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Suds and Sex

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Sent to the Roswell Slash Archive March 30, 2003

Author: Lori R 3/ 03
Title: 'Suds and Sex'
Category: Lonnie/Isabel with Michael
Rating: NC17 for extra hard sex, language, and situations. PLEASE do not read this fic if you are under the legal age!
Disclaimer: I can not claim the creation of the characters as my own, only the situations I write about.
Feedback: It helps.
For Nikki
Summary: This is a request fic with its characters and rating. Lonnie wants some fun and Isabel is her source. But Mikey wants a little play time too.

        Isabel propped her chin on her hand as she watched Michael stick a greasy pan down in the soapy water and began to scrub.

        "That is so disgusting," she said making a face.

        Michael looked at her sideways. "Yeah, well they don't do themselves." He pulled the pan from the soap and stuck it in the rinse water before placing it to dry.

        "Why don't you just use your powers?" she asked as she wrinkled her nose.

        Again Michael looked at her sideways before taking a toothpick out of his mouth. "Have you counted the humans walking around here?"

        Isabel rolled her eyes and nodded. "Yeah." She stood up. "Are you going to the party later?"

        Michael frowned. "At the Old Soap Factory?" At her nod he shook his head. "No. I wouldn't be caught dead there. From what I hear that is for people looking for action and I ain't looking." Then he looked at her and pointed his toothpick. "And you're not going either."

        Isabel stood straighter. "You can't tell me what to do!"

        Michael came to stand before her and said, "You aren't going! It's a 'foam party'! That is no place for nice girls! It's going to have sex, drinking, sex, drugs, and sex. None of those which you need! Stay away!" He headed back to the sink.

        Isabel stood up straight and her brow wrinkled a bit. "And how do you know all of that?"

        "Word gets around," he told her as he grabbed another pan.

        Isabel frowned. She hadn't known all of that. She had been told it was the party to be at and like nothing Roswell had ever seen before. But now she wasn't so sure she should check it out. She had counted on Michael going and just going with him. She didn't want to go alone, especially now with this new information.

        "Don't get dishpan hands, Michael," she said as she walked up and kissed his cheek.

        "You're going home,right?"

        She nodded. "Yes. I'll see you tomorrow."

        Michael waved the toothpick. "Night."

        Isabel stepped out into the alley behind the Crashdown and headed for her car.

        She didn't notice that someone followed.


        Isabel's apartment......

        Isabel turned on the light in her apartment and was greeted with a surprise.

        "Hello, Isabel."

        Isabel gasped at the sight of Lonnie sitting on her sofa twirling her hair and smiling at her.

        "What are you doing here?" she asked.

        "I was in the mood for a party and thought you might want to go," said Lonnie popping her gum.

        Isabel's neat brows furrowed. "There weren't any parties in New York, so you had to come to Roswell."

        Lonnie smiled. "What can I say? Roswell's a happnin' place."

        "Cut the crap, Lonnie! What are you really doing here?"

        Lonnie stood up. "I want a party. I hear there's one goin' on at that old Soap Factory outside of town. We should go."

        Isabel shook her head as she crossed her arms. "Why are you really here?

        Lonnie scratched her head. "I'll tell you what. You go to the party with me, then I'll tell you why I'm here. Deal?"

        Isabel didn't trust Lonnie, especially after she had impersonated her then tried to kill Max. But there was something about that her that drew Isabel and she wasn't sure why. She bit her lip. Michael had said not to go. Things were going to ger pretty wild and there could be trouble. But then Isabel's life was pretty dull. She needed some excitment. She looked at Lonnie. "Fine. But then I want the truth about why you're here."

        Lonnie smiled. "But of course. I promise."


        Michael was still wound up from work and decided to drive by Isabel's and keep her company so she wouldn't feel bad about not making the party. He knew she wanted to go, but that was no place for someone like her. Hell, if that party was anything like he had heard, then there was going to be some major orgies going on tonight and Isabel sure didn't need to be there.

