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The Ocean Crashes

Reply to Kristin

Posted to the Roswell Slash list November 16, 2000

Title: The Ocean Crashes
Author: Kristin (
Disclaimer: "Roswell", its characters and concepts belong to the WB and a bunch of other corporations. No copyright infringement intended. Not for profit.
Distribution:The Roswell Slash Archive, The RareSlash List Archive, The Catfighters site (I forget the name but you know who you are). All else email me for permission.
Content: Liz/Tess, NC-17
Spoilers: General series knowledge.
Summary: Set post-"End of The World". Liz's secret desires for Tess finally give way.
Dedication: To all my fellow Liz/Tess 'shippers on FanForum "Catfighter" thread. You all rock my world. Much love. <g>

Liz didn't always have this electricity running inside of her. She was smooth ripples in the pond and cool, crisp air. Liz never know what to do with a tornado.

The sharp current started with a silver handprint and life taken yet given back. And the ripples moved into giant waves, carrying her forward.. carrying her here. And Max Evans was in the center of the whirlwind that was pulling her in. His crackling eyes, wood chips in the fire. He was a beautiful kind of terrible and no one really expected her to resist.

And she fell in love with the submission. Until lightening streaked across the sky...


The blond girl named Tess felt like a fault line. She just couldn't hold it together... but that was alright. Tess always liked things in pieces. She was strong, with her crunchy hair and round doll face hiding eyes of steel.

Liz thought she was beautiful. And the humming of her turned into something else. Something slower, humping like silent waves of current inside walls. Her skin was aluminum foil.

Little brushes of silk, as Liz let herself bump into Tess. Their flesh melded softly and withdrew. And Tess didn't seem to notice. It was good that way. Dreams are always sweeter. And Liz's dreams were an ocean as she became them. Tess swam swiftly through her veins and Liz cried out, waking wet with sweat and aching between trembling thighs. Tricky, tricky fingers had to sneak down to stop the burning, so she could sleep again... so she could rejoin the white tigress who prowled through her head.


Then the future laid itself across her feet as tarnished diamonds. And she believed in today for the very first time. The boy was pretty, always so pretty... but the current was humming for more power. It broke down the walls. Tess was in. And she was paying attention.

The hair was softer now, in cascading waves either pulled tight back with control or caressing her face. The body that tripped through so many of Liz's dreams was still taunt and ready for movement. It played with her eyes, teasing them. Tess was a dandelion in a glass case. And Liz was finally allowed to love her.

Squishy bubblegum shoes padded across the floor as Liz approached her, a vague tune buzzing at her tips. This was not a time to be afraid. It had been decided, this secret meeting--and Liz knew that the waves would never drive her wrong.

Tess stood expressionless as Liz touched her lips in a brief tap. Skin gave, just barely, but that ws fine. They had a connection. Crawling creeping fingers trembled at the alien's sides, teasing the hot skin peeking out between rough jeans and smooth cotton. A hiss, and Tess moved closer. //Come on baby... Come on, run with me...// And then their bodies were pressed tight, breasts rubbing softly against each other. Sugar glided out of Tess's lungs and into Liz. Their mouths played games as small hands crept under loose pants, and Liz was falling. Then a palm cupped her breast firmly, grazing a nipple, and she was *there*.

Tess placed wet kisses along the other girl's neck, painting designs into her flesh while strong fingers slipped button after button of her jeans out of their holes. Cool breeze hit her legs and she froze, slowly releasing her tension as Liz's soft hands smoothes across her thighs. Satin panties tickled her as they were slid off, and she giggled like the windchime balancing delicately in the wind on your porch. And then Tess was pressed against the floor and there were only gasps and whimpers.

Liz was diving into the ocean again, and it was like dreaming. Soft, smooth wetness giving under her mouth, teasing her tongue. And the current was consuming her-here's where all the electricity came from. It was *inside*. Dipping in again and again, Liz knew Tess. They were moving together as one instinct driven organism-so right-as Tess shuddered and stilled, lying calmly as Liz stroked her flushed face in awe.

Tables turned and the earth moved. Liz was falling again. In near panic, she clutched the strong arm stroking her waist... almost sea sick in her pleasure. It was so strange, this curling warmth. It tickled inside of her as Tess invaded her body with a confident fluid touch... drinking her fill... taking all that Liz had to give. And breath kept escaping between her lips-small pleas and whispers that would not be held back. It was so beautiful and it wasn't enough. The pleas built up until they eclipsed every thought, becoming her. And then she was gliding up and over. And it was perfection.

Tess sat back, resting herself on the lukewarm floor in a graceful sprawl. She was silent, simply watching, and in her eyes simmered the calm before a storm. She waited.

Liz smoothed back tangled hair from her damp face and tasted the air. The current had stopped. The air stilled. And she smiled.

The end.

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