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Not This Time

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list March 21, 2001

Title: not this time (1/1)
Author: loki
Email Address:
Rating: PG
Category: ambiguous, unless you know me. 'cuz i'm a one-trick pony. (oh, and there's a hint of slashiness in there)
Summary: does fantasy blur the lines of reality, or the other way around?
Spoilers: none
Distribution: my site ( and anywhere that's been archiving my stuff. otherwise, just ask!
Disclaimer: not mine. Not in the slightest. They are belong to the WB and a bunch of other folks.
Author's notes: many thanks to the brilliant gurlies on thethirdkind, for they inspire me and challenge me all the time. and special thanks for pilar and her suggestions.

his fingertips
search her body
she clenches
her eyes shut, helpless
to stop
the flood of images
where she isn't involved
and it hurts

his (her) tongue
roughly (smoothly)
swirls around her nipple and
she breathes in
all his fantasies
(gravel and metal and fast and furious)
(tender and yielding and honeyed and hesitant)
not meant for her
and it hurts

his (her) palms
press down on her shoulders
he holds himself above her
(it's different this way)
she lets him
he has control
but she remembers
a different time (with softer skin
her own)
and it hurts

his (her) hips
faster (slower)
not teasing (not this time)
end (sometimes it goes for hours
but not here, not now)
the air smells different
and it hurts

his breath
once ragged and rushed
now fades out and
he looks at her
studies stares
and she wonders if
he can see the things inside her head
for, the things he's only
she's done
(with her)
and the guilt she feels
it hurts
(but only a little)

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