        Michael frowned as he pulled up in front of Isabel's. Where was her car? He took off his helmet and looked around, then began to curse. He'd bet his last dime that she was at the party. He hit his fist on his helmet before putting it back on and heading towards the Old Soap Factory.


        Lonnie and Isabel strolled the cat walk of the Old Soap Factory and ignored the stares they encountered. People were amazed that the twins were so different in appearance. One hard and one soft.

        "Ladies, the dress code is undies or swimsuits. No street clothes allowed! " shouted a voice near their ears. Turning they saw a muscular guy in his boxers. Isabel's eyes widened at the sight and his words.

        Lonnie looked him up and down and grinned. "Those are the rules huh."

        "If you want to go in to the pit, you have to be dressed for it. If you don't comply, then you stay up here or leave," he replied as he looked Isabel up and down. His eyes undressed her and she felt like a piece of meat.

        Lonnie ran a finger up and down his arm. "Then I guess we'll...comply."

        Muscle Man looked her over then walked away.

        Lonnie didn't take offense. This was hick town USA. They liked them vanilla here. Now in New York, they would find Isabel something to chew up and spit out. Lonnie tugged at Isabel's arm. "Let's go."

        Isabel stood still and shook her head in indecision. "I don't know. I didn't know we would have to take our clothes off."

        Lonnie smiled with amusement. "It's okay. If we don't then we won't fit in. Look around. There all havin' a good time. Don't you want a good time too, Isabel?"

        Isabel knew she was being dared. She looked around then nodded.

        Lonnie smiled. "Good. I knew you wouldn't back out."

        Isabel nervously looked below as they walked towards an area to leave their street clothes. Soap suds were high on the floor and everywhere there were couples dancing in their underwear or swimsuits. And not just dancing. It was erotic dancing. What had she come to?

        "Here!" shouted Lonnie near her ear.

        Isabel watched as Lonnie pulled off her sleeveless shirt to reveal a black bra beneath. She had a tatoo on her left breast. The 'V' symbol. She sat down and pulled off her boots and socks then stood to shed her fatigue pants. She wore black thong underwear. Isabel swallowed. Lonnie was firm everywhere. Her arms had tattoos like her breast and her belly button was pierced like her brow, lip and ears.

        "Gettin' an eyefull?" asked Lonnie as she cupped her own breasts then slid put her hands on her hips and looked at Isabel.

        Isabel blinked and looked away. "N-n-no! I-I..." She began to pull her top over her head.

        Lonnie smiled at Isabel's discomforture, but her smile turned to admiration as Isabel began to reveal her body. It was soft, but very shapely. Her skin was flawless and creamy, and in Lonnie's opinion too perfect.

        Isabel kicked off her shoes and then bent to pull at her socks. Lonnie sucked in her breath as Isabel's full breasts fell foward in her lacey red bra. She watched as Isabel unbuttoned then pushed down her jeans to reveal black bikini panties. She stood up and faced Lonnie, her nervousness apparent to the other alien.

        Several guys near by whistled.

        "Isabel. You been hiding the goodies from the desert dwellers?" Lonnie asked.

        Isabel crossed her arms infront of her. "Maybe this wasn't such a good idea."

        Lonnie grabbed some jello shooters from a tray that was being passed. She handed one to Isabel.

        "Down the hatch!" she said as she downed the contents.

        Isabel shook her head. "We can't. We can't tolerate it."

        Lonnie laughed. "Who says?"

        "Max...Michael...alcohol made them sick."

        "They didn't have a tolerance. Gotta build up. In New York, we're different. Now bottoms up."

        "Different? How?" asked Isabel.

        "Just take the damn shooter and let's go!" said Lonnie, tilting Isabel's hand towards her mouth.

        Isabel took one last look at Lonnie then looked in the cup. She downed the contents in one swallow. She grimaced. Then she felt the burn. Her eyes widened.

