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Slow Pole Screw

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Sent to Roswell Slash Archive August 6, 2002

Name: Lori R
Title: 'Slow Pole Screw'
Category: In Crowder (Isabel & Kyle) / Three Muskateers (Max/ Isabel/ Michael) /M&M (Max/Michael)
Rating: NC17+ for Language and situations...If you are not of the legal age, or are easily offended, then do NOT read this fic!
Disclaimer: I write this fic for my own enjoyment. Any infringement is unintended.
Dedicated: To my fellow 3M fanatics.
Feedback: Sure, as long as it is not to bash the ship of 3M. Constructive feedback of any kind is welcome.
Summery: Smut, smut, smut....oh and there's a little plot too! This fic has requested elements in it.

        Isabel drove her car into the garage parking lot and went in search of Kyle.

        A pair of legs sticking out from under Maria's Moms's Jetta let Isabel know that she had found her man. She smiled mischievously and squatted down, her short skirt riding up to a dangerous level. Isabel took one well manicured finger and lightly ran it up Kyle's jump suit clad leg from his knee to his hip, and back around closer to the inside of his thigh.

        Kyle's body jerked and his head came up, apparently hitting the underside of the Jetta as he cried out in pain.

        "What the f....! Who's out there!?" he called out as he came sliding out from under the car. He took one look at Isabel squatting beside him and closed his eyes. "You."

        He opened his eyes and looked at Isabel as she slowly stood up and looked down on him with a half restrained grin. Gawd, didn't she know what she looked like with those lean legs that went on forever? And just how short was that skirt? Her ass was barely covered. For once he was glad for the damn coveralls he had to wear to work. They at least gave him some way to hide his growing response to her touch and appearance.

        Isabel watched as Kyle stood up and brushed his hands off.

        "You just love playing with me don't you?" said Kyle as he turned to walk towards the tool bench. He stopped short and looked back at her grinning face."You know what I mean."

        Isabel followed him over to the bench, her hips swinging in the way that said she wanted something he had and he better beware.

        "Kyle, you're my friend. Right? Good! Well I have this HUGE favor I need from you and I just know you're going to say yes, because we're such good friends!" said Isabel brightly as she turned all her woman's charm on Kyle.

        Kyle laid the wrench he had picked up back on to the bench, and looked at Isabel as he gave her an ironic laugh.

        "I knew you wanted something from me." He sobered up. "So what is it? And what do I get out of it?"

        Isabel grew serious as she put her arm around Kyle and walked around with him.

        "Kyle, a few days ago as I was listening to the radio I was struck by inspiration!

        I took action on that inspiration and now I need your help. Something I want that only you can help me with in this hell hole." She paused for effect and then said, "Kyle, I want you to put a pole in my bedroom." Kyle stared at her as if not comprehending before asking," A...a pole? Like a ....fireman's pole?" "No Kyle! A dancers pole. I want one installed in my bedroom. I can't ask just anyone to come do that here in Roswell. I mean I am Isabel Evans, and I have standards I have to meet. In Roswell they may not understand that the pole is more than just for erotic dancing. It's a means of maintaining the body!" said Isabel with a flourish as she saw in her mind what the pole would like in her room.

        Kyle stared a minute more, before bursting into laughter. " want a dancers pole in your bedroom? Oh this is rich!"

        Isabel frowned. "Kyle, I'm serious. I've been practicing with an instructor at her home, and now I need my own pole. I need you to install it for me."

        Kyle's laughter stilled. "You're serious. You're really doing this."

        At her nod he said, "Well then I want viewing privileges. I want to watch."

        Isabel began to shake her head in the negative. "No privileges."

        "Then no pole," said Kyle moving back towards the Jetta.

        Isabel frowned. She needed Kyle to do this for her. She couldn't ask Max and Michael. "Okay, how about one hour of viewing after it goes in. No more than that. And NO sleazy comments! That's not what it's about." Kyle turned around grinning as he stuck out his hand.


        Isabel eyed the hand before shaking Kyle's. "Deal. And Kyle, don't tell anyone, especially Max or Michael about this. Do we understand one another?" She looked pointedly down at his crotch.

        Kyle drew his hand back. "Yeah, I got it. Don't tell the little green men. So when am I doing this? And when do I see you shag the pole?"

        "KYLE! I told you it's not like that! And you won't see anything as long as you think that's what it's about!" said Isabel indignantly.

        "Can't go back on your word Isabel. We shook," reminded Kyle laying back down by the car.

        "Tomorrow. It's coming tomorrow," said Isabel grudgingly.

        "Okay, I'll put it in after work," said Kyle as he slid under the car.

        Isabel walked off satisfied.

        Kyle watched her walk away and knew she was happy with herself. She had that spring in her step. Her shoulder length blonde hair bobbed on the ends as she stepped. He liked her blonde and springy. He smiled and went back to work whistling a happy tune.


        The next evening.....

        "Well it looks good if I do say so myself," said Kyle satisfied with his handy work.

        "Take her out for a test run," he added as he shoved his hands in the pockets of his jeans.

        Isabel gave him a look.

        "I need to know it's secure Isabel. Do something so I'll know," said Kyle indicating the pole.

        "Besides, you owe me one hour of pole dancing as payment for installing this thing." He smiled and lifted his brows at her in a leering way.

        Isabel nodded. "Okay, let me run at it to test it, then you'll get your payment," said Isabel.

        She ran at the pole and did a quick swirl around it in a dizzying spin before stopping near the bottom. "It's good Kyle! Thanks," she said looking over at him.

        Kyle's mouth hung open in awe at Isabel's ability to spin around in the air on the pole like that.

        "Kyle!" called Isabel rolling her eyes.

        "You're welcome," squeaked Kyle.

        Isabel grinned. "I'll be right back. I'm going to change into something easier to move in."

        "Yeah, you do that," Kyle said in that strangled voice.

        He walked around Isabel's room looking at what she kept in her inner sanctum. She seemed to like things, clean, neat, and soft. Yeah, soft. He could see all of these things about her. He sighed as he picked up a magazine and flipped through it. Cosmo. Who'd have thought Isabel read that. An article on 'How to Surprise Your Man' caught his eye and he began to read.

        "Do something that will catch him off guard. Go to dinner with him and don't wear any underwear. Don't reveal this fact to him until you are being seated at the table. He will be aware of this during your meal and want to hurry up and skip dessert so he can take you home and feast on you." Kyle felt himself leap at the prospect of seeing Isabel with out her underwear. Of 'feasting' on Isabel. "Oh man, would that be the best." He sighed as he put the magazine back.

