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Posted to the NarcissisticReflections mailing list March 3, 2001

Name: Lori
Title: "Discovery"
Category: Other...Isabel/Lonnie
Rating: Slash NC17
Disclaimer: The WB owns them and it's not fair!
Feedback: Of course I need it, good or bad.
Summery: Just what it implies...
Author's Notes: This is my first attempt at this type of story, so take that in mind when you read it.

Isabel had been sleeping when she felt her hip being stroked lightly. She moaned as the touch sent delightful shivers up and down her body. Michael must have come in very quietly this time. He was late, and she had been asleep awhile. Opening her eyes to look at the glowing clock, she realized that the hand on her hip was small for Michael.

Feeling fear rise in her, she turned her head , and saw Lonnie smuggly watching her.

"You liked that, didn't you, Isabel?"

Isabel shook her head no, and Lonnie just laughed at her.

"You can deny it all you want, but the shivers you had were from pleasure, not disgust. You thought it was him, didn't you? Michael. Well let me tell you bitch, no guy can pleasure you like a woman can. We know what we like and can make it happen for each other. You know, the big 'O'. You ever had one with him?"

Isabel blushed from embarrassment. Lonnie was always so crude, and made her nervous. You couldn't trust her. Isabel wondered why she was here now.

"What do you want Lonnie? What brings you back to Roswell?" Isabel asked, trying to be unmoved by Lonnie's nearness.

Lonnie moved her hand up Isabel's arm, tracing over to her collar bone, and down to the swell of Isabel's breast. She watched Isabel hold her breath as Lonnie trailed her finger in circles over the breast, stopping to pinch the hardened nipple through the night shirt.

Isabel closed her eyes unwillingly and a moan escaped her lips. Her eyes flew open at the sound and saw a smug Lonnie licking her lips.

"Yeah, I thought you needed me. That's why I'm here, to help you."

She continued caressing Isabel's skin lightly as she spoke. "These guys know some tricks to get us off, but now another woman can get you to the big 'O' everytime. You see, we know what we like, and we don't have to waste time showing a man what that is. Do you know what you like Isabel? What makes you come? Do you make yourself feel it?"

Isabel's mouth dropped open as she realized what Lonnie was talking about. Lonnie was here to have sex. Isabel didn't know what to do. She had never wanted to do that with another woman, but then again she was intrigued to find out if it was true. Did women get each other off better than a man could? Not that Michael couldn't get her off, but was a woman better at it?

Lonnie could see the thoughts flying through Isabel's head, and knew that before the night was through, Isabel would be hers.

She leaned over Isabel and slowly brought her lips down to Isabel's hesitant ones. She lightly brushed her lips before firmly pressing her lips to Isabel's.

Isabel gasped in shock, allowing Lonnie access to her inner mouth. Her tongue probed Isabel's mouth, and was mildly surprised when Isabel began to return her kiss.

Lonnie ran her hand under Isabel's shirt and fondled a desire-swollen breast. She raised the shirt up to Isabel's neck and bent to take a breast into her mouth. She worried the hardened nipple in her teeth and licked the full globe. With her hand she squeezed the other breast, kneading it while Isabel moaned under her.

Lifting the shirt over Isabel's head, she then reached for the waist band of the lacey panties.

Isabel's hand stopped her.

"Can't stop now bitch, we go all the way now."

She tugged at the panties until they tore off of Isabel, who had suddenly changed her mind about all of this.

"I don't want to now Lonnie. Please don't do that, okay? Just stop!" cried Isabel in a panic.

"You get me all hot and bothered and then say 'sorry no'? I don't think so. We do this easy or hard. I like it both ways, so it's up to you."

Isabel began to cry as Lonnie ran her hand down Isabel's smooth belly to her mound, running her fingers through the curls that were moist against Isabel's will.

"I thought so. You want it bad. You're so wet and ready for fucking. Well I'm gonna give it to ya good bitch."

Lonnie stood up and pulled her shirt off revealing bared breasts. She slowly stripped off her pants. She wore no underwear. She smiled at Isabel as she caressed her own breasts, and slid her finger into her own cunt.

"I'm wet for you too, Isabel. Looks like our fun now begins," she said as she licked her own wetness from her fingers, and crawled back on the bed to Isabel.

Isabel had watched Lonnie the whole time and shocked herself by feeling desire for her. But she didn't want this, so what was going on?

Lonnie lay next to Isabel and began to kiss and suck at her from her pale neck to the curls of her pussy. She looked at Isabel mischieviously, and barely slipped her finger into Isabel's slit. Isabel moaned and her thighs fell open unbidden to Lonnie's fingers and waiting mouth.

