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The Change, Part Three: Muskateer Menage a' Trois

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Sent to the Roswell Slash Archive June 4, 2001

Name:Lori 6/01
Title: "The Change" part 3/3
Category: Three Muskateer...(Max/Isabel/Michael)
Rating: This is HEAVY NC17!! So if you are not over 18 then just stop right now! This is adult content only! This fic is a threesome fic, with language to accompany it so be warned!
Disclaimer: Not owned by me, but by UPN.
Summery: Our male aliens are experiencing the 'alien change' and Isabel is the only one who can help them out....
Dedicated to a certain OTO and she knows who she is...thanks for the encouragement 'T'.

        Muskateer Menage a' Trois...

        "So are you game Isabel? It's really up to you," asked Max.

        "You want me to have sex with you and Michael at the same time right?" she asked with laughter in her eyes.

        "Well, yeah. Is that okay? I mean we both are having this problem and if we both need you then this the perfect solution," said Max.

        "And you guys won't be jealous?"

        "I won't," said Max. He looked at Michael. "Michael?"

        Michael thought a minute and answered, "I'll try not to be. Yeah we can do this."

        "And you guys are going to do what? When I'm screwing with one, what is the other guy going to do? Get head or something?"

        "We haven't thought about that," admitted Michael.

        Hiding a grin, Isabel said,"Well one of you could always do the other."


        "No way!"

        They were so adament that Isabel had to laugh.

        "Just teasing you guys. Okay... so..." she said as she began to let her sheet fall down to her waist. "...who wants to go first?"

        Michael stared at Isabel as Max threw his pillow to the floor and turned to cup Isabel's breast as he slipped his tongue into her mouth.

        Isabel scooted down on the bed as Max licked his way down her body until he arrived at his original goal.

        "Shall we try this again?" he asked as he slid his tongue over her slit causing her to purr.

        Grasping his hair to hold his head in place, Isabel began to move her hips as Max flicked his tongue along the swollen nether lips of Isabel's ****.

        "Mmmmm Max...yessss" she said low as she closed her eyes.

        Michael's mouth went dry and cock went harder as he watched Max go down on Isabel. Reaching down to the front of his tented pants, Michael began to rub himself.

        Isabel opened her eyes, and saw Michael rubbing himself as he watched them, so she said, "Michael come here."

        Michael crawled over to her and leaned down so Isabel could kiss him.

        "Take off your clothes Michael. I want to see all of you," ordered Isabel.

        Michael looked down at Max's bobbing head ,his ass in the air.

        Quickly Michael divested himself of his clothing and lay down beside Isabel, leaning over to suckle at her breasts.

        "Yes Michael...suck them hard. Nip them Michael," she begged.

        Michael began to take little nips here and there on her breast while his hand lightly pinched the other.

        Max pulled Isabel's **** open wider and thrusts his tongue in as far as he could over and over. He did this until Isabel's juices ran into his mouth. Pressing his tongue flat to her ****, Isabel came in bucking throes as her orgasms overcame her. Between Michael at her breasts and Max eating her between the legs she was in heaven.

        "Aawwwwww...oh yesssssss!" she cried as she went limp on the bed.

        Max kissed her wet pussy after he licked her clean ,and climbed up to kiss her mouth.

        "So it was good for you?" he teased.

        "Oh yeah, very good," she replied as she pulled Michael up to her too.

        "I want inside of you Isabel," said Michael as he placed his hand between her legs and began to caress her.

        "She may be too sore Michael," said Max as he watched Michael's hand on Isabel's puss.

        Isabel looked down at Michael's rock hard cock and said with a sigh, "Noooo I'm not too sore...I want to **** Michael."

        Michael grinned as she spread her silken thighs wide for him.

        Max was amazed at the size of Michael's cock. How did he get all of that into Isabel? But he watched as inch by inch it disappered into Isabel's **** until he was totally sheathed.

        The site of that large cock pumping into Isabel made Max lick his lips and reach for his own rigid member and began to pump.

        "Harder Michael...harder..." panted Isabel as she thrust with him faster and faster.

        Max pumped just as fast with his hand as Michael pumped into Isabel until all three came at once. Michael shooting his cum into Isabel , while Max shot his load onto Michael's arm.

        "Sorry man," said Max as he relaxed on the bed, his arm aching from the intense masturbation.

        "You still have some here Max," said Isabel as she leaned over and licked Max's cum that dribbled off the end of his cock.

        Max's member shot to life as it felt Isabel's hot mouth on it.