        He heard the door behind him open up and said, "So are you ready to...." He stopped and his mouth fell open. Isabel walked out in a black thong bottom and low cut, white, cut off tank.

        " that what you wear?" he croaked out.

        Isabel nodded nervously as she took a drink of water from a bottle she had left on the night stand.

        "Hey, do you want a drink? I can get it before we get started?" she asked him.

        "Yeah, that'd be great," said Kyle sitting down so she couldn't see how her outfit was effecting him. He needed a drink really badly now after seeing her that way.

        She smiled at him. "Okay, I'll be right back."

        Isabel retrieved one of the beers she kept for Kyle for when he visited. As she was popping the top she wondered why she was so nervous to do this. Kyle was just a friend and it meant nothing. But something with in was making her feel....strange. Sensations were building she had been fighting and pushing away since....since. No! That couldn't be! This was Kyle! That had been Tess or the planets! Without thinking Isabel took a drink from the beer bottle. Instantly hormonal need began to build faster with in her.

        Isabel ran her hands along her bocy. She was all warm and ...the nervousness of dancing for Kyle had turned to excitement. She actually wanted to dance for him! No, she wanted more! She wanted... sex!

        She straightened at the thought. Oh gawd! Where did that thought, these feelings come from? I have to fight this! Carelessly, Isabel took another drink and headed back to her room.

        Isabel reentered the room and right before she handed the beer to Kyle, she took a breath and daringly rubbed it in the open space that exposed the curved bare skin of her breasts.

        Kyle watched the movement and then the rivulets of moisture that fell along her skin.

        Their hands touched as she passed him the bottle. Their eyes met and he wondered at what he saw there. What the hell? She released the bottle and turned away.

        The bottle burned his hand though it was cold. It had touched her her skin. And now he was holding that sacred bottle. He raised it to his lips. It was as near to touching her chest as he had or would come. He took a long pull on the bottle and sighed.

        "Ready?" asked Isabel as she stretched.

        Kyle nodded as he stared at the stretching movements Isabel made. Buddha help me, but she's trying to kill me with slow torture. "Sure." Sure? What a dorky reply. Not manly at all, he thought to himself as he took another drink.

        Isabel rubbed alcohol on the pole.

        "What's that for?" asked Kyle.

        "It helps me to stick....and to slide," said Isabel eyeing Kyle.

        "Oh," replied Kyle taking another badly needed drink.

        Isabel cued up her music. 'It's Getting Hot In Here' came on. Kyle watched as Isabel began to swirl and slither around her pole, moving her hips around it in undulating motions that were very erotic. Her muscle tone was amazing. Each curve, each line was defined and sexy. Kyle groaned as Isabel looked at him and licked the pole in one long stroke. Her cheeks were taunt and exposed in the thong. The bottom curve of her breasts showing underneath the cut off tank as she lay backwards with the pole between her legs was enticing.

        He ached. Oh how he ached. Kyle shifted in his chair as he watched Isabel swing and glide around the pole. The songs words were an understatement Kyle thought. The song stopped. Isabel heaved for breath, her skin glowing from the exertion of her workout.

        She walked over to get some water.

        "How are you liking it so far?" she asked him.

        "I like it...alot. A whole lot," said Kyle squirming. "Do I get to see more?" he asked her.

        "How much more do you want to see, Kyle" asked Isabel in a sultry voice. What was making her act so brazen? It never occurred to her that it was the beer from Kyle's bottle and something else. Those thoughts from earlier in the kitchen were long gone.

        "Huh, what? I mean if I didn't know any better I'd think you were coming on to me," said Kyle pulling at the collar of his shirt. "And I know you wouldn't tease me like that. I mean you wouldn't do that to me....would you?" he asked her, suddenly not quite sure.

        "No Kyle, I would never tease you. So, how much more do you want to see?" Isabel asked as she raised her arms to stretch.

        The shirt raised to the edge of her nipple so that the bottom half of her areola showed.

        He gulped.

        "I wouldn't mind seeing more," he said in a high pitched, nonchalant voice. He took another swig of his beer.

        Isabel took a deep breath as she turned around and cued up another song. She'd never felt this way working out with her pole before, and it excited her. Did exotic dancers get turned on like this? She really doubted it, but she couldn't deny how amazing it felt to dance for someone who found her sexy.

        Janet Jackson's, 'It's All For You' came on. Isabel worked her body and lost herself in the music and the routine.

        Kyle choked on his beer as the song came on. He watched Isabel lose control and dance like he'd never seen anyone dance before. Her hair was tosselled and sexy, her body glistening in the lamp light.

        When the music stopped Isabel looked up at Kyle with a wanton look. She was hungry and she wanted Kyle. She slowly advanced on her prey and then knelt before him.

        "Did you like that Kyle?" she asked him. Her hands slid up and down his legs moving inwards and pressing his thighs out. Her long fingers caressed his inner thighs higher and higher.

        "Yeeess!" he hissed. "Huh Isabel, what's going on?" he asked in confusion.

        Isabel's hands had reached Kyle's groin. She could feel his bulge next to her fingers.

        She moved her fingers back and forth and felt him leap. She liked that she could make him do that.

        "I want you Kyle," whispered Isabel, as she crawled up his legs and draped herself across his lap and chest. She was so horny and creamed that she knew he had to smell her. Yes, she could feel him under her.

        "What!? Me?! You want me?!" asked Kyle in surprise.

        Isabel kissed his neck. "Kyyyle, I want you so badly. Please....please touch me Kyle," breathed Isabel. Her tongue flicked out on his skin and burned him. She'd never behaved this way with a guy before and couldn't believe she was now. She'd had her fantasies, and pleasured herself, but never this. The closest she had ever come was with Michael in their dreams.

        "But I thought you said...." He lost all thought when Isabel placed her hand over his tented pants front and gently squeezed his hardness. "Oh Buddha, please forgive me, but I've been without for too long now." He grabbed Isabel and pulled her tighter against his body. His hand went under her shirt to close over a swollen globe. Her sigh was his reward.

        Isabel leaned back and with Kyle watching pulled off her tank and sat on his lap in nothing but her thong.

        "Touch me Kyle," Isabel begged as she placed his hands on her breasts. "Mmmmm that feels so good."

        Kyle was dumb founded, but eager to comply with Isabel's suggestion that he touch her. She had perfect breasts. High, large, firm globes that over flowed his hands.

        His mouth took hers and his tongue slid inside while his hand kneaded a mound.