Lonnie had turned her body so that her head was between Isabel's wide open thighs, plunging her tongue deeply into Isabel's cunt. She ate hungrily of Isabel's dripping pussy, lapping the juices that were running readily into her mouth.

Isabel ran a hand to her breasts and began to fondle first one and then the other. With her other hand she guided Lonnie's head, but Lonnie seemed to know just what Isabel liked without her help. A moan of pleaure escaped Isabel's mouth.

"Oh, yes! Don't stop...please don't stop! Don't stop..."

Lonnie smiled to herself at how easy it was to get Isabel to come. The bitch was so horney, just like herself. Well they were the same in a way...they were both Vilandra and she had been the biggest whore of all.

Isabel felt her orgasm hit her hard as Lonnie pressed her tongue flat against Isabel's clit. She came full force against Lonnie's mouth again and again in multiple orgasms. She couldn't stop even if she had wanted too. She couldn't believe the intense pleasure she was feeling right now. It was like nothing she had ever felt before.

Lonnie licked Isabel's clit clean when she felt her shudder her last multiple orgasm. Climbing back up to Isabel's head she thrust her tongue deep into Isabel's mouth, ravaging it until Isabel thought she would never breathe again. She could taste herself on Lonnie's lips. It was different,but not unpleasant. Lonnie broke the kiss and looked down at Isabel.

"Well bitch, you still wish I would've stopped?"

Isabel shook her head . She couldn't look at Lonnie. She was too embarrassed by her body's willingness to let Lonnie do that to her.

Lonnie grinned down at Isabel and forced her head to look up.

"Never be sorry for enjoying pleasure. I don't care who gives it to ya, enjoy it and give it back."

Give it back? Give it back! Lonnie wanted her to reciprocate. Oh ...could she do it? It seemed fair, but she had never done that, could she?

Isabel reached out and placed a hand on Lonnie's breast that was like her own, but with a tattoo of a knife with blood drops.

"Where did you get that?"

Lonnie forced her breast into Isabel's hand more and said,"We all got one a year ago. Ava, Rath, show our solidarity to one another."

"Why a bloody knife?" asked Isabel bending to take Lonnie's tit in her mouth, begining to suckle it.

Lonnie moaned. The bitch had a mouth on her for sure.

"Um the knife...because nobody messes with us or they die."

Isabel felt her blood run cold at Lonnie's matter of fact answer. She was having sex with someone who looked like her, but could kill at the drop of a hat. After all, she and Rath had killed Zan, her own brother.

Isabel nervously began to place small kisses down Lonnie's body when Lonnie pushed her head downwards.

Isabel came to the apex of Lonnie's thighs, and watched as Lonnie spread them wide, grinning as she watched Isabel's reaction.

Isabel gasped at the cum running from Lonnie's slit.

"Yeah, I told you I was hot for ya bitch. I'll really be coming when you place that hot mouth of yours on me. I bet I come more than you did."

Isabel swallowed as she lowered her head and lightly licked the wet slit. The taste was salty and sweet. An alien mix she supposed. Sort of nice actually.

She slid her tongue in more, and spread Lonnie's nether lips with her fingers, allowing her more access to the quivering cunt.

Lonnie began to pump Isabel's face as her orgasm began.

"Damn!" she thought. The bitch had one hell of a mouth on her. She was coming and the girl had just started on her. She clutched Isabel's head as she pumped harder into her mouth.

"Fuck you bitch! Damn your good. Fuck yes, that's it...oh shit!"

Isabel sucked Lonnie's juices until she drank her dry. She licked her own lips so as to get every drop of the honey Lonnie had poured into her mouth. She had liked it. Sweeter than male cum which was more salty.

She kissed her way back up Lonnie's gistening body, and lay her head on Lonnie's breast.

"You did real fine bitch, real fine. No one has made me come like that ever. See I told you, we know what we like. And you and me bein' the same, you know Vilandra, we can fuck the shit out of each other, and get totally off on it."


Isabel still felt fear towards Lonnie, but she also felt like Lonnie spoke the truth. They were the same when it came to what they wanted when it came to sex. She didn't want another woman, but she knew that if Lonnie ever wanted to do it again, Isabel would jump at the chance to have this intense pleasure again.


Lonnie played with Isabel's long hair as the other slept. Rath may be a fantastic fuck, but nothing compared to what this little bitch just did to her. Who would have thought it. She would definitely be visiting Roswell more often now that she knew where to get her pleasure.

Pulling Isabel close to her, she closed her eyes and slept.

The End

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