        "Oh yeah Izzy suck it hard," he said as he tangled his hands in her hair.

        Isabel licked her way under the shaft of Max's penis, nipping gently at his balls when she reached them. Coming back up she took the head in her mouth and swirrled her tongue around it with her moist heat.

        Michael swelled to see Isabel giving Max head.

        He wanted head too, and the only way to get it at this moment was from Max.

        He looked up to see Max watching him.

        Walking to Max's head which hung near the edge of the bed, Michael looked down into Max's face as Max licked his lips and opened his mouth to receive Michael's huge cock.

        Kneeling, Michael placed his engorged cock to Max's lips and was shocked at how warm and wet they were.

        Max encircled the head with his tongue and tasted the precum that fell from the tip. Sucking the head more into his mouth, Max raised one hand to grasp Michael's dick and pump it as he laved the sheath from undre neath. Reaching the balls he took first one and then the other into his mouth to gently suck it. Going back to the head, Max took as much of Michael's cock into his mouth as he could, throating him.

        Isabel was sucking Max's cock down her throat until it touched the back. Suddenly she felt him stiffen and without warning he shot cum down the back of her throat. Swallowing it down, she licked him clean and sat back to watch him finish going down on Michael.

        Michael threw back his head and growled from deep down inside as he came in Max's mouth, spurting cum on his chin and neck.

        Isabel gently wiped up Max's chin and neck with the sheet and said, "That was different."

        Michael lay back on the bed and sighed.

        "I'm still horny."

        Sure enough, he had a hard on.

        "What does it take to satisfy you Michael?" laughed Max.

        "Another good ****," he replied drolley.

        "Michael I need a little break in that area," said Isabel ruefully.

        Max eyed Michael's again throbbing member and realized his was throbbing too.

        "You can **** me," he said without thinking.

        "What?" exclaimed Michael sitting up.

        "That will work Michael. And from the look of Max, he needs to **** somebody too," said Isabel.

        "What, Max ****s you , I **** him, and we are all happy? Is that what you are suggesting? I'm not gay you know," said Michael angrily.

        "Not gay Michael, just...needing release in the only way you can get it right now," said Isabel practically.

        "Michael if I'm willing why not you?" asked Max.

        "I've never done that," said Michael.

        "None of us have Michael, it's experiment time. Well?" asked Isabel.

        "Okay," said Michael.

        Isabel got on her knees and Max grabbed the bottle of lotion off her night stand, rubbed some on his hands and began to wiggle a finger in to her ass.

        Isabel at first thought it felt strange, but began to relax as Max got another, and then another finger into her until he had them all inside. Pulling them out he lubed up his cock and began to press into Isabel from behind. Going slowly so he wouldn't hurt her, Max finally made it all the way in.

        "Okay, I'm in, " he said , her tight ass holding squeezing him.

        Michael grabbed the bottle of lotion and began to finger Max's puckered hole, placing one finger after another inside until he had them all in.

        "Okay...I think," said Michael.

        Max moved and suddenly Michael's fist was up Max's ass.

        "****! Don't move again Max. Oh ****! Okay, I'm going to go slow here, just hang on," said Michael as he began to slowly work his fist out of Max's ass.

        Isabel and Max both held their breaths as the objects in their asses stretched them beyond what either had ever known.

        "I'm almost out Max, hang in there," said Michael.

        He reached Max's prostrate and pressed slightly as he worked his last finger out, causing Max to moan in pleasure.

        "You still want to do this Max?" asked Michael.

        "Yes, please yes!" begged Max.

        So Michael lubed himself up and slowly reentered Max , this time with his huge , throbbing cock."

        "I'm not going all the way Max, I don't want to hurt you."

        "All the way Michael. You have to go all the way," said Max.

        So Michael did.

        They began to all move at once, the slow beginning movements, the holes that streteched to accomidate, the thrusting that began to get harder and faster, the moans of pure bliss as orgasms were found and reached. Max reached around in front of Isabel to stimulate her clitoris causing her to come with him and Michael over the cliff of sexual release.

        They cried out over and over, each crashing back down to Earth slowly and disengaging themselves until they lay tangled in an entwined heap of arms and legs on Isabel's bed.

        "Thank you Isabel," said Max as he kissed her.

        "Max, what can I say, but thanks," said Michael.

        "You guys are the best ****s I ever had," said Isabel through a yawn.

        "We're the only ones you've ever had Isabel," said Michael yawning big.

        "Go to sleep you two. We need rest for later," said Max as they fell asleep in each others arms, having survived the alien change.


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