        She rocked on his hardness that was still concealed with in his pants.

        "Kyle! Kyle, take them off! Hurry, and take them off!" begged Isabel as she tugged at his coveralls.

        Kyle stood up, and with Isabel's legs around his waist, he carried her to her bed and lay her down. He then took off his shoes and socks, then drew off his coveralls.

        Isabel was on her hands and knees watching him, her mouth watering at the sight of Kyle in his midnight blue boxers. "Come on Kyle....I need you....please...." she begged him.

        She slid her hand down to her apex and rubbed herself through the material. She was sopping wet. She straightened and said, "Here. Feel how much I need you." She took Kyle's hand and placed it on her wet spot. He was trembling. "Oh geeeeeeez! Oh geeeeeeez!" exclaimed Kyle. "I don't know what the fuck is going on, but I like it." He crawled up on the bed with her and pulled her close. They kissed savagely, their tongues competing for whose mouth they would dance in.

        Isabel pulled at Kyle's boxers until they were down enough to expose his hard penis.

        She sighed as she got her first up close look at a male organ. She marvelled in her first touch of the private male anatomy. It was hard, smooth, and wonderful all at once. And it was leaking on the end with drops of moisture. She looked at it and brought her fingers to her mouth. She tasted the fluid. Salty.

        Kyle sucked in his breath as Isabel slid her hand up and down his shaft, the flat side of her hand palming the head.

        "Yessss!" he hissed. Then he gasped as Isabel dropped her head down to take him in her mouth. "Isabel!" he cried as he jerked against her sucking mouth. He fell backwards onto the bed, and Isabel pulled his boxers the rest of the way off so she continue her discovery of this wonderous treat.

        Isabel didn't know what was making her act this way, but right now she didn't care. She liked the taste of Kyle. Liked that she could make him feel good. Isabel looked down at Kyle's naked form and sighed.

        "Kyle, you are one handsome specimen of a man," she told him as she scooted down and knelt over him.

        She ran her tongue over his chest, flicking his nipples. She slowly made her way down to what she sought. What she seemed to know instinctively. She flicked the head or Kyle's penis,and then taking it in her hand, she ran her tongue the length.

        "Oh shit!" Kyle yelped as Isabel's mouth closed over him. She sucked him like he was ice cream. Her tongue coming out time and time again to lap at him while swirling around the head to catch any drops of cum that seeped out. She sucked until Kyle begged her to stop or he would lose his load down her throat and be no good for anything else.

        Isabel relunctuntly stopped, but she didn't want this to end. She was aching and needed soothing.

        She stood up and tugged off her thong, wiggling her bottom at Kyle until she kicked the garmet aside. She turned to face him and ran her hands along her body.

        "Well?" she asked.

        Kyle swallowed and nodded. "Everything looks....huh really good," he said.

        His cock jumped, it's head purple and raging.

        Isabel slid a finger inside herself and then raised it to her lips. "Want some?" she asked him as she licked her finger.

        Kyle nodded, his tongue licking his own lips.

        Isabel climbed next to him and lay down. "I ache Kyle. Make the aching stop," Isabel begged from deep down in her throat. She opened up her legs to him.

        Kyle nodded. "Yeah, I'll make it stop," he assured her as he moved down to suck at her nipple. His hand went over her ribs and down her belly. He had finally found his way to her apex with his mouth following close behind.


        The sound of her voice made him look up at her.


        "Kyle, I've never done this before. Any of this, know. Be easy," said Isabel.

        He was her first? He'd never had guessed the way she was acting. He smiled at her. "I'll be easy. I promise."

        Then he lowered his head and flicked his tongue at her wet slit.

        Isabel sank down in the bed and her legs fell open wider. "Oh gawd!" she gasped.

        Kyle could see the liquid gathering and licked the trail it had formed.

        "Awwwww," breathed Isabel wide eyed as her hips rocked. This was better than she had ever imagined. Then he drove his tongue deep inside her folds and she died. He swirled that lovely part of his body that could both torture and give pleasure to her.

        Her hips began to move faster and she grasped his head as he ate hungrily of her honey.

        Isabel's hand went to her breast and she began to pinch her nipple and knead her breast.

        "Mmmmmm yes Kyle.....oh don't stop....please.....oh gawd yes......." Isabel called out as she thrust her hips at his face.

        Kyle sucked in her nub and worried it. He grasped her hips in both hands and held her to him as he ate her pussy and wouldn't let her go when she began to orgasm over and over, her cries for him to stop going unheeded. Only when she lay limp on the bed did he let her go. He had drank in every drop she had poured from her body, and now he looked down at her flushed, glistening form and sighed.

        He licked his lips as he lay on top of her and kissed her long and hard.

        She tasted herself as she kissed him back.

        "I've never felt anything like that in my life," sighed Isabel.

        "Yeah, well it only gets better," said Kyle as he moved between her legs.

        "Yeah?" she questioned softly as she opened up to him. He was at her entrance, ready to push forward inside to her hidden secrets when his pager went off.

        "Ffffffuck!" he cursed as he reached for his pager. He looked at it. "It's a wreck. I have ....I have to go," he said dropping his head on her chest. "I'm sorry." She closed her eyes. "I...I understand.'re haven't're still...."

        "Yeah, as usual something keeps Kyle from getting his rocks off. The story of my life," he sighed as he gingerly sat up.

        Isabel sat up too. She looked at Kyle and then reached over and took him in her hand.

        "Isabel, I have to go! No time for thissssssssss....oh shit!" he called as Isabel closed her mouth over his already over stimulated member and took him down her throat and back. She quickly sucked him off as she gently closed her hand over his scrotum.

        He came hard and fast down her throat, pouring into her until he was dry.

        It had taken a minute, and had given Kyle the relief he needed.

        "Oh fuck, that was ....that was.....fuck!" he sighed as he stood on shaky legs and got dressed.

        Isabel sat back. She'd just given her first full blow job, and apparently had done it right.

        It was different than she thought it would be. Not that she had anything to compare it with.

        Kyle turned to her and kissed her. "I wouldn't mind doing this again and moving on to the better stuff," he told her.

        "Yeah, me too," Isabel agreed.

        Kyle caressed her hair. "Thanks for my dance."

        She smiled up at him, and he kissed her.

        Then he was gone.

        Isabel lay back on her bed.

        She was tired. As she closed her eyes, she thought about how she was looking forward to next time.


        A few days later.....

        "Hey Maxwell, you notice anything different about Isabel?" asked Michael.

        He sat at his bar drinking a Snapple and eating chips, while Max layon the couch reading the paper.

