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And Isn't It Ironic, Part Six

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Posted to the Roswell Slash list October 16, 2000

TITLE: And Isn't It Ironic...
AUTHOR: Kakia (
CATERGORY: Just... very uc
POV: Part 1: Max
Part 2: Michael
Part 3: Maria
Part 4: Liz
Part 5: Alex
Part 7: All
FEEDBACK: "Yeah, I'd like that." -Amy, Three to Tango
DISTRIBUTION: Just tell me.
SUMMARY: Mirror mirror on the wall, Isabel's the fairest of them all.

And isn't it ironic...
Don't you think
It's like rain...
On your wedding day
It's a free ride...
When you've already paid
It's the good advice...
That you just didn't take
And who would have thought...
It figures.



"Like no matter who you may be with or what you might think, that you and this other person are destined to be together." -Tess, Four Square


Have you ever gotten that feeling, Isabel? Because I have. Many times. Ever since I got to Roswell. Since we've arrived here, I've gotten that feeling every time Nasedo has mentioned our previous lives. Like no matter what I might think about Max, you and I are soulmates. I mean, we both like extra sugar in our yogurt. Now who in the world does that, besides the two of us?

I mean, people who also have a craving for Tabasco.

Because Max doesn't do it for me. He's nice and all, but he doesn't excite me. Michael? Exciting and all, but he scares me away; doesn't draw me in.

But you. You enthrall me. You capture my attention and reel me in and capture me forever. I never thought anyone would ever be able to do that, not even Max.

I never realized you would be so full of life. I never really thought about you until I met you. Max would be my soulmate...soft but strong. Sounds like a "sanitary napkin" commercial. Michael would be the warrior, tough and no-nonsense. And would be Michael's chosen one. You wouldn't interact with me.

Maybe in our past lives we didn't talk. Maybe we didn't have girls' nights, watching chick flicks and painting each others' nails. Maybe we barely knew each other in our past lives. Maybe all I knew about you was that you were my brother's sister and Michael's fiance.

We didn't know what we were missing. But maybe that was a good thing. Because, much as the human part of me hates to admit it, we were dependent on our husbands. We were nobody--just their wives. I was the queen, but I was just Max's wife. You were of the royal court, but only as Michael's wife. And where would we have been without these husbands?

You make my heart beat quickly, you make me occasionally lose my inner balance. I've never lost outer control. If I do, one day, there's no doubt it will be because of you.

And that's a BAD thing. So I SHOULDN'T want you. But, see, it would all be worth it. I've never had fun in my life, until I met you. Sure, a little bit, but I've never thrown back my head and laughed.

Whoever would've imagined, Isabel Evans, ice queen of the school, would teach Tess Harding, ice queen of the Universe, how to have fun.

This is a funny planet, Isabel.

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