flashes started again and got more intense and their bodies connected, skin against skin. Liz wrapped her legs around Isabel's waist, pressing her pulsing center against the slickness of Isabel's own. Liz moaned into Isabel's mouth as they grinded together slowly. Isabel trailed her hand down Liz's side and slipped it in between their bodies finding its place in the soft wet curls of her center. She slipped her fingers inside in a steady rhythm granting her choked gasps from the girl beneath her. As Liz's breathing became faster Isabel slid down the expanse of her body, tongue replacing her hand tasting the hot pulse of Liz's desire.

       She continued sucking and nipping, hands sliding up to twine with Liz's until she felt her reach the edge and eased off not wanting to push her over just yet. She crawled up Liz's body and this time Liz flipped her over reversing their positions. She carressed Isabel's ample chest as they kissed and this time it was Isabel's turn to moan deeply and arch into Liz's skilled hands. Isabel cupped Liz's sex and once again began a steady rhythm just as Liz started one on Isabel's own. Liz could feel the complete wetness of the girl before her and increased her actions until they were both ready to release their desire.

       "Liz..." Isabel began through ragged breaths. "I want to see your eyes," she pleaded raising her free hand to run it through the girls long dark hair. Liz opened her eyes and bore them down like fire into the dark ovals of Isabel's own. Each girl stared into each others souls as the flashes came in one fast, intense rush as the end spilled over them both They clung to each other tightly each letting the others name pass through their lips in a husky growl.

       Isabel looked up into Liz's eyes and and cupped her face in her hands gently. Liz leaned down and kissed Isabel softly faintly tasting herself on Isabel's swollen lips. She slid down and rested her head on Isabel's chest feeling the same rapid beating of her heart. Isabel's arms slid around her tracing circles on Liz's back with her fingertips. She kissed the top of Liz's head.

       "That was amazing," Liz said quietly, her eyes welling up. "It's like I could feel all these things you were feeling," she continued as Isabel pulled her back up. A single tear escaped her eyes as she noticed the tears sliding down Isabel's own face.

       "I felt them too," Isabel agreed smiling up at the girl above her.

       "Thank you," Liz said quietly.

       "For what?" Isabel asked.

       "Letting me see you...all of you," Liz answered planting kisses all over Isabel's face. Isabel merely nodded before turning on her side and curling up around Liz's body.

       "What happens now?" Liz asked, her breath hot against Isabel's neck.

       "We'll see," Isabel responded running her hands through Liz's hair until she felt and heard the small girls breathing reach a constant, rhythmic pattern.

       Isabel stayed up and watched Liz sleep for a few hours, bathing in the beauty of the girl next to her. Just before daybreak, she slowly untangled herself from Liz's sleeping form and covered her before dressing and climbing through the window. She looked in once more, smiling at the thought of having something so wonderful in her life. The smile quickly faded when the reality hit that she had just slept with Liz Parker....Max's supposed soulmate...that Isabel was beginning to think was her own.


       Liz Parker woke up and reached out for the warmth of the girl she had shared her most intimate secrets with...and came up empty handed. She shot upright in her bed, looking around. Realizing she was alone, she rested her head in her hands.

       "Dammit, Isabel," she breathed quietly before the panic and desperation took over her body. She fell onto her side and watched the sun come up through her window. She still had a few hours to sleep, but she knew that wasn't going to happen.

       So she lay there, the warm sun beating down on her still naked form. Liz replayed last night's entire events over in her mind, savoring every last moment. She longed for the time when she'd feel Isabel's body beneath hers once again. Realizing how crazy she was thinking, Liz blinked and shook herself out of the thoughts that kept her warm at night. And they had. Liz would never have admitted it, but she had thought about Isabel long before she had the chance to be with her. It started when Max crashed into her life bringing Isabel and Michael with him. Liz would find herself staring at Isabel in school and the Crashdown, wondering what hands would feel like, her lips. And then Isabel would look up, catching her and Liz would look away. She was Max's girlfriend so she shouldn't have been checking out his sister. Or falling in love with her.

       But strangely, Liz was beginning to feel drawn to Isabel in a way. When they were close or brushed past each other, Liz felt a rush like electricity flowing just beneath the surface of her skin. She felt alive. Liz felt connected to Isabel in a way that she would never be able to explain and that no one would be able to understand...not even Maria. Because the truth is that Liz didn't understand it herself. It just was. It was attraction and longing. Desire and passion. It was everything Liz fooled herself into believeing she had with Max. She knew what was missing with Max because she had found it with Isabel. It was happiness and love and a warm glow that promised to surround her forever. It was fate. It was destiny. And it was contained in the eyes and touch of Isabel.


       School came and went in a haze. Liz found herself searching the halls for Isabel at every spare opportunity, but the tall alien was nowhere to be found. Liz had time to think about what was happening, and when she saw Max walking down the hallway hand in hand with Tess a small realization crept over her. Isabel's first stop after finding out Max and Tess were together was the Crashdown. She remembered how they had almost hooked up that night. No, Liz thought. Isabel was not using her to get back at Tess and Max..then again she didn't stick around last night, did she?? Liz tried to think what other reason Isabel would have to do the things they had done last night. It was one of two things...either Isabel had real feeling for Liz or it was revenge. The more Liz thought about the more she started to think it was something that meant little to Isabel...just something to throw in Max's face. But Liz was one to talk...considering she had a secret of her own.

