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Waking Up, Chapter One

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list January 28, 2002

Title: Waking Up, Where Blind Date gets re-written, and Max answers Kyle's question just a touch differently.
Copyright by Kristopher Eshleman
Archive: I don't mind if you can send me an email and maybe give my site or message board a link, then its all good. I'll link back.
Disclaimer: I don't own the show or the characters or anything like that. If I did you'd get to SEE the stuff I'm writing about. Until I do own them, you'll just have to read and imagine. The beginning of this is going to sound a lot like the Episode, no copyright infringement in intended. It just leads up to the slashy part without jumping right in.
Pairings: Kyle/Max
Rating: NC-17
Dedication: This goes out to all the people looking for good Roswell Slash, hope you find it if this doesn't constitute it for you.
Author's Notes: I want to start more stories, and get my readers involved with them. If you are interested in being a part of this experiment in democracy please email me at or come visit my message board that just recently opened at or lastly you can visit my personal web page at Currently there aren't any forums for Roswell stuff, but if there is interest email me and I'll create them.

        Max was lying in his bed, depressed, listening to news about Liz's blind date on the radio when he heard someone start calling his name from outside.


        Slightly annoyed he got up to look out the window. It was Kyle, and a group of his friends yelling from a car in front of his house.

        "EVANS! COME ON!"

        Grabbing his coat he went out to see what Kyle wanted. After their conversation earlier that day about Liz's tendency to fall in and out of love, Max wasn't really looking forward to chatting again. The music from the car's stereo was loud. Very loud. He stepped outside and the first thing he saw was a very intoxicated Kyle, who jumped up and down upon seeing him.


        "Evans! Evans! We're a little drunk."

        "Well then you better be quiet before the neighbors call the police."

        Looking back at his friends, Kyle couldn't miss the opportunity to mock Max.

        "Boys, you listen to my friend Max, he really knows how to evade the law."

        When Kyle looked back at him, Max couldn't help not being able to keep all of the annoyance out of his voice.

        "What do you want?"

        "I figured it was time to bury the old hatchet, put the past behind us, maybe go catch a concert. Come on."

        "Not interested."

        "You know you want to see this guy as much as I do."

        "You shouldn't be driving."

        "You're right, guess you'll have to drive us, or we'll be spending the night here on your lawn."

        With a frustrated look Max took the keys Kyle dangled in front of him.


        The car ride was mostly uneventful. Kyle talked a lot; drinking seemed to bring that out in him. Max tried not to laugh at his behavior, but he found that Kyle wasn't quite as obnoxious while drunk. If the stuff between Liz, Kyle, and himself wasn't as complicated as it was, he may have even considered the possibility of having Kyle as a friend.

        He stopped himself in the middle of that thought. What was he thinking? Him and Kyle Valenti being friends?


        It didn't take very long to get to the French Restaurant where the date was going on. Kyle and Max wandered off from the rest of Kyle's friends upon arriving. The two of them shared an uncomfortable silence until they saw Liz and her date through the window.

        "Love is in the air. Can you smell it?"

        Max cast a baleful glance in Kyle's direction, then looked back at the Liz. She looked happy, he wanted her to happy. He couldn't take it anymore, and Kyle bouncing up and down next to him only served to annoy him further.

        "You can walk to the club from here, I'll give you your keys in the morning."

        Max started to walk away, but Kyle was right after him.

        "Wait wait wait wait wait, you can't leave now, its just getting interesting."

        Max stopped long enough to turn and see Liz and her date kiss, then turn to escape. That hurt. The look on her face after the kiss burned into his soul. Quickly he tried to leave once more. Kyle however was still there.

        "I've got to help you out man." Reaching into his pocket he pulled out a flask. "Try this."

        "I don't drink."

        "What's it going to do kill you? No. It's going to calm you down."

        Max looked at Kyle as he continued to try to convince him.

        "It'll just take the sting away. Just one sip."

        Frustrated and hurt, Max made a decision. He was going to try it. What was the worst that could happen? Without a word he took the flask and took a quick drink from it. Immediately it hit him. He started coughing and handed the flask back to Kyle. His vision blurred. Kyle seemed farther away than he had been moments ago.


        "My tongue," he stuck his tongue out and touched it with his finger, "feels very heavy."

        "You really don't drink do you?"


        "You my friend are drunk. How much did you chug?"

        Rather than explain verbally, which seemed a burden, he used his fingers to indicate a ridiculously small amount.

        "This much."

        He felt like he was really close to Kyle, but it looked like Kyle was farther away than he had been. There was something in the way that Kyle was moving and talking that put Max at ease. It was something he couldn't identify. But it was... nice, to have Kyle there. However far he was or wasn't. Kyle started to laugh.

        "What a wussy!" They both laughed and smiled. Then Max realized what Kyle said.

        "Did you just call me a wussy?"

        "I believe I did."

        Max put his hand around Kyle's shoulder, his hand resting on his neck. That felt...interesting. He liked being close to Kyle, touching Kyle, and Kyle didn't seem to mind so he kept doing it. He had thought of something, but now he couldn't remember what it was he had been about to say. So instead he turned to look behind him. There he saw in the distance a mailbox.

