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Sent to the Roswell Slash Archive March 25, 2001

Name: Lori
Title: "Revenge"
Rating: NC17...violent/slash
Category: Rath/Max
Disclaimer: The WB not me.
Summary: Just what it implies...
Note:I've never written male slash before, so if it sucks, sorry.

        Max entered his room, and jumped as he was grabbed from behind in a strong hold.

        "Surprise, Roswell. Bet you never thought to see me again," said Rath close to Max's ear as he wrenched Max's arms behind his back.

        Max tried to escape Rath's powerful grip, but the other was used to being physical and easily held Max.

        "What do want, Rath?" asked Max, his words choked by fear.

        Rath's humorless laugh came at Max and chilled him to the bone.

        "I'm here to settle a score with you, Roswell. I'm here to pay you back for screwing with me," said Rath as he pulled Max to the bed and threw him down on his face.

        Max's face dug into the bed covers as Rath arranged his arms over his head and handcuffed them. Rath then attached the cuffs to the headboard making it impossible for Max to use his powers on him.

        Rath flipped Max over on his back and sat on his legs.

        "You played us for fools, Roswell. You led us to believe you were willing to go to the home world, and then you screwed us over for those second rates that live here. I don't like that. No one pisses on Rath and gets away with it."

        Rath leaned down close to Max's face and said, "We were nice to you, 'Max'. We showed you our city, took you to our crib. I even took you to see the emissary. We were letting you take Zan's place, and all you had to do was give them the Granolith, and kiss Khivar's ass, but no, you chose to fucking screw us over."

        Rath leaned closer so that his nose touched Max's.

        "Well I've been fucked over enough. And now I'm ready for some payback."

        Max tried to show an outward calm as Rath ranted, but inside he was scared to death. He was powerless against Rath as long as he was tied up.

        His parents were gone for the weekend, and Isabel was not due back until later that night. He was totally at Rath's mercy.

        Rath sat back up and began to tear at Max's shirt until it was torn from his body. Gazing down at Max he smiled as he admired the other's muscular body.

        "You look like Zan, but you don't. You have his build and his color, but you're not hard inside like him. He was cold blooded. Liked to hurt people."

        Rath studied Max a minute and then added, "But maybe you are alike. You pulled rank on me back in New York. Tried to tell me what to do. Acted like I wasn't good enough!"

        Max could tell Rath was getting worked up over this and tried to calm him down by talking to him. "I don't know what Zan was like, but I'm sure he considered you his friend, just as I consider Michael my friend," said Max carefully.

        "You don't know a fucking thing! You think that just because you have the 'seal' on your brain that that makes you special. Well it don't! I'm just as good, and should have been allowed to go home without you or Zan. You and Zan had no right to decide if Lonnie, and Ava, and me got to go home or not!"

        Rath began to open and pull down Max's pants as he ranted on, seemingly lost in his own world. "You and Zan...telling me what to do...using me...not caring about what I think or feel...using Lonnie, and Ava, and me like we was nuthin' but dirt...well now it's my turn to be in charge, and to give the fuck over other people first."

        He lay next to Max, but on his side, his hot breath searing Max's face.

        "I'm going to give you what I was always given so you won't forget who is in charge now, Roswell."

        He leaned in and kissed a repulsed Max, who twisted and tried to turn away.

        Rath grabbed Max's head and stilled it, forcing his tongue into Max's mouth. His teeth and ring scraped Max's lips bringing blood as he pressed his kiss to the unwilling mouth.

        Pulling back, he got up and watched Max's face show fear as he watched Rath take off his clothes.

        Rath's member was standing out and hard as he approached the bed. He straddled Max up high and said, "Take me in your mouth, and suck me off, Roswell."

        Max shook his head as Rath's member dangled down just above his head.

        "No, Rath! I'm not going to do this!"

        "I think you will because I say you will, Roswell. You forget already that I'm the one in charge now."

        Rath lowered himself over Max's head and forced his organ into Max's mouth.

        "No biting now, Roswell, or you'll be sorry."

        Max gagged as the other's cock filled his mouth and touched the back of his throat. He knew the only way to have Rath take it away was to do as he was ordered.