       The cliffs near the pod chamber were hot, scolding hot like the pits of Hell. And that;s exactly where Isabel Evans felt like she was. Last night she had experienced the most intimate, intense moment of her life and now she had absolutely no idea what the hell to do about it. She was just supposed to be getting back at Max and Tess...but somewhere along the way Isabel realized she had fallen for Liz Parker. Sure it had happened a long time ago, but she buried it so far down inside herself it dare not reach the daylight. Yet somehow there it was staring her in the face and scaring the shit out of her.

       As Isabel had grown up in Roswell, she had never let anyone past the surface of her cool exterior. She walked around head held high...some would call it stuck up...and breezed past everything and everyone like they were nothing. Because they were, they had to be. Isabel knew deep down that attachments would only complicate things. She wouldn't let herself fall prey to them. And then one day as she made her way out the back entrance of Roswell High, she saw a dark haired girl sitting on the bleachers across the football field crying. Isabel at that moment felt things she never knew she could feel. She might as well have been in that girls body because she could feel the exact pain she was going through. That was the day Isabel first laid eyes on Liz Parker...and the first day she ever felt connected to anybody in any way. And she hadn't even spoken to her until Max saved her life. Maybe that's what they really mean when they say destiny.

       Some people say they never really knew the exact moment they fell in love. It was a gradual set of events that eventually led up the moment when they realized that there was something different..something that grew into this magnificent love to end all loves. But Isabel knew. Sure it snuck up on her, but she knew all the same. That day she felt Liz Parker, she knew that they were drawn together somehow...that maybe she was supposed to love this person, to finally let someone in. But she pushed it away because she didn't want to have ties knowing that one day she would have to cut them all completely.

       And so Tess came along and Isabel let herself get involved because it was safe. Tess was one of the destined four and they'd always be together in some way. They were the same...guarded and closed off. Afraid to let anyone in. And so Isabel thought she loved Tess and maybe she did. But she had never felt anything like she felt when she touched Liz. Isabel and Tess never opened up enough to let each other in. There were no flashes

        when they kissed, when they made love. It just wasn't there between them. So maybe Tess was right and they weren't meant to be together. But no one was going to tell Isabel that she couldn't be with Liz. She had finally found the person she was meant to let in and that was something that even destiny couldn't stand in the way of. That night at the Crashdown, she had fallen in love with Liz Parker all over again. So why was she at the cliffs instead of waking up next to her? Fear. An all too human emotion.


       Day turned into night and found Isabel laying on her bed staring at the ceiling. She had come home, avoided Max and his questions and found out that their mother hadn't even noticed she didn't make it home the night before. Max however was a different story. After about the fiftieth time he asked her where she was, Isabel shouted something about him not being in charge of her life and retreated to her room and the silent darkness it promised her. For a split second, she thought about telling him, but then things would get all complicated...and she didn't want Liz to think that was what their sleeping together was about. Isabel bit her tongue on that issue and simply walked away from him.

       So she put on a depressing cd, lit a candle, and tried to fall asleep early to ward off impending thoughts and decisions that she wasn't in the mood to face down. Three hours and 40 depressing songs later, Isabel came to terms with the fact that she wasn't going to be getting any sleep anytime soon. The clock next to her bed read a little after eleven. She grabbed her jacket and slipped through the darkened house quietly into the desolate streets that accepted her.


       Liz Parker sat on a counter stool and stretched her aching neck. They had finally gotten rid of the last lingering customers and closed up relatively quickly. She still hadn't seen Isabel. Max had mentioned that she didn't return home last night when he and Tess had stopped by for dinner. Maria made some comment about Liz's uncharacteristic, mopy behavior, but Liz didn't offer her any explanation and she didn't ask for one. Liz was tired and cranky. The sadness that plagued her from waking up alone had slowly morphed its way into anger. She was pissed that Isabel left. Pissed that she may have been used. And pissed at herself for not believing in the very conviction that Isabel;s intentions could have been less that noble. What they had was real and it meant something and Liz was determined to continue believing that. Because if it wasn't then she was just a fool.

       She ran a stiff hand through her hair and pulled it back before removing her apron and grabbing a broom. She jumped off the stool and proceeded to sweep the floors, the last closing procedure of the night. And then it was off to bed to more than likely dream of Isabel. Liz was saddened a bit by that fact, but still smiled in rememberance of how she felt in Isabel's arms. Safe.

       It was almost midnight when Isabel found herself outside the Crashdown. She could see Liz inside sweeping or something, but couldn't decide whether or not to knock. Maybe she should just go up to the roof...or home. Yeah, home was looking like a really good option at that point. Isabel shook her head slightly, sighed and raised her hand to knock.

       "Go in there and tell that girl exactly how you feel, Is," she said under her breath as she nodded and let her hand fall against the door in a soft rhythm. She waited a few moments and was about to knock again when the curtain was pulled back and Liz looked out at her, her face blank. But her eyes were full of something that made Isabel's chest tight. It was hurt staring back at her. The curtain fell back into place and Isabel heard the door click unlocked. It didn't open. She breathed deeply before turning the handle and entering.

       Once inside, Isabel turned around and locked the door. Liz continued to walk away until she reached the counter, depositing the broom up against one of the tables. Isabel walked slowly over to her, but was stopped by Liz's voice.