        The paper dropped down and Max nodded. "Yeah, I can't figure out what it is though. I mean she's gotten this....this...." he couldn't put into words what it was.

        "She's acting like a woman who's horny. Just it say it Max. She's horny. She's even got the scent. The girl's on the make," said Michael throwing his chip on the counter. He ran his hands threw his hair. He was tight just thinking about her and that hadn't happened since the dreams.

        "Michael!" rebuffed Max, but he couldn't deny Michael's description. Isabel was putting off vibes that said she was looking for sex. He had noticed her scent as well and the effect it had on him was strong. He had been uncomfortable with that at first, but remembering that adopted sibs were different from blood ones he clung to that thought and felt better.

        "I'm telling you Max, if she was here right now I think I'd do her myself," said Michael bluntly, shifting in his seat.

        "Michael! That's Isabel you're talking about, not some hooker!" reprimanded Max, but he agreed with Michael. If Isabel was here he'd want to do her too. What the hell kind of thought was that?! He was horrified in himself again.

        Michael looked over at Max. "You think she's know....done it? Been with a guy before?" He really didn't like that thought.

        Max frowned. He had always assumed Isabel was a virgin. He knew she had never done it with Alex. And he knew she didn't have a boyfriend.

        "I don't think so. I mean who would she do it with?" asked Max. The thought of some guy touching Isabel didn't sit well with him.

        They were both quiet, lost in thought. Then it struck them both at the same time.


        They were out the door, and in Max's car in no time.

        "I knew Kyle looked too happy," groused Michael as he sat in the passenger side of the car.

        "That doesn't mean anything. We'll just confront him. And if they are ...." said Max frowning.

        "Fucking their brains out we'll castrate, and then kill him," said Michael calmly.

        Max looked sideways at Michael. " Noooo, we won't. He's a good guy Michael. If they are, then we keep our mouths shut," said Max pulling into the Valenti drive.

        "Yeah, well I don't like to think of Kyle doing Isabel," said Michael getting out and slamming his door.

        Max had to agree. Keeping his mouth shut if Kyle and Isabel were having sex was going to be hard. Especially now that he realized he was attracted to her himself.

        Kyle answered the banging on the door. "Well if isn't Abbott and Costello. What do you want?" he asked turning his back on them and going back to the table to eat.

        They followed him in, and Max closed the door. Michael got right down to it.

        "Are you fucking Isabel?" he asked with his arms crossed over his chest. He watched Kyle closely for his reaction.

        "Michael!" warned Max.

        Kyle choked and stared at the tall alien. "No! I'm not... sleeping with Isabel!" He could honestly say that was true. He hadn't been able to get back with her after their time together when he'd installed the pole. Now he was glad for that. These two would most likely fry his ass for even touching her.

        It would be bad enough if they found out what he and Isabel had actually had oral sex.

        Michael stared deep into Kyle's eyes. Finally he nodded. "Okay." But he knew Kyle was hiding something concerning Isabel. He'd have to keep that in mind and think on it later.

        "We just thought maybe....sorry Kyle," said Max apologetically.

        "No, that's okay really. I'm used to men barging into my house and asking me if I'm screwing their sister."

        "She's not my sister!" Max said forcefully. He rubbed his head. "I'm sorry. I just think people forget that Isabel is just my adopted sister. Not blood."

        Kyle looked at Max with new eyes. "Got a thing for her yourself Max?"

        When Max gave him a look to watch it, Kyle held up his hands and said, "I mean hey, you're right. She's not really your sister so if that's what you're thinking....." He let the sentence hang unfinished.

        "NO! I didn't say that. Just....never mind," he said dismissing Kyle's words.

        Michael looked at Max, and also wondered at his words.

        "We've got to go," he said as he opened the door.

        At the car Michael turned to Max and asked, "What was that in there?"

        "What was what?" asked Max driving toward Isabel's.

        "That thing about Isabel not being your sister. I think Kyle's right. You want in her pants."

        Max gripped the steering wheel. Michael noticed. "You do. You want her."

        "And you don't?" Max asked looking over at Michael.

        "She was mine on Antar, Max. I've had the dreams where we were together. She was one hot blooded lover. So yeah, I want her. I get tight just thinking about her, and let me tell you those thoughts are coming a lot more lately." His hand slid over his crotch and adjusted himself. The movement didn't go unnoticed by Max. He felt himself grow harder.

        "Well we can't have her. It would scare her. So I think we're going to have to tell her that if she wants to be with Kyle then to just be careful. You know, let her know we understand," said Max.

        "Kyle said they aren't doing it," pointed out Michael.

        "Yeah, well I think he lied," Max replied. "And if their not screwing around then something is going on."

        "Well I don't think she should get to screw Kyle or 'anyone else'," said Michael firmly, his finger punctuating each word.

        "It's not fair to her Michael. And think of how you feel when you need relief. It's got to be the same for her. Right? We have to be strong and tell her it's okay," said Max not liking it either.

        "So we fool around with Liz and Maria when we want some female companionship even though we want Isabel. And in the mean time Kyle gets what we want? How fucking screwed up is that?" sighed Michael slapping the top of the open window with the palm of his hand. Max totally agreed.

        "You know Max, you're the King. You can order to stay away from Kyle. Be with us. We can take care of her," said Michael.

        Max had thought about that. But it seemed so selfish.

        But lately that is how he felt. Sexually he felt selfish.

        Michael moved his hips on the seat, and again readjusted himself.

        "Would you stop that! It's....driving me crazy. And the way I feel right now, I don't need that," said Max moving his own hips about to find some comfort in his already too tight jeans.

        Michael looked down at Max's lap and smirked. "I don't know who's got it worse, you or me. By the looks of it, I'd say it was you."

        He didn't mean too, but he reached over and placed his hand on Max's bulge. It was huge beneath his hand.

        Max hissed and the car eccellerated. He removed Michael's hand and scowled. "Michael!"

        Michael shook his head. He couldn't believe he'd just grabbed Max's crotch. After last night he swore never again. He had just broken their unspoken agreement. But something was taking over him. Making him do things, think things he had never wanted to do.

        "After last night I said never again Max, but I can't stop....can't control myself. I'm sorry!" said Michael, hating himself. He didn't want to do those things with Max! But even as he thought those things, his hand reached over and began to open Max's pants. Max drew in a breath as Michael set him free.

        "Michael...." He could barely breath as Michael touched him.

        Michael stroked Max's penis, the length coming to life in his hands.

