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Posted to the Tess-Isabel mailing list January 5, 2001

Title: Selamanya
Author: Mel
Disclaimer: If I owned Roswell, it would be called the Tess and Isabel show and Liz would've had to watch out for the Bus constantly
Notes: This story takes place on their home planet. Since the Roswell writers havent given it a name yet, I decided to give it one. I'm having a little obsession with Norse mythology at the moment so i named it Valhalla which is the Norse equivalent to Mt. Olympus. I decided to stick with the character names of The Dupes since as with the planet we have no idea what their names used to be except for Isabel who we all know is Vilandra.
Thanks to: Helen for editing and suggesting the title!!
Rating: somewhere between R and NC-17 (for the sex!)

The night sky shadowed over the land of Valhalla leaving it dark and menacing. The moon was new and the blackness engulfed even the brightest of stars. Vilandra stared out into the emptiness, pacing back and forth across the majestic balcony that circled itself around the high tower where her quarters were. Although there was nothing to illuminate the rolling hills of Valhalla, Vilandra could still see the bloody war as it unfolded in front of the castle. Occasionally, the sky would light up a raging fiery red as a cannon was shot into the air, the explosion shaking the castle walls and causing Vilandra to have to grip the railing tightly. She could even hear the screams of her people, crying out in agony as they were destroyed. It hurt her to see her planet in such pain and turmoil. She felt as though she could feel every drop of blood that was shed and a single tear rolled down her porcelain cheek as she mourned for all the heartbreak around her.

Rath and Zan are still out there, she thought worriedly. She turned away from the battlefield, not being able to withstand the terror she saw there anymore, and stood with her back up against the doorway to the balcony. She felt a warm breeze blowing over her, wisping away strands of her golden locks. She readjusted the delicate silver crown that she always wore since she was, after all, the reigning princess of Valhalla. She had a brother, Zan, who was king and his second in command, Rath, was her husband. Then there was Ava, Zan's beautiful wife, who completed the royal family.

It might just be me and Ava now, she thought sadly. She closed her eyes as she remembered the day they had left her and Ava.

* * * * *

"We have to go in battle Vilandra. It's the right thing to do," Zan had said as he cupped her face in his hand, trying to make her understand.

"No! Zan, you and Rath can't go. What if something happens to you? How will the nation survive without the royal four together? At least, let Rath stay," she protested, pulling his hand off her face. "You only care about yourself. You don't think of us or even the kingdom. We could have settled this peacefully, but no, your precious pride was more important."

"Vilandra, please try to understand. I really am doing what's best for..."

"The nation," she interrupted shrilly. "You say that but if you really meant it, you would have listened to Rath." With that, she stalked off angrily, her rage tingling inside her veins and burning her skin. She could hear Zan calling for her but she didn't care. If the nation fell, it would be his fault. Her death would be in his hands and he would feel the guilt over it forever.

Great king you've been, Zan, she thought as she pushed the door to her bedroom open. She sat down on her bed and looked into the mirror across from her. She brushed her hair out of her face and set her crown on the bedside table, carefully setting it on the cushion it sat in while she wasn't wearing it. She was about to change out of her gown when she heard a noise outside her door.

"Vilandra?" asked a timid voice from behind her door. Vilandra sighed and walked to the door but softened when she saw Ava standing there before her. While she was angry, she only saw fear in the smaller girl's eyes.

She doesn't deserve to be subjected to my brother, Vilandra thought sadly. She didn't even choose this life, her marriage to Zan was arranged, just as mine to Rath's was. I get along fine with Rath most of the time but Zan and Ava don't work out as well. Ava tries to be a good wife and she is a great Queen, but Zan is always off in another world it seems.

"Come in," she told Ava warmly, moving over slightly so Ava could get inside. "I'm sorry for my outburst, but Zan doesn't know how wrong he is."

"I agree," she said softly, her head hung low as if she felt ashamed to confess her true feelings.