       "Where were you this morning?" She asked still not turning around, anger curling her voice.

       "Liz, I'm sorry. I got scared," Isabel said gently. "Really scared."

       "What? You don't think it scared me?!" Liz demanded turning around.

       "Liz, I..."

       "No," Liz said firmly. "It was my first time, Isabel. You were my first...and you didn't even stick around long enough to say good morning," she finished tears threatening to sting her eyes.

       "I'm sorry I ruined it for you," Isabel replied, her voice quivering with regret.

       "Me too," Liz answered stone-faced. "But then again, you accomplished what you set out to do regardless."

       "What are you talking about?" Isabel asked defensively, raising her own voice.

       "Well, you nail me and then you get back and Max and Tess simultaneously. Two birds with one stone, right?" Liz stared Isabel in the eyes, holding her ground.

       "I can't believe you would think that," Isabel immediately retaliated. "Actually, I knew that's what you'd think. I couldn't possibly have feelings, right? I'm just a cold hearted bitch." She set her jaw, a single tear rolling out.

       "You said it, not me," Liz shot back at her.

       "But it's what you think," Isabel said matter of factly.

       "Isabel, I don't know what to think right now. I gave you the most incredible thing I have. I gave you all of me, inside and out. I scared the crap out of myself last night and I'm really confused," she began. "And I'm not talking about you being a girl...or an alien for that matter. I felt things with you that I never thought I would ever feel. I've never felt connected to another person like that ever...not even with Max. And I wake up this morning and you're gone. And what was all that stuff about the flashes and feeling what I was feeling? The look in your eyes? Was that all bullshit too? Just something to say to get me in the sac?!" She paused to run her hands over her face and turn slightly to the side gripping the counter with both hands. "I trusted you," she finished quietly closing her eyes and gritting her teeth. She wanted to lash out at something but instead just gripped the counter more tightly.

       "Dammit, Liz," Isabel shouted. "I came here tonight to tell you I'm falling in love with you." She paused, stepping forward. "No, I am in love with you," she stated. Liz turned to look at her anger stretching across your face. "I've been in love with you since the beginning...since the first time I saw you. Everything I said to you last night was the truth. I've never felt this way before either. Not with Alex. Not with Tess. No one, Liz. Only you." She looked at Liz, eyes pleading. "What else can I say to make it right?"

       "Nothing," Liz answered, not faultering. "There's nothing you can do."

       "So what? This is it?" Isabel yelled frustrated. "After everything we shared you still don't believe me?"

       "I don't know what the fuck to believe right now, Isabel. I'm in so much pain right now, I'm surprised I'm not bleeding from somewhere," Liz shouted back. She looked away and lowered her voice. "I think you should leave."

       "What? You want me to go?!" Isabel said not believing her ears. "That's it?!"

       "Yeah, that's it."

       "Liz..." Isabel said stepping towards her.

       "Don't," Liz said holding up a hand to ward Isabel off. "Just go," she said evenly, not looking up at her. Isabel dropped her hand and bit down hard choking back the lump in her throat.

       "Fine," she said with anger and hurt in her voice, both equal parts. She turned around shaking her head and balling her fists tightly. She managed to get outside and let the door slam behind her before the tears erupted silently. Inside, Liz banged both fists on the counter and cried silent tears of her own.


       Isabel pulled her jacket around her tightly and crossed her arms. There was a chill in the air and it wasn't just climatic. She had a cold rush running through her veins like daggers...and they all found a home cushioned directly in the middle of her heart. Could it be that her and Liz were already finished? Just hours after they started? Something. Isabel had to do something. But she was too defeated to figure it out before the night was over. She shivered, thinking it maybe wasn't such a good idea to walk and leave the car at home. She was barrading herself with words of disappointment and didn't even hear it when the white Toyota 4Runner pulled up beside her. Isabel turned as the driver's side window was rolling down. The night only gets better, she thought miserably.

       "Isabel, get in," Tess said motioning to the seat next to her. Isabel looked at the sparkling blue eyes before and made her way over to the passenger side door...defeated once again.

       "Miles to go before I sleep," Isabel muttered under her breath as Tess drove them through the desolate streets of Roswell. It was such a contrast to the milling about that went on during the day.

       "Did you just say something?" Tess asked taking her eyes off the road for a second to regard the girl slumped in the seat next to her. Isabel merely shook her head as she continued to look out the window. "What were you doing out so late walking around alone, Isabel? It's dangerous out here," Tess asked evenly.

       "What do you care?" Isabel shot back at her as she turned to focus on the blond spirals covering Tess' face.

       "That's just it, Is. I do care."

       "You've got a damn funny way of showing it," she said turning back to the window.

       "I'm sorry, Isabel. How many times do you want me to say it? I'm fucking sorry, but you won't even talk to me. You won't even let me explain!"

       "Explain what exactly?? You made it pretty clear already, Tess. Forgive me if I'm just a little hurt by your sudden life changing epiphany," Isabel shouted back not even trying to calm herself.

       "That's it," Tess said as she pulled the wheel to the right coming to a screeching halt on the side of the road. She threw the SUV into park and cut the enging, the keys dangling back and forth in a jingling motion. Tess turned in her, one arms slung across the wheel, the other over the armrest. She looked at an astonished Isabel and set her bright blue eyes on her ex-girlfriend.

