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The Change, Part Two: The Outsider Opportunity

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Sent to the Roswell Slash Archive June 4, 2001

Name:Lori 6/01
Title: "The Change" part 2/3
Category: Three Muskateer...(Max/Isabel/Michael)
Rating: This is HEAVY NC17!! So if you are not over 18 then just stop right now! This is adult content only! This fic is a threesome fic, with language to accompany it so be warned!
Disclaimer: Not owned by me, but by UPN.
Summery: Our male aliens are experiencing the 'alien change' and Isabel is the only one who can help them out....
Dedicated to a certain OTO and she knows who she is...thanks for the encouragement 'T'.

        The Outsider Opportunity...

        Max could hear Isabel began to take a shower.

        He imagined the water rushing over her body, the rivers of it running between her ample breasts down to the valley between her legs.

        Max shook himself.

        What the hell was he thinking?

        Sure he and Isabel were not blood related, and he couldn't control his thoughts about her, but then again he didn't want too.

        Lately he was having thoughts about ****ing any and everything. He had actually skipped his 4 th and 5 th period classes to masturbate in the woods behind the school.

        What was wrong with him?

        He had always thought of himself as a normal guy, well for an alien that is. But the past few days he had wanted to hump everything. He had almost grabbed Liz and pulled he into the Eraser Room, but then had glimpsed Isabel walking in the hall, and his thoughts went to wondering how it would feel to **** her.

        He could almost imagine how her tight pussy would wrap around his hard cock, clinching it until he came as her rode her hard.

        ****! He was doing it again!

        His cock was throbbing. It was like it knew that Isabel was naked in the shower.

        Sanity lost out as Max got up and went into the bathroom he shared with Isabel, entering through the connecting door.

        Stripping off his shirt and boxers, Max stepped to the curtain and pulled it back.

        Isabel jumped as the curtain opened.

        She gasped as she saw Max standing naked before her with a huge erection, eyeing her with lust in his eyes.

        "Max?" she asked covering herself with her hands.

        "I need you Isabel," he said as entered the shower and pulled the curtain shut.

        "What?" she asked choked.

        "I've had this strong need lately to have sex. Overpowering really. I can't explain it except to say that I need you. I was going to go to Liz hoping that she would help me, but then...I saw you ...and my body has craved you ever since," he finished.


        "We're not related's okay you know?" he rushed on, trying to alleviate her fears.


        "I'm sorry Isabel, but I have to have you. I'm not going to rape you, but please help me," he finished anguised, his hardened erection killing him.

        "'s okay, I'll help you," Isabel said softly as she reached over and touched his face.

        "You will?" he asked surprised.

        "Yes, just tell me where."

        "Now! I need you now!" said Max as he reached for her.

        "In the shower?" she asked, her arms going around him to trace patterns on his back.

        Kissing her neck and working his way up to her lips, Max replied, " This feels so right Isabel. Can you feel it?"

        Isabel nodded as she kissed Max back, her mouth opening up to his tongue.

        Max's kisses made her think that she was being swallowed whole.

        Breaking for air, she said, "What I feel is you poking me with that monster between your legs," she laughed softly.

        Max looked down between them where his hard penis stood out straight and was indeed trying to probe Isabel for entrance.

        Raising his hand to her engorged breast Max bent and sucked the nipple of first one and then the other while his hand caressed her globes.

        "Oh Max, yes that feels good," said Isabel as she ran her finger in his hair.

        Coming back up to her lips, Max tugged gently at her bottom lip with his teeth, the fullness reddening underneath.

        "I need you now Isabel, but I don't want to hurt you," said Max.

        "Max, you won't hurt me. I'm not a virgin," she said waiting for his reaction to that piece of information.

        Max paused as he took in her words.

        Isabel had had sex. Who had it been with?

        Then realizing she was waiting for him to say something, Max looked her in the eyes and said, "I'm glad I'm not the one to cause you pain. I couldn't stand it if I were to hurt you."

        Kissing him softly, Isabel reached between them and grasped his member, lifting her leg to the side of the shower ledge, her back against the wall, and guided Max into her.

        When the tip of his penis touched Isabel's opening, Max shivered from the contact.

        Pushing into her until he was all the way in, Max began to thrust sharply back and forth, his hips moving faster and faster.