        "I don't know what's going on, but I can't stop! I'm sorry!"

        And he bent his head and took Max's hardness in his mouth and began to suck.

        Max clenched his hands around the wheel and groaned. Oh gawd! Why was this happening again? He didn't want to like what Michael was doing to him, but he couldn't help it. Just like last night he had no control. One hand went to Michael's head, where he ran it over the soft hair of his friend's head. "Michael, ....that feels so good. Yeah, suck me harder....harder Michael! Yeah that's it.....take me down.....yeah....mmmmm.....gawd that's good......oh fuck!" cried Max as Michael let his tongue move over Max's member. Michael had a mouth on him and knew how to use it. His mouth was all warm and wet as he deep throated Max. The car moved faster and faster as Max gave himself over to Michael's mouth and he was lost.

        Michael licked him like a cat who had just found the cream. The juices that flowed from Max when he came were eagerly sucked up and swallowed. Finally Michael raised his head.

        Wiping his mouth he sat back and stared in horror at what he just done.

        Max was shaken by the feeling of relief Michael had coaxed from him.

        He quickly pulled the car over behind a billboard and turned on Michael.

        "Don't ever do that again!" he yelled angrily. Then he grabbed Michael's face in his hands and kissed him, tasting his own cum in Michael's kiss.

        He pulled back and they stared at one another before Max roughly pulled at Michael's pants and pulled them off, reaching for his cock. Max ran his fingers over the slick head of Michael's penis. Michael sighed as Max eagerly sucked the root of his friend, drinking in Michael's goodness and giving pleasure to him. Max cupped Michael's sacs and licked them, sucking them in his mouth and then releasing them before he went for the length again. He ran the head over his lips and was rewarded with a coating of cum and Michael's moans. Then Michael was thrusting up at Max's open mouth, his hands holding Max's head while he pumped and called out his name. Max pulled back before Michael could cum. He then leaned forward and kissed Michael, then slowly entered him. He was tight. Michael grimaced at the pressure, but soon Max was in. Michael's cock rested between them as Max pumped into Michael, the friction causing spurts of cum to spill on their skin. Michael felt Max began to spill deep inside his bowels with his release and then fall out of him.

        Max sat up and leaned on his door breathing heavily as he looked at Michael laying there with his limp cock hanging out. Michael met Max's eyes then looked away. Both aliens fixed their clothing, and without a word continued on to Isabel's.

        They arrived a few minutes later, recovered from their momentary tryst and knocked on Isabel's door.

        "Maybe she's in the shower," said Max opening the door.

        "Isabel!" called out Michael.


        They knew she was there because her car was out front.

        "Let's look through the rest of the apartment. Maybe she's asleep," said Max moving down the hall.

        They could hear water running and knew she was in the bathroom.

        "Max, take a look," said Michael. Max looked to where Michael was pointing and saw the pole.

        "What the hell? What's she got a dancers pole in her bedroom for?" demanded Michael.

        "How should I know Michael. But it's something I definitely want an answer too," said Max.

        The door to the bathroom opened and Isabel stepped out in a white thong and pink tube top. She stopped short at seeing them.

        "Max! Michael! What are you two doing in my bedroom?" she demanded as she walked over and dropped her towel on the floor. She turned to face them with her hands on her hips. That tingling sensation was back and she was fighting to ignore it.

        "We wanted to talk to you Isabel," said Max. He had stirrings in his pants again that were threatening to embarrass him. That was one thing about the alien libido. They were always ready.

        "What the hell is that?" demanded Michael pointing at the pole.

        "It's a dancers pole Michael. I use it to exercise," Isabel told him.

        "A dancers pole. In your bedroom? Who do you dance for?" he asked. "And is 'that' what you wear?"

        "What?! I don't dance for anyone. Not that it's any of your business Michael!" said Isabel indignantly. "And I want you two out of here right now! Get out! Get out right now!" she ordered as she pointed to her bedroom door. Her pussy was growing wetter just being near Max and Michael. What was happening? she wondered in confusion.

        Neither male moved. They just crossed their arms and stood looking at Isabel.

        "What?!" Isabel exclaimed as she went to sit on her bed. It was obvious they weren't going leave without some explanations.

        They smelled her scent and looked at one another.

        "Explain the pole. How it got here and why?" said Max. He didn't like thinking that some guy had been in her bedroom.

        "It's for exercise, and Kyle put in for me," said Isabel. No reason not to tell them that much.

        "Kyle was in here? In your bedroom?" asked Michael putting his hands on his hips. He frowned.

        Isabel was taken aback. Michael was acting... jealous. She liked it. But it scared her as well. Fight it Isabel! Fight it!

        "Yeah, he was in here. How else do you think I got the pole installed?" Isabel replied as she picked up her towel and tabbed her chest. Why was Michael acting like he cared that Kyle had been in her room? She glared at them. "Is that why you two are here? You think I'm having sex with Kyle?!" She turned away. How had they found out about Kyle? Had he told? She couldn't let them know how close to the truth they were or that their own nearness was driving her insane with lust.

        Both males eyes followed Isabels' movements. Max's tongue wet his lips. Isabel looked up in time to see the action, and it both excited and unnerved her. She lowered her eyes as she ran the towel over her arms. What was going on? Max was acting like he He couldn't be ....attracted to her. But the warmth her body was feeling was letting her know that she was indeed picking up vibes from both him and Michael. So what did it mean? What did they want from her? She needed them to leave before it was too late and her body took over.

        "Is that all you guys wanted?" she asked them, her hips swinging gently as she headed towards her pole and swung around. "I need to practice."

        Their eyes got bigger as they watched her perform a few simple moves. Nothing erotic. But erotic it was. "Well?" she asked when they didn't answer. She was getting nervous.

        "So....huh...Isabel, what else do you do with the...huh pole?" asked Max as he dropped his hands down in front of himself. He was having a growing problem and no way to hide it.

        "Yeah. Like why have it in your bedroom?" Michael asked as he too lowered his hands to cover himself.

        "If I show you will you leave?" she asked them with a sigh. The faster she did this, the faster they left and she could go take care of her problem. At their nonchalant nods, Isabel started her Janet Jackson music.

        All the blood drained from Max and Michael's heads and went south.

        "Would you look at that. Where the hell did she learn to do that?" Michael asked under his breath.

        "I'm looking, but I'm not believing that's Isabel," said Max, his own breathing was ragged as he watched her spin and and dance with the pole.

        The song ended and Isabel walked over to them.

        "Well? Now you've seen. Are you leaving or what?" she asked them. The nearer she was to them, the more her body was physically responding.