       "What the hell are you doing?" Isabel asked puzzled.

       "We're going to have this conversation right now, Isabel."

       "Like hell we are," Isabel replied reaching for the door handle. Tess quickly flicked the automatic door lock button and with a resounding click, Isabel was trapped.

       "Dammit, Tess. Let me the fuck out of this car," she yelled clawing at the handle.

       "Not until you hear me out," Tess replied firmly not budging and inch. Isabel stopped scrambling and sat eyes fixed on the road in front of them. Tess took it as a sign to continue. "You know that I've been raised my whole life by Nasedo. And from the beginning he drilled into me that the whole point of my life was to be with Max. I didn't grow up like you, with others that were like me. I never knew what it was like to have someone else that understood me, understood what I was going through."

       "You've got Max now. So I guess you finally get to have all that stuff you didn't have before," Isabel said coldly.

       "Don't you get it, Isabel," Tess began softly. "I wasn't talking about Max. I was talking about you."

       "You lie," Isabel said with fire on her tongue.

       "You'd like to believe that...because it would make everything easier. But you know it's true." She paused dropping her voice to a low whisper thick with raw desire. "I remember what it was like to feel your body under my hands, your voice in my ears saying my name. I remember the taste of your skin and the look in your eyes like a sharp blade just beneath the surface of my heart. I remember everything, Isabel. I miss it. I miss waking up next to you, curled safely in the circle of your arms," she finished, eyes growing dark with rememberance.

       "I don't," Isabel stated grufly. "You made your choice, Tess. Now you can live with the consequences."

       "Yeah I made my choice. I made the greatest sacrifice in the world...denying myself your love...because it's what I had to do. The book says that I'm supposed to be with Max, but my heart belongs to you," Tess added, tears welling up in her eyes. Isabel looked at her, the events of the night bearing down on her like a burden. "I know that something inside of you still loves me, Isabel. I can feel it," Tess finished slowly drawing herself closer to the girl sitting next to her.

       "No," Isabel whispered trying to curb her mind to thinking only of Liz. Tears escaped her eyes unwanted.

       "Just because my destiny is with Max doesn't mean that we can't still be together too, Is."

       "What are you talking about?"

       "What Max doesn't know won't hurt him," Tess breathed.

       "No, Tess. I'm not going to play second place to my brother," Isabel said not quite believing what Tess was saying. "I loved you, much. And you ruined that." Tess flinched like the words she just heard had slapped her in then face. But she didn't faulter in what she said or did next. She drew herself closer to Isabel, cupping her face and turning it to gaze into her eyes.

       "Don't you remember how good we were together, Izzy?" Tess was inches from Isabel, the wanting rising off of her like a primal scent. "I love you. You know it's true," she said lips just millimeters from Isabel's. Isabel could taste the sweetness of her breath...the heat of her desire. For a moment she closed her eyes leaning closer, but stopped at the last moment pushing herself back against the door.

       "I can't do this Tess," she said looking at the startled girl, blue eyes wide with confusion. "There's someone else. I love someone else."


       Liz Parker sat at her desk, pen in hand. She had attacked her journal shortly after Isabel left writing only of the tall blond girl. The only person who had the power to stir up such love...such hurt. She loved Isabel so deeply it cut right down to the core of her soul. But she was hurt and angry and yeah maybe said some things she should't have. She was chiding herself for getting involved with another person whose destiny dared not include her when she heard a knock at her window. She jumped a little, a nervous anticipation that it was probably Isabel lighting a fire in the pit of her stomach. Liz darted to the window only to find Max crouching down before her. She opened the window, disappointed.

       "Max. What's up?"

       "I wanted to talk to you. Can I come in?" He asked.

       "Actually, I'll come out," she answered grabbing a sweater and pulling it over her head.

       "It's getting cold out here," Max observed.

       "It's okay. It can't get any colder than it was earlier," Liz said climbing through the window. She tripped and Max caught her arm bracing her. She steadied herself and pulled away from him slowly. "So what did you want to talk about?"


       "There is no us, Max, remember? It's over."

       "It doesn't have to be," he said stepping closer to her.

       "What are you talking about, Max? You're with Tess now," Liz stated looking at him.

       "I don't love her, Liz. I love you," he said taking her hand.

       "It's too late. Things are different now, Max. You're my friend and that's it. It can't be any other way."

       "Liz, I sacrificed everything for be with you. Don't let it all be for nothing," Max said drawing her close to him. "I remember seeing you with Kyle and I felt a rage inside me that I never knew was possible. For a while the hurt was blinding me, Liz. It was all I could see, but I know now that the only thing that keeps me from going crazy is the thought of you," he said bringing a hand up to brush lightly on her cheek.


       "Don't tell me you don't love me, Liz. I know you do."

       "It's not that easy, Max. Things are complicated. We can't do this. We can't be together," Liz said staring into his sad brown eyes.

       "Liz, please," he said tlitling his head down, lips descending on Liz's. She didn't even have to think twice before placing a hand on his chest keeping him from getting any closer.

       "Max, don't," she said pushing at him slightly. She looked down before looking up again and saying the three words that would crush him. "There's someone else."


       "What do you mean there's someone else?" Tess demanded, jealousy stinging her voice.

       "I.Love.Someone.Else," Isabel stated flatly.


