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The Change, Part One: The Cliffie Connection

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Sent to the Roswell Slash Archive June 4, 2001

Name:Lori 6/01
Title: "The Change" part 1/3
Category: Three Muskateer...(Max/Isabel/Michael)
Rating: This is HEAVY NC17!! So if you are not over 18 then just stop right now! This is adult content only! This fic is a threesome fic, with language to accompany it so be warned!
Disclaimer: Not owned by me, but by UPN.
Summery: Our male aliens are experiencing the 'alien change' and Isabel is the only one who can help them out....
Dedicated to a certain OTO and she knows who she is...thanks for the encouragement 'T'.

        The Cliffie Connection...

        Michael sat outside at lunch and watched Isabel twirl her hair around her finger. God, he loved it when she did that...she was not even aware she was doing it, and that was such a turn on, the way it was just so natural.

        But everything seemed to be turning him on lately.

        Looking at girls naturally turned him on.

        His dreams turned him on.

        Water hitting his body turned him on.

        Hell, this morning even his banana turned him on!

        He had never felt such intense need before. Just constantly wanting to screw something. Problem was he had never screwed anything in his life.

        Licking his lips, Michael let his gaze wonder over Isabel's body. She was great looking there was no denying that. Isabel had a womans body with all the curves in the right places. Nothing girlish and immature about it, but a full blown seductive womans figure.

        She had developed early, and given every boy above the age of 12 hard ons and wet dreams every night. Hell, he'd even had a few himself, but then when he had told Max, Max had walloped the beejeezes out of him reminding him that Isabel was his friend and not some cheap slut. Michael had never thought about Isabel that way again ...until now. She wasn't his sister, they were older now, and she was damn sex to boot.

        Leaning over he ran his fingers through her ponytail.

        "What?" asked Isabel startled by the act.

        Michael realized he had actually touched Isabel's hair and to cover he replied, "A leaf was in your hair."

        "Oh, thanks Michael," she smiled at him greatfully as she smoothed her hair with her hand while she continued to read her book.

        Michael swallowed hard as he watched her lick her moisten her lips with the tip of her tongue.

        Then he felt it.

        Great! He had a hard on. How was he going to get up with the front of his pants sticking out and everyone seeing? Shifting around Michael could not find relief only more intense need.

        A moan escaped his lips as he moved again and felt like he would burst.

        "Michael? Are you okay?" asked Isabel looking at him concerned.

        Michael had thrown a book into lap to cover up his problem, but he couldn't stay this way. His damn dick was not going to let him ignore it.

        Embarrassed, Michael finally said, "I can't get up."

        Frowning, Isabel wrinkled her brow as she considered what he had said.

        "Why can't you get up? Do you have a cramp in you leg? Is it aching you? I could massage it for you if it would help."

        Michael grimmaced at her choice of words.

        "Uh, I have an ache alright, but it's not in my leg. Thanks anyway."

        Confused, Isabel asked,"If it's not in your leg, then where is it?"

        Michael gave her a look that just said it all without actually speaking a word.

        Realization hit Isabel and she gasped and said,"Ohhhh!"

        Michael moved slightly and the painful need he had just grew causing him to gasp.

        "Michael I can't believe you have a ...well a know right out here in public. Can't you control yourself?" asked Isabel in a whisper while making sure no one could hear them.

        Michael looked at her like she had grown two heads.

        "If I could control it do you really think I would have chosen right now to have one? I don't know what's wrong with me. Lately everything turns me on. And I mean 'everything'. This is the most painful it's ever been though."

        "So go get some release. the restroom."

        "Won't work, jacking off isn't cutting it. I've got to have a normal release," said Michael getting frustrated.

        "I can't believe I'm having this conversation with you," said Isabel embarrassed yet intrigued with Michael's problem.

        "You can't believe it? I'm the one with the problem," he said in disbelief.

        "So get Maria to help you out like she always does. You guys do have sex don't you?" Isabel said, but not really wanting to know. She had feelings for Michael that she had kept hidden since he had taken up with Maria.