        Max began to suck on the cock, and run his tongue up and down the length. He licked the head as Rath began to moan and pump Max's mouth.

        "You have a hot mouth on you, Roswell. Awww that feels good. No teeth now. No biting. Just suck ...suck me...awww...don't you lose any of my cum now, take all of it down like a good boy...yeah that's it..." ordered Rath as he came hard in Max's mouth.

        Max gagged, but swallowed the hot cum that shot from Rath. His stomach churned as he fought to not be sick.

        Rath withdrew his member and kissed Max.

        "Very good, Roswell. You're learning. But your lessons aren't revenge is not satisfied...yet."

        Rath caressed Max's chest before he licked at the boy's nipples and pulled them with his teeth. The lip and nose rings scraped Max's skin as Rath left his mark on Max.

        Then Rath undid Max's pants and shoved them down to his ankles along with his boxers.

        Rath caressed Max's large cock until it hardened against Max's will.

        "You like that, Roswell? Yeah, I can see that you want ol' Rathy. Well you're gonna get your wish."

        "Rath! No! Don't do this! Please don't do this!" begged Max, trying to twist away from the others touch.

        "Begging, Roswell? You should be begging me to touch you ...begging to please me. You haven't learned yet, have you?"

        Without warning, Rath flipped Max over onto his stomach, the handcuffs twirling on the headboard to allow small movement.

        He raised Max's ass into the air and slid a finger inside.

        Max groaned in agony and embarrassment against the invasion to his ass.

        Rath grinned and slid another finger, and then another into Max, until the other boy was begging him stop.

        Rath shook his head as he said, "Rossie, Rossie, Rossie, you still begging the wrong things." Pulling out his fingers he worked himself until precum seeped from the tip. He used this to lubricate himself some, and positioned himself at Max's opening.

        Max tensed and screamed out as Rath forced his way into Max little by little until his whole cock was encased in Max's tight ass.

        As Rath began to pump in and out of Max, he began to speak, his words meant for another. "This is for all the times you fucked Lonnie, and Ava, and then beat the hell out of them, and told them they were shit...this is for all the times you fucked me when I didn't want to...this is for not letting us go to the summit...this is for saying I was nuthin' and just a number two that nobody wanted...this is for being a shit leader and not taking us home...and this" said Rath as he tightened and pumped really hard into Max's ass as he came, "is for making me kill you to set Lonnie, and Ava, and me free."

        Rath slapped Max's ass and fell beside him on the bed.

        Max sobbed as he curled up in a ball of pain after being raped by Rath.

        Rath looked over at Max and felt a momentary pang of guilt that he had used the other this way. He had always hated it when Zan had done this to him, and now he had done it to another. But then he reasoned to himself, this was Roswell, and he had tried to pull rank on Rath too, so any pangs of guilt disappeared.

        Rath decided that Max had not had enough humiliation, so he turned him over on his back and began to pump Max's penis with his hand.

        Max fought the sensations that came to him as Rath pumped his cock quickly its length up and down. Sweat popped out on his body as he strained to maintain control, but he lost the battle when Rath suddenly took his penis in his mouth, and began to suck him hard.

        Rath then stopped and looked at Max.

        "Tell me what you want, Roswell," he taunted.


        Rath sucked him again, and then repeated the question.

        "Tell me what you want, Roswell."

        Max refused, never breaking down, but his body, the traitor that it was, shot cum until Max shuddered with his orgasm.

        Rath looked down at him and laughed humorously.

        "So Roswell liked that, huh? Zan always did too."

        Rath began to dress, and when he was done he looked at Max.

        "Well, Roswell, it's been fun. Revenge is so sweet and," he bent over Max's face and kissing him said," so are you."

        He walked to the window and began to step out.

        "Rath don't leave me like this! Please let me loose!" cried Max.

        Rath laughed and said, "I don't think so Roswell. Maybe this will help you remember who is in charge now."

        And Rath left, his final humiliation at leaving Max trussed up with pants at his ankles nearly completed.

        Max sobbed quietly as he relived the horror of the rape, and all Rath had said. And he cried more when he heard Isabel enter her room and call his name.

        Rath's revenge was complete as Isabel entered Max's room and witnessed his final humiliation.


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