Vilandra looked at that lost soul with concern flooding her soft brown eyes. She had never really realized how special Ava was until tonight. She looked so exquisitely beautiful with the warm white lights of her bedroom illuminating her. She had perfect blonde curls beneath a golden crown, decorated with rubies that matched the rich red satin gown that clung tightly to her body. Her clear blue eyes stood out against her milky white skin and her lips shined lusciously with the red lip-gloss she wore. Vilandra sat down beside Ava on the bed and placed a gentle finger under her chin.

"Zan doesn't deserve you," she said with a deep lust filled voice. She wasn't sure what had come over her, but something was pulling her towards Ava, and the thing was, she liked it. She wanted this more than she had ever wanted anything before. All thoughts of the war were forgotten when she looked into Ava's sapphire pools. Ava stared at her with hope filled eyes and closed them, as their lips grew nearer. As their lips brushed softly against each other's, Vilandra couldn't help thinking that this was the gentlest loving kiss she had ever felt in her life. Their lips melted into one another's, molding together into a perfect union. Curious tongues began to flicker into each other's mouths as they grew bolder and deepened the kiss. A moan escaped from Ava's throat as Vilandra's tongue wrapped itself around hers. Vilandra drew her face from Ava's, fearful that she had gone too far, but the longing look on Ava's face convinced her that she wanted it as much as she did. Ava smiled shyly and lifted her petite form off the bed. Vilandra watched her with anticipation as Ava turned the lock on the door with her powers and then leaned over seductively so that Vilandra could see her budding cleavage beneath her corset. Vilandra raised a satisfied eyebrow at Ava and pulled her in closer to her. She took the bow at the top of the laces with her finger and easily pulled it loose. She then moved her fingers downwards, loosening each lace and revealing more and more of Ava's heaving breasts. She pulled the corset open and Ava obediently lifted her arms above her head so that Vilandra could strip her of it. Vilandra stared appreciatively at the view in front of her and pulled her in for another kiss. The kiss was deeper this time, full of longing and hunger. Their lips pressed together, forcefully thrusting their tongues into each other's mouths. As their tongues intertwined, their hands groped curiously over the other's body. Vilandra sunk into her bed open and ready for Ava's loving touch.

Ava climbed over Vilandra, her body moving as if she were a great cat who had just caught her prey. She attacked Vilandra with kisses that traveled the length of her body. Vilandra moaned lightly as she felt herself being undressed and moaned even louder when Ava began to suckle on a tender nipple. She felt it grow erect under her flickering tongue and tilted her head back in pleasure, arching into Ava's mouth. Her own hands began to wander as she pulled off the full red satin skirt. Their bodies pressed together tightly as they grinded against each other, satin skin slipping and sliding with the sweat of their bodies. They moved in perfect harmony, an erotic dance, rhythmic and sensual all at the same time. Their hands wandered over unknown valleys and forbidden depths as their moans drowned out the sound of the battle raging outside. Vilandra felt like she could dance this erotic dance forever and each time she thought it couldn't get any better Ava would surprise her with another hidden talent. Vilandra had a few tricks of her own as she pleasured Ava. She could feel Ava's hot breath against her as she pushed her fingers deep inside of her. She pumped them in and out and at each stroke Ava would scream for more. Vilandra was more than happy to oblige, adding another finger and pushing harder and deeper. When Ava felt she could take no more she screamed out as her orgasm took over her body. Her small form thrashed as the waves took hold of her. When she had finally calmed, she sunk next to Vilandra. They lied there together, both breathless and feeling a sense of completion as their conquest over each other had finally been won.

* * * * *

Maybe Zan and Rath leaving wasn't so bad after all, she thought happily but then quickly took it back. Though Zan was a major pain, she still loved him dearly for he was her brother and Rath had been a good husband although she had never felt fully satisfied until Ava came along.

"A penny for your thoughts, princess," asked Ava as she sneaked onto the balcony. Vilandra turned around startled but then relaxed when she saw her love standing before her, looking especially dazzling in an emerald gown which caused her eyes to become a turquoise color. She pulled the Queen into her embrace and kissed her softly on the lips.