        "Good huh!" said Lonnie, grinning. "Let's go!"

        They headed down the stairs, strange hands reaching out from no where to caress their bodies as they made their way to the sudsy floor. Lonnie was used to this, but Isabel was a bit unnerved by all of the groping and she was feeling a bit light headed. But as soon as she hit the dance floor that nervousness was gone and so was the light headedness.

        The music was loud and Isabel was feeling it and moving in time with the beat. Her body undulated as her hands ran down her body in a sensual dance that had those nearby stopping to stare. She felt sexy and free with her body.

        Lonnie moved with the music as well, but her eyes never left Isabel. The girl was one big orgasm waiting to explode. She slowly moved her way over to Isabel and began to dance with her, a sea of white foam flowing all around them. Lonnie lifted her arms above her head and began to dance closer and closer to Isabel until she was inches from her. She reached down and took Isabel's hands in her's and raised them high above their heads, letting them slowly fall to their sides as they moved their bodies against one another.

        Isabel's eyes widened at Lonnie's actions, but her body was lost in the music and in the feelings that Lonnie was arousing in her.

        Lonnie nibbled at Isabel's ear then kissed her neck as her hands began to caress Isabel's body in the suds. She took Isabel's hips in her hands and ground her own against them.

        Isabel breathed faster as Lonnie backed her up against a wall and began to run her hand over Isabel's swollen breast. She reached around and untied Isabel's top and let it fall. Her eyes feasted on the glistening globes that heaved before her. The nipples were puckered and hard and she couldn't resist running her hand over one and pinching it.

        Isabel moaned at Lonnie's touch. Her hips rubbed against her doubles as she placed her hand over Lonnie's and encouraged her to cup her breast by thrusting up into the other's hand.

        Lonnie bent her head and took Isabel's nipple in her mouth and began to suck, the sigh of pleasure that Isabel gave urged her on.

        "Mmmmmm," moaned Isabel as Lonnie's mouth came up to find hers. Somewhere in Isabel's mind she knew she shouldn't be doing this, but a fire was burning in her and Lonnie's tongue was insistent. Soon her mouth was opening to welcome the seeking tongue inside. Isabel wrapped her arms around Lonnie's neck and rubbed her body against Lonnie's, her own body aching to be touched.

        Outside Michael spied Isabel's car and cursed as he pulled in beside it. He placed his helmet on the bike and headed inside.

        The noise was deafening and the crowd sexually high. It was worse than he had heard it would be. He walked around the cat walk, hands groping out at him and propositions being made to him which he ignored. He noticed a large group looking down on the floor and walked over to them.

        "What's going on?" he asked the guy near by.

        "Oh man, you fucking catching this?! There're twin sisters down there all over one another and we're all betting that they give it up and actually do the deed down there anytime now!" said the excited guy.

        Being the guy he was this intrigued Michael, so he looked below. What he saw made him blanch then to his horror he began to get hard.

        It was Isabel and her twin, Lonnie. His eyes widened as he watched Lonnie suck at Isabel's nipple and Isabel's head roll around as if she liked it.

        "Go! Go! Go! Go!" shouted the guy next to him.

        Michael knew Isabel would never act this way without reason and she would die before letting anyone in Roswell see her this way. He had to get her out of here. He pushed away from the side and headed to the steps, but a hand stopped him.

        "Hey fella! No one hits the pit with street clothes on. Lose um or get lost!"

        Michael glanced below as Isabel tugged at Lonnie's top and pulled it off, her hands reaching eagerly for the tattooed breasts that were thrust her way. He quickly tugged at his shirt and then just as he began to unsnap his pants he remembered he was comando. Damn! He waved his hands over his jeans and made them appear to be boxers.

        "Let me in dude," said Michael as he tossed his shoes in with his shirt.

        The guy let him pass and Michael descended into the pit.

