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Dreaming of You

Reply to Lea

Sent to the Roswell Slash Archive January 24, 2001

Title: Dreaming Of You
Author: Lea
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Roswell doesn't belong to me. It belongs to Jason Katmis, and The WB. I'm only writing this for my entertainment, and the people who enjoy the following story.

I've known her for quite some time. Isabel Evans. When her name rolls from my tongue I feel a shiver run through my body. The beauty of her name is only half as beautiful as her beauty inside. She is kind and sweet. Cautious, but not overly so. But the beauty of her qualities don't compare to the beauty of her face, and her body. Her eyes suck you in, as of those of an angel. Her smile, seducing. And her body, oh those curves. Curves I could never ever dream of having.

But as I was saying, I've known her for quite some time. I feel we've become friends. Maybe not the closest of friends, but friends nonetheless. I don't really know of anyone who is very close to her, outside of her brother. But I take what I can get. Even a few moments with her, makes my day worthwhile.

I dream of her. I know she can enter my dreams, and I fear she'll walk in on one of these. I don't think I could ever let her know the way I feel.

But still, I dream. My thoughts are always of her, and my dreams are filled with images of her body. Usually, to my delight, she is dressed in minimal or no clothing. They seem to real, it's as if I could reach out and touch those beautiful breasts. But if I do, my hand goes though her, like a hand into a pond. The image disturbed.

But tonight, those images are real. She is there. And she's there for me.

We're in a room. The decor is of an Arabian palace. Purple and pink sashes hide the mattress of the four poster bed I'm walking towards. I open the sashes, peeking into at the bed. I pray she is behind the curtains. But, no. But she is near. And she's near for me.

I begin to strip of my clothing. I'm naked, except for my panties when I hear her voice behind me. I turn. There she is. Full in evening wear. A strapless blue dress, that falls to her ankles. Her hair flowing in a breeze that I cannot feel.

"Isabel." I state, her name, her presence making that shiver run through my body.

She walks to me. She runs her hands through my hair. She leans in and gently takes her mouth into mine and kisses me. She pulls away. My eyes plead for more. But she has something better for me.

She takes her hands and runs them down my body, stopping at my panties.

"Please go on." I say, reaching out to touch her golden hair.

She takes the small fabric and pulls them down to my ankles. I step out of them.

"Lie down on the bed." She says.

I obey. I feel my exposed body sweating from her beautiful heat.

She reaches behind her and unzips her dress, letting it fall to the ground. She is now wearing a black lace strapless bra and matching panties. She gracefully crawls onto the bed next to me. "Take my bra off." She commands.

I obey again, reaching around her body and unclasping the bra. The fabric falls from her. I reach out to touch her breasts, but she stops me. "I go first."

I nod carefully, wondering what she will do. I'm dying for her to remove the rest of her clothes and touch me with her nude body. I have been dying for this moment ever since I've met her.

As if she were reading my mind, she removes her panties and tosses them to the ground. I wonder if she is as hot as I am. I keep moving my legs as if it will calm this need for sex. She glances down at my legs, knowing what I am doing. She smiles and kisses me softly on the neck.

From my neck she moves to my breasts. Taking each nipple into her mouth and clenching it into her teeth. I make a small noise from the sharp pain. She doesn't look at me, but moves her mouth down over my stomach, slipping her tongue quickly into my navel. Her lips are now between my thighs. Her tongue caressing my clitoris. A cold shiver overrules the heat Isabel is giving off.

She pulls her head up and lies her head next to mine. "Now you go." She says simply. At my almost frightened look she smiles and says "Do what you please. It's your turn now."

I swallow. I bravely move to atop her body and kiss her mouth as I'd been dying to do. I run my fingers through her perfect hair. I kiss her neck, and massage her breasts as I wanted to do in the prior dreams. Then my mouth is on them. And before I know it, I've moved down to between her long luxurious legs. I press my mouth up against the two folds of skin, my tongue slipping trough. I plunge my tongue into her vagina. She makes a sound of pleasure. And then I am done. It seems to have gone so fast.

I move my head up next to hers.

"You were wonderful." She says. She kisses me, her tongue seeping into my mouth, exploring the interior of it. She pulls her mouth away from mine. "I must go."

"Isabel, no!" I cry out. Her tight seducing body is making me hot again.

She smiles sadly. "I'm sorry. But I'll leave you with something." She presses my upper body back onto the bed. She reaches her head down between my legs and presses her tongue into my vagina.

"Oh god!" I scream. "That feels god."

She smiles at me. She goes to where her clothes were. The evening dress is gone. Now there is a tight tube top and a short skirt. She puts them on. I feel a tear falling down my cheek. She leans over and wipes it away. "Don't cry. I'll be back." She kisses me. She grabs my hand and pulls it under her skirt. She runs it over her naked pussy. "Remember that. I'll be back." She turns and walks away into nothingness.

I stand up and begin to dress. I look down. She left her panties there for me. I kick mine away and pull hers on. I pull my shirt over my-


Isabel sits up straight in her bed. She pushes the yearbook next to her onto the floor. She runs to her brother's room. The door is open. He is lying on his bed reading. She jumps onto his bed.

He looks up startled. "Iz?"

"Max, I dreamwalked someone we both know."

"Isabel..." He says warningly.

She shakes her head. "You don't know what they dreamed!"

"What did they dream?" He asks, sitting up.

"They dreamed about me. Having sex with me! It was really disturbing."

"Who was it?" Max asks. He feel he needs to know. And besides, it was good to know who was dreaming of seducing his sister. "Alex?" He guesses.

"No. It wasn't Alex. It was..." She pauses. "Maria."

He coughs. "Maria?"

She nods. "She thinks I'm beautiful and she had this perverted dream about me."

"That's why I don't think you should do that unless you have to. This is why you shouldn't do it for fun." Max lectures.

"I know."

"Isabel, go to bed. And don't do anymore dreamwalking."

She stands up and goes back to her bedroom. She picks up the fallen yearbook. She runs her hand over Maria's picture. She closes the book and sets it on the shelf. She turns off the light and goes to sleep.


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