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Posted to the NarcissisticReflections mailing list April 15, 2001

Name:Lori 4/01
Title: "Ice"
Rating: Slash NC17 (heavy)
Disclaimer: WB not me.
Summery: Lonnie revisits Isabel and has a visitor with her.
Feedback: Yes Please!...good or bad! I'm not recommending the 'trick' that is used in the fic, but it looked interesting when I researched it.

        "So where is she Lonnie? You said she would be here soon. I'm getting tired of waiting," complained Nicholas as he leaned against the far wall.

        "She'll be here. She probably went to his crib first. You know Michael. But she'll be here," replied Lonnie from the chair across the room.

        Lonnie hated that Nicholas was here. Isabel was her special bitch, and Nicholas was going to spoil it. He had mind raped Lonnie, and found out about her visit to Isabel in Roswell.

        Now he was using that connection to get Isabel for Kivhar. Lonnie didn't like being used,and she was definitely being used.

        The only way Kivhar and Nicholas would let her go home was to bring Isabel. And the only way to get Isabel, was to blackmail her. That was where Lonnie came in.

        Sounds in the hall indicated that Isabel was near the room.

        "She's here! Get behind that dummy thing and shut up!" hissed Lonnie.

        Nicholas ducked behind the manequin form, and prepared his video camera for what was about to transpire.


        Isabel walked into her bedroom , and turned on her lamp.

        "About time you got home bitch, I've been waiting here goin' on close to two hours!"

        Isabel jumped, and then froze. Her crotch going wet as if recognizing the voice.


        "You been fucking Michael all this time? He any better?" Lonnie asked her, while leaning against the wall.

        Isabel put her purse on the dresser , and looked nervously, yet excitedly at Lonnie. The last time Lonnie had been here, Isabel had vowed to be hers whenever Lonnie wanted. But later Isabel had felt differently, changing her vow to not giving in to Lonnie again. But this need was so great within her...this ache.

        "What are you doing here Lonnie?" asked Isabel, a little afraid, but wet with desire.

        Lonnie got up from the chair ,and slowly approached Isabel.

        "I think you know why I came here bitch...I got hungry...hungry for some pussy...Isabel pussy," she said grinning from underneath those sultry eyes.

        Isabel backed up into the dresser. She hated her body for reacting to Lonnie's nearness, because she swore to herself to never do this again.

        Shaking her head she said,"No Lonnie! Not again. I changed my mind."

        Lonnie made a little 'o' with her mouth as she now stood face to face with Isabel,"Oh is that right bitch. Well let me refresh your memory about last time."

        She grabbed Isabel tightly around the back of the neck and pulled her mouth to her own, prying open Isabel's lips with her tongue and forcing it inside. She thrust her tongue deeply into Isabel's mouth until Isabel knew she would pass out from lack of air.

        When Isabel quit fighting Lonnie, she relaxed and began to remember the warmth, and passion of Lonnie's kisses. She returned the kiss, putting her hands along Lonnie's face, caressing it gently. She circled Lonnie's lips with her tongue, and as they parted, Isabel gently sucked Lonnie's bottom lip. Lonnie pulled back and looked into Isabel's eyes.

        "I knew you would remember bitch," Lonnie said breathlessly as she turned to make sure that Nicholas caught everything on camera. She would enjoy Isabel while making Nicholas hot behind the manequin. Let the little bastard get his rocks off on his own later.

        The unsuspecting Isabel knew that though she had promised herself not to do this again, she was lost to Lonnie's touch, needing it like nothing else she had ever encountered.


        "Why do you always call me that?" Isabel asked the one who looked like her , but didn't.

        Lonnie reached up to cup Isabel's breast and suck at her neck. "Because that's what you are. You're my bitch."

        Isabel digeseted this, and knew that this was a small thing, so she let it drop.

