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Behind the Music

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list December 17, 2001

TITLE: "Behind the Music"
ARCHIVE: If you think this is good enough to archive I'd be honored.
PAIRING: Liz/Maria
SPOILERS: Behind the Music
NOTES/SUMMARY: Maria goes to Liz after kissing Billy and works through the resulting sexual tension.
DISCLAIMER: I don't own Roswell or the characters. If I did, this would be a very different show.
FEEDBACK: If you liked it, or even thought it had potential, I'd love to know.

        I ran out of the house in fervor. His kiss had woken something in me that felt like it had been lying dormant for months, maybe years. I needed a release. I went to Liz.

        She was in her room. I came in to find her lying on her bed, writing in her journal. She was wearing just a purple tank top and black panties. I don't think I came with the intent of sex, but let's face it. Things with me and Liz have always had a way of just... happening.

        I shut the door, locked it, and dove for my best friend, kissing her maniacally.

        When the kiss finally broke, she laughed. "Maria! What happened?"

        "Nothing," I said. "I just need you. Right now."

        It's not like Liz and I just boff all the time. It started out just as an experiment. First it was kissing practice. Then we realized how cool it felt to just kiss. It was like this natural, comforting feeling, and it required no talking, just tasting each other's warm and yummy lips. And it just sort of proceeded from there... we never let it get in the way of our relationships with guys, and we know we'll stop doing it when we get married, but for now, it's just something she and I have together. We never made a secret pact about it or anything. I'm pretty sure Max knows, so I wouldn't be surprised if Michael knows too.

        Liz gave me her most fetching smile, the kind she gets when she looks like she's just taking in everything but loving what she sees. We kissed again, deeply and urgently. I slipped my hand up her shirt and caressed her right breast. She moaned. "Maria," she said softly. "The blinds."

        I looked toward the window, not caring. I was sick of hiding. Hiding out in the open, covering up what everyone probably already knew, or were this close to figuring out. Hiding was like my life now. Like all of our lives, since we met them.

        I looked in her eyes; my hand never leaving its place. Reluctantly I got up and shut the window and the blinds. The last thing we needed was Liz's parents finding out about us, too.

        Walking back to the bed, I unbuttoned my pants and stepped out of them. Liz watched me closely as I crawled back onto the bed. She lay back on the pillows, on top of the blankets. We kissed again. Liz entwined her legs with mine. "Wanna get under the blanket?" she said.

        We got under the blue plaid blanket Liz has had since she was little. We used to play Barbies on this blanket. We used to make our Barbies have sex on this blanket. Guess we were always a bit out there. Even if we were just ordinary terrestrial humans.

        We kissed passionately, pressing ourselves against each other. Liz let her hand brush deftly between our legs, grazing my damp blue panties. "Maria," she whispered, sensing my need. Her hands rose to my chest, quickly undoing the buttons of my shirt and kissing down the line between my breasts. She moved the shirt away to expose my bra, which luckily unbuttoned in the front. She unhooked it and set her warm mouth down on my exposed nipple, sucking gently. I cried out and scrunched my fingers in her hair. She slipped her finger down my panties and started to finger my clit. "Oh god, Liz," I moaned. "I need you. I need you so much." She fingered me till I almost came, but I didn't want this to end so fast.

        I removed her hand from my panties and brought her fingers to my lips. I sucked gently on each one and edged myself closer to her so that I could feel her clit pulsate with mine. Liz leaned in and kissed my neck, then down to my breasts, and then to my belly. She stopped just above the line of my panties, nipping and licking me; teasing. "Please, Liz," I gasped.

        She moved her mouth down and kissed my clit through my panties. I felt like a bomb just waiting to go off. When she finally pulled down my panties and put her tongue on my naked clit, I almost cried out. As it usually happens when Liz Parker puts her soft mouth on me, I came in no time.

        Liz pulled off her panties and straddled my stomach. I could feel her wetness spreading all over my belly. She rubbed herself up and down my stomach, down over my pubic hair and up again. I don't think I've ever seen anything so sexy as Liz Parker getting off. I smiled at her as she seductively unbuttoned her shirt. When she came I could feel her thighs seize up around my sides and her clit throb against my stomach.

        Liz collapsed next to me with a sigh. "So, Maria," she said. "Are you going to tell me what made you come over and ravish me? And don't say it's because you got into your mom's porno stash again because I know you wouldn't look so troubled right now if that were the case."

        I sighed and frowned at Liz. Funny how kissing Billy felt like the end of my world, but coming at the skilled tongue of Liz Parker was like Ben and Jerry's. I unloaded the whole story to her.

        "And then you kissed him?"


        * * *

        THE END

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