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The Ice Dance

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Posted to the Tess-Isabel list October 28, 2000

Title: The Ice Dance
Author: Mel
Disclaimer: Obviously the characters are not mine they belong to the creators of Roswell and yadi yadi yadi I dont really feel like writing a good disclaimer right now lol. Feel free to post it anywhere else as long as you give ME credit =).
Summary: Tess watches Isabel during a very beautiful moment.

It was one of those dim and silent nights when it was a second away from snowing and the world just seemed to stand still as if it too were waiting for something to happen. The sky was gray and hazy and the welled up clouds floated mournfully in the sky. There was no wind, no snow, and no sound but I could feel the pent up energy and saw the beauty in it all. The deafening silence was the most beautiful sound there could ever be, well except for the voice of my beloved. Isabel's voice carried a sound like no other. Only her voice could break the silence but I knew she cherished this night as much as I did for she was as still as the night.

I gazed out of my window and there she was, sitting on the wooden bench like a Greek Goddess statuette. I had never seen her look so beautiful before. She had so much grace and dignity in her stillness everything was so refined to the most minute of details. She was perfect from her head to her toes. Her warm brown eyes were cast out towards an unknown path as she waited. Her golden locks framed her face and seemed to glow as the only light in the dim atmosphere making her look like an angel. She was even dressed like one, or at least like a princess. She was wearing a long old white dress that was worn out just enough to make it look its best. The material was soft and faded and clung tightly to her magnificent body. She looked so picturesque sitting there all alone, I wish I could have captured that moment and kept it forever.

Isabel was my ice princess. I knew what my destiny supposedly was and I had believed in it for as long as I could remember that I couldn't picture anything else. I had worked so hard to make it work but seeing Isabel here like this made me wonder if it were true. Maybe that's why the 4 Square wasn't working out so well. I knew Max didn't love me, he clearly wanted nothing to do with me. I wasn't sure about Michael. Sometimes he seemed close to Isabel but most of the time he kept himself closed off to everyone. And as for me I had made my choice now. It was time to find my own destiny. Isabel was the one I loved.

I snapped out of my daydreaming and looked back down at my picture of perfect and saw that something had broken the stillness. A single white delicate snowflake fell from the sky and made its journey swiftly down to the earth below it. Isabel looked up and noticed it too. A smile slowly spread across her luscious lips as she reached out her hand to touch it. It landed softly on the palm of her hand and I heard her giggle softly at her newfound friend. Soon more began to follow that brave little soul and the ground was blanketed in a thin layer of snow. Isabel climbed off the bench and stood under the shower of snowflakes letting it blanket her too in the white softness. She lifted her face up to the sky and began to twirl around. She looked like a princess more than ever now as she spun around in the snow as if she were one of those music box dolls. The long folds of the skirt flew out in all directions as if it had a life of its own. Her hair whipped around her face making the only features visible her sparkling eyes and her radiant smile. It was then that her eyes caught my stare and I blushed slightly at my being caught. She understood though and beckoned for me to come and join her.

I eagerly ran down to meet her and she greeted me with open arms. She took my hands and brought me to the clearing where she had been dancing and together we began to dance the night away. We spun together without a care in the world. We were like magical children during our ice dance. I had never been so happy before than I was right now. I could see that she felt the same and her laughter, which rang like bells in my ears warmed my heart and made me feel glad inside. Glad that I was with her to share this moment of careless abandon from all our worries and fears. My body grew light as my pains and burdens lifted and my soul was cleansed by her beauty. When the dance finally ended I found myself sitting on the bench with her, my arms draped around her neck and my head resting on her chest.

"Hold me," I said with my vulnerability showing. Isabel nodded and without a word she wrapped her arms around my body and held me close to her for what seemed like an eternity.

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