        Isabel moaned as Lonnie rubbed and pinched at her nipples through her dress. "Like that do you? Well I got a damn fine evening planned for the two of us sugar. You are going to be glad I came to town tonight."


        Nicholas felt his his mouth go dry and his crotch tighten at the sight of Lonnie pinching Isabel's tits. "Damn, this isn't going to be so easy," he thought. He focused his camera on the scene before him and tried to ignore his growing ache.


        Yanking back on Isabel's long hair she licked a trail down Isabel's neck to the top of her dress. Then she grasped the bodice and ripped it open, revealing Isabel's heavy breasts encased in a lacey red bra. Lonnie laved her tongue over the tops before sucking a bra clad nipple into her mouth and biting down lightly. She then drew Isabel's dress down off of her shoulders, letting it fall to her feet. Isabel stepped out of the dress as Lonnie released her hair.

        Isabel reached for Lonnie, tugging at her fatigue shirt. Lonnie raised her arms, and let Isabel pull it from her body. Isabel ran her hand over Lonnie's body , relishing the feel of her more toned twin. She leaned into Lonnie and gently kissed at her throat and chest before bending to take a bared nipple into her mouth.

        Lonnie threw back her head as Isabel worried the nipple in her mouth. Isabel then switched to the breast that had the knife tattoo on it, kissing and licking that symbol before sucking the nipple hard into her mouth.

        "Aw damn that's good. Suck harder bitch...yes that's it, harder..." She pressed her breast at Isabel's mouth trying to force more inside.

        Isabel sucked until no more of Lonnie's huge,swollen breast could fit into her mouth. Then suddenly Lonnie pulled away. "No way I'm gettin off on just havin' my tits sucked bitch. Now the fun really begins."


        Glancing towards where Nicholas hid, Lonnie knew he must be about to burst from watching them so far. Well the show was just beginning. Isabel watched as Lonnie went to the door of her room.

        "Don't move or I'll beat your ass when I return," said Lonnie as she left the room. Isabel was glad her parents were away , and that Max was at Liz's. She would die if they found out about this.

        Lonnie entered the room with a covered bowl which she sat on the dresser. "Now we begin. Come here," she commanded, curling her finger at Isabel to obey. Nicholas watched as Isabel obeyed Lonnie's command.

        Isabel walked to Lonnie and stopped in front of her. Lonnie slid her fingers under Isabel's lacey bra straps and pulled them down her arms. She reached for the front closure of the bra and unhooked it, freeing the globes from their prison.

        "I love looking at a perfectly formed tit...and yours are perfect in every way."

        She sucked Isabel's tit, and then ran her hand down the flat length of her body to her panty top,running a finger inside the band, and down to encounter soft curls. Isabel's breath was ragged as Lonnie teased her, never really going near her slit.

        "What do you want Isabel?" whispered Lonnie, her hot breath caressing Isabel's ear.

        Isabel, and Nicholas, swallowed hard before Isabel allowed herself to say,"I want you to touch me."

        Lonnie grinned but wasn't finished yet. "Why do you want me to touch you Isabel?"

        Isabel's ache was building at Lonnie's not touching, but teasing nearness. She said softly," I need you to take the ache away."

        "What else Isabel?", asked a relentless Lonnie.

        Isabel almost cried at what Lonnie wanted her to admit, but she knew to get relief she must. "I need you to make me feel the way only you can do..." whispered Isabel, almost pleading. Lonnie 's satisfied smile was wide at Isabel's admission. Nicholas would be getting an eye full in a minute. Man in a boy's body that he was, this would be torture for him, and Lonnie would enjoy each moment of it.

        Lonnie led Isabel to the bed, and lay her down. She undid her own pants, and pushed them down and off. Crawling naked on the bed, she sat on her knees and teased Isabel from the outside of her panties. Running her hand flat along Isabel's mound she applied pressure, and curled her fingers into her wet, panty covered slit. Isabel moaned as Lonnie drew her finger into her more. She opened up her legs to allow Lonnie better access. And then Lonnie stopped.