       "You think you're the only one who can move on, Tess? Well, surprise. I found someone else who loves me more. Someone who doesn't give two shits whether destiny says we're meant to be or not. It goes beyond that with us. It's on a higher level, something that isn't going to falter because someone or something says it can't be. It is between us. I have something greater now that I could ever have had with you," Isabel said icily.

       "Who is it?"


       "It's not important, Max," Liz said stepping away from him.

       "Like hell it isn't," he said harshly. "Is it Kyle?"

       "No. It's not Kyle."

       "Then who?"

       "Max, don't do this."

       "I'm not leaving until you tell me, Liz. You said you loved me. God, you swore to me that you'd love me forever," Max said painfully.

       "I did love you Max," Liz said, her chest getting tight. "I did."

       "What happened?"

       "Nothing....and everything," Liz replied confusing herself. "I fell in love, Max. And suddenly everything made sense."

       "So you're telling me you don't love me anymore?"

       "I'll always love you, Max. But it's over between us. It has to be," Liz said softly, her heart breaking for the boy standing in front of her.

       "I won't accept that," Max said raising his voice.

       "You have to Max."

       "No, I won't..."

       "Max, stop it," Liz shouted. "I'm in love with Isabel."


       "Liz fucking Parker?!" Tess yelled. "You're kidding me right?"

       "You wish," Isabel said like a smartass. "I love her Tess. And she loves me."

       "My God, Isabel. She's your brother's ex soulmate," Tess spat at her.

       "Wrong. She's my soulmate. My destiny. You and Max can have each other. I don't need you Tess."

       "What makes you think it's going to last?" Tess asked angrily.

       "I can feel it. I can feel her even when we're apart," Isabel explained smirking. "Sorry, Tess. You lose. You're not going to sway me on this. You can talk til you're blue in the face about Max and Liz and destiny and any other crap you can pull out of your ass. But that won't change anything. Liz and I are real together. There aren't any walls between us. It's all there out in the open. She knows everything. Even about you and me."

       "So I guess she told you she's a big reason why I broke it off with you then." Tess stared at Isabel who just stared back at her.

       "You're not sleeping with her."

       "Hell no. It's worse than that, sweetheart. You're new girlfriend is the one who convinced me that I had to be with Max," Tess stated with a smirk of her own.

       "Impossible," Isabel said not willing to believe it.

       "She came to my house, Isabel. She said she'd do whatever she could to help me...including sleeping with Kyle, I guess. After that, I picked up the pieces of Max's broken heart just like she knew I would."

       "You're lying."

       "Am I?" Tess shot at her. "Or maybe you don't know half as much as you think you do."

       "Unlock the doors, Tess. Now," Isabel said ready to explode. Tess complied and Isabel didn't look back as she rushed out of the car and slammed the door behind her. Tess sat in the car alone for a few minutes pounding the steering wheel with rage hidden until now.


       "My sister?" Max asked unconvinced. "You and Isabel? I don't believe you."

       "Max, I'm sorry."

       "There's no way she'd do this to me."

       "Where do you think she's been for the past three nights Max?" She didn't want to do this, but she had to get through to him.

       "Why?" He asked tears stinging his eyes.

       "After Tess dumped her for you, she ended up here and things just sorta happened."

       "What are you talking about? Tess and Isabel?"

       "Oh shit," Liz muttered realizing Max still didn't know. Way to put your foot in your mouth, Parker.

       "You're fucking crazy," he said swallowing hard. "Isabel wouldn't. You're lying."

       "I love her, Max."


       "Yes. I'm sorry it has to be like this. This isn't how I wanted you to find out."

       "No, you probably just weren't going to tell me at all," he said frustrated. "I can't believe this," he said running his hands through his hair and down to his neck. "I have to get out of here." He turned and climbed down the ladder as fast as his feet would take him running into the streets searching for the truth that eluded him. Liz climbed back in the window and crawled directly into bed. She didn't even change clothes.


       Two hundred and thirty four. That's how many cracks Isabel counted in the sidewalk by the time she ended up at the walkway of her house. She heard the screeching of tires before seeing Max's black jeep skid into the driveway and come to a startling halt. She managed to wipe at the tears that hadn't stopped coming since she left Tess' car only seconds before Max jumped out of his car and stalked towards her.

       "How could you?!" He shouted crossing through the grass to reach her.

       "I really don't feel like talking right now Max," she replied quietly. She turned to go inside, but he grabbed her arm and spun her around.

       "Well I do," he stated gruffly. Isabel looked up at him, eyes red and stinging and pulled her arm away.

       "What's wrong with you?"

       "I think I'm the one who should be asking that question, don't you think?" His voice cracked half because he was angry and half because he was trying to fight tears of his own. He raised his arms, running his hands over his face and causing a crinkling sound of creasing leather. "I mean, you're my sister...and....and she was my girlfriend. Just tell me how you could do this to me, Is? How?" Only silence answered him. "Goddammitt, Isabel! Answer me!"

       "I.." She looked up into her brother's eyes and the hurt she saw struck her so deep she was sure her heart had stopped. Her first incling was to lash out at him, defensive. But seeing him like this brought a tightness to her chest and a fresh family of tears to her eyes. "I'm sorry," she choked out between sobs.

       "You're sorry? First Tess and now Liz and all you can say is you're sorry?!" He screamed, not caring who heard or what scene he made. "I love her," he added before he dropped to his knees, crying out as he slumped forward, spent of all emotion and feeling.