        "Do you see that mailbox? Beat you to it."

        Kyle snorted in disbelief, and laughed slightly. Max hit him on the back, and both got down into a running stance.

        "On your mark. Go!"

        Max took off running, and a stunned Kyle was only able to stare after him, before regaining enough wits to start running as well.

        "Wha...get set you skipped get set!"

        Kyle ran after him but Max had too much of a head start to catch up. When he rounded the corner Max was gone.


        Kyle looked but didn't see him in any direction.

        "EVANS! EVANS! Evans?"


        Kyle ran for a while, but he couldn't seem to find the boy he had been racing with just moments ago.

        "Evans? I know you're somewhere. You weren't that far ahead of me."

        Kyle looked around where he was standing and licked his lips. Then he began to whistle.

        "Here Maxy Maxy! Here Maxy Maxy Maxy!"

        "I want to thank you Kyle, for giving me a new outlook on things."

        Shocked Kyle turned around to look for Max, whose voice he was sure he heard. He had somehow managed to get on top of an overhang of a building called "Night out on the Town."

        "How the hell did you get up there?"

        Kyle was definitely bewildered at this point.

        "I used the ladder."

        Kyle looked left and right. There was no ladder.

        "There is no ladder."

        "Well yeah, now."

        Max said it like it was the most obvious thing in the world, and then smiled and laughed a bit to himself. Confused still, Kyle just shook his head.

        "Ah... whatever. Get down from there before you break your neck. And everybody blames me for getting you trashed."

        Max scooted over and slid down a pole attached to the building.

        "Maybe getting you trashed wasn't such a good idea."

        "No no, you were right."

        "I was?"

        "Yeah, all the stuff you said about me and about Liz, I've been keeping all this stuff inside. Not confronting the horrible ugly truth of it all."

        Kyle was getting a weird feeling. It wasn't bad it was just... weird. Like something was about to happen, and he wasn't sure what to do about it.

        "I've been hiding for all these years Kyle... Years"

        Max put one hand on Kyle's shoulder. Kyle looked at it. It didn't feel out of place. Lots of guys had touched him in the past. Wrestling, locker room brawls, an infinite number of things. But there was something else in that touch. That one meant something but Kyle just couldn't wrap his mind around it. All he knew was that he didn't want Max to remove his hand.

        "But its time the real Max comes out."

        Max's other hand was on his other shoulder. Max was so close that Kyle could feel his breath on his skin. His brain was shutting down, and his body was responding to something he couldn't figure out. He said the only thing he could think of at that moment.

        "You wouldn't be gay by any chance would you?"

        He laughed a bit and so did Max, but Kyle couldn't escape those liquid brown eyes. They took him in, held him. He was so enthralled by them he didn't even think to move away the closer and closer they got to him.

        Then he felt Max's lips brush up against his. His first thought, Max has really soft lips. As he felt Max's tongue against his lips he parted them, to shocked to mind that Max was exploring every part of his mouth. Then the images came. Flashes, Kyle couldn't understand what they were; his brain wasn't able to process what was going on.

        Kyle's second thought, am I hallucinating? He got caught up in the moment. There was an attraction, something he hadn't really been sure of. His tongue instinctively pushed against Max's. He wanted to taste Max; they had been in his mouth long enough.

        When they parted, Kyle looked at Max and what they had just done clicked in his brain. He had just kissed Max Evans, or rather, Max Evans had kissed him, and then he had responded.

        "Did we just kiss?"

        "Yeah, it was good. You're so sexy."

        "Thanks." That took a moment to register. "Did you just call me sexy?"

        "Yeah, sober Max would never tell you that to your face, but the real Max, he'll tell you every thing he thinks. No inhibitions, you should try it."

        That struck something in Kyle. He should try it? Very well he would try it. Okay. No inhibitions Kyle here we go. One of his hands came up to rest on Max's shoulder, and he pushed him back against the building. His other hand went to the back of Max's neck and pulled him down for another kiss. This time Kyle wanted to control what was going on.

        Max was willing to go with it. As Kyle pressed up against his body, he realized that he was very hard beneath his jeans. Then there was more tongue, licking at his teeth, and wrestling with his own tongue. Then there was another hardness, this one belonged to Kyle, he was fairly certain anyway.

        Max's head lolled back swooning under the sensation of having Kyle's body pressed against his. Kyle took the opportunity to taste more of Max's flesh. He ran his tongue down the taller boy's throat, even as his hands began to find their way underneath Max's shirt.

        Max made this hot whimpering sound, and it drove Kyle mad with lust. He wasn't even sure where all this sexual energy had come from, but he couldn't stop himself, and since Max didn't seem to be interested in stopping him either, he plowed onward. His hands finding Max's nipples, Kyle experimentally played with them.

        Kyle could tell that Max was really enjoying that. Max's hands were running up and down his body. They seemed to not know what they wanted to touch the most. Kyle was very appreciative of what they decided on. His hips ground against Max's hand as he began to rub his aching erection through the rough denim he was wearing.