        "No, we don't have sex! Why would you think that? Anyway, we are not seeing each other anymore," he told her shocked that she thought he and Maria had been having sex.

        Isabel was quiet for a long time as she regarded Michael. She was thrilled that he and Maria hadn't done it. But she also was scared about what she was thinking. Could she? Would he? What would it mean if they she did?

        Finally Isabel looked around, and seeing that they were nearly alone, she whispered nonchalantly, "Okay, I'll help you."

        Michael's mouth fell open at her words.

        "You'll help me what?" he asked cautiously.

        No longer avoiding his eyes, Isabel clarified, "I'll help you with your problem. Can you make it to the Eraser Room? No wait, that may not be quiet enough. Hmmm...I know, the outside storage closet near the football field! Can you make it there?"

        Michael just stared at Isabel. He couldn't believe she was offering to have sex with him.

        "Isabel, do you know what you are offering to do? Are you sure?" he asked.

        Her look softening , she replied, "Yeah, I know. It's okay, I'm okay with it, really."

        Michael touched her cheek with his hand, and then muffled a groan as the slight shift sent him into agony.

        Helping him up, they walked slowly to the storage closet and went inside.

        "There is a pile of tarps over there we could use," said Isabel as she looked around.

        Michael still stood behind her not believing he was getting ready to have sex with Isabel.

        "Isabel, you're really sure? Can't go back once we start you know."

        Isabel turned and walked to Michael putting her arms around his neck, her belly feeling his hard erection pressing against her.

        "Very sure," she said quietly as she pressed her lips to his.

        Michael opened his mouth to her probing tongue, using his own to search hers.

        She tasted of Tobasco and cherry coke.

        Sweet and spicey.

        Nuzzling her neck, his hands went to her breasts and began to knead them. The firm fullness was overflowing his hands, and they were not even released from her bra yet.

        Isabel moaned and pulled back.

        "Michael we need to take care of your problem right now. We can take care of the foreplay later," she panted.

        "Isabel it could hurt you if we don't mess around a little," said Michael pulling her back to him.

        "I'm not going to hurt Michael," she moaned as he put both hands on her ass and gently squeezed as he pulled her to him so he could rub his erection on her.

        Michael stopped what he was doing and stepped back to look at her.

        "What do you mean it's not going to hurt you? Isabel...have you had sex before?" Michael asked upset that he was not her first.

        "No! Oh that's not what I meant Michael. I meant that I'm already ...well...I'm ...wet already," she finished embarrassed.

        "Really? I'm sorry Isabel, it's just that I ... I wanted to be your first and make it nice for you," said Michael not thinking about how what he said would mean for both of them.

        "You wanted to be my first?" she asked shocked.

        "Forget it. Look, if you're still willing then let's do this," he replied hastily before she could change her mind.

        Stripping off her shirt, Isabel began to take off her skirt as Michael watched, his breathing increasing at a rapid rate.

        Michael's eyes bulged as Isabel reached for her bra straps and slid one down. Michael came up behind her and pressed his lips to her shoulder as he slid the other strap down her arm caressing her as he went. Reaching down behind her, he unhooked her bra and let it fall. He reached around front of her and looking over her shoulder, he grasped her heavy breasts in his hands , molding them gently. Isabel leaned her head back and breathed deeply as she felt Michael's hands on her breasts, and his erection poke her buttocks threw his pants.

        "Michael...please..." she whispered throatily.

        Turning her to him, Michael led her to the tarps and started to lay her down.

        "No...I want to undress you," she said reaching for his shirt and pulling it over his head.

        Michael stepped out of his shoes as Isabel ran her hand over the front of his pants and smiled at his intake of breath. Unsnapping and unzipping his pants proved difficult work with his erection straining against the material. But upon accomplishing it, she pushed his pants and underwear down together, allowing his hardened penis to spring free.

        Looking down at it, Isabel studied the long, thick length and was amazed at its size.

        "What?" asked Michael as she continued to remain speechless.

        "It's huge!" she said reverently as reached totake it in her hands.