        "What...why did you stop?" asked a confused and very aroused Isabel.

        "I need to get something. A surprise,"

        Lonnie left the bed and brought back the covered bowl. She took the cover off, and took out the strangest thing Isabel had ever seen. Then Isabel's mouth dropped in shock.

        "Is that what I think it is?" she asked warily.

        "Yeah sure is...." her tongue running along her own lips at Isabel's reaction. Lonnie held up a long ice phallus.

        "What are you going to do with that?" asked Isabel suddenly unsure again.

        Lonnie approached Isabel and said, "I'm going to fuck you with it. You'll freakin' love it."


        Nicholas had to admire Lonnie's creativity when it came to sex, but Vilandra had always used sex and creativity to get what she wanted. Things hadn't changed it seemed. But would Isabel be willing to give in to her past as Vilandra?


        Isabel shook her head as she stared transfixed at the icy shaft in Lonnie's hand.

        "Take off your panties Isabel. Don't make me hafta use force when we both know you're going to do it anyway." Then she grinned,"But maybe that's what you like...the way I force you to do what you say you don't really want to do. Yeah, I think you might be gettin' off on that."

        Isabel thought about that as her gaze shifted to Lonnie. Was it true? Did she like being forced? NO! She was open to this. Why not? If Lonnie could do it then so could she...couldn't she?

        Isabel bent and reached for her waistband. Trying to seem self assured, she began to wriggle her ass as she pulled her red ,wet panties down to her ankles , and stepped out of them, her ass facing Lonnie. Was Lonnie noticing?

        Lonnie watched Isabel's firm , round ass wriggle about as she threw her panties aside. When she bent over, Isabel's pussy showed how ready she was. This was going to be better than she thought.

        "Come here whorebitch, and lie down. Open up your legs wide, and get ready for a fuck like you've never had before."

        Isabel did as she was told , and Lonnie approached her with the ice shaft. She ran it along her own breasts and up to her mouth where she took the head into her mouth and sucked. Then pulling it out, she moved it toward Isabel's cunt.

        Isabel had watched Lonnie in fascination as she went down on the ice phallus, then her own pussy quivered as Lonnie approached her cunt.

        The tip of the icy penis touched Isabel's hot, wide open cunt, and sent Isabel bucking up off the bed in an electric shock.

        "Oh!," she cried out as Lonnie slowly pushed the cold,hard penis in and out of Isabel, going deeper each time.

        "That's right bitch, go with it, let it take you over...feel it."

        Lonnie began to move the phallus harder and faster within Isabel, the object melting with each thrusting as it encountered Isabel's hot cunt. Isabel had never felt anything like this before. The combination of her own heat along with the cool, melting ice was almost too much to take. The sensations that were being created were awesome.

        Lonnie pulled the shaft from Isabel, and placed it at her anus while Lonnie went down on Isabel's cunt, lapping up the cum that Isabel was dripping. Lonnie shoved the cock into Isabel's anus, and Isabel felt like she was bursting as she came.

        Isabel's orgasm rolled over her again as she felt the ice and Lonnie's mouth at the same time. "I can't take any more Lonnie...please stop...I ..can't...take...any more...awwwww!" Isabel again came hard against Lonnie's unrelenting mouth, her cum spewing into Lonnie's eager mouth. Lonnie lapped up Isabel's cum and licked her clean.


        Nicholas was drenched in sweat from the show he had just seen. He needed to be relieved so bad, but he was stuck filming for Kivhar. Shit! Lonnie had Isabel doing anything she wanted. If they had known that, they wouldn't have needed the camera, just that dumb bitch from the sewers. Damn Kivhar and his orders! Biting back a groan, Nicholas turned his attention back to the scene before him.


        Lonnie lay near Isabel's head, and kissed her panting mouth.

        "You like that bitch?"