        Suddenly there was just too much clothing on both of their parts. Pulling Max away from the building.

        "We n-need... to get somewhere... private."

        It was hard to explain to Max anything while he was kissing him, and trying to undo the zipper on his pants. Finally Kyle had to pull Max's hand away from his fly and put it on his shoulder.

        "Kyle where can we go?"

        "This way."

        Kyle followed Max, he would follow him anywhere he wanted to get the other boy's hands back on his body. A few short minutes later they were standing in front of Kyle's house. Kyle practically ran up to the door and opened it.

        "My dad's going to be gone all night, working the graveyard shift at the Police Station."


        Max's voice sounded like sex. Kyle grabbed his hand and pulled him into the house and went directly to his room. Closing and locking the door he led Max to the bed and sat him down. Then he crawled around behind him and began kissing his neck while reaching his hands underneath Max's shirt.

        "Mmmm Kyle."

        Kyle pulled Max against him, and Max felt Kyle's erection pushing into his back. He wanted to touch him again, but Kyle was driving him nuts, alternating between pushing his hands slightly underneath the waistband of his jeans and boxers, and rubbing his hands up across his chest and playing with his nipples.

        Max lifted his arms so that Kyle could remove his shirt, and then leaned his head back for another kiss as Kyle began to rub his now bare stomach. He let Kyle's tongue explore his mouth, just as Kyle's hands were exploring his body. Kyle broke their kiss, and his began to kiss Max's ear, as his hands finally unbuttoned and unzipped Max's jeans.

        Kyle felt Max writhing under his ministrations and it served to drive his lust forward even more.

        "Kyle, your skin."

        Kyle was more interested in Max's skin than his own, but he quickly leaned back to pull of his shirt, then pulled Max back against him once more. They kissed again, and then Kyle moved out from under Max, and guided him down onto his back. Then he leaned over Max to experimentally flick his tongue over the hard points of Max's nipples, while simultaneously reaching into Max's open fly and gripping his erection through his boxers.

        Max moaned and ground his hips up against Kyle's hand. Kyle was torn, he could stay where he was, and continue to tease Max's nipples, or he could venture on down and get to know little Max... well maybe little wasn't the right word. Either way, feeling Max bucking against him made up his mind. Getting off the bed for a moment he quickly stripped Max of his pants and boxers, and lost his jeans. He decided to remain in his black silk boxers for the time being.

        Max was making hot but irritated noises at the lack of Kyle's body, and seemed to be resisting the urge to grab himself to get the friction he desperately wanted. Laying down next to Max, so that Max's now naked cock was inches from his face, Kyle stopped to admire Max's body.

        Max for his part quickly lost interest in his own erection when he noticed that Kyle's, though covered in silk boxers, was now close to his own head. He reached out to touch it even as Kyle's lips closed over his cock. He gripped Kyle as hot wet warmth closed over him. He began to try to thrust against Kyle's mouth, but Kyle held him down.

        If Max didn't start thinking of something other than Kyle's lips and tongue sliding over him, he was going to cum, and he didn't want to do that yet. So he began to focus on Kyle's erection. Rubbing it through his boxers. The contrast between hard and soft was turning him on even more, if such a thing were possible.

        Suddenly Kyle rolled over on top of Max, situating his knees on either side of the boy's head. He wanted a better angle for what he was doing. Max playing with him through his boxers was driving him mad, but not as much as Max's warm slick length sliding in and out of his mouth. He gripped it at the base with one hand and used the other to support some of his weight. His tongue flicked out and over the head of Max's cock, and he received an appreciative moan.

        He was aware that his cock had slipped out of the front slit of his boxers and that Max had begun to feel it experimentally, and he tried to keep from moving against the hand that was wrapped around him, and stay focused on what he was doing.

        Max was on overload, having 160lbs of varsity Greco-Roman wrestler on top of him was better than anything he could have imagined. Kyle's cock was swaying back and forth, right above his lips; free of the boxers Kyle was still wearing.

        Finally he couldn't take it anymore, and wrapped his lips around Kyle's erection. Which caused Kyle to moan while he had Max's cock in his mouth, which made Max buck his hips and whimper, which drove Kyle wild with passion. The circuit the boys created between themselves was quickly becoming too much for them to handle.

        Kyle began to caress Max's balls with his hand, while Max was busy exploring Kyle's cock, testing it, getting used to its feel, its width, its length, and how it throbbed in his mouth. He had quickly adjusted to letting Kyle thrust into him, letting Kyle control everything but how hard he sucked, which he varied to keep Kyle guessing and panting.

        Finally the tension in Kyle spilled over, and his orgasm rocked his body, unloading everything into Max's mouth. Max was proud of himself for not choking, and was rewarded by the salty sweet taste of Kyle. He however did not stop sucking just because Kyle had cum, which threatened Kyle's sanity. His senses were overloading as Max began his own orgasm, spilling into Kyle's mouth.

        After a few moments Kyle let go of Max's cock, and pulled himself away from Max's ravenous mouth. Then turned his body around and kissed up Max's body and neck before finally settling into a lazy kiss before falling asleep with his head nuzzled against Max's neck and chest.


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