       "So do I," Isabel replied staring at her brother's defeated body through her eyelashes wet with tears. She dropped down next to him and pulled him to her. Isabel gripped the leather of his jacket tightly as she rocked Max back and forth through his sobbing. She cried herself for the pain she had made him feel...for the way things would inevitably work out to be...and for the girl she knew she loved who was sitting across town feeling the despair that she and the boy she was holding were feeling too. In a violent motion, Max got up, ripping himself from his sister's arms.

       "No," he said wiping at his eyes. Isabel remained on her knees, head held in her hands. "She's in love with you too, you know," he stated and then shook his head as if he could rid the world of that truth if he just tried to get it out of his head. Isabel only cried harder at this revelation. "You've ruined everything. I hope you realize that Isabel." He paused. "Or should I just call you Velandra?" He inquired mercilessly. Isabel looked up and flinched like she had been struck by a bullett.

       "Max, please don't do this," she pleaded, rising to her feet and staring him down.

       "You betrayed me...our whole family on our planet. Guess it was just a matter of times before you did it to me here," he said evenly.

       "Max, you're angry. I know you don't mean that."

       "Don't I?" He asked throwing his arms out wide. "Velandra betrayed her entire race because she was in love. Seems to me that after what I found out tonight you've already done that twice."

       "I am not Velandra," Isabel retorted angrily.

       "I can't seem to see a difference, Is. You're sleeping with my girlfriend. That feels a lot like betrayal to me."

       "Ex-girlfriend," Isabel stated coldly.

       "Yeah," Max snorted as he jammed his hands in his pockets. Isabel looked at the ground, her hands balled into fists. "I hope it's worth it," he added before turning and walking inside, letting the door slam behind him.


       Isabel took a hot shower and let the water run over her somehow cleansing her of the night's events. She felt awful and the headache she had wouldn't quit. As she lay down to sleep that night, she expected to hear Max's Counting Crows cd playing through her walls...that would have been familiar, and she was feeling completely detached from the world...but she didn't. All that surrounded her that night was silence.


       Two weeks had passed since the night it seemed everyone got their hearts broken in one way or another. The entire group managed to continue tiptoeing around each other, some not even knowing why. Liz had found a way to keep the truth from Maria and Alex by spouting off something about Max and Tess. Isabel, however, had not been so lucky. Max, in a heated rage, had blurted it out in front of Michael. Which only made matters worse. So Tess, Isabel and Max couldn't stand to look at each other which made group activities impossible.

       Isabel spent the two weeks in absolute shambles. Not only had she lost the two people she was (or had been) in love with, but she had lost her brother along the way also. She spent her days like a ghost in the hallways slinking in and out of shadows not looking anyone in the eye. She had looked up once only to find Liz staring back at her, the same face filled with sadness and despair mirroring her own. Isabel looked away quickly knowing that at any second she could have crossed that hall and taken Liz in her arms whispering promises she wasn't sure she could keep. Her body felt empty like it was just a shell and the fire that once made it alive burned out the night Liz had told her to leave. She spent her nights curled up in a ball on her bed staring at the wall or out the window. If she was lucky, sleep would come quickly like a savior from her thoughts..from the pain. She and Max would grind through dinner, sitting at the table but not looking at each other. Isabel would merely pick at her food, overwhelmed by the nausea she felt knowing what she had done to her brother and ultimately herself. Max would eat quickly and excuse himself before running out the door to some undisclosed destination. And the next day Isabel would wake up and do it all again. She wanted desperately to talk to Liz, but couldn't bring herself to do it. The wounds were still fresh and every time she looked at Max the salt was ground deeper into them.

Isabel was sitting outside at lunch yet again trying to write Liz a letter, but she could never get past the "Dear Liz" part without tearing up and stopping. That, and she had no idea what she would say. She wasn't even sure if Liz was still completely pissed off at her. Besides, Liz hadn't approached her and Isabel's pride was something that wasn't going to disappear easily. She had the pen to the paper once again when a tall figure cast a shadow over her notebook.

       "Whatcha writing?" Michael asked hovering.

       "Nothing," Isabel replied shutting her notebook.

       "Can I sit?" He asked sighing. When Isabel didn't respond, he sat down carefully next to her and folded his hands on the table. Isabel braced herself for the lecture she was sure she would be getting. Like Max, Michael hadn't spoken to her in weeks either. "I'm not gonna sit here and tell you what you did was wrong," he began. Isabel looked at him with surprise.

       "You're not?" She asked.

       "Nah," he said shaking his head. "I mean, in a way, yeah I think you know it wasn't exactly the best thing you could ever have done." He paused. "Isabel, you know I've never been good at expressing my feelings and I wanted to say to you is that all you're guilty of is falling in love. And nobody can blame you for that." A tear escaped Isabel's eye, but she found herself smiling and gently laughing. "What's so funny?" Michael asked.

       "I always knew you were a softy, Michael," isabel replied teasing. "Tell me how you know so much about falling in love."

       "You know all that stuff I said about Maria. That I could take it or leave it?"

       "Yeah, I remember."

       "Well it was all bullshit," he said running a hand through his hair. "I love her...a lot. And I'm not ready to leave that. I know what it feels like to be connected to someone in a way that you can't really explain. Once you have that, it's not really an option to let it go."

