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Reply to Majandra D.

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list January 18, 2003

Category: Monk/Michael
Rating: R
Author: Majandra
Date: 7/23/02
Author's Note: Yes, that's right, Maj wrote this for kicks, enjoy
WARNING: Yes, this is male slash (my first attempt too) if this might squick you, you don't have to read it.

        Michael Guerin sighed, he had been working the night shift with Monk alone for the past few months since Karl had gotten out of jail and put Fly and Steve and Chico on alternate shifts.

        Of course, like usual Michael could have predicted what the night was going to be like with the back of his hand.

        Little did he know.. tonight would be different.. alot different.. far from anything he could have imagined.

        Monk was now setting across from him in his rolling chair. "You coming over this weekend, I need a partner for Madden 2002, the computer keeps kicking my ass"

        "Yeah" Michael mumbled, yanking his meta-chem cap off of his head and setting it near the monitor he was watching. "How's NHL 2003, goin' for you?"

        "That's still kicking my ass too, the red wings are a buncha losers" Monk quipped also eyeing the monitor.

        "Amen to that, the Canucks were ripped off during play off's though" Michael pointed out.

        "Yeah damn shame, I still think that industry's screwy"

        "I second that" Michael spoke, pulling a deck of cards from his pocket."Poker?"

        "Why not?" Monk took the cards and began to shuffle them, Michael eyed him.

        "How are the others doing?" Michael wondered out loud.

        "I don't know, man. I hardly talk to them anymore" Monk replied.

        Michael scratched his eyebrow as Monk smirked. "Oh I was just curious"

        "Last I heard Steve was going up to Vermont or some state I dunno"The worker set the cards down on the table, eyeing Mike as he passed them out between the two of them.

        "Well he did say he got some job at some insane asylum last time I talked to him" Michael spoke laying his cards down facing Monk, he put his hand down back of the cards up. "I'm gonna get a Snapple, you want?"

        Monk eyed his friend. "Yeah, sure man" He then set his card down while Michael exited the room.

        Michael returned minutes later with two peach snapple bottles, setting one infront of Monk then setting the other one down next to his chair as he himself sat down across from the other man.

        "So how's Maria?" Monk asked, curious.

        "Damned if I know, she left me for some fuckin' idiot in New York"

        "That's harsh man, that's also wrong" Monk pointed out, on Michael's side of things.

        "Yeah, well life sucks" The long brown haired alien quipped.

        "Ditto to that course I thought life was bad working at 'burger hut'"

        Michael laughed, then turned around in his chair proclaiming he had won the card game.

        "See? Even you kick my ass"

        "Well, I don't try to if that makes you feel better"

        "Much thank you" Monk quipped facing Michael, now away from the table. "Women just screw life up, ya know?"

        Michael nodded. "Yeah but we don't control that"

        "True. And that is what's wrong with the world"

        They both laughed a little as Michael spoke. "So if a dude ruled the world there would be no women?"


        "Wait, then how would the guy be pleased? If you know what I mean" Michael eyed his friend.

        "Well..a number of different ways, but I can kinda only think of one" Monk inched closer to Michael.

        "And what's that?" Michael asked, his face also growing closer to Monk's.

        Monk's face closed the gap between them, they're mouths connecting together in a kiss.

        They both closed their eyes enjoying the sensation but keeping their ears open they heard someone near the door of the office and broke apart before the door could open, trying they're best not to have guilty looks on their faces.

        As if they got their hand caught in a cookie jar, Karl walked threw the door. "Any problems men?"

        "No sir" Michael replied shaking his head while Monk kept his slightly down.

        "Good, carry on" Karl spoke then exited the room shutting the door behind them.

        Monk and Michael then eyed each other, Monk was the first to speak. "Well.. uh.."

        Michael smirked, leaning back over to Monk. "Just shut up" He then kissed Monk, putting his tongue in his mouth as he felt Monk do the same.

        Hands roamed a little bit, salvaging every inch of the others body just the same.

        Monk felt Michael's mouth on his neck, sucking on the area he'd chosen to mark.

        In the same retrospect, when Michael had finished on his neck, Monk took over Michael's neck.

        By the end of the night and the shift, things had changed and the two men whether they knew it or they didn't had become more than friends.

        Michael looked at Monk. "You were right, women should be outlawed" He quipped kissing his co-worker.

        "Told ya Mike" Monk leaned into the kiss. "So Madden 2002 this weekend?"

        "Screw Madden" Michael told him straightening up his clothes and picking up his bag. "What do you say to our own game of football?"

        Monk followed him out of the meta-chem doors. "You got it"

        And they both could only smirk, both knowing what the other meant, and what the weekend would bring to them both..

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