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You and Me

Reply to Kristin

Posted to the Roswell Slash list November 14, 2000

Title: You And Me
Author: Kristin (kwilcox@e...)
Disclaimer: "Roswell", its characters, and concept are the property of the WB and a bunch of corporations. No copyright infringement intended. Not for profit.
Distribution: Email me to let me know.
Pairing: Kyle/Max
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: "Wipeout!"
Summary: Random musings in Max's head during the scene in which Max and Kyle had their little alpha male showdown. I'm not sure that this makes much sense. <sheepish grin> I think Craww summed it up best: Angry dysfunctional Max!

"you and me have a disease,
you affect me, you infect me,
I'm afflicted, you're addicted,
you and me, you and me"

--"Infected", Bad Religion

You're so beautiful when you hate me, your eyes flashing chocolate silver and your skin flushing with contagious heat. It makes it so easy to push you...

I wonder sometimes if I can make you hit me. If I alter my tone of voice ever so slightly, if I invade your space just one more inch, if I stand here silently just long enough... When will enough be enough? I just can't read you sometimes. So close to the edge, barely controlled violence--it's what attracted me. But the contradiction-the peace that reins despite it all-is what binds me. How far Kyle? How far can we take it this time?

Liz was strong and true and on our side. Liz was understandable. This *never* made any sort of sense. And I think that's why I like it.

They're flashing at me again, your bottomless eyes, and I can see so much of me inside. They're telling me secrets... promises... things you never meant to even whisper in the middle of the night. I see flesh in your eyes.

I can't decide if she's tasted you. Red bedspread flits through my mind, but I dismiss it. You'd be hungrier. If you had reached through her for a little piece of me we wouldn't be standing. I'd be pressed up against the wall and your hands would be vices around my wrists. You wouldn't be able to resist. That's why I don't kiss her goodbye. And as for you... there isn't enough hate here for that yet...

I need it flowing through your veins, streaming like heavy table wine. I need to see your eyes turn black and feel my head crack back against plaster. I want your body to be crushing mine, shaping me, making me into something besides an inactive king. I know you can; I can see it in your soul this very instant, screaming to get out. Your beautiful twilight eyes...

But I think it won't be today. You're cooling fast, so I speak. The words break up the air between us, loosening the bond. I can breathe again, and it's an empty feeling. And I need a promise to wait on. Till tomorrow...

Once last glimpse, and I see the future in your eyes. Hard concrete, sweat, tears, blood, and complete fucking beauty. I see your fist--I can taste it in my mouth. So quick, and then lips to follow. Strength matching mine, pushing back with equal force until we explode in skin and hands and soft escaping whispers.

If Nicholas knew anything at all he'd run. I have an appointment to keep...

"you and me, we're made in heaven,
I want to take you, I want to break you,
supplicate you. You are incurable."

-"Infected", Bad Religion

The End.

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