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The Only Way, Part 2

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Added to the Roswell Slash Archive September 14, 2002

Title: The Only Way, Part 2, sequel to The Only Way
Author: Luv
Ratings: Rated 'R' for one 'bad' word. Tess/Liz
Disclaimer: Spoilers up to Four Aliens and a Baby. This story is in place of the finale.

        I feel her body writhing on top of mine and listen with daydreaming ears to her cries when we fuck in the bushes. Instead of tears she sheds gut twisting words that smite the place inside of you where butterflies sprout wings and unicorns prance, screaming into my mouth vial scum, "no one gets to hurt you but me." No one can hurt me like you, Liz, isn't that what you meant that day in the car when you grew balls and threw the acid at my hollow chest? The laughter is all mine though see the heart is long gone, if it was ever there at all. No metal detector will find it buried like treasure. Yeah, it's gone for good.

        The sad part is I say all that but I'd still take you back. Come crawling on your knees, you'll see, I'll be down on the ground so fast the earth will quake a 5.0. I need your nutrients to feed my soil I can't grow tall without chocolate eyes and strawberry lips and a cherry tongue. It's why you and I stand so short, I'm sure of it. My roots need your moisture but you've told the clouds to take a vacation and I want to know why. 

        It can't be you feel nothing for me otherwise you wouldn't be trying so hard to push me away. My mission impossible is to make you scream the words you have nightmares about. I love you Tess. I will drop to my knees the moment you work up the nerve to say it, preferably in the busy diner in front of the entire "I-know-an-alien" club, and I'll be sporting a smug smile that lets each and every one of those hypocrites know I always get what I want. That is no mind warp.    

        I never thought you would be this transparent, though. It's amusing to watch you watch me. First, you pretend to look angry in case someone is looking. Then, you get this far away stare on your face and I have this feeling you're picturing me naked but don't ask me to prove that. You get all flustered then, like what - there is a mind reading alien among us who will tell Max and company that you don't actually want to string me from the nearest pole and practice your rifling skills on me. I highly doubt it baby, but if it gets you through the day. Lastly, and this is what kills me, you transform into a sad clown, smiling on the outside, obviously pained on the inside with this secret you just have to keep hidden. Let it out then let me in. You just might be happy.

        There was a reason you answered "no" during my trial and probable execution, so don't keep pretending you didn't and expect me to forget it ever happened. Every near kiss, slight touch and mesmerizing look is locked in my mind. I wonder what would happen if I made the first move. You'd shove me away, right, or would you surprise me and suck on my tongue till it bleeds? I bet all the emotions you keep locked in your Fort Knox heart would oil spill out and you'd shiver in my arms as I rub circles on the small of your back. You'd say you never expected it, you sure as hell didn't want it, but it has happened nonetheless and I'd push you against the bricks and you'd kiss me so hard that the next time your mouth touches mine it'll have to be for CPR.

        One day Liz, I won't just have fantasies. One day, I will have you, and win this foolish game. I think I'd like a trophy wife.

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