        "Where did you learn to do that?" Max asked her. He couldn't believe she had actually moved like she had.

        "I've been taking lessons in town. It was time for my own pole," she told them.

        "Did Kyle see you do that?" asked Michael.

        Isabel looked away.

        "Isabel!" Michael grabbed her arm. Sparks almost shot out. They both jumped as the sexual current ran between them. They stared at one another.

        Max reached out to separate them, and the current of sexual energy reached out to him as well.

        "Did you dance for Kyle?" he asked. He was close to her. So close he could feel her breath. His eyes wandered her face and down lower before moving back up.

        Isabel met his eyes. "Yes." She liked that it disturbed both men that she had danced for Kyle. It made her feel sexy that they were acting jealous, but she didn't know why. It was all so confusing these feelings she was having.

        "You danced for him like that?" asked Max pointing towards the pole.

        "Once," she hedged.

        "Once? Is that all?" asked Michael.

        "Maybe. It's only for exercise," she told him.

        "Isabel...." warned Max. "Did you dance any other way for Kyle?"

        She finally nodded.

        "Show us what you did," ordered Max.

        "I don't know that you can handle it Max," Isabel boldly told him, as she looked him in the face.

        "Just show us Isabel!" said Michael. His hand rubbed up and down on her arm, caressing her where he had gripped her.

        "Okay," she replied. She was throwing caution to the wind.

        They released her and she cued up some new music.

        Def Lepord's 'Pour Some Sugar On Me' came on and Isabel began her routine.

        Max and Michael sat on Isabel's large bed and watched as she began to dance. Her movements this time were not just of the 'excerise' dance variety, but the erotic, I want you kind. It just screamed sex.

        They sat amazed as she rode the pole, her thighs opened wide so the pole ran smoothly over her crotch. She licked it. Ran her tongue around it while watching their reaction. She made love to that pole, and both men were jealous of it. She touched herself, and moved her body in ways that suggested she wanted them. Then she raised her arms to grab up high and her top raised to reveal her bare nipples.

        Max swallowed. His blood was boiling. He wanted to suck one of those nipples in his mouth. Bury his face in her ample bosom. Drive himself into her body and fuck her. He wanted her so badly he would do anything to have her.

        Michael closed his hands into a fist to keep from reaching out and touching himself. You would think after Max in the car that he would be okay, but watching this side of Isabel made him hornier than ever. He could remember from their dreams how she felt when he had buried himself between her legs. How she had tightened her legs around him and begged him to fuck her harder. He wanted to do that to her now. Fuck her until she cried out for more.

        Isabel ran her finger in her mouth and sucked on it as she eyed the men. Her body moved with the music until that was all she knew. She listened to the words and danced. She danced for Max and Michael until her body was glistening with perspiration, and glowing from exertion and need. She was so turned on and full of need.

        The music stopped.

        Isabel slowly walked towards Max and Michael. They stood up.

        "That's how I danced for Kyle. I call it.... 'Slow Pole Screw'," she tauntingly told them. Then she blushed. She was horrified in herself. Why had she just told them that?

        Max and Michael's eyes widened at her words.

        "You did more then dance for Kyle didn't you?" Max asked as he breathed in deeply. His eyes fell on her lips. He wanted to suck them in between his own.

        "Yes," Isabel whispered with a slight nod of her head. What was happening to her? To them?

        "You gave yourself to Kyle," said Max. The disappointment was evident.

        "No," Isabel told him, as she moved closer to him. "Just...." her lips were close to Max's. "....his mouth." Her followed his lips as she wet her own.

        Max grabbed her to him and kissed her. His tongue slipping between her lips and caressing hers. His hands pulled her hips to his, wanting her to feel his hardness as he ground against her.

        Isabel's arms wrapped around Max. Her hand moved up to run a finger over the back of his neck as she opened her mouth more to his seeking one.

        Michael sucked in his breath as he watched Max and Isabel kiss.

        His body reacted to what he was seeing and he wanted to be a part of it.

        He moved behind Isabel and rubbed up against her, his bulge poking her from behind.

        She jumped startled. "Wha..!"

        "I want some too," Michael told her as he kissed her neck.

        She looked at Max. Seeing no objection in his eyes, she turned her head and gently grasping Michael's neck, she kissed him. She kissed him hungrily. It was better than any dreams she had ever had of him. It brought back memories long suppressed from when she had belonged to him on a planet far away.

        Michael's hands reached up to cup her breasts under her shirt. His hands on her bare skin excited them both.

        Max watched Isabel's nipples harden under Michael's hands. He ran his tongue over his lips before moving one of Michael's hand aside and taking Isabel's nipple in his mouth. She gasped as he began to suck, the sensation going straight through her body to her pussy, causing her to grow moist and to ache. She was lost.

        "Please..." she gasped again as Max lapped one breast, while Michael pinched the nipple of the other.

        "Please what Isabel?" asked Michael throatily. His hand stole down to the top of her thong and slid inside. He found her moist and wanting as he slid a finger inside her, his thumb flicking her hardened nub Isabel moaned as her legs gave out. Max caught her as she collapsed. Michael withdrew his hand as Max lay Isabel on the bed and sat beside her and Michael went around to the other side.

        "What's happening?" asked Isabel running her fingers threw her hair. This wasn't them. They were all acting wild and uncharacteristic.

        "Do you care?" asked Max as he pushed her shirt up and flicked a nipple with his tongue. His hands slid over her full breasts and he sighed with her at the feel of them in his hands.

        Isabel shook her head as her eyes closed. " I don't care." Her back arched as Michael placed his mouth at her thong line and peeled it down slowly. He kissed his way to her suprisingly bare pussy and flicked his tongue over the top of it as he inhaled her scent.

        "You smell like you're in heat Isabel," he told her. "I like it," he breathed as he pulled her legs up and open. He stared hungrily at her open pussy, her juices running onto the sheet below.

        Then he bent his head and lay his tongue on her and began to explore her secrets. Spicey honey to sate an alien appetite flowed into his mouth.

        Isabel's back arched more and her eyes flew wide as Michael delved his tongue deeper and deeper inside her. She held Max's head to her breast with one hand, and gripped the sheet with her other as the two men she had grown up with, were the closest to, pleasured her body with their hands and mouths.

        Michael spread her swollen lower lips wider, his tonguecircling, and caressing her puffy sides. He felt her contract around his tongue as he sucked harder, and dug deeper as he tried to gain more access to her honeyed cunt.