       "I'm not so sure that Liz feels that way about me anymore," Isabel replied. "Everything's so messed up."

       "Yeah," Michael nodded and put his hand on Isabel's shoulder. "Max thought he had that connection with Liz. He's realized now that even if it was there for him, it wasn't for her. And that hurts, Is. But he's your brother and he loves you." He paused and looked away. "And so do I. Things'll get better."

       "They can't get any worse." She looked down. Michael turned to her and looked her in the face.

       "I think you should talk to her. You're both completely miserable."


       "Remember when I stole Liz's diary that time?"


       "Well, Liz and I sorta had an unspoken agreement that some of the stuff in there would remain between the two of us," Michael said looking down slightly.

       "What are you talking about, Michael?"

       "Well, there was stuff about Max and all that and stuff." He paused to look at her. "And then there was a whole lotta stuff about you."

       "You're kidding," she said in disbelief.

       "I kid you not. There was a lot of stuff about you in there," he said smiling.

       "Like what kind of stuff? Stuff I couldn't tell my mom about? Or just regular stuff about how like I'm so cool that she wishes she could be me?" Isabel asked quickly. Michael patted her leg and got up to walk away.

       "Goodbye Isabel," he said turning his back.

       "Michael," she whined after him.

       "She's working tonight, Is," he said turning and winking. He was about to turn when she called for him.

       "Michael...thank you," she said smiling. He nodded, stuffed his hands in his pockets, and retreated into the building.

       Isabel sat there in silent contemplation that Liz Parker had been thinking of her for a while too. It made her warm and fuzzy all over...and it made her a bit sullen because they were't talking. She thought she might take Michael's advice. Then she flipped open her notebook and put her pen to the paper. A minute later, the bell rang and Isabel hurried into the building. Folding the paper into a neat square, she waited until Liz left and the hall cleared and slipped it into the dark haired girl's locker.


       Liz Parker had spent the last two weeks in hell. Every thought that trailed through her mind revolved around Isabel and her and the situation they had gotten themselves into. Her body cried out for Isabel's touch. She knew one look from that girl would put her broken heart back together again, but she wondered if that would ever happen. They had betrayed Max and that was going to take a lot to fix. Still, something in Isabel called to Liz and she was unable to forget that...or to extinguish the fire she felt every time she even thought about the tall girl. Liz could feel Max staring at her back during chemistry class and only prayed that he couldn't read her mind. The only thing he'd find there was his sister and that would only make him hurt more. She wondered if everything would ever be okay and then the bell rang pulling her from her thoughts.

       She stumbled through the halls in the daze she had been in since the night she told Isabel to leave. There was a part of her that was completely undone when she wasn't with Isabel and she wanted so badly to repair that. When she opened her locker a small folded paper fell out. Liz picked it up and slowly opened it. She recognized the handwriting immediately and she was sure her heart had stopped. In one simple line all it said was 'I miss you'.

       Liz felt her body release all the emotion that she had pushed down. She smiled and closed her eyes, a few tears creeping down her cheeks. She gripped the paper tightly and let go of the breath she was not aware that she was holding. Somehow she knew that soon things would be better.


       Isabel decided that she'd take Michael's advice that night and go talk to Liz. If everyone was going to be upset and miserable anyway, she figured herself and Liz could at least be a little happy together. Around midnight, she snuck out of her room down to Max's. He had his back to the door, but by the steady rising and falling of his body, she was sure he was asleep. She slipped in silently and grabbed his keys off of his desk. Isabel creeped out of the house and put the jeep in neutral, easing it out of the driveway and into the street with little noise.

       Twenty minutes later, Isabel crawled up Liz's ladder silently. At the top she made sure to watch out for telescopic objects threatening to get in her way. She soflty walked over to the window and tapped on it. Crouching down, she peered inside and saw the bed was made, the bathroom light was off and Liz Parker was nowhere to be found. For a minute she thought maybe the other girl was still downstairs. She stood and turned to go down and look when she saw Liz's head emerge from the top of the ladder. Liz was muttering something under her breath when she looked up. When she saw Isabel she jumped.

       "Hey," Isabel offered.

       "Hey," Liz replied. "You scared me."

       "Sorry. Michael said you were working so I figured I'd be able to catch you now."

       "Yeah, I finished about an hour ago," she said motioning to her non-uniform outfit.

       "I thought maybe you'd still be downstairs," Isabel replied, suddenly overwhelmed by her nerves.

       "Actually, I went by your house," Liz said quietly. "I must have looked like a total moron throwing rocks at your window," she added with a slight laugh. "I thought maybe you were with Tess or something," she said quietly.

       "Liz, I need to explain some things to you."

       "Me too," Liz agreed. "You first," she said politely. They both sat down. This time Isabel grabbed the chair and Liz hung her legs off of the ledge.

       "What I have to say is that I didn't do this," she motioned to herself and Liz, "to get back at Tess and Max. I did it because I have feelings for you...concrete, true feelings, Liz." She paused and smiled to herself. "The kind that burn my insides out just thinking about you. I want to know everything about you and it's more than that. It's like sometimes I want the line that separates us to blur so I don't know where I end and you begin. I want to hold your soul in the palm of my hand and know that you trust me enough not to crush it," she finished, her dark eyes fixed intently on Liz's own that were threatening to smolder her whole body. Isabel got up slowly walking towards Liz.