        He weaved his way through the erotically gyrating bodies as he tried to make his way to where Isabel and Lonnie were. He saw Lonnnie's head disppear into the see of white and Isabel's mouth open in a soft smile. "Oh shit," he mumbled to himself as he tried to get to the girls. By the time he reached them his body had been grabbed and kissed while soap suds danced about.

        Neither girl noticed his arrival and so he leaned close to Isabel's ear and said, "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

        Isabel blinked then looked at Michael from glassy eyes. She smiled lazily up at him. "Michael! Michael, I'm so glad you came! Lonnie! Look! Michael came!" She ran her fingers down Michael's bare chest. "Mmmm Michael, you look sooooooooh gawd!" she gasped as she closed her eyes and sighed.

        Michael looked down and saw Lonnie rise up and lick her lips.

        "Hiya....M-i-chael," she winked at him.

        Michael grabbed her arm and hissed, "What the hell did you do to her?"

        Lonnie grinned and said, "Nuthin' except give the girl what she's been beggin' for."

        "She's drunk, Lonnie! And she's half naked doin' things she never would have done if she was sober!" Lonnie's smile disappeared. "She's doin' what she subconcsiously wants to do. I'm just the one that freed her."

        Michael looked at Isabel and her bared breasts that glistened with suds. He swallowed then looked back up to her eyes.


        Vaguely Isabel heard Michael call her name, but she was still reeling from the orgasm she had just had and couldn't respond.

        Somewhere in her mind she knew that Lonnie had just performed oral sex on her, but she couldn't really process it. She could still feel Lonnie's lips kissing the inside of her thighs and then sliding her panties down to her knees so that Lonnie's lips were able to press against her swollen nether lips. Her tongue had teased her clit and slid inside to seek the cream Isabel had rising within her. Hungrily Lonnie had eaten, her teeth knashing at the hardened nub until Isabel had come full force into Lonnie's mouth.

        "Isabel?" Michael's hands gripped either side of her head.

        She looked at him. "Michael," she sighed as she placed her hands on his wrists.

        "We're getting out of here," he told her as he pulled her close to his chest. Her nipples were burning a hole in his skin they were so hard and that in turn was turning on Michael. He shook his head mentally and bereated himself for thinking of her like that when she was drunk and not herself.

        He glared at Lonnie. "I'm taking her home. You stay away from her!" He picked Isabel up and carried her through the crowds and towards the stairs.

        He felt a hand on his shoulder and stopped and turned.

        "Michael. Isabel come here on her own. I didn't make her do nuthin'. Somethin' for you to think about," said Lonnie as she watched him go. Then she she made her own exit up another set of stairs and gathered her clothes and left.

        Michael made it to the top of the stairs and the bouncer stopped him.

        "Where do you think you're going?"

        Michael shifted Isabel in his arms as her head lolled about on his shoulder.

        "She's my ..girlfriend. She drank too much and now I'm taking her home."

        "She came in with her sister. I saw them. Twins. Now why don't you tell me the truth before I call the cops?" said the bouncer crossing his arms.

        Michael shook his head. "Yeah, she came with a twin, but you aren't calling the cops. Because if you did then you would have this whole place shut down in a minute and I really don't think you want that. She's my friend. I'm taking her home. Now get out of my way or call the cops like you said." He pushed past the bouncer with no further problems.

        He didn't stop to look for clothes and shoes, he just headed for Isabel's car and placed her in on the passenger side, then went around to the drivers side and got in. He looked over at Isabel sitting there only in her panties and struggled to remember that she was his friend. But she looked so beautiful and enticing. He pushed a strand of hair out of her face then used his powers to start the car. As they pulled out on to the road, Isabel fell over face first into his lap. He froze as she hit his hardness illiciting a moan from him.

        "She's your friend, she's your friend, she's your .....friend," he repeated all the way to her apartment.


        Michael pushed open Isabel's door and preceeded to her bedroom where he lay her down on the bed.