"You'd be a rich woman if I paid you every time you were in my thoughts," replied Vilandra.

"I am already a rich woman, I have you," Ava said as she nuzzled her head against Vilandra's chest. Vilandra wrapped her arms around her and rested her head on top of Ava's. They were shaken from their comfortable position when an explosion knocked them off their feet.

"Vilandra, what's happening?" shrieked Ava in panic. Vilandra opened her mouth to speak but was silenced when a shower of arrows flew over their heads, tipped with fire and now scattered across the balcony. Some of the arrows had hit the drapes that adorned Vilandra's balcony doors and now the wispy white curtains were fiery monsters.

"Come on! We must get inside quickly!" Vilandra commanded as she pulled Ava to her feet and ran into her bedroom, closing the French doors behind her. She was just in time too, for the second the doors were closed another explosion shook the castle and another shower of arrows splattered against the doors. Vilandra was slammed into the doors by the explosion, hitting her head on it hard. Ava ran to her aid when she saw her lover rubbing her head.

"I'm ok, we have to get out of here," Vilandra said as she watched the fire spread from her curtains to the entire far wall of her room. Both girls ran for the door, coughing from the smoke filled room, when they escaped from her bedroom they found that the hallway wasn't in much better shape. They could barely see a thing in the hazy smoke that swirled around them but at least the flames hadn't made it into the hall. Vilandra looked around alarmed when she no longer felt Ava's presence at her side. She turned around and looked for her frantically.

"Ava, where are you?" she called out. When she received no answer, she began to panic. She dropped down to the floor and crawled around calling for Ava but still got no answer. She wiped her hand across her face and rubbed her eyes trying to see through the deep gray curtain in front of her. She stood back up again and surveyed the hallways, still finding nothing. She walked down the hallway weeping, tears rolling down her face clearing trails through the soot that had stained her soft features. Suddenly Vilandra felt herself falling; she tumbled down the corridor of stairs and landed in a heap next to Ava.

"Ava!" she shouted as she shook the small girl. Ava moaned in return and opened her eyes. She looked around confused as she blinked her eyes into focus.

"What happened?" she asked, still disillusioned from the fall.

"You fell down the stairs," Vilandra answered as she pulled Ava into her arms. "Are you hurt? Can you walk?"

Ava shook her head yes and slowly rose with Vilandra's help. She wrapped her arm around Vilandra's shoulder and leaned on her as they tried to find their way out of the castle. Both their heads turned when they heard a moan a short ways in front of them.

"What was that?" asked Ava frightfully.

"It sounded like..." Vilandra was interrupted by another moan. "Zan!"

Vilandra pulled Ava over and they found Rath kneeling on the ground with Zan in his arms. Zan was moaning and gasping for breath as Rath tried to comfort him though Rath looked to be in pain himself. Vilandra knelt down beside them with Ava by her side and she noticed the arrow sticking out of Zan's middle. She put her finger to the sticky substance and then put her entire palm over the wound.

"Its too late," said Rath sadly, shaking his head as he put his hand over hers.

"What do you mean?" she asked, her tears beginning to fall again. She heard Ava start to sob beside her as they all watched Zan's struggle to stay alive.

"I've already tried," he answered, this time it was harder for him to get the words out and he began to fall into Zan. Vilandra caught him before he could push the arrow in any further. Rath looked up at her with mournful eyes as he struggled to sit back up.

"They got me too," he said as he looked down at his thigh, a broken arrowhead was lodged deep inside of his skin. He looked back up at the girls and said quietly, "It's lethal."

Ava's sobs grew deeper now and they all felt the impending hand of doom upon them. Zan was now lifeless, Vilandra had felt him go, but she had said nothing because she knew they had felt it too. There was no use in lingering on Zan any longer when it was hopeless. Vilandra turned her focus on Rath who was now in as good as shape as Zan had been when her and Ava had found them.