       "Tess and I are over...completely. The only thing I want in this world right now is you." She paused and stopped to stand a few feet from the girl sitting in front of her. "I know that I made some mistakes already, but I will prove to you that this is for real. I will never walk away from you again. I promise you that."

       "Isabel, please don't make promises that you can't keep," Liz said looking up through her lashes.

       "I never do," Isabel replied smiling. "I love you, Liz," she said, her features serious. "It's as simple as that. When we're apart, I can still feel you on the surface of my skin...deeper than that. I can always feel you right here," she said covering her heart with her hand. "I know that things aren't going to be easy, but I'll be damned if I just let this slip away. I'm right here, feet planted firmly on the ground, more than willing to give us a shot. So whatdya say?"

       "I'd say first that I don't want there to be secrets between us ever. Not even if it's for my protection or whatever," Liz finally said.

       "I agree."

       "Okay, then I need to tell you something before this goes any further. I need to be able to trust you, Isabel. What I tell you right now can only be between us."

       "Whatever you say," Isabel agreed.

       "I never slept with Kyle," Liz stated quietly.

       "But Max found you, didn't he?" Isabel asked confused.

       "Max found us like I wanted him too. But nothing really happened. It was just a lie, a show to make him hate make him fall out of love with me," Liz confessed.

       "But why?"

       "For the same reason I've been trying to help Tess and Max to be together," Liz replied. "I'm sorry Isabel...that maybe I had something to do with Tess breaking up with you. That maybe on some level it was my fault," Liz continued, tears threatening to break.

       "Liz, I already knew about that, the you convincing Tess to make a play for Max," Isabel said.


       "Yeah, when I told her about us she sorta freaked and got angry and threw that in my face. It doesn't really matter now, Liz. I think I'm where I'm supposed to be, here with you. But I am confused as to why you'd go to such great lengths to do all this."

       "No more secrets, Isabel," Liz said as she got up the courage to trust Isabel enough to tell her all about her visit from Future Max. When Liz was done, Isabel made her way back to the chair and sat down not trusting her legs to hold her.

       "My God," she whispered. "Max and Tess really are destined to be together...or the world ends."

       "You can't tell anyone, Isabel. Maria is the only other person that knows. They can't find out about this or everything might change," Liz said earnestly.

       "I know," Isabel said nodding. "You can trust me, Liz. I swear."

       "I know," Liz said quietly. "I, uh, got your note today. I miss you too, Is. Sometimes more than I can bear," she added sliding off the wall and step by step making the distance between them smaller. "What's happening between us, yeah it might be crazy. But I don't care. What's important is the way you make me completely happy. I feel like I'm on fire every time you touch me," she said, her face hard and serious. Isabel stood and walked to meet her half way. She reached up and brushed her fingers down Liz's cheek lightly. Liz closed her eyes and leaned into Isabel's fleeting touch. Isabel took Liz's face softly between her hands and drew them closer, not a breath between them now, and rested her forehead against Liz's breathing deeply. She trailed her hands slowly down Liz's face, past her neck, and down her body until she embraced the smaller girl firmly hands resting on the small of her back.

       "I love you, Isabel," Liz breathed softly just before Isabel's lips met her own in a gentle kiss, the mere brushing of lips. As Liz looped her arms around Isabel's neck, drawing her even closer, the distance between them for the past weeks melted away into a searing kiss filled with all the love, promise, and passion each girl could have possibly put into it. For an endless moment, the kissing continued, getting deeper with each breath until they broke apart mutually, neither girl able to trust that if it continued their legs would hold them. Liz looked up at Isabel and smiled, her eyes sparkling in the twilight. Isabel smiled back and giggled a bit.

       "So are we done making up?" She asked grinning.

       "Only if you promise to stay the whole night...and I mean the whole night," she answered, bringing a hand down to stroke the line of Isabel's collarbone. "But then I guarantee you I'll be spending a good chunk of the night expressing just how much I've missed you the past couple weeks."

       "Deal," Isabel barely managed to say. "But first I want you to come somewhere with me," She said taking Liz by the hand and pulling her towards the ladder.

       "Where?" Liz asked, her hand warm in Isabel's.

       "You'll see," Isabel replied. "Trust me." She smiled and Liz smiled back.

       Isabel Evans buzzed down 285 South at a speed that would have made her parents as well as local law enforcement cringe. She kicked it up another notch switching gears while bearing down on the gas pedal with a lead foot. The wind was racing against her face with a cold sting and its fingers slid through her hair blowing it free and wild around her. She felt at ease and nothing mattered to her except the happiness that brewed inside of her and the girl sitting next to her, eyes closed smile creeping across her face. Liz reached over and placed her hand on Isabel's leg, turning to look at her. Isabel covered Liz's hand with her own and smiled at the girl that had unknowingly written her name on her soul. She was rewared by a smile from Liz that reached both eyes and brought a sparkle to them that Isabel had only read about it books.

       "So what happens now?" Liz asked, her eyes fixed on the eyes of her soulmate.

       "Anything is possible," Isabel answered with a grin, squeezing Liz's hand.

       Headlights swirled in the mist outside of Roswell, New Mexico for a good portion of the night. The only sound heard was the humming of the jeep's engine and the affirmations of two girls convincing each other just how much in love they both were.


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