        "Yeah?" he asked as he covered her up.

        "Make love to me."

        He looked down at her. "You're drunk, Isabel. Go to sleep," he told her quietly and not unkindly.

        She shook her head. "All the boys in school tried to grab my boobs. Get in my pants. But not you. Only in my dreams did you ever touch me. How come? Don't you like me?"

        Michael swallowed. Was this really Isabel asking him these things? Or was the shooter making her talk like this? "I don't know. I guess I always thought it would ruin our friendship."

        Isabel pushed the covers down to her waist and trailed her fingers lightly over her breasts.

        "You never wanted to?"

        When Michael didn't respond, Isabel sat up and looked him in the eye, a breast touching his arm. "Because I did," she whispered.

        Michael licked his lips as he watched her suck hers in. Suddenly he grabbed her and kissed her, his tongue moving inside her eager mouth as he pulled her tight against him.

        He pulled back and touched his mouth.

        Isabel's hand touched his. "I'm not drunk, Michael. I was, but not now. I want to make love with you. Please." The minute his lips had touched hers clarity had returned. "I know I've done things tonight that I wouldn't normally do, but if it means you'll make love to me then I'd do them all again."

        "All of them?" he asked with a raised brow.


        "Even be with me?" came a voice by the door.

        Michael and Isabel looked up. Lonnie stood in the door way.

        "I told you to stay away!" said Michael standing.

        Isabel lay a hand on his arm.

        Lonnie moved into the room. "I don't think Isabel wants me to stay away, do you Isabel?"

        When Isabel remained silent, Michael looked down.


        "She likes how I made her feel. Do you make her feel like that? Do you even know how?"

        When Michael just stared at her, Lonnie went on. "I propose this. A three-way." At Michael's and Isabel's look she said, "I saw how you looked when you came down the stairs. You was turned on."

        "I was protecting Isabel!"

        Lonnie smiled smuggly. "Yeah, okay. But you was turned on too. I saw the proof. You might lie, but your cock cain't."

        Michael glared as Lonnie grinned and went on.

        "You wanted to jump right in there with us and get you some, but we was some place someone might recognize you. Don't deny it."


        He looked down at Isabel and saw where her eyes had gone. He stuck out like a thick rod tenting his pants. "Okay, so it crossed my mind."

        "Then why not do it?" taunted Lonnie.

        "I don't know if I can," said Isabel, suddenly very conscious of what a 'three-way' meant.

        Lonnie caressed her shoulder. "Sure you can, Isabel baby. Just let your feelings go." She kissed the shoulder then lightly caressed Isabel's breast before barely pinching the nipple. "It'll feel really good. I promise," Lonnie whispered near her ear before kissing her cheek.

        Isabel reached up and cupped her hand over Michael's bulge and he jumped. Her hand slid up to the waist band and pulled the pants down. Michael's erection sprang forth inches from her mouth and she squelched a gasp. She reached out and took it gingerly in her hands exploring it as if it were a gift from above. Then ever so lightly she kissed the tip. It lept and a pearl appeared on the tip.

        Michael sucked in his breath and waited to see if she would go on. He didn't have long to wait.

        Isabel opened her mouth and slid the long length in as far as she could then closed her mouth. Michael closed his eyes at the warm heat that surrounded him and took in a ragged a breath. She began to suck, her teeth grazing the smooth skin as she went up and down on him.

        Lonnie smiled as she knelt down and began to suck Isabel's breast, her hand finding it's way in between Isabel's parted legs. Lonnie's hand encountered dripping pussy. Bringing her fingers to her mouth, she licked them clean and moved Isabel a bit so that Lonnie was able to place her mouth at the center of Isabel's honey pot.

        Isabel sucked harder as she felt fingers and a mouth on her lower body. She closed her eyes and focused on the sensations her body was receiving. She felt Michael's hands tangling in her hair as he began to pump. He jerked and moaned and her mouth was suddenly filled with hot, salty cum. She barely had time to swallow and lick her lips when her own body started convulsing as she was overcome by her own orgasm.