"I...I had to warn you," he said as he looked up at Vilandra lovingly. Vilandra almost felt guilty for cheating on him while he was gone, but she knew Ava was her true soul mate.

"Shhh don't talk now," she said soothingly to him as she stroked his sweat filled hair. It was strange that even though Zan was gone, she felt stronger than before, and now as Rath was at death's door she could feel more strength entering her body.

"Get away while you still can," he forced out. "Goodbye, Vilandra," and with that he closed his eyes and went limp in Vilandra's arms. She once again found herself infused with power as Rath left them. She gently laid her husband's dead body next to Zan's and then turned to Ava only to find the Queen's face stark white with shock.

"No Ava! Not you too. We have to fight this!" Vilandra screamed as she shook Ava, her tears already dry as a new determination had set in. Ava just sat there motionless with a lost look on her face. Vilandra knew she couldn't wait for Ava to snap back into reality and picked Ava up off the floor with a strength she never knew she had. She stumbled through the smoke once again but this time it was deeper and darker and now there were flames everywhere. Vilandra didn't know where to turn, fires blared up in every direction she went. She felt as if she were in a daze as she walked around, almost blind, her head ached and she wondered if she would ever find a way out. She couldn't help but begin to feel hopeless again and she sat back down in the ring of fire and waited for the impending flames to close in on her. Ava choked as the smoke filled her lungs. The inhalation of the swirling poison had weakened her too much and she was no longer strong enough to carry on. Her shock had left her as she struggled to breathe.

"Vilandra," she whispered, "I can't go on." Vilandra looked down upon her lover gasping and choking and cradled her in her arms just as she had done for Zan and Rath.

"Then I can't go on either," she whispered back.

Ava looked up at her, her face covered in the smoky gray soot and her eyes shining with wet tears as she took one last look at her beautiful Vilandra. Vilandra felt her heart breaking as she felt Ava dying in her arms. She watched as her eyes grew darker and her breathing became even raspier.

"You're in my heart, Lonnie," she whispered as she felt the hand of death tightening its grip on her.

"In mine too...forever," replied Vilandra softly to Ava.

"Forever's a long time," said Ava with a small smile tugging at the corners of her lips.

"We'll meet again," promised Vilandra. "We'll always be together."

She lowered her mouth down for one last loving kiss and did not part from her until she felt Ava's life force leave her body. Vilandra released her lover and caressed her cheek.

"Let that kiss be our link. Our link to the past, our link in the present, and our link for lifetimes to come. No matter where, no matter when, and no matter who we are, we will always be together." Vilandra gave Ava one last look and then stood up, rising above the smoke and the haze. With each life that had been lost, their power had been infused into her. She felt as if she were in a dream as she flew above it all and through the raging flames without even the slightest of burns. She burst out of the castle, causing astonished gasps from everyone in the battlefield. The skins shot at her, but their weapons didn't faze her. They looked on in awe as their arrows just bounced right off of her. She screamed out a yell for all the lives that were lost on the battlefield and especially for those of her loved ones, and as her voice echoed off the lands of Valhalla, the enemy fell to the ground, clutching their ears as their heads exploded. Vilandra didn't see any of this though; her eyes were fixed on the night sky where flashes of images took place in front of her. She saw herself in the future on a distant planet. She saw her brother and her husband and then she saw her lover. She watched as her and Ava met and instantly connected. She watched as they made love, in a night as cherished as the one in this life. She saw as they all died as they just had, but only to reborn into another person where they would all meet again. It amazed her how the cycle continued on and on and when they finally stopped she knew that those were just the beginning. She and Ava were going to be together forever. Vilandra then fell from the sky her body drained of power, and allowed herself to take death's hand as she was lead away from Valhalla and to a new land. A land called "Earth."

* * * * *

I hope the moonlight,
close my eyes...
Since you're gone,
left this world,
left me by myself
Bring down the sun,
send away the stars,
rotate the north to the south,
what are these for?
Take this broken heart,
I don't want it anymore,
cut the earth's cord,
I want to go
to eternity...

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