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Untitled; written 6-01-01

Reply to Lucy

Added to the Roswell Slash Archive September 6, 2001

Title: Untitled
Author/pseudonym: Lucy
Fandom: The Forsaken.
Pairing: Sean/Nick.
Rating: R.
Status: Ficlet.
E-mail address for feedback:
Other website:
Disclaimer: Not mine.

        He was in control, he was sure of that. After all, coming here had been his idea - stop, get a motel room for the night, get some rest. Nick looked like he could use a couple days' sleep, at least. They'd driven a couple more hours after he picked Nick up on the side of the road; Nick said it was two days since he'd had a ride.

        Two days he'd been walking, untold miles a day, in his condition. The least Sean could do was find them a bed, somewhere.

        He shivered, Nick's tongue burrowing into his navel. 'I am in control,' he said to himself, again, hands gripping Nick's head hard, trying to either push him away or pull him closer, seemingly unable to do either. He squirmed and Nick came up for air, grinning.

        "I've never done this before," Sean said. He hadn't expected a bed to be taken so literally, somehow. One great, big bed, for the two of them. At the moment, they weren't using very much of it.

        "No?" Nick looked pleased. He stretched out on his side, pinching Sean's nipple. "I have."


        "Uh-huh. Thousands of times."

        Sean was shocked. "Wha - ?" Seeing the look on Nick's face, he laughed. "Asshole."

        "Different guy in every city," Nick teased. "How do you think I was able to afford this extended road trip?"

        "Fuck you."

        "If you want." Nick's voice dropped low, curling seductively around the words. Sean shivered. "I gotta tell you, though, I'm all for equality."

        "Oh, yeah?" It took real effort for Sean to make his voice come out at a near-normal timbre.

        "Yeah. Whatever you do, I do." Nick whispered a kiss across Sean's lips, feather-light, causing Sean to lift his head, following the warmth of that seductive mouth. "And vice versa."

        "I don't know - "

        "It's okay," Nick said. "I'll teach you." He cocked his head. "If you want."

        Sean swallowed, hard. So, it seemed he really was in control. "I want," he said. "I want."


        Anything else that Sean might have thought about saying was lost in a searing, drowning, flooding wave of desire. He gasped, body clenching, unaware he was even capable of such a response to nothing more than a mouth on his nipple, hands circling his lower back, a bare thigh pressed tight between his legs. And Nick wanted to fuck him? He'd never survive it. . .

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