        She fell back on the bed and looked up to see Michael breathing hard and watching her. Lonnie wouldn't let her go. She had a hold on Isabel's ass holding her hips still while she continued to assault the dripping pussy with her mouth. Isabel began to buck uncontrollably as her eyes focused on Michael's. Lonnie bit her clit and Isabel screamed as she spiraled out of control. Lonnie stood up and licked her lips.

        Michael looked at Isabel sprawled out on the bed, her body heaving as it desperately tried to regain a normal pattern of breathing. He was so turned on and wanted her. For years he had not looked at her or treated her like anything other than a good friend or sister, but then they had those dreams and he had started thinking. But he'd quickly killed those thoughts when he realized he could lose her friendship. Not after tonight. After watching her surprising actions with Lonnie, and then what she had done to him he knew that he was giving in to his desire and he was going to give them both what they wanted.

        He knelt down on the bed beside her and began to gently stroke her heated body. He leaned over and began to suck on her bottom lip before taking her mouth with his as his hand trailed down her ribs.

        Lonnie watched as Michael began to arouse Isabel again. One look at him told her that he was all ready to engage in more games. She crawled next to him and reached over and began to glide her hand up and down his thick length.

        Michael jumped at the feel of Lonnie's hand on him. But a moment of disgust turned to need as she pumped him and licked his shoulder.

        Lonnie released him and pressed him back against the sheets before straddling him.

        "I think the man wants more. Think he can handle two?" Isabel rolled over and looked at Michael. His lips were swollen and so inviting. She leaned over and kissed him as Lonnie lowered herself on to Michael's cock. He moaned and Isabel's tongue stole inside to dance with his as Lonnie road him.

        "Hey, M-i-chael, I think Isabel needs some attention too."

        Michael and Isabel looked at Lonnie perplexed.

        "Ride him Isabel....ride him."

        Dawning fell and Isabel faced Lonnie and straddled Michael's face, lowering herself to his mouth where his tongue awaited her.

        Michael's eyes widened at the sight of Isabel's pussy wet and dripping being lowered slowly down to his face. He pulled down on her hips and began to eat hungrily as she rode his mouth slowly while Lonnie rode his cock with the same rhythum.

        Isabel gasped as Michael's tongue dug deep inside of her, her walls contracting around it as he flitted in out, occasionally teasing her nub with the point.

        Lonnie reached out and tweaked Isabel's nipple before taking her face in her hands and kissing her long and hard while her hands roamed over the full breasts. Isabel began a humming noise that was quickly taken up by Lonnie and Michael. Faster and faster they began to move as they strove for pleasure.

        Isabel came first. Hard into Michael's mouth she poured her honey until he was licking her clean. Lonnie was next, the site of Michael pleasuring Isabel topping her off. Michael came last with a moan of contentment, spurting his cum into Lonnie with quick shots.

        They collapsed beside one another and struggled to breath.

        "Damn! Just like Rath. It's the best ain't it, Isabel?" She looked sideways at her twin when she received no reply. "Well?"

        Isabel and Michael looked uncomfortable. "We've never...we haven't ever..." said Isabel.

        Lonnie rolled her eyes. "Why the hell not? That's what you were put here to do! Didn't your protector tell you nothing?"

        "We were put here to strengthen our powers so we could go back to protect our people," replied Michael.

        "AND to be together! You're mates. Like me and Rath," said Lonnie as she pulled at her nipple ring a bit. The stimulation felt good. "Damn, I'm horny again." Her hand slid below into her folds and she began to caress herself.


        He turned his head towards Isabel.

        "You still haven't made love to me."

        Her eyes were silently pleading.

        He moved over her. "No, I haven't."