        Michael's sharp hiss at her touch on his overly sensitive member caused her to look up and smile.

        "In pain still are we? Then let's fix that right now," she said as she lay down on the tarp and raised her arms to him.

        Michael came down beside her, kissing her as his hands reached to push down her skimmpy panties mosit with wetness.

        Running his hand on one breast as his mouth sought the other, Michael sucked the hard nipple causing her to moan with pleasure. Isabel ran her fingers threw Michael's hair as she pulled him closer trying to force more breast into his mouth.

        Swithcing sides, Michael sucked and laved the nipple, tugging on it gently as his hand stole down to dripping pussy, his fingers stealing inside.

        Isabel arched her back at the fingers exploring where only her fingers had been before.

        Pulling out his wondering fingers, Michael spread her legs and crawled between them.

        "Isabel?" he asked one more time, even though he would have died if she responded with a 'no'."

        Her response was to open her legs wider and reach down to guide him into her.

        Kissing her, Michael entered Isabel slowly, trying not to rush in his own need to released. Feeling her barrier, Michael paused before thrusting forward and breaking through.

        Isabel gasped and felt a bit of pain that quickly went away as Michael began to move inside of her. Groaning with the pleasure of Isabel's passage tightening around him, Michael began to pick up the pace as they found the rhythum they needed to find release.

        Isabel clutched Michael to her as his huge cock filled her, stretching her beyond belief. She didn't think she could take all of him in her, he was so big, but Michael found his way fully inside her, and she locked her legs around his waist to push him in until she felt him touch her womb.

        "Michaelllll...oh god, this feels so good," she moaned in his ear.

        Sweat began to break out on Michael's brow as he tried to hold back for Isabel, but his need was too great, and he pumped her harder and faster, slamming his body into hers until he felt the tightening of his balls letting him know that he was fixing to explode in her.

        "Oh ****...Isabel I'm going to come...oh god....Isabellllll" he cried out as he stiffened and shot his cum into her, his orgasm rolling over him unitl he thought he would die just from the pure pleasure of being in side her.

        Isabel felt a warmth shoot into her, as Michael stiffened and came.

        She hadn't reached any wonderful orgasm as he had, but then she was doing this to help him, not to get her own self off.

        Slummping over her, but staying inside her, Michael kissed her lips and brushed her hair out of her face.

        "I'm sorry Isabel, that was selfish of me. I couldn't help it though. I promise I'm going to give you the same pleasure you just gave me though."

        Isabel nodded and smiled at him, moving a stray lock of hair over his ear.

        "I did this for you Michael. Don't worry about me," she replied glad that she had pleased him.

        Michael went still as he realized he was already getting hard again.

        Isabel felt Michael inside her and grinned.

        "So soon? I didn't think that could happen," she said.

        "Me either," he said wondering why he was so horny.

        "This time is for you," he told her as he began to move in her, stroking in and out slowly and then quickly. He would pull out and the ram back into her, sending ripples of intense pleasure through her body.

        "Mmmmm...Mmmichaelll...what...oh geeezzz...please ...awwwww" she cried out as wave after wave of ecstasy washed over her.

        Nothing had prepaired her for something that strong. She didn't know if it was sex in general or having sex with Michael, but she felt like she was on top of the world.

        Michael drove into her again as he strove to reach his own climax, sending strong strokes into Isabel, releasing his load into her again, chills running threw his body as he came.

        "Wow! That was great," he said against her breast as she caressed his back.

        "Yeah," she breathed.

        Michael rolled off of her and pulled her to him, holding her close.

        "Isabel, thank you. That was the most incredible thing I've ever felt. I'm glad we were each others first, it made it more intense I think."

        Snuggling to him, Isabel replied, "I'm glad you told me about you problem Michael. Ummm Michael?"

        "Yeah," he asked in a contented voice.

        "Will you please come to me whenever you have this problem? Please?" she asked as she drew with a finger on his chest.

        Michael grinned and sighed, "No one else but you Isabel. No one else but you."

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