        Isabel's hips bucked wildly as Michael ate her. Her moans were adding to Max and Michael's own raging need. Max raised his head to watch Michael eat Isabel. He looked at Isabel's face as she became lost in the pleasure Michael was giving her.

        "She likes what you're doing to her Michael. She wants you to make her cum. Do it Michael. Make Isabel cum hard for you," ordered Max as he lightly pinched and twisted her nipples. One hand moved to her pelvic bone and applied a bit of pressure.

        Michael moved to Isabel's hard little bud and took it between his teeth and worried it sending her over the edge.

        She screamed. She bucked up and she screamed. Her body released its self of the pent up need it had and she flowed into Michael's eager, waiting mouth. He drank her greedily and then some, as he sucked her dry. Sucked her until her body was one convulsive mass laying limp on the bed and whimpering.

        He raised up, licked his lips, and sighed. "That... was awesome."

        Max smoothed Isabel's hair from her damp face as he soothed her with his words.

        "Ssshhhhh.....We love you Isabel. You belong to us. Only to us. We will be the ones to pleasure you as you will pleasure us." He kissed her gently on the lips. "Understand?"

        And she did. This was the way it was meant to be. With Tess gone, they were all they had. Only and alien for an alien would do.

        "Yes, I understand." Tears fell from her eyes as she struggled to regain her composure.

        "You're confused aren't you?" asked Max as he kissed her again, and then raised up to pull his shirt from his body.

        Isabel nodded.

        "We don't understand it ourselves," said Michael. "We just know it's this need we have....our alien side, and we can't fight it. So we don't," he told her as he caressed her thigh.

        Isabel watched as Max stood up and pulled off his shoes and socks. He released his pants and let them fall to the floor, all the while his eyes never left hers.

        He was massive, and enjoyed the look that came over Isabel's face as she looked on his nakedness for the first time. He stroked himself, and she watched his precum form on the tip.

        He crawled back up to her and pulled her legs apart. Her juices were already flowing again, despite the eating out that Michael had given her. "Michael's right. You are in heat," said Max as he lay on top of her and took her mouth with his.

        Isabel's legs drew up as she felt Max probe her with his cock. Then he began to slide his bulbous head inside her. She was afraid, yet eager to be one with him.

        Max could feel her tightness and it inflamed him as he slowly slid inside her. He hit her barrier and with one swift stroke he made her his. He was her first and it pleased him.

        She flinched, but sighed as he began to push to the hilt and then pull back out again.

        She moved with him as he stroked in and out of her. The pleasure of his hardness inside of her was overwhelming her, and pushing any pain she had aside. "More Max....I need more...please give me more...." she panted as she rocked with him.

        Michael watched his two friends coupling on the bed and swiftly divested himself of his own clothing. He lay down next to the copulating couple and began to stroke himself.

        "She likes it Max. She likes having you inside of her. She's begging you to fuck her man," he encouraged Max.

        Michael's words and the feel of Isabel's inner walls surrounding him, gripping him, sent Max into a frenzy, and he began to ram himself into Isabel. He had no control over himself anymore. All he could think of was pleasure of both of them.

        Sweat dropped from Max's head onto Isabel's chest as he rocked their bodies back and forth in an effort to go deeper inside her. Their damp bodies slid across one another and added to their pleasure.

        Isabel's heavy breasts bobbed against Max's chest as he pounded into her over and over.

        She looked over at Michael. He was jerking his own member with quick strokes. His movements keeping time with Isabel and Max's own.

        She loved them. And she never wanted this feeling to end.

        But end it must, and so she felt Max began to stiffen and cum deep at her core. His seed spurted into her hot and thick. She followed him to culmination, her own orgasm rocking her until she screamed his name aloud.

        They lay their panting, watching Michael as he continued to stroke himself, trying to find his own relief.

        His shaft was slick with his own juice when Isabel moved from under Max and knelt over Michael. He stopped and looked in her eyes then removed his hand.

        "Take me Isabel. Take me in your mouth and make me cum," he ordered her.

        Isabel took him her mouth and began to make love to the oversized cock. Her tongue caressed him and her mouth sucked him as Michael lay back and gave himself over to her.

        "Suck me Izzy....suck it hard babe....that's right....yeah.....that's it....ohhhhhhh" moaned Michael as he encouraged her to suck him to completion.

        Isabel felt like a wanton. She was having sex with both Michael and Max and she didn't care. It aroused her even more. She began to suck harder on Michael, nibbling at him, kissing him, stroking him, until he began to shudder. He held her head and thrust up at her mouth, fucking it trying to achieve release. When he came, it was hard down her throat. He was surprised at how well she had sucked him off.

        "Where the hell did you learn to give head?" asked Michael sighing as he pulled her to him and kissed her. He licked his own cum off her coated lips.

        "You don't want to know," she said as she lay on his chest.

        "Valenti. You cleaned Valenti's pipes," said Michael unhappily.

        "Just once," she admitted.

        "That was after one time!? You learn fast woman," he told her as he caressed her shoulders and back.

        Max planted soft kisses over Isabel's hip as his hand played with her pussy from behind.

        "Get on your knees Isabel," said Max pulling her up.

        "Again?!" she asked amazed.

        "I haven't had my turn with her yet Max," reminded Michael.

        "She sucked you off," said Max.

        "It's still my turn. And I'm up for her now," said Michael. He clearly spoke the truth. His cock stood out in front of him proud and ready.

        Isabel got on her knees and Michael got behind her. He slid easily into her slick pussy from behind and sighed. "Your so hot and wet Isabel."

        Max moved to Isabel's head and kissed her. She looked up at him and then at his hardness that was standing out in front of her.

        "Iz?" He placed himself at her mouth. Isabel took him in and sucked as he moved against her mouth. "That's right...suck it. Gawd, what a mouth you've got Izzy." Isabel was getting it from both ends and was surprised she could keep up with the two tireless aliens. Her body was having one huge orgasm one right after the other from all the fucking they were doing to her. She sucked Max, taking his shaft down her throat, bobbing her head up and down its length. Michael pounded her from behind, his balls banging into her as he moved in and out of her pussy with sure, deep strokes.

        "Lick my balls Izzy. I want you to lick them," he breathed. For someone inexperienced she could tell he was getting close. The sacs were tightening and he was stiffening up on her. She licked his balls, and grazed them with her teeth before taking his seeping head back in her mouth. He came down her throat as Michael pumped his load into her as pussy.

        Michael closed his eyes as he thrust his hips at Isabel's over and over, cumming inside her so far he could feel her core.