        She parted her legs and he moved between them. He pushed forward and past her barrier with little effort and savored how she felt around him. Tight. Warm. Good. She boiled his blood and it roared in his ears. Lonnie had been a good fuck, but Isabel was in his blood.

        He moved inside her with deep solid thrusts that caused moans from both.

        Lonnie continued to stimulate herself as she watched and gave encouragement. "Fuck her...make her cum hard....that's it....take it deep. Real deep. Do you feel it, Isabel? Can you feel it rising in you?"

        Michael began pounding into Isabel. Hard and out of control. He grunted with the effort making him sound like an animal.

        Isabel was crying the pleasure was so great. She wrapped her legs high on Michael's waist to pull him more and then shook when he came inside her, her own orgasm rolling over hard as she bucked wildly up against him.

        Lonnie sighed with pleasure as she brought herself to completion as well.

        "Damn. That was good."


        "I need a shower. I'm so sticky," complained Isabel much later.

        Michael caressed her belly and nodded. "Me too."

        He placed a kiss where his hand had been then preceeded to move lower. Isabel instinctively opened her legs and Michael nibbled at her inner thighs before teasing her nub with the pointed end of his tongue.

        Isabel liked how his hair tickled the inside of her thighs as she ran her hands through it. His teeth scraped lightly over her nub before his tongue caressed her inner walls. She arched her back.

        "Cum for me, Isabel. Let me taste you."

        And she did. Silent rolls of pleasure wracked her body as Michael drank her in while she rubbed her pussy against his teeth.

        When he pulled back he stood up and helped her up on shaky legs. He held her to him while her body adjusted to the settling tremors of pleasure.


        Lonnie woke up and heard the sound of running water. She padded to the bathroom and found Michael and Isabel soaping one another between kisses.

        She stepped inside and began to silently soap them too.

        Isabel smiled at her and kissed her twin as she ran her soapy hands over Lonnie's breasts.

        She rinsed then placed a kiss on Lonnie's nipple ring while Michael massaged Isabel's back and ass.

        Isabel moved lower until she was kneeling with Michael guiding her head. Lonnie raised her leg to the tub ledge and let Isabel have what she wanted.

        Isabel's tongue was driving deep, lapping at the juices that fell into her mouth while Michael drew small circles on her back and encouraged her.

        Lonnie was frantically trying to hang on to the wall. Who knew Isabel was such a cunt lapper? She began to shake as Isabel drove Lonnie's orgasm into a bursting ball of fire.

        Isabel stood up and licked her lips before kissing Michael.

        She turned back to Lonnie. "This is what you meant isn't it? The alien sex."

        "Yeah. And I why I came." She rolled her eyes. "You know what I mean."

        "You came to Roswell for me. To make me see the way it should be. Between Michael and me."

        "The way it is," he corrected as he kissed her again his hand snaking down to her throbbing pussy.

        Isabel wrapped an arm around his neck while his fingers stimulated her.

        "I'll bet your pussy is near raw feeling ain't it precious? All the fucking and cum eating must be making it really sensitive," whispered Lonnie as she watched.

        "Michael...Michael...Micheal...I need you in me Michael....Michael...Michael....." pleaded Isabel. Michael pushed her up against the shower wall and lifted Isabel's leg above his hip and thrust into her fast and hard. She grunted from the suddeness of it and then sighed from the pleasure. Michael squeezed her breast in his hand while his mouth assaulted hers. His hips thrust hard against hers, the sucking noise of the shower wall an indication of how hard he was fucking her.

        Isabel clawed Michael's back and began a low keel as he rocked her over and over as he came inside her until her own release caused her to growl in animal pleasure.

        They slid to the shower floor and Lonnie smiled down at them.

        "My job is done."


        Lonnie stuck out her thumb as she hitched a ride back to New York, and thought about the past 24 hours. Her instincts had been right. Isabel was a hot piece of ass with an even hotter pussy. Michael was as primal as Rath. She liked that. All and all this little trip to the desert was worth the trouble. Alien sex always was.


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