        Isabel nodded ,and rolled her glistening body toward Lonnie.

        "Why didn't you stop? I couldn't take any more."

        Lonnie laughed as she said,"But you did, you rode that frozen cock, and my mouth, and came in a big way...that's what it is all about...coming big. We know each other Isabel, and what we can take. I knew you could fucking handle it."

        Isabel lay quiet now, and then said,"Now you Lonnie, now it's your turn."


        Lonnie was only mildly surprised when Isabel took the initiative. The girl was showing her Vilandra side now, the one Lonnie had been born knowing. Lonnie had been fucking for years, where Isabel was still an innocent.

        Kivhar would be expecting Isabel to be as she was before on their planet, just as he would expect Lonnie to be Vilandra too. But he would have a rude awakening in both. He had ordered that Lonnie teach Isabel, and then Isabel would be just as much a whore as Lonnie Vilandra was. But no one ordered Lonnie and got away with it.


        Isabel had a taste in her mouth, a hunger actually, a hunger for Lonnie's nectar. The memory of the last time came to her occasionally, and now she would partake of her treat.

        She kissed Lonnie, the hoop in her mouth not even noticed. She trailed her kisses down to Lonnie's breasts and beyond to her mound. She parted Lonnie's willing thighs to reveal a pussy so wet that it shined with moistness as it quivered with need. Isabel took the nether lips in her fingers and spread them causing Lonnie to moan at their touch.

        Isabel smiled at her power over Lonnie right now. She controlled right now, not Lonnie. Enjoying this power, she lowered her open mouth to Lonnie's cunt,and flicked her tongue over the nub,and then thrust inside.

        She ate Lonnie's spicy juice like it was going to be taken away. Her teeth gnashed at Lonnie's nether lips as she tried to drink in more of this wonderful nectar.

        Lonnie was bucking wildly against Isabel's face, holding onto Isabel's head with one hand, and pinching her own nipple with the other.

        "Shit! Oh fuck...oh fuck...oh fuck...fuck meeeeee!" Lonnie came at Isabel's face fast and hard, thrusting uncontrollably at her.

        When the orgasm subsided Lonnie lay panting and Isabel had her head on Lonnie's thigh. She licked her lips of the last of Lonnie's cum, and then said," Turn over Lonnie."

        Surprised Lonnie did as she was asked.

        "Gettin' kinda' bossy ain't ya bitch?"

        "Put your ass in the air Lonnie," commanded Isabel.

        Lonnie did as she was asked.

        Isabel picked up the near to melted cock and using her powers, reformed it to its original hard,gleaming,length. She placed it at Lonnie's cunt, pushing it in slowly, but surely.

        Lonnie moaned in pleasure as the familiar feel of ice cock filled her up. She pumped against Isabel's hand holding the shaft ,feeling the rod go in and out, melting quickly, and tickling her clit.

        Just as she approached her orgasm, Isabel withdrew the rod.

        "YOU BITCH!!! How dare you do that right now!" screamed Lonnie, frantic for having her need eased. Isabel smiled and placed the shaft in her own mouth, tasting Lonnie's juice, then she pushed it in Lonnie's ass, her fingers into her cunt.

        Lonnie, not realizing what Isabel planned, came upon contact of the cold penis and thrusting fingers. Lonnie repeatedly came as the shaft was buried in her ass.

        Then she was still.

        Isabel became afraid as Lonnie didn't move, only moaned.

        Had she hurt her by doing that? She went to remove the near melted shaft, when Lonnie said,"No! Leave it. I like the's cold, hot, sharp, it's everything...let it melt."


        Isabel lay near Lonnie's head and stroked her curls. Lonnie finally brought her ass down to the bed, the ice phallus having melted away inside her.

        She turned to Isabel and asked,"Well what did you think of my plan?"

        Isabel snuggled near Lonnie, who pulled her close, stroking her hand between Isabel's open legs. "I liked it alot. I never knew ice could be so much fun." Then she added,"I think I've seen that particular penis before Lonnie."