        She clinched around him and sending him further into orbit. He saw stars as he gave her his last drop and collapsed beside her.

        Isabel shook, but she hadn't cum herself. Max and Michael had been satisfied, but she had not. So as the two alien males lay their panting they watched as Isabel opened her legs and placed her hand on herself to gain some release. She slide her fingers inside, her thumb flicking her nub. She pinched her folds and caressed her inner walls. She tried and tried, but she couldn't reach her peak. She gave a frustrating moan. Taking pity on her, Max brushed her hand aside and replaced it with his own. He ran his fingers across her over stimulated slit and inside her. First one, then two, then three large fingers, bringing her pleasure. Her walls closing around those fingers and gripping them. His thumb flicked at her hooded nub, the nail rubbing at her gently. Then he brought his fingers out and tasted them before he bowed his head and fucked her with his tongue. His hand pressed down on her mons as he assaulted her over worked pussy with his mouth.

        "Yes....yes....yes....oh gawd, yes.....more.....don't stop.....oh yes.....aaaawwwwwww...!" Isabel screamed. But Max didn't stop with her cries. He kept on. It excited him to hear her cry out with the pleasure he was giving her.

        Michael saw Max's rod grow harder with every cry Isabel made and he though he didn't want to, he moved behind him and slowly pushed inside Max's hole to relieve his own need. Max was shocked, yet groaned at the fullness Michael created in him. His tongue action on Isabel's pussy matching Michael's strokes and inflaming their desires.

        Isabel could only moan as the multiple orgasms racked her body.

        Max moved backwards against Michael's thrusting cock until he felt Michael reach around and grasp his length. Michael gently jerked and brought Max to orgasm as his own came over him. One mass of mouth, tongue, cocks, and pussy. Sucking noises could be heard along with the moans of pleasure echoing in the room. Their one large orgasm shook them all so hard that no one could speak. They just convulsed over and over, their cum filling one another until they were spent.

        They lay there quietly, stroking, soothing, whispering to one another words of love.

        Isabel looked at Max and Michael. "You two?" She would never have guessed.

        "We don't understand why we're attracted to one another like that. It started last night. We can't help it. Sort of like with you. We need you and can't stop until we've have you and been satisfied," said Max as he fondled Isabel's breast.

        He was feeling bad about their treatment of Isabel. "Isabel, we were kind of rough on you. Are you okay? I mean alien sex is rough, but we could have been easier on you."

        She was embarrassed, but also touched at his words. "I'm okay Max. I think I must have been made to withstand taking on two rutting alien males at one time. I'm just confused over how all of this happened. I's so unlike us." She was still totally baffled despite their earlier words.

        "We think our species is a very sexual race. Add the human hormones in there and we can't help but want to have sex all the time," explained Michael sliding his hand lazily up and down Max's leg.

        "But why now? Why is this happening now?" she questioned them.

        "We don't know. You now know what we do. Maybe someday we'll find out , but for now we'll just enjoy the pleasure," said Max.

        "Isabel, I want to have you again, but I want to do it right. Not some wild ass fucking marathon, but I want to make slow love to you. Is that okay?" he asked her as he kissed her shoulder.

        She turned in his arms. "Yes, that would be okay."

        He kissed her slowly, his hands carassing her gently, touching her in places she never knew were erotic. Then he moved between her legs and slid inside. Easy, torturously, slow.

        "Maaaaax...." sighed Isabel as he slid into her inch by inch.

        Michael caressed Max's back and stroked Isabel's head as he silently encouraged them to make love.

        He kissed them both. His tongue taking on first Isabel and then Max.

        "Maaaaxxxx.....soooooo good Max," breathed Isabel as she wrapped her legs around his waist.

        He slowly thrust at her. Slow, easy strokes that both filled and caressed her inner walls.

        She felt it building in her. The now familiar warmth that signaled the approaching fires of her orgasm. Her breasts were tingling. Her walls contracting. Then everything went black.

        She opened her eyes to Max and Michael both kissing her and whispering her name.

        "See. She's okay Max. You didn't fuck her to death," said Michael as he lay back exhausted.

        "I thought....well I'm just glad you're okay," said Max in relief.

        "I'm better than okay," said Isabel stretching.

        Max preferred finding release with Isabel to Michael, but when Michael needed release he knew he would help him out. It was in their genetic make up to be this way and he wasn't going to fight it any longer.

        "You know this is a first for all of us," he told them.

        "What do you mean?" asked Isabel.

        "I mean that we've never actually made love to a woman until today," said Max as he continued to kiss Isabel. Isabel was awed that by it all.

        "Now that we have, you'll be busy a lot Isabel," said Michael as he popped her on the butt.

        "Ow, Michael!" said Isabel rubbing the stinging spot.

        "Sorry," he apologized as he kissed her wound and lay back. "I'm bushed," he said as he rolled on his back. Max looked down at Isabel laying their exhausted, and Michael with his eyes shut. He got up and moved over to Isabel's window and looked out. The sun was going down.

        Isabel watched him and then she moved to stand behind him, her arms going about his chest and waist. She kissed the area between his shoulder blades and then lay her head on his back. "What are you thinking about Max?" she asked him.

        His hands went to hers and he sighed.

        "I wonder how long we can keep this charade going with others. We lost control. Not once, but several times we acted on pure alien lustful instinct. We can't do that." Then he sighed again as he felt Isabel kiss his shoulder. "With Michael and I both needing you, I'm afraid we will eventually hurt you or drive you away," he admitted to her.

        Michael's eyes opened at Max's words. He had been thinking the same thing. He got up and moved to the window as well.

        "I'm not going anywhere Max. You and Michael would never hurt me," said Isabel. Then she looked at Michael. "Not on intentionally."

        Michael looked at her, and put his arm around her neck pulling her body against his as he kissed her head.

        "We'll have to try and control these urges until we can understand them better. Maybe figure out a system or something," said Max grasping at some way to keep this under control.

        "We might have to leave Roswell, Max. It may come to that," said Michael.

        "I know. I just hope it doesn't," Max replied. Isabel hugged Max tighter to her.

        "I love you two. I just don't want to lose either of you," Isabel said quietly.

        They looked out the window as the sun made its last appearance in the sky for that day.

        "Is anyone else getting turned on watching the sun go down?" asked Michael, breaking the silence.

        Max quietly laughed as Isabel giggled.

        "What? It was a simple question," said Michael as he backed up towards the bed.

        Isabel looked at Max, and extended her hand. Max gently smiled at her as he took her hand, and together they went and joined Michael.


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