        Isabel gasped as Max pushed his full cock into her creating a tightness that was exquisite. "Isabel, you are so tight. It feels so good when you clinch around me like that," said Max as he thrust harder into her, while he kissed her breathlessly.

        "Max... Max...oh this is so good! More, more...oh please moooorrre!" she cried out as he slammed her against the shower wall.

        Isabel bit down on Max's shoulder lightly, then kissed the spot gently.

        "Harder Max... harder!" panted Isabel as Max pumped his hips harder against hers, pulling out fully before thrusting back inside of her like a knife into its sheath.

        "Isabel, I'm going to come! Oh my gawwww..." cried out Max as he felt the blood in his heated cock pump and cause him to explode into Isabel.

        Isabel felt her body follow Max's into orgasmic oblivion as she came after him.

        Sinking down to the shower floor, Max held Isabel and kissed her face.

        "Thank you Isabel, oh god, thank you! It was better than I expected it would that I didn't think you would be good, but..." Max panted.

        "I know what you mean Max. It was wonderful, truly. Anytime you want a repeat, just let me know," she said as she allowed the water to wash over her.

        "I'll take you up on that Isabel, you can be sure," confirmed Max as he kissed her long and hard.

        "Better get out of here before we prune up," Isabel.

        "Yeah," he agreed as he left the shower and reached for a towel handing it to her, before getting one for himself.

        "Let me dry you off Isabel," said Max as began to pat her breasts.

        "You just want to touch me again," teased Isabel as she patted his arms with her towel.

        "Let me get this for you," he said as he dipped his head to lick drops of water from her belly. "Mmmm...I like that," she hummed happily.

        "How about this?" he asked as he went further down to the curls on her mound.

        "Mmmm...oh yes..." breathed Isabel as she closed her eyes.

        "No ones home Isabel. Let's find a bed," suggested Max, as blew on the tight curls sending shivers over Isabel.

        "My" she replied as she grabbed his hand and headed to her room.

        Kissing her lips, Max then kissed his way down her body until he reached her wet ****, moist not from the bath, but from desire.

        "Please Max...please..." she begged as he lightly teased her slit with his finger tip.

        "Please what Isabel?" he tauntingly asked.

        "Please...put your warm mouth on me and eat me..." she pleaded.

        Smiling, Max parted her curls and said, "You are so beautiful Isabel," and then he lowered his head and...

        "What the hell is going on here?" demanded Michael from the window.

        "****!Michael what are you doing here?" asked Max as he scrambled over the side of the bed, pulling a pillow down over him, while Isabel tugged on the sheet to cover up.

        "I asked what you were doing Maxwell! Isabel? I thought you and I had a thing going here. You said whenever I need you to ease my ache you would be there for me," said Michael as he eyed her flushed form.

        "What?"Isabel, is Michael the one who took your virginity?" asked Max shocked.

        "Oh ****!" said Isabel under her breath as she looked at the two guys she loved more than anyone else. "I know what you guys must be thinking, but you both came to me with this intense need to have sex with me, and you were both in such pain that I just had to help you both."

        Turning to Max she said, "Max, Michael didn't take my virginity, I gave it to him. Don't look so shocked!" she said at the look on his face.

        "And Michael, I will be there for you when you need me...for anything including sex. But I'm here for Max too. I just don't undrestand why you guys are suddenly feeling more horny than usual. And why lust after me? I don't get it."

        Max slowly got up and sat on the bed next to Isabel making sure to keep the pillow in place.

        "I wish Nacedo was here to ask," said Max.

        "Do you think that all aliens go throught this?" asked Michael.

        "You mean male aliens don't you? I don't think Isabel is going through this, she's just accomodating us," said Max.

        "How long do you think it will last?" asked Michael coming to sit on the bed too.

        "I don't know. This change in us may be a one time hormonal thing , or it could come in cycles. I just don't know," said Max.

        "Well I'm here for you guys whenever you need me," said Isabel sitting with her back against the headboard.

        "What if we both need you at the same now?" asked Michael giving her a leering look. "Yeah, what do we do?" asked Max looking at her.

        Teasingly, Isabel replied, "I guess we have a threesome."

        Shocked, Max and Michael's mouths dropped down at what Isabel suggested, until they realized she was joking. Then they looked at one another, sizing each other up, and slowly grinned.

        "Why are you grinning like that?" asked Isabel.

        Then it hit her.

        And she grinned.

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