        Lonnie laughed. "Yeah, I thought you might like something familiar in you. They are built aren't they?"

        Just then they heard a groan from behind the manequin and Isabel jumped.

        "Who's there?" she called out anxiously.

        "Yeah who's there?" mimicked Lonnie.

        Nicholas came out with the camera in hand and said,"I've never seen anything more arousing than what I just witnessed. Ladies I applaud your performance." And setting the camera down, he clapped his hands mockingly.

        "Nicholas!" gasped Isabel, pulling the covers up to hide herself. "What's going on here?"

        "What's going on Vilandra...I guess I should call you Vilandra that you are going back to our planet with us." Turning to Lonnie he said,"You've taught her well Lonnie. Kivhar will be pleased."

        Isabel began to shake her head , and stared from Nicholas to a grinning Lonnie.

        "No! No! No, I'm not going with you! You're crazy Nicholas! Lonnie?"

        Lonnie smiled as Nicholas's face hardened at Isabel. "Look bitch! We have you on film fucking another woman, and enjoying it immensely. You will come with me to be with Kivhar,or this tape will be viewed by all those that you hold near and dear. Think what they will think of you then Vilandra."

        Isabel wanted to throw up. This was a nightmare.

        "Lonnie, you were in on this weren't you? I trusted you. How stupid I was," said Isabel in anger.

        Lonnie smirked at Isabel as she said, "Yeah, well I got what I wanted, and so did Nicholas and Kivhar. You know how I am Isabel, so don't be so shocked. If you was to stupid to think past the need in your cunt, then don't blame me."

        "Get your things Vilandra and let's go!" ordered Nicholas. He wanted to bury himself in Isabel so badly, but knew that Kivhar would kill him if he did. Lonnie would do. The dumb bitch really thought he would take her back to the home planet. He would fuck her and then leave her.

        "What about me Nicholas? You said I was going too," said Lonnie not liking the look on Nicholas's face. Was the twirp going to try and leave her?

        "Lonnie, Lonnie,Lonnie. I'll take Vilandra to the car and you can follow. Now would I really leave you behind?" purred Nicholas as he grabbed Isabel and headed for the door.

        "You fucking bastard!" yelled Lonnie as she threw out her hand to drag the camera to her from where Nicholas had left it.

        "Give it back Lonnie! Don't be the stupid bitch we all know you are!" demanded Nicholas as he realized his mistake.

        "Stupid? Stupid? I'll show you stupid little man." Lonnie opened the camera and exposed the film ,and then melted it ,and the camera.

        "Now who's stupid little man? Kivhar's going to eat your ass for fucking this up. Leave me behind? I don't think so," said Lonnie.

        "You Bitch!" screeched Nicholas. "I'm not through with you Lonnie. I'll be back and so will Kivhar."

        Isabel twisted away from Nicholas and slapped him, sending him up against the wall. Using her powers she sent him sliding up the wall, and dropped him hard over, and over until he lay in a pile on her floor. "No one messes with me ,or blackmails me Nicholas. I'm not going to the home planet. My life is here. Tell that to Kivhar," said Isabel breathing hard.

        Turning to Lonnie she said ,"Get out! Don't come near me again. If I see you again I will kill you."

        Lonnie smirked. "Yeah, well you say that now, but when you see me, your juices will begin to flow , and you will remember the good parts of this evening. You can't give me up Isabel. I'm in your blood. We are the same. I've told you that before."

        And with that, Lonnie strolled out of the room taking a wasted Nicholas with her.

        "Come on little man, Kivhar awaits us."

        Isabel sat down on her bed and began to cry. She had almost destroyed everything by her actions with Lonnie. And the really frightening part was that she knew that Lonnie was right. No matter how much Isabel protested, she would be with Lonnie when she showed up again.

        The End

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